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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Mohurram 18, 1428/ February 7, 2007. #12

"Imam" Magid of ADAMS Center is DEEP in with the Zionist Jews. See LIST below.

W.D. Muhammad's Supporter Cries out in Sorrow Against anti-Islamic Policies of W.D. Scroll down.

PAKISTAN Sliding into War: [New Trend Media monitor notices dangerous signs.]

1. On January 24, 2007 more than 20,000 people protested in Islamabad against the Musharraf administration. It appears that the General had a mosque called Masjid Hamza QUIETLY demolished. When he saw the Muslims quiet, he ordered a whole list of demolitions. This led to the big protest which was basically called by religious groups, not the MMA.

2. February 5. Muslim GIRLS are protesting Musharraf's plan to demolish Jamia Hafsa, the biggest Islamic school for young women in Islamabad. The students have taken over the library and supporters have gathered outside. The regime is preparing a rapid military unit to take out the girls.

3. February 5. Addressing a large gathering in Islamabad, Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Ameer of Jamaate Islami, publicly defied Musharraf's recent ban on collection of funds for Jihad in Kashmir. He donated as did others. There were thunderous slogans of "al-Jihad, al-Jihad."

4. February 6. A martyrdom operator tried to reach the VIP lounge in Islamabad airport where Shaukat Aziz, the man appointed as Prime Minister by Musharraf, was scheduled to arrive. A police unit tackled the attacker. He opened fire on the police which they returned. He threw a grenade at them, wounding 5. When he saw, he could not reach the lounge, he detonated himself. Two of the police died later. Musharraf condemned the attack as a "cowardly" act.

5. January 26. A martyrdom operator was stopped in the parking lot of the Marriot Hotel. Two police guards were killed and 3 injured in the explosion. The attack preceded an announced visit to the hotel by an Indian delegation.

6. February 6. Railway lines were blown up near Dera Ismail Khan. There have been similar attacks in Baluchistan.

7. Jamaate ad-Da'wa, led by Hafiz Saeed, has collected more than 5,000,000 signatures from all over Pakistan, including from large numbers of university and college students as well as women's groups, condemning the Musharraf regime's enactment of a law against Shariah. The Musharraf act, in the name of women's rights, denies death punishment for rapists and denies Islamic punishments for fornication and adultery. Imran Khan has also condemned Musharraf's anti-Shariah move.

8. Law and order is breaking down in Pakistan. Among the worst atrocities are three cases of rape reported from southern Pakistani rural areas.

Learning from the Humiliation of President Jimmy Carter
by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

Did you notice the days of monumental "mourning" for President Gerald Ford. Here was a President who was UNELECTED and had no achievement at all.

Now look at Jimmy Carter. He is diligently following the path of Jesus, pbuh, to the best of his ability. He misunderstood Israel's settler-colonial and terrorist roots and genuinely tried to make peace between Israel and the Arabs. His biggest mistake was to make peace between Israel and Egypt.

His Christian conscience disturbed him about the genocidal activities of Israel in what he calls the "occupied territories" and he wrote a factual book titled PALESTINE: PEACE NOT APARTHEID. Carter carefully pointed out that he is not questioning Israel's legitimacy, nor is he blaming all the settlers. He was simply against the inhumane, routinely humiliating conditions imposed on the Palestinians in PALESTINIAN AREAS.

All over the Zionist-controlled media he has been insulted, abused, misquoted and presented as an anti-semite. The Jewish pit bull Alan Derschowitz was let loose after him. Now Prof. Deborah Lipstadt has stepped forward to attack Carter. Thus a soft-spoken PRESIDENT of the U.S. is being treated like DIRT by the media coast-to-coast.

An interesting point Lipstadt makes is that Carter should be focusing on DARFUR, rather than Palestine. Remember New Trend's analysis that DARFUR PROPAGANDA is the Zionist diversionary tactic to take focus away from the genocide in Palestine. [The DARFUR propaganda was projected DIRECTLY from the JEWISH HOLOCAUST MUSEUM in Washington, DC.]

DEAR AMERICAN MUSLIM: Read Carter's situation carefully. Don't ever be fooled into thinking that if you are friendly enough with the Jewish elites, peace will be possible with Israel. It can't happen. Remember that 61 years after World War II, these Jewish elites are hunting down 80- year old men who might have been ordinary guards at a prison camp with Jews in it. Germany paid billions in reparations but could not slake the Jewish desire for revenge.


Prof. Lipstadt of Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, has come out strongly against President Carter. Remember, she defamed historian David Irving when he questioned the official version of the "holocaust." Irving brought a defamation case against her but she squashed him with a highly paid team of experts and attorneys, reportedly funded by Spielberg, the famous Hollywood producer. The Israeli ambassador was present during the attacks on Irving.

Now there are reports that Islam-hater SALMAN RUSHDIE is headed to Emory University. In addition, Somali Islam-abuser from Holland Ms. IRSI ALI is reportedly already there. Both Rushdie and Ali insulted the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. With Prof. Lipstadt, they make a formidable team.

Charitable Activity
Sister in Chicago Facing Eviction Owing to Long Illness

Sis Habiba [Jessie Ford] lives on the south side of Chicago. She is not the kind of person who would normally need help. Unfortunately prolonged illness took her off her job. With recovery she found that now she faces eviction because she can't make her monthly payment.
Two brothers have already sent her $500 each. Another $2500 is needed urgently.

In case you can help, contact us at: 443-869-5233 and we'll let you know how to send her the money.

Charitable Activity
Jamaat al-Muslimeen Adopts a Child in Nigeria: First in a Series
Contact person: Dr. Asheikh

Jamaat has adopted a five year old child, Ibrahim, who lives in Maiduguri, upper northeastern Nigeria. Dr. Asheikh is a reliable Muslim living in Maiduguri and we are sure that the funds will reach the child's family.
Parents Name: FATHER: Garba Mohammed
MOTHER: Yagana Mohammed
CHILD'S NAME: Ibrahim Garba
AGE: Born 26th November 2001 (5years)

The family have been blessed with ten (10) children but none has gone to a college or University because of the poverty situation of the parents. The father is a petty trader while the mother is a full-time housewife with no source of income.
Ibrahim has started attending nursery classes in a public school in the neighborhood which is poorly funded and run by the government. Public schools are mostly attended by the children of the poor as the quality of teaching and instructional facilities are marginal. Given the required support, Ibrahim can be enrolled in a private school and have quality education that will assist the family in the future.
Send donations to: Jamaat al-Muslimeen, P.O. Box 10881, Baltimore, MD 21234

Imam Badi Ali Calls for World Unity Against Israel
Greensboro, North Carolina

From Jamaat al-Muslimeen leader Badi Ali:
Israeli bulldozers appeared at the western gate of Masjid al-Aqsa in occupied in Jerusalem on February 5, 2007. Earlier Israel had cordoned off the area. There can be little doubt that the terrorist entity known as "Israel" is preparing to carry out preliminary measures to demolish the third holiest mosque of global Islam.
The Muslims of the world must unite to stop Israeli terrorism against the holy places of Islam.
There is no more scope for silence. If you are a Muslim, speak out against the Zionist entity. PAY ATTENTION to the ACTIVITIES of the ENEMY before it's too late.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges U.S. Muslims to carry out three Peaceful Measures Against Israel: Press Release

Dear Muslim: asalamu alaikum
You can do this very easily. If you can't do all three, do the easiest first:

1. Boycott businesses which support Israel. This is easy. Just buy an alternative. Do not buy from STARBUCKS, COCA COLA, MCdonalds, NESTLE, HOME DEPOT, DISNEY and ARMs & HAMMER.

2. Cut off relations with AMERICAN JEWS who support Israel. Remember that almost all American Jews support the usurpation of Palestine under the name of "israel." You might have a doctor, a Jewish friend, or a professor etc who is very good to you but helps Israel. Remember that support for TERRORISM, which is integral to Israel, is a violation of your innermost being as a human being. When an American Jew opposes Israeli atrocities, that does not mean that he/she opposes Israel. These "good Jews" want Israel to hang on to the land it usurped at any cost.

3. Protest the existence of the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. Call the Museum and say: Humanity is ONE: Condemn the burning of German cities. Condemn the MASS Rape of German women in 1945. [Stronger version: How many German women and Children did you kill? or The Dresden Anniversary is on Valentine's Day. How many Palestinian children did you kill?]
[Remember: This is not anti-semitism. It's historically documented fact which the Zionist controlled media have suppressed. The Zionist media are LYING by OMISSION.]

Prof. Sami al-Arian's Hunger Strike Continues. Immediate Protest Action Needed

Remember that Prof. al-Arian is not an opponent of the United States government. He is not Imam Jamil al-Amin, or Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman or Ahmed Abdel Sattar or Dr. Ali Tmimi. He is a Palestinian intellectual who wanted to help his people. He thought that America is a nation based on justice.

Please write to him to show that you are aware of his hunger strike.

Sami Al-Arian (#19638)
Northern Neck Regional Jail
P.O. Box 1060
Warsaw, VA 22572

Please write to Atty. Gen. Alberto Gonzales and ask him to drop the subpoena against Dr. Al-Arian and allow him to leave the country.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001
Fax Number: (202) 307-6777

Appeal to Imam W. D. Muhammad: Stop Dividing the Muslims of America: A Long Time Supporter Cries Out Against W.D.'s Moves to Keep out Immigrant Muslims

Dear Imam Mohammed,

First, allow me to tell you a bit about myself., I was a follower of your father, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, and upon the transition you lead in 1975, accepted the true teachings of Al-Islam and have been a supporter of yours ever since.

However, there have been some disturbing developments in recent years which I have begun noticing, and felt it necessary to write to you. In recent years, it seems that the community has become more and more focused upon your image and personality. There seem to be contradictory visions and paths for the community's future.

Take 'Savior Day' for example. What purpose is served by outright banning Non-Blacks from it? At last year's program, I witnessed many people, mostly Muslim, actually escorted off the property and rudely treated by the security [i am speaking of Detroit, Cobo Hall].

We expected an apology or an explanation from your office. However, your office did no such thing. This is quite disturbing! Are Non-Arab Muslims banned from performing Hajj because of their nationality or color? How is such treatment Islamic, or representative of The Qur'an and the Sunnah?

I can no longer see the depth of Islamic wisdom and application in your lectures. It now seems to be only about your personality. I cannot be in a Cult, but as you have been instrumental in my own development in Al-Islam, I appeal to you to speak out against the deification taking place, and to issue a public statement explaining the reasoning behind these New Racial Bans at your address.

Br. Muhammad [California]

"Imam" Magid: In Deep with Zionist-Jewish Congregations: His Visit to the so-Called Holocaust Museum Shouldn't have Surprised Anyone.

Spielberg's Schindler's List or "Imam" Magid's Jewish-Zionist List?

by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English

The following list is taken from ADAMS Center's Web Site. So don't let innocents like Mansoor Kazi say that Magid is a teacher of Islam. Remember that after the betrayal of the Muslim community in Madina by the Jews, the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, did not go around having "interfaith dialogue" with the treacherous enemies: On what Islamic basis can an imam go and hobnob with those who fund the killers of Palestinian Children?
Notice the Constant Love Fest with Zionist Jewish Congregations in the most virulently pro-Israel Synagogue groups in America. While the Jewish terror group "Israel" was destroying Palestine and using President Bush to destroy Iraq, Magid and his buddies [Jaka, probably "Zaka," etc.] were sucking up to the oppressors of the Muslim world.
The items listed include the Egyptian Embassy. Is it possible that Magid is such a complete fool that he does not know the role of the Egyptian embassy, representatives of the Hosni Mubarak tyranny which has the most outstanding record for the use of arbitrary arrests, torture and murder of Muslims, the violation of mosques, the rape of Muslim women, the holding of entire families as hostages to make the youths opposing Hosni to surrender. Magid's $5 million "masjid" considers the Egyptian ambassador a "bridge builder!" Go figure!
The only activity listed on Afghanistan is related to missionary activity to help the oppressors spread their creed in the helpless Muslim nation where thousands were bombed into the dust by the U.S. air force.
$10,000 collected for Tsunami? Where did that go?
Note that the ONLY "horrible tragedies" mentioned are those of 9.11. Ever heard of the 100,000 civilians killed by the U.S. Air Force in Iraq, Mr. Magid. Go read the Lancet Report unless you are totally brainwashed.
We urge Magid to remove his turban and shave his beard. He should go and occupy his rightful place in the FBI Headquarters. The time Allah gave him to show his tricks has ended. Do Tawba or move out of the Masjid! Magid! You have betrayed Islam and the Muslims of America.

Here begin the quotes from the ADAMS web site. These people are so proud of these activities, they posted them on their own web site. We have retained the spelling errors and added italics:

"ADAMS Interfaith Activities:

On Fri. June 17, 2005, Br. Mukit Hosain, Sr. Farhanahz Ellis, and Br. Rizwan Jaka attended the retirement ceremony dinner of Reverend Roberta Finkelstein at the Universal Unitarian Church of Sterling. ADAMS Board of Trustees presented Reverend Roberta Finkelstein a plaque in honor of her efforts for PEACE and Justice.

On Tue June 14, 2005 Br. Rizwan Jaka, Imam Magid, Br. Sheikh Rashid, Br. Hud Williams, Sr. Farhanahz Ellis, Sr. Rahima Ullah, Sr. Uzma Rasheed, Sr Aliyah Khan, Br. Noman Khan attended The Interfaith Conference of Washington Bridge Builder Awards at the Egyptian Embassy. Awards were presented to Dr. Akbar, Rabbi Lustig, Bishop John Chane, and the Egyptian Ambassador to the U.S.
Over 250 Interfaith representatives attended this wonderful event coordinated by Reverend Clark Lobenstein and Ms. Mona Ismail.

On Wed Apr 27, 2005 Imam Magid, Br. Sheikh Rashid, Br. Hud Williams, Sr. Nasreen, Sr.Shama , and Br. Rizwan Jaka attended a Freedom Seder at The Washington Hebrew Congregation. It is a Passover tradition that Washington Hebrew Congregation invites Interfaith guests to participate in. It was very nice and educational event.

On Tue Apr 5, 2005 ADAMS hosted a tour and program for the Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation Students and Parents. They visited ADAMS, asked many questions and observed Maghrib Prayer. Br. Hud Williams(ADAMS Youth Director) hosted them. Sr. Farhanahz (ADAMS Interfaith Chair) Coordinated the event. The ADAMS Center and Imam Magid has an longstanding working relationship and friendship with The Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation.

On March 06, 2005 the Reston Trialogue, (All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS), Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation and St. Thomas Ó Beckett) held an Interfaith Panel about "The Role of Women in Judaism, Catholicism and Islam" The event took place at the ADAMS center from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. This event marked Women's History Month which is March. This is a part of a two year-long ongoing Interfaith Trialogue that started in 2003. Over 140 Christians, Jewish, and Muslims attended the event.
Speakers Included: Ms Uzma Unus, ADAMS Vice President, Ms. Farhanahz Ellis, Chair of ADAMS Interfaith Committee, Rabbi Gold of Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation, Father Thomas of St. Thomas Ó Beckett Church

On Sun Jan 16, 2005 ADAMS members attended and spoke at an Interfaith
Opera Fundraiser for Tsunami Relief Hosted at the Washington Hebrew Congregation. Speakers included Rabbi Lustig and Rizwan Jaka
It was sponsored by Washington Hebrew Congregation, Episcopal Diocese of Washington & Washington National Cathedral, and All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS Center). Over $10,000 was raised for Tsunami Relief

- United Christian Parish, All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS), Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation, Washington Plaza Baptist Church, and more Got together at the United Christian Parish in Reston for an Interfaith Gathering Marking Thanksgiving.

- Adat Reyim Synagogue, Burke Presbyterian Church, and All Dulles Area Muslim Society(ADAMS) got together at the Adat Reyim Synagogue in Springfield, VA for the 2nd Annual Interfaith Gathering marking Thanksgiving.

Sunday November 7th, 2004 ADAMS Hosted and Interfaith Ramadan Iftar Gathering. Representatives of the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Community spoke and attended the event. Reverend Clark Lobenstein of the Interfaith Conference was the Keynote Speaker. Here is an article in the Times Community Newspaper that summarizes the event: The event was also covered by he Loudoun Connection in a full color spread , WTOP News, and Fox 5.

Sunday Oct 17, 2004 Interfaith Trialogue A Discussion Sponsored by Jews, Catholics, and Muslims
The Topic was The Impact of Faith on Public Policy. Sponsors and Speakers from: Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation, St. Thomas Ó Becket Catholic Church, and the All Dulles Area Muslim Society

Saturday, September 11, 2004, members of the ADAMS Center conducted and took part in many interfaith activities. ADAMS held an Interfaith PEACE dinner at the ADAMS Center in Sterling, VA, in remembrance of the victims of the horrible tragedies at the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. Representatives of Christian, Jewish, and Sikh Faiths were represented and spoke at this event.
August 25th, 2004 ADAMS participated in an Interfaith Prayer Vigil at the Unitarian Universalists of Sterling Church for the victims of the humanitarian crisis in Darfur

June 1, 2004 ľ ADAMS, United Christian Parish, and a Jewish Congregation held and Interfaith event for PEACE, Tolerance, and Respect with speeches and Interfaith songs at the United Christian Parish in Reston, VA

May 16, 2004 - ADAMS Interfaith Committee setup a women's dialogue with Etz Hayim Jewish Synagogue.

Apr 25, 2004 - ADAMS, Burke Presbyterian Church , and Adat Reyim Synagogue hold an Interfaith concert at Burke Presbyterian to raise funds for the needy in Afghanistan

Nov 22, 2003 Interfaith Iftar in the Combo Room with over 15 Interfaith Leaders from 9 Congregations of Christians and Jewish Communities in the DC Metro area. The program was coordinated by the ADAMS Interfaith Committee

Sept 11, 2003 Interfaith PEACE Event at ADAMS with members of Muslims, Christian and Jewish communities "

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