Dear Mr. Donahue

On Friday night you interviewed Rohan Gunaratna, author of INSIDE Al-QAIDA. You presented him as an expert on Al-Qaida and allowed him to propound his theory that "40 to 50" al-Qaida cells exist WITHIN THE UNITED STATES.

You have done a great disservice to your viewers by not telling them who is Gunaratna. All you had to do was to turn to the back cover jacket of his book INSIDE AL-QAIDA and read what it states: He is "honorary fellow at the International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism in Israel."

Thus he has been funded and employed by Israel which is at war with the world of Islam. He received this fellowship to work at the cutting edge of Israel's propaganda machine which steadily churns out hate against the Muslim world in the name of "fighting terrorism."

You had a highly prejudiced propagandist on your show and you (conveniently?) forgot to tell your audience of the man's extreme bias.

If you have opened and read his book, you would know that it can in no way be described either as accurate or scholarly or well-researched.
I'll give you two examples which indicate that Gunaratna is neither accurate nor a credible researcher:

1. You would perhaps agree that the trial of Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman, spiritual leader of Egypt's al-Gamaa al-Islamiyya, has been the most important trial in America of an Islamic scholar of the highest rank. This is what Gunaratna says about Dr. 'Abdel Rahman: "He was found guilty of the murder of Rabbi Kahane." (page 102 of INSIDE AL-QAIDA).

Obviously Gunaratna has done no research on this central trial otherwise he would know that Dr. 'Abdel Rahman WAS NEITHER TRIED FOR NOR FOUND GUILTY of the murder of Rabbi Kahane. [See The 'ABDEL RAHMAN REPORT.]

2. As far as Gunaratna's research abilities are concerned, his work is literally third rate. For instance, he repeatedly quotes Peter Bergen to support the stories he tells about Al-Qaida. Bergen himself had very little original research of his own. By repeating Bergen's second hand stuff, Gunaratna shows how little, if any, research he has done. Pro-Zionist writers have indeed become incestuous in their writings, unabashadely quoting each other to make a point.

INSIDE AL-QAIDA is no more than a mish mash of quotes from newspaper stories and excerpts from books and articles by other writers.[He quotes Kabbani to "prove" that 80% of the mosques in USA are controlled by militants!]

Gunaratna seems to have put one over you by claiming to be an expert on Al-Qaida.

On the other hand, Mr. Donahue, I can't believe that you are all that innocent and naive. Is it a coincidence that the day after you told the world, with Gunarantna's help, that "al-Qaida cells exist within the U.S.", a "cell" was duly discovered in Lackawanna, New York. Six U.S. citizens were arrested and denounced as "terrorists" wihout evidence and without pretense of due process of law.

According to the U.S., these six citizens, of Yemeni origin, were being investigated for the last six months. Were you tipped off that the drama of the six men being arrested as an "Al-Qaida cell" was going to be staged on Saturday and you went ahead and helped the government by coming up, on Friday, with your "expert" who claims that there are "40 to 50" such cells in the U.S.?

Come now, Mr. Donahue, are you working with the intelligence agencies?

My suspicion may not be baseless because only a few weeks back, another talk show host on MSNBC, Mr. Nachman, let slip, while interviewing an Israeli, that he (Nachman) knew that the interviewee was an Israeli Mossad agent.

What's going on here, Mr. Donahue? Is MSNBC a conduit for Israeli disinformation?


(Dr.) Kaukab Siddique

2002-09-15 Sun 09:47ct