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THE REAL STORY: JEWISH HAND BEHIND SUDAN WAR: Most people missed an important news item at the end of March 2005. ISRAEL quietly exchanged ambassadors with CHAD. This is from where the Jewish state has been stirring up the rebellion in DARFUR, causing mass suffering. Chad borders Darfur. Heavy arms were given to rebel groups in Darfur and Sudan was blamed for moving against them. SCROLL DOWN ALL THE WAY for important WAR NEWS.
Rabi' al-Awwal 12 was the birth date of the Prophet, pbuh.
Muhammad, pbuh, the last of Messengers and Prophets. What makes him the best of all human beings?
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Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [4 items]
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  1. PREGNANT MUSLIMAH MURDERED in LOUISIANA fought back and should be considered Shaheed. We reached a sister who was at the funeral of Sis. Muhanna. She says the fragrance of jasmine was coming from the body of the martyr. It was mid-winter and there were no flowers anywhere.
    [The janaza was held in a funeral home because Louisiana does not permit the body to be brought to the mosque.]
  2. Protest the taking of Muslim children by social service agencies. Protest is scheduled for April 25 just outside Atlanta. Write to the Judge. Here is a letter we sent:
    From: kaukab siddique
    To: rodaturo@co.gwinnett.ga.us
    Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2005 10:34 AM

    Dear Judge Rodatus

    I am shocked to know that two Muslim children have been taken away from their mother by local authorities because she was inculcating the teachings and practices of Islam in their daily lives.

    The names of the children are:

    Zahra [2 and a half years old]
    Rashidah [12 years old]

    As you know, Judge, Muslim citizens on this country have as much right to bring up their children as Muslim as Christians have to bring up theirs as Christians.

    Kindly look into this matter. It goes against the norms of a civilized society to see a mother's religion, Islam, as detrimental to the upbringing of children. We Muslims pray five times a day. That's very healthy for both children and adults. It's definitely better than watching TV all day.

    The Muslim community will thank you for returning the children to their mother at the earliest possible date.
  3. NEW KIND OF CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION. A bank in Virginia, BB & T, has closed the account of Palestinian leader Dr. Abdel Haleem Ashqar. We have protested in detail to the Bank. After much hedging, the bank now says it will carry out an inquiry. [Details to follow.]
  4. Delegates from 34 Muslim countries met in MALAYSIA and agreed to organize a boycott of businesses which support Israel. They referred to the boycott we are carrying out in America and said, if Muslims in America can do it, so can we.

108 Muslim Prisoners murdered by U.S. Forces, Report says

108 Died In U.S. Custody
WASHINGTON, March 16, 2005 (AP) At least 108 people have died in American custody in Iraq and Afghanistan, most of them violently, according to government data provided to The Associated Press.
Roughly a quarter of those deaths have been investigated as possible abuse by U.S. personnel.
Q & A

Islamic Law on Rape & Abortion

I was told many years ago that the only legitimate reason for an abortion by a Muslim woman would be if her life were in danger if the child was born. Now I took that and decided to pray about it and if I were in a similar situation (raped) I would pray to Allah read and then make my decision about aborting or keeping the baby knowing that any decision I made would be mine to make and I would reap whatever circumstances of my decision.

Now I am going to a Rape Prevention/Intervention lecture tonight and I know this subject is going to come up. Could you send me some information to use if I am asked about this situation. It needs to be real plain due to most of the people attending this lecture are not going to those who do any intense study.

Unfortunately we don't get a lot of teaching on subjects like this in most of our Masjid anywhere. No one wants to face the realities of life when they teach the Quran to people especially those who do not speak Arabic or speak it well.


ma salaam
Answer by Kaukab Siddique

The original Islam is in the Qur'an and the authentic Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Gradually, as the power of Islam increases, more and more Muslims will go to these original sources and restore the rights of Muslim women.

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has taught that the honor of the Muslim, man or woman, is as sacred as the Ka'aba itself. The Qur'an urges war against those who try to take sexual liberties against women. The Qur'an 33:59 which teaches women to wear their outergarments when they go out commands Muslims to strike at those who carry out disruption within Muslim societies by degrading women {men "in whose heart is a disease}. The Qur'an 33:60.

Sexual slander against a Muslim woman is punishable by whipping:

"And those who launch a charge against chaste women, and produce not four witnesses, flog them with eighty stripes, and reject their evidence ever after: for such are wicked transgressors..."
[The Qur'an 24:4]

If that is the punishment for perverted words, imagine what Islam would do to a man who actually rapes a woman.

Many Muslims are unaware of Islamic law on rape and abortion because they do not find it in the Qur'an. They don't realize that the Qur'an is always to be interpreted by the teachings of Muhammad, pbuh, in the Hadith.

The Hadith provides the following information on rape: "Abdul Jabbar ibn Wail ibn Hujr narrates from his father: A woman was forced into adultery in the era of the messenger of Allah, pbuh, and the messenger of Allah did not punish her but he gave the hadd (ultimate punishment) to the man who had done it..."
[Hadith in the Sunan of Tirmidhi, chapter on "The Woman who is forced into adultery." Also found in the Hadith collections of Darqutni, Ibn Maja and Baihaqi.]

[For the full argument, see my book Liberation of Women Thru Islam, published 1990, pp.91-96]

With that background, it is unthinkable for a Muslim to insist that a woman who has been raped should be forced to keep the seed of the rapist [or the incestuous violator] and give birth to it.

Islam does not see the fetus as a child. Hence it does not see abortion in the same light as the so called "pro-life" people see it in America. It becomes a child after birth.
Islam does not permit abortion under normal circumstance, but once abortion does take place, Islam sees it as a felony for which there is financial penalty, but NOT as the murder of a child.

This issue was clarified by the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, himself in authentic Hadith:

" Imam Malik narrates from Ibn Shahab, who narrates from Abu Salama ibn Abdur-Rahman who narrates from Abu Huraira, r.a., that two women of the Banu Hudhail fought each other. One hit the other and caused her foetus to fall out. On this the Prophet, pbuh, ordered the assailant to release a slave as penalty.
[Muwatta of Imam Malik. Also collected by Bukhari and Muslim.]

If a female relative of mine, God forbid, were to become pregnant through rape, I would advise her to abort. It's a shame that during the Bosnian war, some Muslims said that Muslim women should keep the pregnancies caused by the rape they underwent at the hands of the Serbs. There is no Islamic basis for such male-oriented attitudes.

Some Muslim women, as in Kashmir, feel so horrified and traumatized by the rape they face from Indian troops, that they want to kill themselves.

The Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, is teaching us in the Hadith: Don't blame the woman; give the ultimate punishment to the rapist.

{Re: New Trend report on W.D. Muhammad & Pope John Paul}
W.D.: Kisser Upper and Misleader

Salaaam Dr. Siddique,

Great analysis of WD's comment on the pope. There's no doubt W.D's either just a leader who has no understanding or he's just out to kiss up to the power structure.I just wish his followers can see how so much he has diluted his deen (meanwhile I think his is HISLAM NOT ISLAM).
I dont want to use too much derogatory remarks on him but i'm glad your revealing this and may Allah give u more strenght and power to be able to continue to fight for the deen. May Allah guide us all and save us from misleaders like W.D.


Christian View of the Pope: Ignored Holocaust in Iraq & Palestine:
Asked Forgiveness for Jewish Story

Dr. Siddique,

What you said about the Pope is so true. He had no influence on the situation in the Middle East and did embrace Israel. The news kept bringing up the fact that he asked forgiveness from the Jews for not being more involved during the Holocaust. (Like Hitler would listen to a Pope.) What a joke. What about the holocaust in Palestine and Iraq? On the other hand, I think Pope John Paul was a good man, but like every religious leader and politician in the world, not one can stand up to the Jews/Israel or the Zionist. What does that say about the world-one thing; the Jews are in control of the planet.
Ms. Carolyn
[Our Christian correspondent from Florida.]

A Note on Br. Naim's article on W.D. Muhammad

Dear Na'im Abdurrafi...

FYI, I was present at a lecture by W.D. Muhammad in Columbia, SC in or around 1997, and I had the opportunity to ask him this question: "Has there ever been any research to show if there was a connection between the Ahmadiyyah movement and the movement of W.D. Fard and the N.O.I.?" He (W.D. Muhammad) answered no he was not aware of any research done to show such a connection, but he stated that he was without a doubt certain that there was a connection between the NOI and the Ahmadiyyah movement.

your brother fee sabilillaah,

Mutahhir Sabree
[South Carolina]

W.D. Muhammad Supporter Claims Gandhi & Mandela are Messengers of Allah!
Text of W.D.'s Speech Indicates: He Actually Believes there are Messengers after Muhammad (pbuh).

Response to Kaukar Siddique, Editor of New Trend Magazine, Inflammatory Remarks Over Imam W. Deen Mohammed's Address at Lincoln University

By Curtis Sharif

While I was not at the Lincoln University lecture given by Imam W. Deen Mohammed to verify or dispute the accuracy (or inaccuracy) of Kaukar Siddique's characterization of Imam Mohammed's comments, I can comment on what was said in his (Kaukar Siddique's) email.

Siddique's calling the Imam's comments "blasphemous" seems to alter what the Imam said into what Siddique wanted him to mean. He accuses Imam Mohammed of nullifying "...one of the strong tenets of Islamic belief, that Sayyidina Muhammed (PBUH) is the last messenger and prophet...."

Siddique then relates a quote to Imam Mohammed as saying, "We Muslims should stop saying that Muhammed is the last messenger, because he is not." Now I am sure that Imam Mohammed offered follow up statements to support that statement, but that is not mentioned in Siddique's post. Siddique adds "prophet" to the statement, when that word is not mentioned in the quote.

That is because there is a profound difference in the definition of a prophet and a messenger. While all prophets are messengers of G-d, not all messengers of G-d are prophets. Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) is indeed the Seal of the Prophets, and no prophets have come or are to come after him.

Allah, however, always has sent and continues to send messengers carrying His Message to all people throughout time, including the present time. I believe it is clear that modern day leaders have stood on G-d's Word and Message and against all odds caused revolutionary changes in the world based on G-d-conscious values.

Mahatma Ghandi's, Martin Luther King Jr.'s and Nelson Mandela's moral stands based on G-d's Message qualifies them as messengers of G-d in this regard. Others directly associated with Imam Mohammed's personal history include his father, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, and his close friend El-Hajji Malcolm Sahabazz, who credits him as his mentor in his autobiography, "The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

In regards to the (college) honorarium that Siddique mentions, again he does not provide any additional clarifying or supporting statements by Imam Mohammed. However, I have personally witnessed many occasions where Imam Mohammed spoke without any monetary compensation.

I also am aware of several other occasions where he has funded his appearances out of pocket and made donations from his own funds to worthy causes. Universities routinely budget and fund campus appearances by a variety of speakers, entertainers, forums and conferences, so there is no impropriety in accepting honorariums for appearances, as expenses are always a part of any such endeavors.


Dear Bro. Curtis Sharif, May Allah reward you greatly for all of your goodness.


"A very unorthodox group of Muslims, today, presently they are not recognized by Saudi Arabia. They are not recognized by Palestine; a few other Islamic states don't recognize them. That is because some of them claim that their leader, Ghulam Ahmad, was a prophet.

"But it is clear in Qur'an that Muhammed is the Last Prophet, and it's clear in the sayings of Muhammed the Prophet that he is the Last Prophet. He said, ‘There will be no Prophet after me.' Some of us make the mistake, especially in our association, the African American Muslims, we make the mistake in saying that Muhammed is the last messenger. That is incorrect.

"G-d never said Muhammed is the last messenger upon the earth. He said he's the Last Prophet. The prophetic line has a beginning and has an ending. It was intended to be that way. The prophetic line, I repeat, has a beginning and has an ending, but religion and help to human beings from our Creator, G-d, has no ending. It goes on forever.

"So we should never say that Muhammed was the last messenger. He was the Last Prophet. G-d sends His messengers to us in many forms. G-d may love an individual so much that He may send a messenger form Himself to intermingle in a household, to help that individual with his or her problems in the household.

"So never say that any prophet is the last messenger. Muhammed is not the last messenger; he is the Last Prophet. And Allah will always send or bless them and favor them and He will send a messenger to them to help them with their situation. Not only that, He will call Angels to work with them for their betterment, for the success of what they are trying to achieve.

"He (G-d) will have Angels help them, and that will go as long as the world stands. That will go on. G-d will never disassociate Himself from the business and from the troubles and the torment of His servants. NEVER!"
[New Trend editor's note: We apologize to Muslims for publishing W.D. Muhammad's KUFR. It's obvious that W.D. still does not know that there will be no prophets or messengers after Muhammad ibn Abdullah, pbuh. No amount of playing with the linguistic meaning of "messenger" will prove otherwise. We pray that Allah will help W.D. to see where he has gone astray. It's best to conclude this with the words of the leader of humanity, Muhammad ibn Abdullah, pbuh:

" Surely ar-risala and un-nubuwwah are ended. There will be NO MESSENGER and NO PROPHET after me."
[Hadith in Tirmidhi's Jami', and in Ahmad ibn Hanbal's Musnad.]


br.kaukab siddiq

dear brother
thejas is a fortnightly islamic journal published in malayalam, the language spoken by the people the indian state of kerala and we usually carry articles about the resistance in the Muslim world. We occasionally come across your articles on the net.
we should be much thankful if you could kindly mail us your articles so that some of them can be carried in our journal.

yours sincerely

prof p.khya
hon editor
WAR NEWS: [from New Trend's Media Monitor]

Islamic Forces on Offensive: Western Iraq Liberated.
Not a Shia-Sunni war

From April 17-23, the forces commanded by Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi evidently carried out the military offensive he had promised. It appears that western Iraq is now under Islamic control. U.S. forces are located in heavily fortified positions and move out in Anbar province in convoys guarded by tanks and helicopters.

According to the Pentagon, the U.S. military fatalities now number 1566 while the number seriously wounded is approaching 12,000. Eight U.S. troops were killed between April 19 snd 21.

The major U.S. media mention the attacks on U.S. troops very briefly and give no details. The U.S. media strategy is to convey the impression that "Iraqi forces" are being targeted by the "insurgents." More specifically the U.S. media try to give the impression that ""Sunnis" are attacking "Shias." Our analysts report that the mujahideen are attacking only those Iraqis who are collaborating openly with the U.S. occupation forces. Some of these are Shias, some are Kurds [who are also Sunnis] and some are Arab Sunnis. This is not a sectarian war but a war of liberation aimed at driving the Americans out.

One item the U.S. media underplayed was the attack on Iyad Allawi, the CIA agent who claims that he is the "Prime Minister" of Iraq. Close reading of the attack news shows that an AUSTRALIAN officer was killed and two Australians wounded in the Allawi defense unit. It appears that like Karzai in Kabul, Allawi cannot depend on any of his countrymen to defend him.

The mujahideen brought down a helicopter [probably of the U.S. Defense department] on April 21, killing 6 American defense contractors [total killed now 286], three Bulgarian airmen and 3 Fijian security guards. The very high financial rewards available to those working in Iraq explains why U.S. "civilians" [actually armed defense contractors), Bulgarians and Fijians would be operating in a Muslim country. The $81 billion U.S. fund for the occupation of Iraq is at work.

Top Kashmiri Leader Debunks Musharraf's Talks with India.
Rape, Murder, Terror are the Indian Army's Methods, Gailani says.

April 19, 2005. Syed Ali Shah Gailani, leader of the Hurriyat Conference, Kashmir's coalition of opposition groups, has debunked Pakistani General Musharraf's claims of peaceful settlement of the Indo-Pakistani dispute.

More than 11,000 Kashmiris are in Indian prisons, Gailani said. Between January 2004 and March 2005, Indian forces martyred 786 Kashmiris and wonded 2526. In this period 2322 Kashmiris were arrested by India and of these 196 "disappeared" and were probably murdered secretly by India. Most horrible of all, 33 Kashmiri women were raped by the Indian occupation forces.

What is General Musharraf thinking of, Gailani asked, when India has shown no signs of stopping its terrorism against the Kashmiri people and KASHMIRIS HAVE NOT BEEN INCLUDED in the INDIAN-PAKISTANI TALKS.


The huge rally of March 28 in Peshawar [following unprecedented protests by the Islamic movement in Karachi, Lahore and Quetta] and the "wheel jam" general strike of April 2 put General Musharraf in a corner from which he might not be able to emerge.

A power vacuum is emerging. America has brought Benazir Bhutto's PPP into the field to fill the gap. The Musharraf regime is trying to stop PPP rallies, fearful of the possibility that the White House might be getting ready to replace one of its agents with another.

Musharraf tried to create a diversion by suddenly visiting INDIA and claiming that "peace is at hand." Also, he tried to divert the Islamists by launching a "marathon race" in which men and women in shorts and t-shirts would mingle and participate. This outrage diverted his opposition for a few days.
[The marathon was called off after widespread protests.]


On April 16, Russia admitted that fighting erupted in Chechnia's capital Grozny. The Russian news agency claimed that six Russian troops and 5 "Islamic militants" were killed in gun battles in Grozny. It also stated that gun battles were going on, on the outskirts of Grozny.
"Saudi" Arabia


On April 20, the Saudi government indicated that fighting had broken out in Makka as Saudi troops clashed with Islamic militants. According to the Saudis, two police officers and 2 Islamic fighters were killed. Real casualties are unverifiable. [The Saudi regime uses $3 billion a year on "internal security." Hence the monthly outbreaks of fighting in the homeland of Islam indicate that the corrupt Saudi regime is facing serious difficulties.]

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