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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Awwal 15, 1428/ April 4, 2007 #27

What is happening in Zimbabwe? We provide the African viewpoint. Please scroll way down

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SOMALIA: April 4, 2007. For the last three days, Ethiopian troops have been assaulting heavily populated areas of Mogadishu. Using heavy artillery and mortars against soft targets, the U.S.-backed Ethiopian forces are involved in a slaughter of major proportions. By last reports, more than 300 civilians have been killed in the Ethiopian offensive and hundreds injured.

PAKISTAN: April 3. Under a "reference" ordered by General Musharraf, Pakistan's Chief Justice was being brought to court for a "hearing." The people wanted to show their support for the CJ. Nearly 10,000 people demonstrated against General Musharraf's moves targeting Iftikhar Muhammad Choudhury, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. In spite of stringent attempts by Musharraf to block roadways, large crowds gathered and marched, separately, under the flags of the Islamic Coalition [MMA], Muslim League [N], Pakistan Peoples Party, and Imran Khan's Justice Party. All of them denounced General Musharraf's moves to demolish the judiciary. Jamaate Islami's top leader, Qazi Hussain Ahmad, who had been temporarily placed under house arrest, addressed the gathering by telephone.

On April 3, among numerous rallies around the country against Musharraf, the most interesting was the one at Mansoora, on Multan road outside Lahore. Here thousands of women from Jamaate Islami congregated to condemn dictatorship and Musharraf and to support the Chief Justice and the Rule of Law. The demonstrators were led by Jamaate Islami's women leaders Tahira Muneer, Afia Sarwar, Masuda Afzal, Rahat Bashir and 'Asima Ghani as well as Muslim League [Nawaz Sharif] women leaders Abida Javed [member of Punjab Assembly], Azra Qamar and Tauqir Islahi. [Anti-government rallies were also held in Karachi, Lahore, Gujranwala and other cities when news came that Musharraf had placed top Jamaate Islami leader Qazi Hussain Ahmed under house arrest. He has now been released. April 4.]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [2 items only]
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Islam the Only Antidote to Mass Culture: Our Children are being Targeted:
Stand up for the Rights of Muslim Americans

March 31, 2007: In Schenectady, New York, the Islamic Center of the Capital District [ICCD] had Dr. Kaukab Siddique as the guest of honor and keynote speaker at a well-attended and heavily publicized gathering. The speaker was welcomed by Br. Tariq Niazi and was introduced by Imam Warith Deen Umar.

Dr. Siddique spoke at length about the meaning of "culture" and the impact of mass culture in America and around the world. He discussed freedom and the illusion of freedom in America. He talked about the ways in which Islam opposes and defeats mass culture.

During his analysis of Islam in America, Dr. Siddique used a metaphor from the teachings of Maudoodi [rahmatullah alaih] to illustrate the errors Muslims in America have made in adopting a defensive posture. He focused on the ways in which media, peer pressure and the education system make it very difficult [or impossible] for Muslims to transmit Islam to their children.

After Maghrib prayers, a long question-answer session followed. Dr. Siddique responded to a question with the comment that in America, one must fight for one's rights, uncompromising but peaceful, as was done by African-Americans and by women. The people in power do not appreciate the stance many immigrant Muslims have taken of self-deprecation and subservience. In answer to another question, he said that there is no alternative to dawah. Jamaat al-Muslimeen activist Br. Solano is a good example because he has taken the Qur'an in Spanish to 500 Latinos, he said.

Dr. Siddique expressed sorrow at the ICCD's abandonment of Imam Warith Deen Umar when he was facing all out attacks by the FBI. Muslims are ONE UMMAH, and an attack on one is an attack on all, he taught. By keeping quiet when the oppressors strike, he said, we simply embolden the enemy.

In response to another question, Dr. Siddique explained the process by which Islam removes the fear of human beings from the minds of believers.

The imam of the ICCD, Dr. Kobeisi, from Egypt, tried to counter Dr. Siddique's arguments in a "counter speech" at the conclusion of the program. It appears to have backfired.

Women are the Twins of Men: Dr. Siddique speaks a Glenmont, New York

April 1, 2007: A gathering to discuss the rights and duties of Muslim women and men was addressed by Dr. Siddique. He made the following points:

In Islam, "women are the twins of men.' [Hadith, Sunan of Abu Dawood.] What hurts one, hurts the other.
The Qur'an, Sura al-Hujurat, recognizes only TAQWA or Allah-conscious behavior, not gender or nationality, as the standard for nobility/superiority/merit.
If you don't like one thing in a spouse, look for another thing which you like and focus on it. [Hadith.]
The Prophet, pbuh, never raised his hand against a woman. [Hadith narrated by Ayesha, r.a.] A man who strikes his wife is not a real man and is violating the Sunnah.
Psychological happiness of the wife is the responsibility of he husband. He must listen carefully to his wife, so that he knows when she is unhappy. [Hadith.]
Even in separation and divorce, a man must never be harsh to a woman. [The Qur'an, Sura un-Nis'a]
Khula' is the annulment of marriage carried out by an Islamic authority or a credible imam on the plea of the wife. The husband's agreement to khula is not required according to Qur'an and Hadith although some schools of thought have tried to give this power to the husband. The Islamic authority must check if the woman's charges of unIslamic behavior or incompatibility by the husband are correct before giving her khula'.
Muslims should MARRY YOUNG: Families and communities should help them to marry young.
Marry across race and class lines. The Prophet's [pbuh] example in this matter is beyond debate.

Congratulations from the editor of New Trend

Well Done! President Ahmedinejad! Britain & U.S. Mistreat Muslim Prisoners

April 4, 2007: New Trend welcomes the astute way in which the Iranian leadership dealt with the captured British forces. The prisoners were very well treated indeed. They were allowed to keep their uniforms, to be together, to eat the best and were not subjected to torture or brainwashing. In Ahmedinejad, we can see a glimpse of the spiritual qualities of the man who overthrew the Shah of Iran, the man of Allah, Imam Khomeini.

The timing of the release announcement was well chosen to coincide nearly with the birthday of Prophet Muhammad [peace be on him] and the Christian holiday of Easter which commemorates Jesus [peace be on him]. The two great faiths of humanity, though distinct and disparate, once again have an opportunity to see each other as non-antagonistic.

By contrast, Britain has been mistreating its own citizens simply because they are Muslims. The dastardly activities of Tony Blair and his shock troops have destroyed the peaceful existence of thousands of Muslims simply because they have beards or hijab or they speak against the terrorism of British military forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Tony Blair and the Jewish elites of Britain are deeply involved in support for the terrorist Zionist occupiers of Palestine.

Last year, British "intelligence" in collusion with Pakistan's General Musharraf concocted the story about "liquid" explosives to be used by terrorists on civilian air liners. That story has been shown to be bogus. Thus Tony Blair spread waves of fear and hate throughout the world against Muslims. Only slowly it became apparent that the accused Muslims had no weapons, no explosives, were not part of any organized effort at terrorism and had not come anywhere near a plane.

Since then, top British officials have been fulminating against the hijab worn by Islamic women. That is part of Tony Blair's offensive to de-Islamize and degrade the Muslims by coming up with the conspiracy theory that veiled women are a threat to British way of life!

Thus the wily British can concoct the weirdest conspiracy theories against Muslims.

Since 1947 the Muslims of Pakistan and Kashmir have been suffering from the British Radcliffe Award which cut Kashmir off from the Islamic homeland of Pakistan and connected it to India.

Since 1917, the people of Palestine have suffered the agony of the British treachery of Balfour which "gave" Palestine to the Jews.

The Muslim world has suffered much too much from the treachery of the British. Thank you President Ahmedinejad for bringing the Brits down a peg.

We hope that your grand gesture of generosity towards British prisoners will also show the contrast in the American attitude towards Islamic prisoners in particular and prisoners in general. The American security forces begin by manacling and disrobing and demeaning their prisoners. The Americans practice a form of legalized rape against prisoners by doing "strip searches" of prisoners whenever they are moved from one point to another and "cavity searches" whenever prisoners meet family members.

Iran has shown the superiority of Islam and the humanity of Muslims towards their enemies.

[Desperate Jewish attempts to Control Thought.]
Belgian Ex-Senator On Trial for 'Holocaust Denial'

United Press International

A former Belgian senator went on trial Friday for denying the Holocaust during an interview on Dutch television. The court watched Roeland Raes' interview and then adjourned until June 15, Expatica reports. Raes, a leader in the Flemish nationalist party Vlaams Blok -- which has since been reconstituted as the Vlaams Belang -- was interviewed because he had ties to a similar Dutch group. On television, he suggested that Anne Frank's diary was faked and said the Nazis did not operate death or concentration camps, just very poorly run work camps. The Forum of Jewish Organizations in Flanders filed a complaint after the broadcast, charging that Raes had violated Belgian Holocaust denial laws. [Many critics say that Anne Frank's diary is fake and there were no gas chambers in Auschwitz. -editor New Trend]

How the Scare Tactic that USA might Face Nuclear Terrorism was Concocted.
[Read Carefully.]

Detainee Says He Confessed to Stop Torture By Josh Meyer
The Los Angeles Times

Saturday 31 March 2007

The terrorism suspect contends he was forced to admit to a role in the Cole bombing. A military law expert isn't surprised.

Washington - A detainee accused of being Al Qaeda's Persian Gulf operations chief said in court that his U.S. captors tortured him for years and forced him to falsely confess to the bombing of the U.S. destroyer Cole and to many other terrorist plots, according to a Pentagon transcript released Friday.

Abd al Rahim al Nashiri , a Saudi of Yemeni descent, told a military board at the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, that he had nothing to do with the bombing of the warship in Yemen in 2000 - or with any other terrorist activity.

Speaking under oath, he said he made up a long list of Al Qaeda plots and attacks so his captors would stop torturing him, even telling interrogators that Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden had a nuclear bomb.

"I just said those things to make the people happy. But when they freed me, I told them all, 'I only told you these things to make you happy,' " Nashiri said at a March 14 hearing held by military officials to determine if he should be designated as an enemy combatant and tried before a military commission.

Letter: Admiration for the Activist Sisters of Jamia Hafsa in Islamabad, Pakistan

Alhamdulillah the sisters set the precedent, they put us to shame...

Letter: Muslim Link's Missing Link: [A local paper ML claimed that the only Muslims at the March 17 rally were from MAS [Mahdi Bray]. The response is from IPPA which had participants right in front of the dais where Mahdi Bray was speaking. Bray was a leader without an army - editor]

IPPA Reply to Muslim Link

The Islamic Political Party of America did participate in the march and the rally at the Pentagon on March 17, 2007. We had hundreds of participants who traveled from Nashville Tennessee,Commerce Georgia, Holy Islamville York South Carolina, Charlotte North Carolina, Norfolk Virginia, Lynchburg Virginia, Ahmadabad Redhouse Virginia, Richmond Virginia, Washington D.C. area, Philadelphia PA, Islamburgh NY, Mian Mir Michigan. We had large banners and green signs with kalima shahaada, and Islamic Political Party of America(IPPA) written on them. If you had any reporters there ,they must have been blind not to see us. We did video record the rally and our presence there. Please explain why our organization is being ignored. We do request a meeting with you.

Sincerely, Shuaib Ahmad D.C. Rep. IPPA

Zimbabwe: The other side of the Story
[The Zionist media are steadily demonizing President Mugabe. Here is an excerpt of an African viewpoint critical of the "democratic" opposition to Mugabe.]

Colluding With Imperialists
Mmegi/The Reporter
March 26, 2007
Posted to the web March 27, 2007

By Bugalo A. Chilume

"You (Tsvangirai) thought when I say I am 83, you could push me. It's a solid 83 years of experience and resilience and I know the tactics. We went to jail, we are hardened. Nothing frightens me. Someone wrote that I am a frightened man. Frightened by whom? Little men like Blair? I have seen it all. I make a stand on principle, here I was born, here I stand and here I shall die." - Robert Mugabe (March, 2007)
The key to the liberation of Afrika and its people from the yoke of the White enslavers and oppressors lies in freeing the Afrikan mind from colonial mental slavery. Only when we start to believe in ourselves; see our oppressors for what they really are and stop believing a word they say when they profess undying love for us, can we achieve true social and political liberation, economic independence and prosperity. These psychological shackles are glued together by Christianity, the oppressor's religion, which the Afrikan ruling elite is hopelessly hooked on. This is the reason why, even when history ought to teach them differently, we have political leaders who proudly side with the enslavers. And these are not tired, elderly politicians who are in the twilight of their political careers, but young, 'educated', articulate and supposedly dynamic politicians upon whom anxious hopes were pinned. These are the politicians many thought would be first in the trenches leading the struggle for the liberation of Afrika and its people. But, alas, we instead get treacherous collusion with the enslavers. Perhaps it is asking for too much of leaders who use symbols of the oppressors' religion and invoke the oppressors' ancestors and not their own to be sworn into office when no one is forcing them to? Widespread socio-economic maladies currently afflicting the continent are a direct consequence of centuries of slavery, colonialism (both of which left Afrika in tatters) and neo-colonialism. Trade and not Western aid (euphemism for dependency-inducing loans that come with strings attached) is the key to our economic salvation. However, in terms of its share of global trade, the continent is a minnow - accounting for only 2% of international trade - thanks to the legacy of colonialism. And Western imperialist forces are doing their damnedest to maintain the status quo for Afrika.

60 Israeli settlers storm the Aqsa under police protection [ 04/04/2007 - 04:29 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- Large numbers of Israeli policemen and border guards escorted more than 60 fanatic Jewish settlers on a desecration tour of the holy Aqsa Mosque at an early hour Wednesday.

Azzam Al-Khatib, director of occupied Jerusalem Awkaf, said that the forces provoked the Muslim worshipers who were surprised at the step. He added that the settlers along with the policemen stormed the holy site through the Magharba gate that is under the control of the IOF troops ever since occupation of Jerusalem in 1967.

Khatib told PIC that the fanatic settlers toured the Aqsa Mosque for an hour under protection of those forces that blocked the Mosque guards from approaching the group.

The step follows calls by fanatic Jewish groups to storm the holy site during the Jewish Passover celebrations and to offer oblations there.

For its part, the Aqsa foundation catering for Islamic holy shrines in Palestine called on the Muslim masses in the 1948 occupied areas to frequent the Mosque and to protect it in face of such attempts especially at the early morning hours when those groups deliberately choose to storm the Aqsa.

The foundation urged Muslims to offer the five daily prayers in the Mosque and to maintain constant presence there to block Jewish fanatics from storming it.

The occupied Jerusalem Awkaf addressed a protest message to the Israeli police, condemning such a violation of the Aqsa sanctity. It described the step as a "provocation" of Muslim feelings, warning that such a step infringed on the holiest Islamic shrine in Palestine.

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