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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulhijjah 2,1426/January 3, 2006 #1

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What Makes New Trend different?:

Guided by Islam, New Trend supports what is true and what is right. We oppose ALL oppression, whether it comes from Muslims like Musharraf and Abdullah and Mubarak, or from Christians like Bush, Blair and Putin, or Jews like Sharon and Wolfowitz and the Directors of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

We support all those who do good, whatever their beliefs. DEEDS are more important for us than WORDS. We do not discuss WORDS here except those of the Qur'an and the Hadith of the Prophet, pbuh. What have we done? What have we given? That is important.


NIGER, a Muslim country in central Africa, was often mentioned in the story of Saddam Hussain's alleged attempts to get "yellow cake" [uranium] for his WMDs. Ambassador Joseph Wilson researched it and found it was not true. By way of revenge, his wife's identity as a CIA operative was 'outed.' The role of Judith Miller with "scooter" Libby [VP Cheyney's front man] was gradually revealed. Judith, a hard core Zionist and enemy of Islam, wrote a series of articles in the NY Times to justify war and condemn Saddam.

In all this, no one took the trouble to read Wilson's words carefully. The real tragedy in the situation was that NIGER DOES NOT OWN the uranium it produces. The uranium is owned by FRANCE which gives a stipend to Niger's ruler. Thus there was never any question of Niger selling uranium to Saddam. It didn't have anything to sell.

The tragedy of Africa continues. It's wealth is still being looted by Europe.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [4 items]
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BOND HEARING for Dr. Kifah al-Jayyousi, the Muslim educationist, U.S. citizen with impeccable credentials being held in a cell in Miami, will be as follows:

Date: January 5, 2006. [Thursday] Time: 9.30 AM
Place: Federal Court, [downtown Miami]. 301 N. Miami Avenue. 6th floor.
Court of Judge Cooke.

Several mosques in Miami have informed us that they will send reps. to the hearing.

Two Great New Cards Available for Distribution: Create Awareness of the Issues.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Shoora is offering two great new cards for distribution.

1. The first card has a picture of IMAM JAMIL ABDULLAH al-AMIN on side and PROF. SAMI AL-ARIAN on the other. Both picture are produced in color along with brief description of the injustices done to them.

2. Instead of a brochure, now we have a card about the BOYCOTT of businesses which support Zionist Israel. The card is brief, colorfully produced, and excellent for easy distribution. Thanks to the efforts of Jamaat's Director of Boycott.

For each 100 cards, please send a $10 donation to the Jamaat address above.

The sentencing of America's conscience, LYNNE STEWART, and Egyptian American 'Ahmed Abdel Sattar, who opposed the tyrant of Egypt, has been moved to March 2006.

Bengali Muslimah Selina Akther Murdered by U.S. Soldier in Queens, New York

A drunken American soldier shot and killed a Muslim woman from Bangladesh, December 29. The soldier, Private Carpio, on leave from Ft. Hood, Texas, claims that it was an accident. The local Muslim community considers it a hate crime.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges New York authorities to investigate the hate crime aspect of the murder.

Here is an excerpt from the New York Times of December 31:

... as hundreds attended the funeral service for Ms. Akther, a Bengali immigrant, at the Jamaica Muslim Center, relatives disputed that account [that it was an accident]. "This was a hate crime," said Jafor Mita, 38, a cousin of Mr. Maola's. "This person was a member of the Army at war against Muslims. When a Muslim-looking woman came to the window, he shot her. This cannot be a mistake. He was a professional soldier. He knew how to shoot."
Mr. Maola, who attended the service with his daughter, Tanas, 10, and his son, Tasin, 6, nodded and blinked away tears. "I want only for justice," he said.
Ms. Akther's body lay in an unfinished wood box bearing her name scrawled in black from a marker pen, along with the words "Islamic Burial Shipping Svc." and the address in Chittagong, Bangladesh, where the body was to be shipped. The coffin was put outside in a small lot behind the mosque, her body facing east toward Mecca.

New Trend Exclusive

Distinguished Imam Warith Deen 'Umar Attacked, Arrested, Visited by FBI in Prison.
Bailed Out, Imam Omar Seems to be Victim of Government Conspiracy.

On December 30, 2005 Imam 'Umar was attacked in his apartment in the Bronx [New York city] by an ex-inmate. The 61-year old Imam fought back and then picked up a weapon. The assailant fled.

'Umar called 911. The police arrived but arrested him [along with the assailant]. The Imam was taken to prison after defending himself in his own home.

Two hours later, the mystery dissipated when 'Umar was visited by two White men purportedly from the FBI. They took him from the cell to a separate room. Here they, very politely, started talking to him about about a Khutba he had given in Masjid Taqwa [Brooklyn] during Ramadan. He wanted to know WHAT THAT HAD TO DO WITH THE INCIDENT.

They started talking to him about his views on Jihad and on "suicide bombers." He said he only teaches what Islam teaches and wanted to know why he was being questioned on these matters when he was the victim of an assault in his own apartment.

Imam 'Umar had to spend the night on the floor of the prison cell with 20 other men.

The next day, December 31, at the bail hearing, a legal aide pointed out to the judge that the attack took place INSIDE Imam 'Umar's apartment. How could he possibly be booked for a felony! He was released on bail but given a trial date on February 2006. He faces charges on weapon possession and "menacing."


When Imam 'Umar went back to his apartment, he found that it had been trashed. It's contents had been literally turned upside down. The government had taken away his computer, his files, both for the computer and other. His books and magazines were scattered all over the floor.
[He had left the apartment key with the police.]

In his prayer room there were clear signs of DESECRATION. His Qur'an had been thrown on the floor, its spine broken.

In another room, his daughter's things had been thrown around and many of her prized possessions, pictures of a visit to Sudan, and other momentoes of intellectual interest, had been stolen.

The government had even stolen his car keys, so that he had to get made new keys [during a holiday] to be able to drive his car.

Imam 'Umar is a servant of Allah, not to be defeated by such vicious attacks by the government. As an African American, he has seen the oppressors commit such crimes against his people. Now he himself is targeted.

Readers might remember that the flagship of the Zionist-Capitalist establishment, The Wall Street Journal, destroyed his career as supervising Imam for the Correctional system in the New York state system. The story was put out that he is a "wahhabi" and had spread "radical ideas" in the prison system. There are indications that the pro-government Shia organization al-Khui played a role as did Stephen Schwartz who steadily pours out inanities about "wahhabis." New Trend invites them to write and explain their role in this victimization of Imam 'Umar.

New Trend notes that Imam 'Umar was questioned in prison about the Khutba he gave in Masjid Taqwa which is run by Siraj Wahhaj, a central leader of ISNA who has previously played a dastardly role in the conviction and life imprisonment of Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman. How did the khutba of Imam 'Umar at Masjid Taqwa reach the government? Taping of Khutbas is done there only by Siraj's administration. New Trend urges ISNA's Siraj Wahhaj to write to New Trend and explain how the khutba got out. ISNA [the so-called Islamic Society of North America] is responsible for the activities of its fund raiser and leader Siraj Wahhaj.


Looking Back On American "successes" in 2005

by Dr. Edward Miller, San Rafael, California

[The writer is a veteran in the field of political analysis and was the first to note the warning Osama Bin Laden gave America.]

" They made a wasteland and called it " Peace "

Tacitus, Roman historian

" The crimes of the United States have been systematic, constant, vicious, ,remorseless, but few people have actually talked about them. You have to hand it to America. It has exercised a quite clinical manipulation of power worldwide, while masquerading as a force for universal good. It's a brilliant, even witty, highly successful act of hypnosis."

Playwright Harold Pinter's Nobel acceptance speech 7 Dec. 2005

As we face the New Year, best we take a good look backwards so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past. First: Iraq: With just over 1000 days since Bus Jr. attacked Baghdad, we have little to brag about. Saddam's country is a military desolation with over 100,000 Iraqis killed and ten times that number injured. Fallujah, where thousands of buildings, both commercial and homes, have been reduced to rubble with raw sewage in the streets, little or no electric power, dirty water to drink, over 70% unemployed and of the 330,000 original inhabitants, reports say that less than half have of its survivors returned.

Many of the smaller cities, such as those near the border with Syria have also been gutted, as our military are employing those 2000 lb "block buster" bombs with more frequency. These monsters leave holes 30 ft deep, 70 feet wide and sent deadly fragments over 3000 feet in all directions as they explode. The civilian death toll has been enormous. US military deaths as of Dec. 20th were 2156, with well over 15,000 wounded. There have been 246 US soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

While Washington brags about "democratization" of Saddam's people, let's remember that a good share of those now gaining political power are old enemies of Saddam's who have been expanding their ties with Washington for years. Most voters in this recent election had no idea for whom they were casting ballots.

Just how the fractious religious and ethnic groups will handle their oncoming contests for both political power and shares of the oil wealth is anybody's guess. Iraq may well end up as a truncated federal republic with Kurds in the north, Shiites in the east and south, and Sunnis central and west. The sooner we declare victory and get our troops out the better. Iraq's oil output, which Bush Jr. said would pay for his war, has been so effectively reduced that American taxpayers are paying to import OPEC oil for Iraqi use.

As for Afghanistan this country, impoverished by two wars is a wasteland. President Karzai, once UNICAL's lobbyist in Washington, has formed a cabinet of friends, as well as old tribal enemies. The just-elected parliament includes a number of women. The Country's economy has returned to the opium crop, once successfully outlawed by the Taliban, and the whorehouses closed by that religious group are again in business. None of the city streets, even in Kabul, are safe at night. The economy is in shambles and Afghans lack paved roads, potable water, sewage facilities, schools, hospitals and even a postal service.

Bush's Operation Enduring Freedom and his global war on terror which was launched on Oct. 7, 2001, targeted far more than al Qaeda training camps and facilities. Taliban government and Afghan refugee accounts of the numbers of civilians killed or wounded in the bombing during Operation Enduring Freedom, suggest a total of more than 5000 killed and 10,000 wounded, while more than 1 million Afghans fleeing east across the border into Pakistan, to join the 2 million countrymen who had previously fled during the Soviet occupation. Today, with Pakistan overwhelmed with its rural earthquake refugees, these Afghanistan refugees are surviving hand to mouth on United Nations and Red Cross and Red Crescent efforts. The US has 18,000 troops in Afghanistan as well as Special Forces still fighting the Taliban in the south and east along the border with Pakistan.

We can't leave 2005 without taking a look at Haiti, our Caribbean neighbor, whose president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide was, in April, 2004 kidnapped from his presidential palace by US forces and forced into exile. This report from the Assoc Press wire on March 2nd, 2004 best tells the story:

"BANGUI, Central African Republic - " Claims by ousted Haitian leader Jean-Bertrand Aristide that U.S. officials forced him from power have upset his hosts in the Central African Republic, who will press the exiled president about his plans to move on into permanent exile. Aristide, who resigned Sunday and arrived in the African country on a flight arranged by the U.S. government, said he was forced to leave by the American military - a claim dismissed by Secretary of State Colin Powell and others in the Bush administration... Civil rights activist Jesse Jackson, who arranged the AP phone interview with Aristide, said Congress should investigate whether.... the CIA, had a role in the two-week rebellion that led to Aristide's exile. Bush telephoned French President Jacques Chirac on Tuesday to praise "the excellent French-American cooperation in Haiti" and to "thank France for its action."

Today, Aristide is still in exile in South Africa and according to recent reports from Haiti via our local radio station KPFA, the UN "Peacekeeping" " forces in Haiti's capital, Porte au Prince, are in bed with the militias antagonistic to Aristide who are murdering members of Aristide's Lavalas Party in the Capital's slums. France, Washington and Canada, (with its French connections) are responsible for ousting Aristide whose political agenda of universal health care, living wages for Haiti's workers and other social programs was found unpalitable by these western colonial powers. Colin Powell lied for his white slave-masters as usual.

As we review this tragedies that Washington has produced, is it any surprise that on In February 2003, 14th thru 16th, in over 800 cities around the world , a total of 10,246, 590, activists assembled to protest Bush Jr.'s pre-emptive war against Iraq??

*The prefix small is used to distinguish Smallpox, from Syphilis, the Great Pox, which swept Europe in the 15th Century, killing millions

The Holy Trinity: Anti-Semitism, Holocaust and Israel

by Yamin Zakaria

[The writer lives in London, England]

"If you say it is true that you (Germany) massacred and burned six million Jews during the Second World War, if you committed this massacre, why should the Palestinians pay the price?" (Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad)

The logic in the above statement is flawless; unable to refute the argument, the Western leaders responded with emotional outbursts. If they were to pose the same question to their masses at home, they would see that a significant section of their population hold the same viewpoint as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The context of his remark reminded me of the courageous boy [1], who publicly stated that the Emperor has no clothes, while everyone else remained silent in a state of 'denial' or due to 'fear'.

Similarly, a climate of fear has been generated by the stigma of being labelled as anti-Semitic; thus, many remain silent while witnessing Zionist crimes. Even anti-war movements and those on the political left have been affected. They have labelled the Iraq war, as a war for oil, but the fear of being charged with anti-Semitism, has prevented the Iraq war from also being called a war for Israel. The Zionist entity has undeniably been one of the main beneficiaries of this invasion. Needless, to say that many of the US policy makers, who were architects of the Iraq war, are all pro-Zionist Jews (Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle etc.)

For some, it is a combination of fear and a desire to display their anti-Semitic credentials, so they refrain from criticising Zionist crimes, and in return they gain other forms of benefits. There are those who have willingly gone into a state of denial, refusing to recognise the Zionist crimes and the legitimacy of Palestinian resistance; they do not require any form of intellectual justification in their mind for their dogma. In a state of denial they continue to believe that Zionism is clothed with democracy and human rights, while in reality it stands naked like the Emperor in the den of racism and brutal oppression.

Like Fascism and Nazism, Anti-Semitism is a European phenomenon. For centuries Europe persecuted the Jews, resulting in the regular massacres and pogroms. On the contrary, the Muslims have provided the greatest level of security and hospitality to the Jews. Can anybody cite an event in Islamic history that was fuelled by hatred for the Jews? Before anyone shouts about the only incident from a 1500 year history, i.e. the punishment given to the Jews of Banu Quraydah [2], this was given for their crime of treachery and not for their Jewish identity.

The Jews in fact prospered under tolerant Islamic rule in ways that it never did in intolerant Christian Europe. Islamic Spain is one pertinent example, where the Jews become very prosperous and lived in security for centuries, until the Catholic reconquista that was followed by the genocidal – Catholic Church sponsored inquisition, which resulted in the genocide of Jews and Muslims alike. In the face of such persecution the Jews fled and were invited by the Othmania Khaleef (Ottoman State) - Bayazid II to settle in Othmania lands, notably Istanbul (where over 500 years later, the ancestors of these Jews still reside, speaking their ancestral language of Ladino) and Sarajevo (Bosnia). Even the renowned Orientalist Bernard Lewis, an ardent critic of Islam, accepts that Muslims were remarkably tolerant of their conquered subjects. Lewis's book Jews of Islam, details the enlightened Islamic approach to Jews.

If establishing a Jewish state was some kind of atonement for the crimes of the West against the Jews, then surely this gesture should have led to the establishment of a Jewish 'homeland' in Europe. This point was made to Michael Gove (a British Member of Parliament, a regular contributor to the UK - Times Newspaper) as he argued for the rights of the Jews to have a homeland. But Gove clearly did not like the idea of 'Israel in Europe', presumably even less so inside the UK! Michael Gove is like all pro-Israeli Western journalists, who are enthusiastic about the Jewish homeland being in someone else's territory, just like those who are enthusiastic about giving charity, using someone else's money!

Few would admit that everything was done to ensure that a Jewish homeland was established outside of Europe and the US, in line with the real sentiments of the West towards the Jews! Thus, establishing Israel in Palestine was not atonement for centuries of anti-Semitism but simply more evidence of it. However, it is absolutely fair to reward the Jews with a homeland where they were most recently resident legally, that is prior to illegally squatting in Palestine since 1948. Now, that would be a recipe for real peace, going back to the 1947 borders and not 1967.

Michael Gove was then asked, why he scorns the Muslims for invoking religion, yet he expects the entire world to accept the legitimacy of the Biblical argument (God apparently gave the land exclusively to the Jews) as a justification for 'Israel' and its ethnic cleansing policy. So we as Muslims cannot invoke our religion, it would be fundamentalist to do so, but simultaneously we must accept the abrogated religious verdict from the Rabbis and the Jewish text! This type of view is beyond hypocrisy, it is plainly idiotic. Accordingly, Michael Gove looked confused, his cheeks blushed and he was lost for words. Gove did not seem keen in pursuing the debate any longer as democracy dictates that a Politician has to represent the popular opinion and not what is morally right or wrong.

Religious fundamentalists/fanatics, both Christians and Jews argue that God gave the land of Palestine to the Jews. The secularist argument is that the Jews occupied these lands before the Arabs did. Never mind who occupied the land before the Jews. Also the period of Jewish rule over this region was much smaller compared to everyone else but that is also irrelevant here, what matters is that the Jews were in Palestine before the Arabs. Of course the Palestinians would also argue that they were Arabised and their real roots go back even further before the Jews, back to the Canaanites, the original inhabitants of that land.

In any case, why is the argument of the right of the first settlers, an exclusively Jewish one? Is it because the rest of us are gentiles (Goyim) and thus, not worthy of any consideration. By this criteria the indigenous peoples of present day US and Australia have the same right to expel the European occupiers; and I wish someone would find the courage to remind the racist and nasty, pro-Israeli Americans and Australians to lead by example, by giving up their homes to the indigenous populations, next time they rant in favour of Israel's ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.

Paradoxically, the holocaust seems to be a justification for overlooking the Israeli holocaust (how many does one have to kill, in order for it to be defined as a holocaust?) against the Palestinians. If the Jews really suffered so much under the Nazis, why are they behaving like them? One would expect the traumatic experiences of the holocaust to have left a permanent mark on their psyche. Accordingly, the Jews should be at the forefront of defending other communities who are being targeted in a similar way. Instead, they are the ones constantly instigating and leading a vicious campaign in demonising the Muslims and Arabs in general, using their disproportionate representation in the Western mass media and the various Western governments. The Jews function using the garb of secularism and nationalism, in that way they conceal their identity while appearing to represent the masses of the West.

The disproportionate focus on the holocaust in defence of Israel has also raised questions like: do the Jews have a monopoly over suffering; are their (Jewish) lives more valuable than others? Twenty million Soviet citizens were killed during World War Two, but that hardly gets the same level of coverage. What about the millions of Native Americans killed in North, Central and South America? What about the millions of Aboriginal peoples who were murdered by convicts from the UK, who were 'transported' (dumped) there illegally without a visa or an invite from the native population of Australia? This is clear evidence that the holocaust has become a political tool not a tragic event to be remembered and learnt from.

But why and how has the issue of the holocaust become so sacred within secular nations? One can invoke profanity; offend millions of Muslims and Christians using the license of 'freedom of expression' (such as recently in Denmark, where a national newspaper invited its readers to send in cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad to be mocked) but challenging the holocaust brings instant condemnation and even prison sentences! Questioning the holocaust is a legitimate right. This is merely a difference of opinion on an historical event. It is not inciting people to commit murder or violence. Why is 'free speech' not applicable in this case? Perhaps this is why the US can claim to have a monopoly over 'free speech' while it was bombing Al-Jazeerah! 'Free speech' has in fact become more absurd than telling the inmates in Camp-X-Ray or Abu-Ghraib that they are being 'softened up' (tortured) in compliance with the principles of Human Rights!

Disputing the figure of six million Jews being killed, leads to a frenzied response from fanatical pro-Zionist elements, they instantly label you as a 'holocaust denier'. It is black and white, there seems to be no middle ground. In fact, it was natural to expect the holocaust figures to be initially inflated, because it was part and parcel of post-war propaganda to demonise the enemy. This figure should have been revised over the years. It was not and every effort was made to repress the revisionists by the Western powers. Listed below are three possible reasons that attempt to give some explanation of why this was done.
  1. Many would point to the disproportionate power and representation of the Jews in the West that has led to issuing such intense propaganda and even laws to imprison people who question the holocaust. While that is true about the Jewish influence which has contributed to making holocaust sacred, but I would disagree that this is the sole reason, as it would imply that the Jews have absolute control of the West.

  2. Israel is seen as a colonial outpost for the West, it is a symbol of Western presence in the region. A strategic ally and a base to ensure the presence of an eye and a grip over the oil-rich region. Israel also serves other functions like keeping the Arab world divided and weak. It also satisfies the US Christian fanatics, who are pining for a war of Armageddon, in that Israel is supposed to be a fulfilment of some alleged biblical prophecy. Thus, a strong support for Israel has meant that its justifications like the holocaust and anti-Semitism must remain a dogma.

  3. The final reason why the allies chose to maintain the inflated figure of the holocaust was to cover up their own war crimes. It was Britain and the US that clearly committed war crimes against Germany and Japan in the latter phase of the war, by firebombing defenceless German and Japanese cities; the latter of course was even attacked with Atomic bombs. Churchill and Truman should have been in the dock at Nuremberg, facing the same charges as other Nazi war criminals. Like Bush and Blair should be on trial for the deaths of 30,000 to 100,000 Iraqis instead of Saddam Hussein.
It seems that anti-Semitism culminated into the holocaust which in turn led to the establishment of Israel; collectively, these events represent the new trinity of the Secular-Christian-Capitalist-West. This new cult is not for spiritual elevation but for neo-colonisation and ethnic cleansing. One may legitimately ask, is this 'neo-Christianity' preparing for the return of Prophet Jesus (A.S) or that of the anti-Christ?

Copyright © 2005 by Yamin Zakaria
From the fairytale story of "The Emperor's New Suit" by Hans Christian Anderson.

A Jewish tribe which had an alliance with Prophet Muhammad (SAW) but subsequently committed an act of treachery during a battle.

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