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Zulq'idah 9, 1426/December 11, 2005 #90
Important News which the media fudged:

December 8, 2005. [FOX News] Syrian troops killed 8 Islamic militants, supposedly after a battle, in the town of Edleb.
[New Trend comment: For 33 years Syria has not fired a shot against Israel. It's vast army is used only to hold down its Muslim population ruled by a small Nusairi heterodox minority. The rulers are highly westernized and secularized. After the murder of Hariri, at the first threat from the U.S., Syria immediately withdrew its troops from Lebanon.]

December 10, 2005. An Israeli patrol boat machinegunned a Palestinian trying to swim to Gaza from the Egyptian border. The Israeli excuse was that he had something tied to his leg.

December 8, 2005. Israel carried out an air strike in Gaza, killing 2 Palestinians and wounding seven.
[Briefly noted by FOX News, neither the faces, nor the names, nor the families of the Palestinian victims were revealed.]


Spielberg has produced a new film titled "Munich" which will create tremendous new propaganda support for Israel. It will be released at the end of December.

Millions of Americans were fooled by Spielberg's earlier movie Schindler's List. In a well documented and iconoclastic book, Dissecting the Holocaust
[edited by Germar Rudolf who has been imprisoned by Germany], there is an interesting critique of Schindler's List.

A scene from the movie shows the Nazi commandant of Plaszow Concentration camp shooting from his house down at prisoners, picking them off at random. However, a diagram of the camp now made possible by air photos taken in 1944 [National Archives, Washington DC] shows that that the Commandant's house was BELOW the camp. There was NO WAY he could have seen prisoners from his house and shot at them. [See pp.258-259]

Thus Spielberhg clearly lied for his propaganda purposes. Another trick Spielberg played, according to the Rudolf dissection, is that he made the movie segments in black and white to convey the impression that it was a DOCUMENTARY of actual events. The dubbing was provided in German, with no translation, to strengthen this impression of German barbarians hunting Jews. [p.260]. Actually it was made from a novel, a work of fiction.

In addition, Spielberg did not tell viewers that the SS, elite German command, itself punished the commandant of the camp for his misbehavior and conspiracy with Jewish Kapos to mistreat the prisoners. Most Americans do not know that many Jews themselves worked as guards [Kapos] to help maintain the camp.

With that kind of "honest reporting, beware of Spielberg's upcoming movie "Munich" bewailing the killing of Israeli athletes after all these years during which the Jews have committed crimes which boggle the mind. When will the Palestinians make a movie of the Jewish murder of Islamic leader Shaikh Yasin who was torn to bits by a helicopter-fired Israeli missile as he came out of the mosque after Fajr prayers in his WHEEL CHAIR? He was quadripalegic.

German Muslim's Abduction and Torture by U.S. Indicates Blatant Violations of International Law by the Bush Administration

[The following report from the Associated Press leaves out a couple of important points in the story. U.S. TV reports, such as FOX, indicate that the German government may have pointed out the Muslim to the U.S. secret services. Notice how German Chancellor Merkel is trying to defend the U.S.? Also, it leaves out the point that Khalid was drugged before being abducted. He could not have been stopped at the Macedonian border without clear orders from Germany and the U.S. The government of Macedonia is very weak and puppet-type. - Editor]

German Man Claims US Tortured Him

The Associated Press

Tuesday 06 December 2005

Washington - A German man filed a lawsuit Tuesday claiming he was held captive and tortured by US government agents after being mistakenly identified as an associate of the Sept. 11 hijackers.

Khaled El-Masri, who is being represented by the American Civil Liberties Union, said he was arrested while attempting to enter Macedonia for a holiday trip and flown to Afghanistan. During five months in captivity he was subjected to "torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment," says a lawsuit he filed in U.S. District Court in suburban Alexandria, Va.

In Berlin, meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the U.S. has acknowledged making a mistake in the man's arrest. "I'm happy to say we have discussed the one case, which the government of the United States has of course accepted as a mistake," Merkel said. She spoke after meeting with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who refused later to discuss the case with reporters.

The suit names as the main defendant former CIA Director George Tenet. In addition to torture, he claims his due process rights were violated and that he was subjected to "prolonged, arbitrary detention." He is seeking damages of at least $75,000.

"I am asking the American government to admit its mistakes and to apologize for my treatment," El-Masri said in a statement. "Throughout my time in the prison, I asked to be brought before a court but was refused. Now I am hoping that an American court will say very clearly that what happened to me was illegal and cannot be done to others."

The CIA rendition program, in which terror suspects are captured and taken to foreign countries for interrogation, has been heavily criticized by human rights groups.

The scope of the program has not been disclosed by the CIA. However, Amnesty International claimed Monday that six planes used by the CIA for renditions have made some 800 flights in or out of European airspace, including 50 landings at Shannon International Airport in Ireland.

El-Masri, 42, was born in Kuwait to Lebanese parents and moved to Germany in 1985. The married father of five said that on New Year's Eve 2003 he boarded a bus in his hometown of Neu-Ulm for a holiday in Macedonia. At the border he was stopped by Macedonian authorities and his passport was confiscated.

He said he was detained by local authorities for 23 days and then handed over to what he believes was a team of CIA operatives. He then was flown to Afghanistan where he was subjected to abuse during four months in captivity.

In late May 2004 he was flown to Albania and then put on a plane back to Germany.
Montreal Perspectives
By Jalaluddin S. Hussain

Napalm used for Terrorism in Iraq+"Save the Earth Rally"+McGill U. and Muslims

Information Clearing House - an eye-opening website
Website www.informationclearinghouse.info currently has an interesting article by one Mike Whitney, entitled: Incinerating Iraqis - The Napalm Cover-up. This article confirms that whatever weapons of mass destruction (WMD) Iraq had were in fact exported into Iraq by invading countries, like the USA , the UK, Germany, etc. to subjugate the Iraqis and humiliate them!

This article rightly suggests that the "conventional weaponry and laser-guided technology" ran roughshod over the Iraqi army and captured Baghdad and the whole of Iraq, without any significant resistance!

Mike Whitney also asserts that "Napalm was introduced to terrorize the Iraqi people and to force them to surrender through intimidatation". There is no doubt that the state terrorists, like President George Bush, Vice-President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, are the people who are really playing and have played in the past, important roles in organizing worldwide terrorist networks!

The latest mission of Secretary of State Rice to Europe, is to really to explain the Europeans how the USA was performing "rendition" operations in the East European torture camps, to save the Europeans from the terrorist activities of Al-Qaida!

The so-called "counter-terrorism" operations against the South American countries of Nicragua and El Salvador, in the time of President Reagan, in which Cheney and Rumsfeld were also actively involved, took place only in the recent past!

A letter in The Gazette, Montreal, dated December 1, 2005, by reader Sherbanu Parpia , appropriately reminds us of the generous use of anti-personal lethal weapons in Iraq. She points out that the American government "wants to keep the Iraq war under wraps. That is why the Iraqi dead are collateral damage and are not even counted".

When will we take notice that when the Americans bombed Fallujah, thousands of Iraqis died? Their bodies rotting on the streets, for days only to be eaten by the dogs and vultures! Sherbanu rightly concludes in her letter: "This truth has to be acknowledged".

Thousands of people bundled up and braved frigid temperature of Saturday, December 3, 2005, to protest against Global Warming, as part of the worldwide day of demonstration. This demonstration copincided with the United Nations Climate Change Conference, which held its deliberations from November 29 to December 08, 2005. Protestors with banners and signs marched to the chants and drumbeats of the demonstrators.

The organizers of the demonstration, which were in fact a coalition of many environment-related lobby groups, numbered more than 40,000! Additionally, a 45-meter square panel was set-up besides the Palais des congress venue, of the Conference. This panel was set up by the organization, "Friends of the Earth Internatioal" and contained about 3000 short messages, relating to global warming and enviromnmental issues. These messages were contributed by the people from all over the world. Some of them were:

- Immigration to Mars imminent. Save our planet before it is too late!

- The earth is our mother. You do not kill your mother.

- A five-year old signed the message: Stop pollution!

- Please save the earth!

- Life style and not climate change.

-Think globally, act locally.

A complaint of discrimination , against the McGill Univdersity, has been filed by the Muslim students of this University, with the Quebec Human Rights Commission. It may be mentioned that while McGill University's Christian and Jewish students have the Birks Chapel and hillel House respectively , to fulfill their religious needs and right on the McGill Campuis, no serious effort has been made, to get the Muslim students such an exclusive place so that they can also worship in privacy and peace. Right now, the Muslim students are using inconvenient places like stairwells to offer their prayers.

It is sincerely hoped that the Quebec Human Rights Commission will come up with a fair ruling which will help the Muslim students to get an affordable accomodation on the campus itself.
[Others Warn against Optimism.]

NC Muslims applaud acquittal of Florida professor


HIGH POINT, North Carolina. “Area Muslim leaders are cheering a Florida professor's acquittal of charges he helped lead a terrorist group that mounted suicide attacks against Israel.

Sami Al-Arian, a Florida professor, was acquitted Tuesday of 8 of 17 charges he raised funds and advocated for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Al-Arian maintained a Greensboro address during the early 1980s. That's when Badi Ali and Wajeh Muhammad, Palestinians who live in Jamestown, met him and his family.

I'm proud to call him a friend of mine, said Ali, imam (teacher) at the Islamic Center of the Triad in Greensboro. This verdict is a victory for Sami and for the Muslim community in America. Ali said Al-Arian's acquittal sends a clear message to the U.S. Muslim community that the American justice system works “ even after Sept. 11.

Muhammad, a member of the Islamic Center's board of directors, organized a group named Justice for Sami Al-Arian after he was arrested in Feb. 2003.

Muhammad said the group contributed money to Al-Arian's legal defense, invited his son and daughter to Greensboro to speak, and sponsored sales of books Al-Arian wrote while in prison.

Federal prosecutors spared no expense or resources to collect evidence against Al-Arian, he said.

He was in jail for over two years, Muhammad said. All that money and all that time, and they still could not prove their case. Muhammad concedes Al-Arian invited activists from Palestinian groups to speak at Muslim conferences, but insisted his personal friend" never joined the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Prof Al-Arian's Victory Could Lull Muslims into Sleep

ALARM! BEWARE! This is not a win for us. This Muslim scholar and teacher, Dr. Al Arian, and a few other Muslims were falsely arrested and held by the authorities on planned weak evidence. The government scheme is a plan to release these innocent Muslims in an apparent future courtroom "victory" to provide the appearance of a "good America" as if the criminal justice system is just. Believers, please don't be fooled. The system is as unjust as ever. The enemy of truth will never be far from falsehood and lies. This is an old counter-revolutionary (now counter-terrorism) tactic to fool the public and the leaders. This apparent "victory" gives the enemy the go-ahead to convict many more innocent Muslims who are being held and who will be arrested in the future. Their incarceration becomes more palatable to the public and the Muslim society with occasional "victories". They will be lulled into waiting for another "victory". Fortunately none of the enemy are good. Victory will come, insha'llah, when the enemy is defeated.

As Salaamu Alaikum
Resist Oppression Allways.


Al-Arian Could be Re-Tried and/or Deported!

This acquittal was a real slap in the face to the US government- and they never give up. This is no time to let up the pressure. Particularly because our 'representatives' just re-upped the Patriot Act for 4 more years today.

[Al-Awda News]

U.S. May Yet Deport Acquitted Ex-Professor
By MITCH STACY, Associated Press Writer

Former college professor Sami Al-Arian may have won in court this week, but his future is still murky as he awaits the U.S. government's next move, which could include deportation.

The verdicts were a stunning defeat for federal authorities who had been assembling the complex case against him for a decade.

Al-Arian, 47, remains in jail, where he's been since his February 2003 indictment, while the federal government decides whether to retry him on the deadlocked charges, which include three key counts accusing him of conspiracy to support the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Officials say there is no timetable for a decision.

"That's something we're currently evaluating whether a retrial is appropriate," Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Thursday in Washington. "These are very, very difficult cases, and obviously we're disappointed in what happened in Tampa. We believed this was a good case to bring."

If the government decides to abandon the remaining charges, it's doubtful Al-Arian will be permitted to return to his previous life in Tampa. He had been a computer engineering professor at the University of South Florida, but was fired after his indictment.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is holding him on an immigration detainer and likely will try to deport him if he's released from jail. The agency can deport any foreign national it deems a terrorism risk and is held to a lower burden of proof than the criminal courts.
Exchange of letters

Temporary Marriage is Forbidden in Islam.
Attempt by Al-Khoee Foundation to Legitimize Mut'ah Rebutted.

[On the Internet a person named Syed Mohsin Naquvi distributed Al-Khoee Foundation's program to legitimize Mut'ah. Dr. Siddique took him to task for it. Whereupon Dr. Siddique received a letter from Syed Meesam Razvi on behalf of Al-Khoee Foundation. Here are the letters.]

Syed Meesam Razvi walaikum asalam

Mut'ah or temporary marriage is not an academic issue. It is an insult to womanhood and is correctly understood as a form of prostitution.

Mut'ah was clearly and unambiguously forbidden by the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. It is HARAM. This prohibition is stated in authentic Hadith collected by the most erudite scholar of Hadith, Imam Bukhari.

What Tahawi says days not matter. He is an "imam" of what? Who gave him the authority to turn HARAM into Halal? Even all the imams combined cannot negate the teaching of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh.

I know that the Shi'ite claim in support of Mut'ah is based on INTERPRETATION of one verse of the Qur'an. If you know the basics of Islam, you should know that Halal and Haram has to be based on CLEAR verses of the Qur'an or on totally authentic and unambiguous Hadith, not on interpretation.

If interpretation were allowed in matters of law, there are people like Dr. Jamal Badawi who can use the Arabic dictionary to claim that Jihad can mean any serious exertion because of its root in J-H-D, not fighting!. Similar process can be used to legalize drinking because khamr may not cover all kinds of liquor.

Remember that the Prophet, pbuh, is the final and decisive interpreter of the Qur'an.

As for the other issue, Al-Khoee Foundation is known for its support of the American occupation of Iraq. Instead of beating around the Bush [pardon the pun], why don't you clearly admit that you support the occupation. Even Shias like Moqtada al-Sadr are opposed to your Foundation's activities in Iraq.

The question arises, why did you bring up the issue of Mut'ah? If you feel happy with temporary marriages, which degrade and trivialize women, you should teach it to people who are interested in Shi'ism. It is extremely insulting to other Muslims for you to brazenly claim that the Ahl-al-Sunnah accept Mut'ah because someone named Tahawi said so.

You still do not realize that the Muslim world is facing enemies who want to enslave all Muslims, be they Shi'a or Sunni. Five cities have been destroyed in Iraq. Hundreds of villages were wiped out in Afghanistan. Palestine is under occupation. Iran might face a nuclear attack from Israel.

And you are trying to bring up sickening concepts which degrade women and which strike at the well-established family system of Islam. Need I say more?

Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
Associate Professor of English

[By the way, Razvi sahib, to be taken seriously, you must learn to spell. The word is "adultery," not "adultry." Tell Naquvi sahib also.]

From: "Meesam - Al-Khoei Foundation"
To: "'kaukab siddique'"

Dear Mr. Kaukab Siddique,
Salamun Alaikum,

You have the right to give opinions, we have an obligation to respect it and expect the same from you.

Al-Khoei Foundation organized the talk-show in the spirit of pluralism so that both the Shi'a and the Sunna may see where the other is coming from. This was not a polemic debate but a dialogue; precisely why we invited an equal number of Sunni scholars who chose not to turn up. Also the moderator did not take any positions. This was not an attempt at converting any one. Only way to remove friction between the sects is to discuss issues that cause it and we are doing exactly that.

I suggest you think rationally. We are not trying to negate you and it is not not us quoting from your books and sources but Imam Tahawi, a Sunni scholar who himself attended this show. Please read:

"Imam Tahawi, categorically denied abrogation of the verse 4:24. Quoting Ibn Taymiyya et al, he said that there was no consensus (ijmaa) among the Sunnis that Mut'ah was ever prohibited by The Prophet SAWW"

Source: http://al-huda.al-khoei.org/news/124/ARTICLE/1107/2005-11-25.html

Plus another very well-respected Sunni Scholar, an Imam of a Mosque in Brooklyn, New York, while excusing for his absence from the talk show, himself said to me on phone that he believes that Mut'a is NOT illegal but allowed only in certain circumstances! I suggest you enhance your knowledge on the subject before you make any further comments. You think it is sex slavery for women? Please see what Dr. Sachiko Murata, a female academician has to say about the practice of Temporary Marriage. Her profile is available here:


Her work on temporary marriage is available at:


For some more reading see this:


Though it is another topic but I am appalled at the way you chose to accuse Al-Khoei Foundation. Please fear Allah (SWT) and do not go on tangents. Killing of innocent people in Iraq pains us more than any one else (http://www.al-khoei.org/press/12192004.asp). We condemned it when Saddam was doing it and we condemn it now. Al-Khoei Foundation has had two Secretary Generals from 1989 - 2003 and both followed the tradition of Prophet (SAWW) and his Family (AS) by sacrificing their lives in the name of Allah (SWT).

Thank you.

Your brother in Islam,
Syed Meesam Razvi
Representative to United Nations

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