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(Ms. Doris Rausch, from the Baltimore area, frequently writes for New Trend. This letter she wrote to the Washington Post was in response to a vicious attack by a Jewish writer -editor)

To: (Washington Post)

This is in response to Charles Krauthammer's editorial, "Mideast Violence: The Only Way Out," 8/16/01, Wash. Post.

Is it possible that Mr. Krauthammer does not know that the State of Israel was founded on the basis of terrorism? I seriously doubt it; if so, he is not nearly as learned as he pretends to be.

Terrorism was practiced by the Zionists first against the British to get them to leave (bombing of King David Hotel killing 99 British, bombing of bridges, railways, etc., assassination of Lord Moyne, Count Folke Bernadotte ...); then against the Palestinians to get them to leave their homeland of centuries long-standing. The massacre at Deir Yassin is only one example of Zionist terrorism against Palestinians.

Yitzak Shamir, former Prime Minister of Israel, who is credited, along with others with these atrocities, is quoted as saying, "Terrorism is a way of fighting that is acceptable under certain conditions and by certain movements." Apparently not for the Palestinians though, who are fighting for the last remnants of their original homeland.

I totally agree that the only solution at this time is a "Berlin Wall" separating Israel and Palestine, a wall built on the basis of pre-1967 borders, with Jerusalem as the shared capital. Jews electing to live within the borders of a Palestinian State would do so, not as fortified enclaves, but on the same basis as Palestinians now living in Israel.

The bottom line is that Israel does NOT have a right to exist unless Palestine does also. Otherwise, the parallel between what the Nazis did to the Jews and what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians is too evident.

Doris Rausch
References: A Death in Jerusalem, by Kati Marton, Pantheon Books, NY,1994
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many others, 90% of which were written by Jews
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