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11 Ramadan 1443 AH - April 2 2023 Issue # 14, Newsletter #2013


Rally at Pakistan Embassy.
Testing Pakistan's Conscience.
Slogan: Free Aafia Siddiqui now. Victimized too long.
Top Official Came out.

On March 30 there was an amazing scene at the Pak embassy in Washington DC. Protestors were chanting, singing, displaying a huge banner about the suffering of Aafia in a US prison in Fort Worth, Texas.

The protest was organized by Nadrat Siddique, perfectly timed and expertly carried out. Despite fasting, she was constantly on the loud hailer, urging Pakistan to end Aafia's agony.

Br. Mauri Saalakhan, who once went all the way to Pakistan to meet Aafia's family, spoke of the details of Aafia's kidnaping and the atrocities she has suffered in prison.

Sis. Luci Murphy sang against imprisonment and slavery and for the oneness of humanity.

Dr Maha. Hillel spoke of the tragedy of Aafia as part of the "war against" terror, the fake war against Muslims.

The protest rally was very effective and a top official of the embassy came out to talk to the protestors and assured them of efforts being made to care for Aafia's situation.

Many officers of the embassy came out in their cars and drove by to see the protest rally.

The next day, March 31, there was another, much smaller, protest at the embassy, This time a Somali sister joined the protest.

Br. Mauri Saalakhan spoke about the history of victimizatrion of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. He is outstanding in his efforts to free Aafia Siddiqui.

Sis. Nadrat Siddique, not related, spoke about Aafia within the context of the rights of women.

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

Mumia Abu-Jamal Denied New Trial
[From Spirit of Mandela]

Dear Friend
Today at 4:08 pm, March 31, 2023, Common Pleas court Judge Lucretia Clemons denied Mumia Abu-Jamal's request for a new trial.
[ ]

This is simply devastating news.

After 43 years in prison, Mumia Abu-Jamal has exhausted nearly all of his avenues for relief.

Make no mistake: Justice required that Mumia Abu-Jamal be given a new trial.

The enemy now is time. At 68 years old Mumia is suffering from cardiac disease and has had a double bypass, and nearly died from lack of treatment for acute Hepatitis C.

If you put thick blinders on that block out all reality and rely on procedural minutia for cover, honestly, it is still impossible to avoid the scorchingly blatant racism of trial Judge Albert Sabo, Assistant District Attorney Joseph McGill, Mayor and former police chief Frank Rizzo, District Attorney during Mumia's trial Ed Rendell, and Ron Castille, DA and former Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice.

 War News

War News [We report the war news without taking sides.]


April 2. An Assad officer and a soldier were killed in clashes with Islamic group Fath al-Mubeen. [Lattakia]

ISIS snipers injured 4 SDF [pro-US]. [Hasakeh]

Iseali air strike destroyed Lebanese Hizb Ware house.[Homs] [Third Israeli air strike in a week. No Iranian response.]

Assad artillery killed one Syrian and injured another supporting Turkey. Exchange of shelling killed one Assad officer. [Southern Idlib]

Assad officer and soldier killed in ISIS attack, [Deir ez Zor.]


April 1
An attack by unknown fighters killed 4 Pakistan troops on the border with Iran.

Earlier 9 Pakistani security men were killed and 13 wounded by a human bomber near Quetta.

Also, for the first time in Gwadur, an officer was killed and 8 wounded, in a bomb attack.


Russia has captured key points in Bachmut but heavy fighting continues.

A terrorist attack in Russia killed a popular blogger who supported Putin: Many injured.

Ukraine has closed down the main church and put its top priest under house arrest. The church supports Russia,

Porno Prostitute Being Used To Disqualify President Trump.
The Role of Zionist Soros.

[New Trend media review]

A woman who uses the fake name Stormy Daniels claims that she had consensual sex with Trump in 2006.Ten years later she decided to use it against him because of oncoming elections.

Why was DA Bragg, hard core Black supporter of the Democratic Party, so eager to get Trump indicted? It was very indirect support for those who support Bragg. The funding has been done by Jewish money man Soros who has been behind the Democratic Party in many guises.
Here is how CNN, hundred percent supporter of Bragg, puts it:

{"The Color of Change PAC did announce in May 2021, the month that Soros made a $1 million donation to the PAC, that it was planning to spend over $1 million on an independent expenditure campaign in support of Bragg's candidacy. But the PAC paused the pro-Bragg spending after hearing an uncorroborated allegation against Bragg that it was not able to thoroughly investigate at the time because of legal restrictions on PACs communicating with candidates, Robinson said. It ended up spending about half of what it had planned, Robinson said, and kept the rest of Soros's donation for other uses.

"Soros didn't give us money to give to Alvin Bragg. Soros made a donation to Color of Change," Robinson said.}

People often forget that Trump got more than 74 million votes even by official accounts..Here is what many Americans think of Bragg's effort to indict him:

Former President Donald Trump raised more than $4 million in the 24 hours after news of his indictment in Manhattan became public, according to figures released by his campaign Friday.

The Trump campaign said that more than 25% of the donations came from first-time donors to the former president, "further solidifying President Trump's status as the clear frontrunner in the Republican primary."

Trump's campaign sent out more than a half-dozen fundraising solicitations over email in less than 24 hours after his indictment, and he called for donations on his Truth Social platform as well.

A campaign official also told NBC News that it received 16,000 volunteer sign-ups over the past day as well.


Christians Rising Against LGBTQ, [particularly Transgender] Using State Majorities.

The bill, SB 150, bans transgender medical treatment for minors and restricts discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity in schools.

It bans transgender students' from freely using bathrooms, locker rooms or shower rooms that match their gender identity.

It allows teachers to refuse to refer to students by their preferred pronouns and requires doctors to stop treatment for patients who are already undergoing transgender medical treatment.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, a Democrat, vetoed the law on Friday and in a statement said it stripped "freedom from parents" and would "cause an increase in suicide among Kentucky's youth".

Republican legislators in Kentucky hold a supermajority, however, and swiftly overrode Mr Beshear's veto with a 76-23 vote in the state's House, and a 29-8 vote in the state's Senate.

Kentucky Senator Max Wise, a Republican and the bill's sponsor, said the purpose of the law "was to strengthen parental engagement and communication in children's education while protecting the safety of our children".

Laws restricting and regulating the lives of transgender youth are part of a rising trend in the US, as several similar bills have been proposed - and passed - in recent years by Republican state lawmakers.

At least 10 states, including Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Tennessee and Utah, have passed laws that relate to transgender people.

On the same day as Kentucky's veto, West Virginia's governor signed a bill into law that bans transgender medical treatment for minors.

Kentucky's ban on transgender medical treatment for minors, which includes surgical procedures or the use of certain hormones, is not expected to take effect until 90 days after the Kentucky General Assembly adjourns, CNN reported.

But other measures of the bill, like the ban on teaching about gender identity in schools and restrictions around the bathroom, will take effect immediately. [BBC]

[Thank you Christians, New Trend is with you.

Guidance from Sis. Yasmin

Assalaamu `Alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakatuhu.

Abu Hurayrah (Razi Allah Anhu) relates ---

PROPHET ~(Peace be upon him) said... 'My 'Ummah' were given Five {5} things for 'Ramadan' which were not given to anyone except them...{!}
  1. The smell from the mouth of a Fasting Person is sweeter to Allah than the fragrant smell of Musk...{!}

  2. On their behalf the Fish in the sea seek forgiveness for the Fasting Person until they break their fast...{!}

  3. Allah prepares and decorates a special garden in 'Jannah' everyday and then says to it 'The time is near when faithful servants shall cast aside the great trials of the world and come to you'.
  4. In this month (for the fasting person) the evil minded Shaitan is chained so as not to reach those evils to which they normally reach during other months besides 'Ramadan' !
  5. On the last night of 'Ramadan' they are Forgiven'.

The 'Sahabah'(RA ) thereupon inquired...

'O Messenger of Allah ﷺ is that last night 'Laylat al- Qadr'? Prophet ( Peace be upon him) replied... 'No, but it is only right that a servant should be given his reward on having completed his service'{!}

{'Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen'}
~ My 'Salaams' to all~ ~Y A S M I N ~
Say, 'Indeed, my Prayer, my Rites of Sacrifice, my Living and my Dying are for ALLAH, Lord of the Worlds'.{'Qur`an'~Surat Al-'An`am -# 6-162.}{'In Shaa Allah'~'Aameen'

 Dr Kaukab Siddique


by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

Christians and Muslims.

"Audrey Hale, a 28-year-old transgender artist, burst into a Christian school in Nashville Monday and killed six people, including three 9-year-olds, in a 14-minute rampage that ended with officers shooting the suspect in a common area."

After this horrific tragedy, one would have expected the major media to support Christians and show compassion for child victims.

Instead there was an outpouring of support for transgender people, who claim in many cases that they were men but "became" women!

We as Muslims want to help people who are in mental disorder but it is certainly not the task of the State and pro-government media to oppose religious values and to impose lgbtq and Trans ideology on Christians and Muslims.

Personal sexuality should be kept private and not hammered on a daily basis on the people of America, as NPR radio and major media do..

People in America can now often lose their jobs if they object to these abominations being equalized with sacred Islamic and Christian values.

Biden and the Zionists are behind this outburst of support for homos. A "gay" woman is now spokesperson for Biden.

Muslims should realize that they are being tested. Malcolm X [al-Hajj Malik Shabazz] opposed fake Islam and paid with his life. However his martyrdom spread orthodox Sunni Islam throughout America.

Today there are Sunni mosques in every major city in the US, mostly run by brothers and sisters from the Black community.

Notice that the Zionists who control major parts of the Black community, in many instances use the Black voting bloc to impose their pro-Israel ideology. Most people did not know that Soros is Jewish and his funds are surging through the Democratic party

.Muslims hopefully will be cautious and not let the abomination enter their ranks by way of compassion and caring.

The Qur'an teaches us to appreciate good Christians and the Prophet, pbuh, taught, do not be bitten from the same snake pit again.


Unmasking Anne Frank.
Her Famous Diary Exposed as a Literary Fraud.

by Ikuo Suzuki
Foreword by Thomas Dalton.

Millions of people know of Anne's story, but very few know of the many problems with it. As it turns out, Anne's tale is rife with absurdities, logical problems, inconsistencies and incoherent claims.

Here, Japanese researcher Ikuo Suzuki deconstructs Anne's famous diary, exposing the many issues lying just below the surface.

In the process, he unmasks the truth: that the notorious diary was likely written by a middle aged Jewish man who worked in conjunction with Anne's father. Otto, to foist upon the public a deceptive and highly misleading story of a young teenaged girl who perished in a German camp.


Poor People Stampeding to get Flour.
13 dead.

by Qaiser Sharif

Sirajul Haq, leader of Jamaat e Islami was talking to media after visiting the residence of Nizamuddin, 55, who died in a stampede at a free flour distribution camp.

He offered condolence to the family of the victim and said the division among and within the institutions was result of the polarization which the PDM+PPP and the PTI had created in the society.

He said the parliamentary parties at both sides of the aisle should start dialogue on the election agenda if they were interested to save the already fragile democracy.

Similarly, he suggested the national institutions particularly the judiciary, the military establishment and the election commission should stand neutral in the best interest of the nation and the country.

He said the unity government of the PDM failed to deliver and the national polls seemed as the only solution to the prevailing crises.

The people of Pakistan must be allowed to elect their representative in a free and fair manner, he added.

He said the poor people including women were dying or sustaining injuries in search of a bag of flour. The ruling parties had brought the country full of natural resources and rich agriculture land to the level where thousands of people stood in queues for hours for flour.

He said the government was incapable to the level that it could not make possible the easy delivery of flour to the people. The money, he said, could be sent in the accounts of the deserving people and also there were dozens of welfare organizations: with the help of those the delivery of flour could be managed in a proper way.

But, he said, the rulers' interests were otherwise as they wanted to prove it to the IMF that the nation was a beggar and the country desperately needed loans. He said the present and former governments had made the country a laughing stock in the entire world.

He said the PDM, the PPP and the PTI were the protectors of the status quo and the people must get rid of them if they wanted to see the country as prosperous and developed. He said the JI was the only party which could put the country on track if voted to power.

2023-04-03 Mon 05:59:01 GMT/UTC/Zulu