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"Iraq is a remarkable success story." [Vice President Cheyney, quoted on MSNBC, October 27.]
LAST 6 days before Election 2004.

KERRY going over the top but .....

Looks like Iraq has given Kerry the momentum he needed, with the slaughter of 48 Iraqi recruits who had finished 9 months of training, and the "discovery" that 380 TONS of explosives are missing from a Saddam Hussain dump.
In Philadelphia, Kerry got a very large crowd with the support of former President Clinton who emerged looking good from his triple bypass. Now it is Kerry 47% to Bush 45%. Bush could still win. He has THREE overseas issues working for him:
  1. Sharon won a 'timely' vote to move out of Gaza. Although the proposed move is six months away and will be paid for by U.S. tax payers, the 'decision' was voted in time to show Bush's closest friend as a "man of peace" in Bush's words.
  2. The U.S. is preparing an all out assault on Fallujah. MSNBC provided a view of U.S. firepower hitting Fallujah on October 26. With TOW missile blasts and air strikes by F-16s, it was an impressive display of American might. Strangely enough, the lightly armed Fallujah fighters did not give up after the latest strikes. If Fallujah falls in the last few days before Nov. 2, it will be presented as clearing the way for "free elections."
  3. Most importantly, OSAMA HAS TO BE CAPTURED just before the elections. This is the job of General Musharraf and he is moving in a big way. If Osama is not captured, Bush's [and Musharraf's] political future is bleak.
[Below, we report on the fighting in Afghanistan and Pakistan to give readers an idea of the context in which the U.S. is moving against Osama bin Laden.]

THAILAND and PATTANI: New Horrors Perpetrated on Muslims: 78 SUFFOCATED TO DEATH
by media monitor

Oct. 26: Muslim protestors were attacked by Thai police in the southern province of Pattani. The police shot and killed 5 Muslims. The Police then arrested large numbers of Muslims and STUFFFED them into small police vans, killing 78 people by suffocation. [Violence by "peace loving" BUDDHISTS against Muslims.]
Compare this atrocity against Muslims to the reporting on 48 renegade Iraqis killed in Iraq while they were working for occupation force. The media are definitely not interested in the suffering of Muslims. Thailand is the "crash pad" for corrupt Americans and Europeans. Its capital is called "bang-kok!" The Muslims want out of this Thai paradise.
Comparison withn Alan Derschowitz


[Canada's pro-Israel media are going full blast with attacks on a soft spoken Muslim scholar, Dr. El-Masry. Here is a letter in support of Dr. El-Masry written by a prominent Muslim in Ontario, Canada,]


The Editor
The Globe and Mail

Dear Sir:

Hateful speech against Arabs and Muslims is fair game, but God forbid, if one should say something negative about Israel, all hell breaks out. That's what we are witnessing right now. Media and Jewish organizations hounding Prof. Elmasry conjures up scenes in the wilderness films, where the injured lion is surrounded by menacing hyenas. This hyena-mentality is unbecoming of religious leaders, be they Jewish, fellow Muslim or Christian. Dr. Elmasry did not say anything which is new nor terribly revolutionary and definitely not 'hate-message' as the media is trying to manipulate it. The same argument has been suggested by many people in the past. If we were to interpolate the arguments promulgated by the Jewish criminal lawyer Alan Dershowitz that "All Palestinians suspected of crimes, are lawful combatants and should be killed (without the due process of the law)", the same argument should hold true to the other side as well, that is, since Israelis above 18, undergo compulsory military training, and are on active reserve duty, they are "enemy soldiers" and hence legitimate targets. This is perfectly in accordance with all international laws and conventions. Those 18 year olds at the bus-stand may not be returning from a choir or boy-scout camp, but from a killing spree at the Palestinian refugee camps. They will never face a court of justice. Are they above the law, just because they are Jewish? While we are debating about 18 year olds, Israelis do not have any age-discrimination when it comes to killing Palestinians. You may have seen heart-wrenching photographs of infants with bullet holes in their heads and chests. Jewish soldiers target practice, shooting at Palestinian children. In some cases, they shoot at Palestinians just to relieve their boredom. Can you imagine, killing people for fun? Two thirds of the 621 children (two thirds under 15 years) killed at checkpoints, in the street, on the way to school, in their homes, died from sniper fire, directed in over half of cases to the head, neck and chest. Clearly, soldiers are routinely authorized to shoot to kill children in situations of minimal or no threat. These statistics attract far less publicity than suicide bombings, atrocious though these are too. Amnesty International has called for an investigation into the killing of Asma al-Mughayr (16 years) and her brother Ahmad (13 years) on the roof terrace of their home in Rafah on 18 May, each with a single bullet to the head. Asma had been taking clothes to the drying line and Ahmad feeding pigeons. Amnesty noted that the firing appeared to have come from the top floor of a nearby house, which had been taken over by Israeli soldiers shortly before. Amnesty suspects that this is not "caught in crossfire," this is murder. When Dershowitz visited Canada with his hate message, there wasn't even a whimper of disapproval from Jewish leaders or the media. His murderous arguments were carried over the CBC and other media outlets without any counter opinion being expressed. Israel initially shocked the world with its Dershowitz-like extrajudicial murders, but the world became accustomed to this barbaric act, just like all other Israeli crimes. In conducting 238 extrajudicial executions the army has also killed 186 bystanders (including 26 women and 39 children). While the Jewish leaders remain conspicuously silent, others are silenced by a fear of being labelled "anti-Semitic," a term used in a morally corrupt way by the pro-Israel lobby in order to silence voices of reason. How are we to affect this shocking situation, one which has gone further than the excesses of the apartheid era? Instead of hounding Prof. Elmasry, the media and Jewish leaders must address the root causes of the festering problem and work together to bring relief to both Jews and Arabs in Palestine.

Meer Sahib
[Collected by our Pakistan representative from Urdu language newspapers]


On October 24, nearly 200 Pakistani military vehicles packed with heavily armed troops moved from Northern Waziristan to the Southern Waziristan areas of Karvan Munza, Ludha and Makeen. The reinforcements are moving towards Dheela, reputed to be the stronghold of Al-Qaida. Last month Musharraf had the area bombed by the Pakistan Air Force, resulting in 150 civilians killed.
In the Karvan Munza area, Pakistani forces protecting the 200 vehicles exchanged fire with Pakistani mujahideen all night on October 23-24. Casualties were not reported. On the Makeen-Razamak road Mahsud tribesmen blew up a vehicle of the Pakistani Frontier Corp killing 2 soldiers and wounding 3. In the Spinkai Raghzai area, Pakistani troops looking for Abdullah Mahsud, who abducted 2 Chinese engineers, carried out house to house searches but were not able to find any mujahideen.
Nawai-e-Waqt [prestigious Urdu daily published from Lahore] was contacted by phone by a Mahsud resistance leader who said the mujahideen would never bow in front of America's allies. He said, the mujahideen would resist to the last drop of their blood and Abdullah Mahsud will never be caught alive.
On the road between N. and S. Waziristan, a jeep of the Pakistani Scouts unit was blown up by remote controlled bomb, seriously injuring 3 troops.


In F-11-4 [Islamabad], the Saudi deputy ambassador , Abdullah al-'Umri received a gift package. When his son opened it, inside were 4 live hand grenades, 4 machine gun bullets and a threatening note telling the Saudi officials to leave Pakistan. The hand of Al-Qaida is suspected. Pakistan's government called in a full security alert to safeguard the Saudi embassy. [Daily Ausaf, Oct. 25]



October 23: The U.S. media gave out TWO reports on a "suicide attack" in Kabul. The first report [CNN Headline News] said that the "suicide" attacker injured 6 people including 3 "Peace Makers." The second report said that the "suicider" has killed an American woman and an 11-year old Afghan girl, and injured 3 "Peace Makers."
[Ed. Note: The art of propaganda presents occupation forces as "Peace Makers." It's not clear whom they are making peace with or between.]
The Pakistani media published the Taliban's version of the Kabul attack which identified the soldiers hit as Norwegian and claimed that 9 of them were killed, including their platoon commander.
[Ed. Note: Whoever decided to send European troops to Afghanistan was not thinking. It's a recipe for disaster.]
The most graphic report however comes from the daily Ummat of Karachi which reported directly from its rep in Kabul. Here is its summary:

There is a part of Kabul called "Chicken street" ["kucha-e-murgh" in Farsi]. Here the Karzai government has set up liquor stores to serve the occupation forces. The European troops regularly went to obtain liquor in this street, antagonizing the population, especially in Ramadan.
The Taliban martyr, a young man dressed in very white shalwar kameez which made him stand out, threw grenades at the Norwegians' armored vehicles. The occupation forces quickly surrounded him. When he saw that he was surrounded, the young man exploded the remaining grenades tied to his body, killing himself along with 6 Norwegian troops.


October 24: In district Birmal of Paktika province, an elite Taliban unit raided the offices of the Karzai "government." They arrested the 24 officials there, set the building and 4 cars on fire, and left with quantities of weapons and some satellite phones before the U.S. air force could arrive. In Paktia province [not to be confused with Paktika], on the Khost-Gardez road, Taliban guerrillas opened machine gun fire on trucks carrying supplies for American troops. Two oil tankers and a trailer carrying ammunition and artillery shells blew up. The three drivers were killed in the conflagaration.


It appears the Taliban are becoming bolder in their activities. Their representative Mullah Abdul Latif Hakeemi called Pakistani media by satellite phone to rebut a claim by the U.S. military commander that the Taliban are turning against Mullah Omar. Hakeemi said, according to Nawai Waqt, that the Taliban are united and strong. The U.S. military might have been confused, he said, by the emergence of a new group "Taliban Jaish al-Muslimeen" led by Akbar Agha who used to be governor of Maidan Shahr during Taliban rule. He is bringing together mujahideen commanders who fought the Soviets but did not join the Taliban. Now they want to support the Taliban under their own organization, Hakeemi said.


There was a spate of Indian army atrocities against Kashmiris during weekend of Oct. 23-24. In the village of Sarok, Indian troops carried out a house-to-house search during which they killed a man named Muhammad Ismail and seriously wounded his wife Roshni Begum. In Sokhia the Indians gunned down a 40 year old civilian named Muhammad Shafi and claimed that he was a mujahid.

In Hindwara, when civilians protested the brutal beating of a young man, named Umar Khan Ahmad, by Indian troops, the Indians let loose attack dogs on the protestors injuring a dozen people.

In occupied Poonch mujahiddeen attacked an Indian army patrol, killing 2 soldiers, wounding 5 others.

Also in Poonch, mujahideen used a mine to kill an Indian soldier named Shyam Lal.
In Qazigund, the occupiers shot and killed Yasmeen Akhtar, daughter of Naseer Akhtar and threw her body in the wilderness.

In a mujahideen mining operation, Indian puppet official Farooq Abdullah narrowly escaped death. Heavy Indian troops were called in to cordon off the area in Islamabad [not to be confused with the city in Pakistan].

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