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INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC SYMPOSIUM OF JAMAAT AL-MUSLIMEEN INTERNATIONAL WILL BE HELD, inshallah, June 21, 2003 in Greensboro, North Carolina to discuss the future of the Muslim Ummah in America.
Initiating committee:
Kaukab Siddique, Ameer
Sis. Motisola M. Abdallah, Secretary General
Imam Badi Ali, local host

The Taliban are carrying out classic guerrilla warfare in eastern, southwestern and south central Afghanistan. Their methodology seems to be to harass U.S. forces and pin down Karzai's mercenaries without suffering any losses of their own.

Almost every day, reports come in of attacks on U.S. troops and their Afghan mercenaries. Only days back, two U.S. troops were killed and another injured in a surprise attack. The troops allied to the U.S., especially those working for the corrupt governor of Kandahar, Gul Agha, have been suffering dozens of dead and wounded almost every week in the last three weeks.

U.S. troops have tried several major sweeps to find the Taliban but have failed. Following the sweeps, leaflets carrying a message of Jihad against the U.S., signed by the legendary Mullah Omar, have been distributed in the Pashtun villages.

Latest reports indicate that the Taliban are now OPENLY holding THREE AREAS north of Spin Boldack (on the Quetta, Pakistani border).

Recently a U.S. helicopter with six troops went down, north of Ghazni, on a clear day for which the Taliban took credit. The situation is tense even in KABUL, with night activity by supporters of the Taliban and Hikmatyar which keep U.S. troops awake and uneasy. The Karzai "government" seems to have run out of steam.

IRAN and Pakistan's General Musharraf have given their support to the Karzai "government" but the massive Islamic demonstrations in Pakistan indicate that Islam is gaining strength in Pakistan and has isolated the pro-U.S. elements.
Islamic Tombs Buzzed, Pakistani Ambassador's Residence, Hospitals Hit
[Translated byour representative in Texas.]

Iraqi satellite television today (Wed. 2 April. 2003) reported harmful activity on the part of aggressor airplanes that has affected the tombs of Imam Ali and of al-Husayn (radiaAllah `anh).

It was not clear just how much damage has been done or of what nature. But as fighting rages around Karbala and an-Najaf al-Ashraf extensive outrages can be expected.

In addition Iraqi TV showed the broken glass and doors suffered by the Pakistani diplomatic residence in Baghdad due to the bombing and rocketing. The charge d'affairs of Pakistan was interviewed and obviously made the point that the Pakistani embassy is not a military target. He pointed out that the whole neighborhood is a civilian area.

Of course since Pakistan itself has been turned into a happy hunting ground for FBI agents and the US military who routinely trample Pakistani sovereignty and law, and chase down, interrogate, arrest, detain, exile, and generally abuse Pakistani citizens, it is no wonder that Washington would have scant concern for the well-being of a few more Pakistanis in Baghdad.

I suppose it's more efficient, in fact, if they are just bombed now. It saves the Americans from having to arrest them as "pro-Saddam terrorists" later on.

Perhaps you have also heard of how the aggressors today rocketed a maternity hospital in Baghdad. One doctor was interviewed on Iraqi TV and explained that the Red Crescent Maternity Hospital which was rocketed by the aggressors was located in the middle of a medical area. The then named quickly four or five other hospitals in the immediate area -- to which the wounded from the maternity hospital had been taken. He said that among the victims of this latest crime were doctors, nurses, emergency workers, and ambulance drivers. Obviously people in great demand in this difficult times.

The Anglo-American-Zionist aggressors by all accounts plan to lay seige to Baghdad and want to force the civilian population to forsake their homes and city so that they can raze the town with less international complication.

In view of that known fact, it seems very likely that they are deliberately striking markets and hospitals in order to try to sow panic among the civilian population. Hitting a hospital would of course serve to exaccerbate the health problems of the Iraqi capital.

That is what we are dealing with.


Eric Mueller

2003-04-04 Fri 08:12ct