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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Awwal 26,1429/ June 1, 2008, #32

PAKISTAN: The secularized upper classes of Pakistan live in a world of their own. They think that with the PPP and Nawaz League in Parliament, a new era of democracy has dawned. Rumors of Gen. Musharraf's immediate removal were rife when President Bush scotched them on May 30 by calling Musharraf and assuring him of his support. For the real situation in Pakistan, please scroll down.

Book Received
A Worthy Muslim: Quranic Tools Needed to Overcome Oppression and Imperialism in order to Institute Justice by Amir Makin, 144 pages, $15.95, wholesale discount 25%. May 2008.
Order from: A.I.C. Publications, P.O. Box 152672, Arlington, TX 76015

New Trend strongly recommends this book and urges readers to buy it and distribute it. We plan to publish a review later. It's a reminder that real Muslims still exist in this country and everyone has not sold out.

August 16, 2008. Baltimore, Maryland. International Islamic Conference for Peace and Awareness: Two New Endorsers.

[Listed in the order received.] [See and talk to Br. Aziz to register. Seating is limited and JAM reserves the right to accept or reject endorsements.]

1. Ramsey Clark, leader of the anti-war movement in America. New York City

2. Syed Munawar Hasan, Secretary General, Jamaate Islami Pakistan. A top Islamic leader and peace activist. Karachi, Pakistan

3. Dr. Mohamed Khazaly Jabbie, Conakry, Guinea, West Africa. [Imam of mosque near the Haram in the holy city of Makka for many years.] Ph.D in Islamic Jurisprudence from Ummul Qura University, Arabia.

4. Sis. Hadayai Majeed, 1000 Peace Women Across the Globe, Atlanta, Georgia.

5. We Hold These Truths [WHTT] [Christian peace and research movement, Arizona, California, New Mexico]

6. The Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement [First Islamic-Christian alliance] [Idaho, California, Arizona]

Our America

Rachel Ray's Scarf and Michelle Malkin

Few people know that Dunkin Donuts was started by a man named Bill Rosenberg. Jewish businessmen have played a major role in the Dunkin Donuts chain. In Baltimore, two rich Jews plan to set up six more of these stores. Most stores however are franchised out to immigrants from India, etc. Somehow, Dunkin Donuts had to leave Israel [probably owing to its competition with Starbucks]. We don't know exactly why.

A few days back, Rachel Ray made a fashion statement on a Donuts advertisement by putting on a thin scarf which looked vaguely like a Palestinian scarf. The Zionist lobby quickly went to work and both Rachel Ray and the scarf were pulled from public view.

Michelle Malkin, a known Islam hater, who often appears on O'Reilly's Fox TV program, jumped into this situation to try to connect the Palestinian scarf to terrorism and to criminalize it.

Sis. Anisa Abdel Fattah, a prominent Islamic woman leader, answered Malkin's abuse [see below].

Children of Polygamist Sect being Subjected to Cultural Genocide

May 30, 2008: Though the charges of child molestation against the Texas polygamist sect in Eldorado could not stand up in court, most of the 400 children are still being held by the so-called "child protection services." In an attempt to cut the children off from their religion, culture and parents, the government is subjecting them to the mass culture of American-Zionist materialism. They are being put into swimming pools after taking off most of their clothes, made to wear shorts, and taught to have dogs as pets. They are being made to watch TV to cut them off from their non-conformist religious life.

More than a month has passed but the mothers still do not have their children. The entire future of the children is being distorted. [Source for facts: ABC News.]

Where is "Auschwitz?" Obama's Abysmal Ignorance of World War II History

From Kaukab Siddique's ongoing research on the WWII. Corrections are welcome.

May 26, 2008: During a speech on Memorial Day, Barack Obama stated, very calmly, that his uncle was among the U.S. troops which liberated Auschwitz from the Germans in 1945. The problem is that U.S. troops never liberated Auschwitz. It was the Soviets who did. And Obama does not have an uncle! A day later the Obama camp rushed to clarify that he had meant to say that his "grand uncle" liberated a sub camp of the Buchenwald camp complex in Germany.

Obviously Obama has absolutely no idea what he is talking about. He simply wanted to please the Jews supporting him. In fact, it would be fair to say that most Americans do not know WHERE Auschwitz is located. Owing to this ignorance of facts about World War II, propaganda about the Jewish holocaust story spreads easily. Here are the facts: It appears from well documented and scientific research by revisionist scholars that the Auschwitz story and the Six Million story were war time propaganda which has been perpetuated by Israel and its supporters for the sake of funding and support for the terrorist entity which has occupied Palestine.

New Trend has received information, very non-propagandist, which indicates that the suffering inflicted on the German civilian populations by the victorious Russian, American, British and French armies was so great that only a story as monstrous as that of Auschwitz could eclipse it.

As Muslims, we must keep an open mind about World War II. We have heard the story of the victors for decades. We need to know what the critics of the victors have to say. Scholars like David Irving, Germar Rudolf and Ernst Zundel have suffered at the hands of people who support the publication of insulting cartoons about Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him. They call it "freedom of expression." Their hate of Islam is such that recently Salman Rushdie was invited as a guest of honor at the White House. He and the mass murderer of Iraqi children, Medleine Albright, right hand of Hillary Clinton, were honored by the Jews of Baltimore at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall in Baltimore.

Let every voice be heard. These people call the innocent Palestinians "terrorists." Will they be telling the truth about a terrible war? Was Hitler the enemy of Muslims? Amin al-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem, was honored by Hitler, and Islamic units, each led by an imam, fought as part of the Waffen SS. Are Muslims aware that the Soviet Union deported ENTIRE Muslim and German populations to Siberia? Countless Muslims and Germans died in this process.

The Soviets occupied Afghanistan. Four million Afghan Muslims became refugees in Pakistan and three million in Iran. Any reparations? No!

Letter: RE: Sexual abuse and rapes of innocent children by so-called "UN Peacekeepers" world-wide
As-Salaam Elekum!

Please refer to an article by Adam Mynott, "Abuse victims suffer in silence," in BBC NEWS/Special Reports/Abuse victims suffer in silence, published on 2008/05/27.

It deals with gang rape of a 12 year old girl by 10 UN "peacekeepers" near the town of Man in north-western Ivory Coast.
As in the past countless similar rapes by UN Peacekeepers and "Aid" workers, the rapists/criminals have got away scot free. The UN does not have any policy or law to deal with crimes committed by these employees under their command.

When it comes to crimes against women and children around the globe, the laws treat the criminal men with velvet gloves. This state of affairs need to be challenged by all ethically and morally driven human beings. Muslims must work to make sure that, particularly in today's world, it is not only the rich and powerful or politically connected whose cases are brought to the attention of the world. Let us turn to the poorest of the poor, the weakest amongst us all and strive for justice for them.

As-Salaam Elekum!

Letter: Re. Siraj Wahhaj and Abdul Malik "Mujahid.": Supporters of Tyrants

Dear Kaukab,
Your recent issue of New Trend includes an article by Shaikh Mohommad in which he speaks of the lack of action by Muslims on certain causes. He does mention that actor Danny Glover has not jumped on the Obama bandwagon solely because Obama is black. This is an excellent point because too many people support a candidate exclusively on the candidate's race, religion or ethnic background. Many times, the voter is actually voting against his/her standards without realizing it.

Here's a classic statement that refers to such race-based support. In 1991, Thurgood Marshall retired from the Supreme Court of the United States. He was by far the best member of that organization the country had ever seen. Plus, he was the first black Supreme Court justice.

President Bush I then appointed another black man, Clarence Thomas, to fill the vacancy. Thomas was and is not Thurgood Marshall. At a press conference, a reporter asked Marshall if he was happy that a black man was chosen to replace him. Marshall knew Thomas' views and his history and did not consider him to be an astute replacement. There was a tinge of anger in his reply. Marshall said, "A black rattlesnake and a white rattlesnake are still rattlesnakes." A great response to a situation that we still confront today.

Jeff Archer [San Diego, California]

A Muslim woman's tribute in poetry to the best of men, pbuh.

MY BELOVED -by Umm Ikrimah
There was a time in my youth, 
When Islam was only a custom. 
They said "say La IIaha IIIa Allah,.. 
And pray, you'll go to Heaven." 

Ah, how simple, no struggle in this, 
Just a word, and simple act. 
Thereafter I'm absorbed in this world again, 
With my 'assured' place in Paradise intact. 

But this was not to be my fate 
For ALLAH chose to guide my heart. 
I learnt of a man who struggled so hard 
When his mission was from the start. 

Spoke gently, kindness he knew. 
Never fearing to say what's right, 
His conviction in ISLAM was true. 

The touch of his hand was as soft as silk 
To comfort a crying child. 
To mend his clothes, or do the chores, 
Never complaining, he always smiled. 

A living he made with his bare hands, 
The same that held his mighty sword. 
Valour shone from the edge of his blade, 

His smell was always of musk, 
And cleanliness he kept at his best. 
Stark contrast with the heroes of today, 
Who stink of beer and sweat. 

He held the hands of his companions. 
Unashamed to play with many children. 
So modest, so humble, a perfect example, 
That strangers could not recognise him. 

His eyes slept little for nights were precious, 
His prayers he treasured much greater. 
To pray Tahajjud in the depths of night, 
Seeking forgiveness, and nearness to his Creator. 

He broke his tooth for me at Uhud, 
And bled for me at Ta'if. 
He cried for me, tears of concern, 
Just so I could have this belief. 

His enemies admired his teachings, 
Uniting every religion, every clan. 
Till ISLAM came to every corner of the world, 
O, but indeed he was only a man. 

To own a house, or build his wealth 
Was not his main priority. 
To establish ISLAM was more essential, 
To bring us under a Higher Authority. 

Don't you want him to plea for your case, 
When before ALLAH-The Judge-you stand? 
Don't you wish to be around his fountain, 
A burning desire to drink from his hand? 

So I love him more than all creation, 
My Leader, my Humble Prophet. 
Muhammad (SAWS) was a mercy to all mankind, 
And to me, he is ... MY BELOVED! 

Terrorist, Terrorist, Terrorist
by Shaukat Khan [North Carolina]

America is pointing Without a bit of shame At the Muslims While conveniently Forgetting her own Inhumane exploits Against humanity. A most disgusting Thing to do To categorize Muslims In this way Muslims who are devoted To Allah The One full of Peace To Allah From whom emanates Peace. Pages of history Are filled with the drama That only in defense Did the Muslims fight. When Salahuddin Fought the crusaders Attacking the Muslim lands Was he a terrorist too? When Mohammed bin Qasim Fought to free innocent Muslim women and children Was he a terrorist too? When Tipu Sultan fought British imperialism Inhaling India Was he a terrorist too? When the forces gathered To destroy The Ottoman empire Those fighting back To preserve their homeland Were they terrorist too? When Palestine was sacrificed To create the state of Israil Those fighting back To preserve their homeland Were they terrorists too? When the bloodbath In the Indian sub-continent At the hands of the British Came to be Those sacrificing their lives Were they terrorists too? When Syed Qutb inspired And moved the Muslims Did he have to go because He was a terrorist too? When Malcolm X freed himself From the clutches of shaitan And stepped into the light of islam Thus beginning his journey to Allah Did he have to go Because he was a terrorist too? Those with Khomeini Sacrificing it all to resist The evil monarchy Made in America Were they terrorists too? This is just shaitan's game Whoever calls to The One Most High One Full of Peace Is labeled a terrorist too. Enjoy and exploit your power As much as you can In the Hands of Allah It will all soon be

U.S. Islamic Woman Leader Looks at Islam Hater Michelle Malkin

American Lamentations :This is a lamentation, and shall be for a lamentation." Ezekiel 19: 10-14

Saturday, May 31, 2008
Michelle Malkin: Enemy of the people and US Constitutiion?
by Anisa 'Abdel Fattah [Detroit]

After reading several of the right wing blogs, and the comments left mostly by right wing supporters commenting on the Michelle Malkin, Rachel Ray scarf situation, I realized that Michelle Malkin, who poses as a mere conservative columnist and commentator is actually more likely an enemy of the people of this country, that is out to undo our Constitution. I know it sounds far fetched, but when you read the titles of this woman's books, and her opinions on rights and freedoms, it becomes pretty clear that she is no patriot, and that she has not grasped the importance of individual liberties as essential elements of freedom and self governance, and has no respect for US law and traditions.

Either like, or along with the Judeo / Christian religious right who is almost daily taking actions aimed at limiting, depriving and violating the constitutional rights of US citizens through the use of public censure, and threats, Malkin is out to demonstrate how the Constitution can be forced into obsolescence simply with a flick of the pen, a few wicked and inflammatory lies, and threats. Whereas the law may not necessarily prohibit the right of any person to hold a view such as Malkin's, such tactics might be criminal if carried out with others like racketeering, according to some readings of the RICOH Act.

When such tactics and views become the methodology of choice for a number of people and organizations, working in concert, and very obviously acting to overthrow the constitution of this country and to replace it with their unethical, racist and fascist Judeo/Christian ideology, America has a problem and it's bigger than Dunkin Donuts.

Anyone who remembers the run up to the Iraq war is familiar with these tactics. They were used to shut down, or vilify and silence all voices that opposed the war, or who challenged the lies disguised as intelligence that became the cause for war. We now know that the primary advisors to the President during that time were not military men, or even lawyers and Constitutional experts. The presidential advisers that helped lead us into an unnecessary war based upon lies were the Judeo/Christian movement pastors and political operatives that took over our government after 9/11 through political appointments, or who were granted access through US Congress people who eat from, and are sustained by the garbage in the Judeo/Christian Zionist trough. They are not finished. Bush has until January in office, and they plan to use that time to further their agenda. Having succeeded in imposing their devilish vision of Judeo/Christian dominance over the world, brought about through the use of US military force and proselytizing in Iraq, they are acting now to lead us into another unnecessary war, this time with Iran. Malkin, who wrote a book, explaining why Muslims, Arabs and other Americans should be held in detention camps as they prosecute these illegal wars, is now at work insuring that everyone is put on notice that there will be no dissent allowed this time either, not even symbolic dissent.

Malkin's most recent assault against the American people and our US Constitution is her attempt to use public censure as a means to deny us our constitutionally protected rights to hold a dissenting and unpopular view, and also to hold and express a political opinion, and to express that opinion in our dress, or any other way that we and not Malkin chooses. Malkin and the right wing fascists that support her are a danger to the United States, since they threaten to overturn by stealth, everything that our founders and the noble men and women who struggled for freedom from the British Empire fought for without due process. It seems that they plan to take over the country, and in fact the world, by force.

The people of this country have a constitutionally protected right to hold unpopular and dissenting political and even religious views without the threat of organized campaigns designed purely to deny or to deprive us of those rights. American citizens also have the right to express such views, whether it is through our choice of clothing, or speech, or our choice of whom to financially support through financial contributions, etc. The Supreme Court has consistently upheld these rights, and has never wavered in its interpretations. Malkin or others have no right to organize to deprive us of our rights, or to threaten and intimidate businesses, and other institutions in this country with harm should they act in deference to the US Constitution and citizen's rights.

Since this most recent effort by the fanatical right to undermine the US Constitution is centered on a scarf and a donut maker's advertisement for coffee, it may seem to be a trite and unimportant incident. When we consider what is at stake, if every business in the US, every school, or other institution falls in lockstep with Malkin and her fascist cohorts, what we will lose will be the very Constitution that our founders and subsequent generations of patriots have fought and died for. Our freedoms and our rights will be past history. We will all be forced to live by the rules of John Hagee, Rod Parsley, Pat Robertson, and Joe Lieberman. Our country will be a place where we must all dress the same, think the same and worship the same, sacrifice our lives and treasure for Israel, or be subjected to organized campaigns of defamation and scourging, and censure.

Perhaps as a former soldier who once took an oath to protect the US Constitution and my country, I am particularly sensitive to the ploys of people like Malkin, and her co-conspirators. They claim to be patriots, while they are actually more likely to be subversives who use their rights to deny others the freedoms that God bestowed upon us all equally, regardless of our races, religions, or political affiliations.

If we are smart, we will not let this recent attack on the constitution just go away, and wait quietly for the fascist's next assault. It's time that the people of this country wake up, and realize that whether we like it or not, we are involved in a cold war for the very soul of our country, and the Constitution that protects that soul in the same way that Holy Books protect and validate the practice of religion.

We must not surrender to Malkin and those who feel that the US Constitution can be forced into obsolescence or rendered irrelevant by the force of public censure and threats. The United States is a republic that is governed by law, not public opinion.

We, the people, must organize to fight this cold war in defense of our constitution, never failing to speak and to stand for the unbridled constitutional rights of every citizen in this country, and especially the right to hold dissenting views, and to express those views whether it be through our choice of dress, fashion, fundraising, protesting, marching, speaking, etc., etc., etc., that we choose. Michelle Malkin has proven on more than one occasion that she is a person who has not understood the US Constitution, and its significance. Perhaps she feels that we are all like Dunkin Donuts and the other people and institutions that she has whipped with her fascist tongue and pen, and threatened into conformity. We should let her, and her cohorts know that they have underestimated the American people, and that we also have a pen, and a cause. I pray that every decent American who loves their country will boycott Dunkin Donuts until they restore the Rachel Ray advertisement. I hope that everywhere Michelle Malkin shows up to spread and spew her hateful anti-American venom, crowds of freedom loving people will be there to shout her down. The luxury of apathy has ended. Malkin fired one of many salvos fired by the Judeo/Christian fascists, when she sought to make the case that American citizens should be denied the right to political freedom and public expression, and that those who refuse to conspire with her and her fellow stooges should be threatened into complicity and conformity. We must respond equally, if not more forcefully, without using the fascist tactics they employ.

Part of this response must be to put US businesses and other institutions on notice. If they think Malkin and her crew are to be feared, imagine a United States run by the likes of Malkin, and the other right wing fascist who have taken over the US airways and blogs in an effort to systematically undermine the US Constitution, and to deny and deprive us of our Constitutional rights. If you want to live by the laws of Hagee, Robertson, Parsley and Malkin, keep kowtowing. If we want to remain free, we must fight back.

An Important Reason why Barak Obama's Election will help American Imperialism.

by Jeff Archer

In February 1990, Saddam Hussein, at a summit in Amman, Jordan, told the Arab world:
The country that exerts the greatest influence on the Gulf and its oil, will consolidate its superiority as an unrivaled superpower. This proves that if the population of the Gulf and of the entire Arab world is not vigilant, this area will be ruled according to the wishes of the United States.
Nowadays, Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe, is sounding a lot like Saddam. He is warning the Africans that Western powers, mainly the U.S. and Britain, are in the process of re-conquering Africa. He saw the signs a few years ago. At the Earth Summit in September 2002, Mugabe stated:
Sustainable development is not possible without agrarian reforms that acknowledge that land comes first before all else and that all else grows from the land. In our situation, this fundamental has pitted the black majority against an obdurate and internationally well-connected racial minority, largely of British descent, brought in and sustained by British colonialism, now being supported and manipulated by the Blair Government.
We are not English, we are not Europeans. We have not asked for any square inch of that territory. Let no one interfere in the internal affairs of our nation. So, Blair, keep your England and let me keep my Zimbabwe.
Since those statements, the U.S. and Britain have applied sanctions on Zimbabwe and the country has undergone a deadly drought. As with Saddam and the embargo years when the U.S. blamed the Iraqi president for the degradation of Iraq, Britain and the U.S. are now blaming Mugabe for a fluke of nature and the disastrous effects of sanctions. Unfortunately, the people of the West are again buying this false bill of goods.
Today, Mugabe is fighting for his political life. The U.S. ambassador to Zimbabwe is openly giving advice (and probably a handsome amount of finances) to the Zimbabwe opposition. Mugabe is threatening to kick him out of the country.
Plans for Africa transcend Zimbabwe. Sudan is in the firing line as well. Darfur is being presented in the West as a genocide against Christians. The current party line is that the Arab north is decimating the African south. What a bunch of cobblers. All Sudanese are Africans. The country's president is as black as any African anywhere on the continent.
Two things are apparent here. The first is the demonizing of a person, much as the West demonized Saddam Hussein and now Robert Mugabe. The second is the allegations that Christians are being massacred. The pope recently told Bush that he is upset that Christians are being killed in Iraq. How about the one and a half million non-Christians who have been killed since the March 2003 invasion? They don't count.
Now, we see the obligatory peace groups and Hollywood stars lining up to speak about the atrocities in Darfur. Where were they after March 2003? Some mildly protested the invasion of Iraq, but once the country fell, they all went back to chasing their Oscars.
A couple of days ago, McCain, Clinton and Obama signed a full-page statement in the New York Times condemning the Sudanese government. Don't expect any enlightening programs for Africa when a new U.S. president is inaugurated in January 2009.
These two countries are just a part of the equation for the West to again rape Africa of its raw materials. After the first conquest, the West thought all was gone, but new discoveries of massive amounts of oil, as well as other raw materials, again beckon the white man back to Africa. The former world heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson, is not exactly known for his brainpower. However, years ago, he made an astute statement. When he returned from his first trip to Africa, a reporter asked him what he thought of the continent. Tyson replied:
"When the white man first went to Africa, he had all the religion and the Africans had all the raw materials. When the white man left Africa, he had all the raw materials and the Africans had all the religion."
In the past decade or so, Christian missionaries have escalated their presence in Africa. Most are working hand-in-hand with the West. Also, they are thwarting efforts to teach Africans birth control. The results have been devastating.
There are many more clues to show that the West again has its eyes on Africa. By the end of 2006, Somalia was experiencing a relatively peaceful lifestyle for the first time in decades. The U.S. would have none of this and co-opted Ethiopia to invade the country and bring an on-paper-only stooge government to power. Then, the U.S. began bombing Somalia. The bombing continues to this day.
Eritrea, a country not known for blowing up airplanes and buildings, was put on the U.S. list of state-sponsored terrorism a few months ago. Their crime was that they did not go along with U.S. wishes for the area. Plus, Eritrea is located between Ethiopia and Somalia.
What could be the coup de grace for Africa? The election of a U.S. president of African origin.
When the first conquest of Africa occurred, it was no problem for white people to lead the way. After all, they were bringing Christian compassion and civilization to the savages. However, today's world is different and a white charge to take over Africa may not go down so well as in the past. Enter Barack Obama. An African-American U.S. president would not be criticized as much as a white person for re-civilizing Africa. His image could be portrayed as an enlightened leader who wants to help his ancestors.
The scenario I mention about Obama is not far-fetched. Some behind-the-scenes people are quietly bringing up the subject.
The Arab world listened to Saddam Hussein predict the future for the area, but the countries did not comprehend. Africa has been fully exploited before by the West. Maybe the continent will fare better than the Arab world if they take Mugabe's message seriously.

Pakistani News
Pakistani Taliban Leader Refuses to Cooperate with United Nations: Says it is Extension of USA

May 25, 2008: In an unusual meeting with a group of journalists, in the Kalwaroghah area of South Waziristan, Baitullah Mahsud ruled out cooperation with the United Nations in investigation of the murder of Benazir Bhutto. He said that the UN is only a extension of the U.S. government which he considers Pakistan's enemy as well as his personal enemy. He said he has no connection with the murder of Benazir, direct or indirect, and demanded that if the Musharraf regime has any such evidence, it should bring it forth. He said, evidence does not mean that you torture a few people and make them say who did it.

He asked, if the regime says we killed Benazir, then tell us who killed her father and her brother?

He also rejected the claim that the Pakistani ambassador to Kabul was kidnapped by the Taliban. He said, some other Taliban group did it and added that we got him released, though in the process some of our men were released too.

He said, our objective is the implementation of Shar'ia, not only in Swat but in other areas too. He added that martyrdom operations are a legitimate part of resistance

In Peshawar city, a mobile petrol of police was blown up by a remote controlled bomb. Two police officers were killed and 2 wounded.

In SWAT, a large multi-group peace gathering called by Jamiate Ulema-i-Islam demanded the withdrawal of 50,000 Pakistani troops from the area. The troops have inflicted massive deaths, injuries and economic losses on the people, the gathering resolved, and called on the regime to compensate the sufferers. The army must not be used against the people, the leaders said. Shari'a must be implemented in the entire Malakand area otherwise resistance will be launched, the gathering demanded.

Journalist Released

Rahmat Shah Afridi, editor of Frontier Post was released from prison after 9 years. He had been arrested by the regime opposed to his party, the Peoples Party, and sentenced first to death and then to life for allegedly smuggling opium. Now that the Peoples Party is back in power, he was released.
[Comment: Political opponents are often imprisoned in Pakistan on bizarre charges.]

Rallies in Karachi Protest Rising Prices and Worsening Poverty of the People

May 30, 2008: After Friday prayers, at scores of mosques in Karachi, speakers from Jamaate Islami highlighted the suffering of the majority of people in Karachi owing to rising prices and mismanagement of the economy. Later an All Parties Symposium was held at Idara-Noor-e-Haq to take a united stand on the worsening economic situation. Speakers from the spectrum of opposition groups spoke but the main speakers were Prof. Abdul Ghafoor Ahmed, Deputy Ameer of Jamaate Islami at the symposium and Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rahman in Azizabad and Nasarullah Shuji'h in Lines area [outside mosques].

The speakers noticed the increasing breakdown of law and order in the sprawling city with daily theft, dacoity and murder on the increase.
Prof. Ahmed noticed that People's Party is now protecting General Musharraf and real power remains in Musharraf's hands.

Karachi's distinguished Jamaate Islami leader Muhammad Hussain Mahnati said that the new regime continues to support capitalism, feudalism and exploitation and the poor are being ground down to extreme poverty. He cited the daily cut off of electricity in major parts of the city in intense heat, the government's support for smugglers, hoarders, profiteers and the expenditure of billions of Rupees on the wasteful and meaningless fun fair of the rulers.

Hammad Nidar Khadatbh
Zionist Jews Mutilated and Murdered 15 Year Old Hammad

At 3pm on Wednesday, 16th April, the mutilated body of 15 year old Hammad Nidar Khadatbh was found in lands of the illegal Israeli settlement of Al-Hamra by his father, who was out searching for his missing son.
Hammad had left the house at 9am on Tuesday, 15th April to work on the family's land, located near the stolen agricultural lands of the settlement. As the second eldest son, he was picking cucumbers for the family rather than going to school, to help with the income of his struggling family. At evening he failed to return home, and so his father and other family members immediately went searching for him. They found nothing. They set out again the next day, Wednesday, and found his body in a place they had searched the day before - clearly dumped overnight.
Hammad's body was naked, bloated, and tortured. His neck was broken, and his face had been smashed in with rocks. One finger had been cut off and there were multiple holes in his torso, seemingly made by a sharp, round implement - something like a pen, his family explained. An Israeli police officer who arrived on the scene to investigate the incident confirmed that Hammad had been murdered, but made no comment as to by whom. Hammad's body was immediately taken to the coroner in Jerusalem, but the report on the exact cause of his death will not be available for another week.
After speaking to many people in the area, it was established that Hammad had tried to return home via the Al-Hamra (Arabic for "red area") checkpoint, but was refused passage through as being only 15 years old, he had no identification (IDs are only issued to Palestinians aged 16 years and over). It appears that Hammad was then forced to walk around the long way home, and was taken at this point on Tuesday night.
Given the location of the body - on settlement lands and near an Israeli-only apartheid road - the family are convinced that Hammad was killed by settlers from the Al-Hamra settlement. His father explained that his son was only a young boy, and had no enemies. Also, he explained, there are no Palestinians in that area, only settlers from the agricultural settlement.
The 11500 residents of the village of Beit Furiq, located near the northern West Bank city of Nablus, have regular problems with the illegal settlements near their village. Approximately three years ago a 78 year old man, Mohammad Abu Oday, was killed when settlers from Itamar settlement destroyed his head with large rocks. Another young man was also shot dead by settlers, and five others have been injured whilst attempting to pick their olives. Residents advise that these attacks happen when Palestinians go to lands that are anywhere near to settlements, occurring every couple of years.
Interestingly, these attacks elicit no repercussions on the settlers by the Israeli military such as are inflicted upon Palestinian villages in similar, or even lesser situations. The village of Beita, for example, was shut down for four days last week, with massive roadblocks installed on every road to the village, and residents arrested for attempting to leave after a shooting occurred near an Israeli-only road in which no one was injured.
Hammad was buried at 3pm on Thursday 17th April, and is survived by his parents and seven siblings.

2008-06-03 Tue 20:26:02 cdt