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SAUDIS RAID HOLY CITY OF MADINA AGAIN: 11 Islamic Activists Arrested
Two Imams were killed or wounded and Captured in the Attack
[From Buut Shikan, Idol Breaker]

May 29, 2003. In a second day of raids in Madinatun Nabi (pbuh), the second holiest city of Islam, Saudi swat teams, armed and trained by the U.S., captured 11 more Islamic activists. The reports indicate that the Saudi storm troopers opened fire on the Muslims and might have killed or wounded two Imams who have been speaking against America. Arabian dissidents in London say that the two Imams were martyred.

Puppet Saudi Interior Minister, Nayef, known as "America's dog," says that the two were not killed but were captured

The Saudi government claims that its raids in Madina of the Prophet (pbuh) are aimed at capturing "terrorists" who attacked U.S. defense interests in Riyadh.

Observers say that attacks in Madina to help America are desecrating the holiest city of Islam, second only to Makka. Observers raise the question, what will happen if America claims that the "terrorists" are hiding in Makka or in the Ka'aba itself. In 1979 the Saudis attacked the martyr Juhaiman and other Islamists from the Sharia College in Madina IN THE KA'ABA itself and slaughtered them there, although they had their women and children with them.

[Juhaiman and the martyrs obtained control of the Ka'aba and used the PA system to denounce the Saudi dynasty for its endless corruption, profligacy and close cooperation with America.]

When it comes to making a choice between AMERICA and ISLAM, the Saudi ruling family chooses America. Following the attack on U.S. defense interests in Riyadh, in which a number of young Saudis laid down their lives, Prince BANDAR stated the U.S.-Saudi relationship as follows:
"This is all out war. We must stick together against evil.... This is an attack on what binds us together.... We are working together. We have no problem with America."

Like Pakistan's Musharraf, Crown Prince Abdullah claims that the FBI is NOT working on the "terrorism" inside the country. The U.S. says, 60 FBI agents are in Riyadh. The Saudis tell their own people, "we are doing this ourselves."

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