Jamaat al-Muslimeen International Press Release

FEBRUARY 10 MEETING TO MOVE FORWARD with Nov.10 Islamic Movement
American Prisons are FULL OF MUSLIMS: Support John Walker Lindh
(Germany holds Prisoner of Conscience: Not a Nazi but a Critic)

Inshallah, on February 10, independent Islamic leaders will meet in Greensboro, North Carolina to work on the implementation of the November 10 resolutions. The host is IMAM BADI ALI from Palestine.

A presentation on the perspective and philosophy of the Islamic movement will be made by Dr. Abdul Alim Shabazz, Distinguished Professor from Lincoln University.

Important presentations are expected from:
Imam Warithuddin Umar (Albany, NY)
Sis. Ashira Na'im (Baltimore, Maryland)
Br. Ossama Hazim (Falls Church, Virginia)
Sis. Motisola M. Abdallah (Atlanta, Georgia)
Imam Khalil Abdur Rahman (Greensboro, NC) {Imam Jamil al-Amin representative}
Sis. Bilqis Muhammad (Rocky Mount, North Carolina)
Dr. Kaukab Siddique (Bel Air, Mayland)
Br. Jihad Abdul-Mumit, (Richmond, Virginia )
and others
Br. Iqbal Yunus Khan from Toronto has decided to join the Nov. 10 movement.
Br. Ather Masood has decided to join the November 10 movement
IMAM NADIM ALI, who is Imam of the West End Masjid in Atlanta where Imam Jamil was Imam, sent us a strong letter of support on November 10. We published his letter but forgot to include his name in the list of signatories.

"The Muslim Women's Political Action Committee is in full support of any and all actions by those who are guided by Allah and act in the example of his last messenger Prophet Muhammad (SAW). We support all righteous efforts to bring peace, justice and economic equity to all. We support the united efforts of the November 10 meeting in bringing unity to Muslims and to raising the consciousness of all to Islam and to Muslims."

ma salaam
Hadayai Majeed
Muslim Women's Political Action Committee

The Zionist media are full of attacks on Muslim women, trying to present hijab, niqab and burqa as signs of oppression and presenting bikinis, and nakedness of women, lesbianism as signs of liberation. VOICES OF ISLAMIC WOMEN ARE SELDOM HEARD.

Recently a Palestinian woman WAFA IDREES embraced martyrdom in an attack on the Zionists who have occupied Palestine. On January 30, Iraq set up a monument in central Baghdad to honor the supreme sacrifice of Sis. Wafa. Wafa's mother is proud of the martyr. She said:"It doesn't matter which group you support: Hamas or PLO: we are one nation."
IS THERE A WAY TO LET BR. ABDUL HAMID (John Walker Lindh) know that Muslims in America support him? The next court appearance is on Feb.6. Let us know if you would like to picket the court in Alexandria, Virginia on Feb. 6.
DID YOU KNOW THAT GERMANY IS THE BIGGEST SUPPORTER OF ISRAEL AFTER THE U.S.? Germany is also one of the most repressive regimes in the world. It actually practices THOUGHT CONTROL. Germany is persecuting a scholar named GUNTER DECKERT, 57, a father of two. He was imprisoned for two years because he interpreted an American lecturer's speech. Then he was given another TWO YEARS and Three months for chairing a lecture by historian David Irving. He did not say anything himself. The Jew-controlled German government considers Deckert a Nazi but he is simply a supporter of free speech who wants the real history of Germany to be discussed.
THIS IS PAGE 3 OF OUR PETITION TO ATTORNEY GENERAL ASHCROFT IN SUPPORT OF IMAM JAMIL al-AMIN. Please save it on your disc, add your name and mail back to us.
From Jamaat al-Muslimeen International (Phone: 410-435-5000)
To: Attorney General Ashcroft, Department of "Justice"
950 Pennsylvania Ave., NW., Rm. 4400, Washington, DC 20530-0001

Dear Attorney General Ashcroft
Muslims from across America are petitioning you to release their religious leader, Imam Jamil al-Amin (formerly H. Rap Brown), who is being held in Fulton Country Jail, Atlanta, Georgia.
As the FBI was involved in the arrest of Imam Jamil al-Amin and the years of surveillance and persecution he has suffered at the hands of the U.S. government, we consider this a federal issue and hence are petitioning you.
The five point petition states as follows:

1. An independent commission of inquiry should be set up to study the incident(s) in which Imam Jamil al-Amin has been accused by the police/FBI.
2. The FBI must release its file on Imam Jamil al-Amin uncensored.
3. The Imam, Jamil al-Amin, must be freed unconditionally, pending the inquiry and be allowed to develop his Islamic community.
4. The Imam must be called by his Islamic name. When he says his name is Jamil al-Amin, no one has the right to call him H. Rap Brown.
5. We hereby affirm, based on his community work in Atlanta, etc., that the Imam is a symbol of Islamic and African struggle for honor and decency.
Signatories to the Petition (Part III):
{We have names, signatures, addresses for these in ink.}

201. Motisola M. Abdallah, Atlanta, Georgia
202. Kirpal Singh Khalsa, Atlanta, Georgia
203. Asantewa Sunni, Atlanta, Georgia
204. Walter Watson, Tucker, Georgia
205. Rakka Davis, Tucker, Georgia
206. Abdul-Latif Tawfiq, Los Angeles, California
207. Scott Simmons, Stone mountain, Georgia
208. Dawud Abdul Ali, Atlanta, Georgia
209. Adil Cook, Atlanta, Georgia
210. Scott Collins, Lansing, Michigan
211. Rashid Abdullah, Atlanta, Georgia
212. Mulazim Mohammad, Atlanta, Georgia
213. Fajr Malik, Atlanta, Georgia
214. Isa Abdullah Zulu, Atlanta, Georgia
215. Sidik Keita, Doraville, Georgia
216. Artis Robinson, Jr., Norcross, Georgia
217. Mohammad Asif, Lilburn, Georgia
218. Khalil Mujahed, Norcross, Georgia
219. Mohammed Al-Dayy, lilburn, Georgia
220. Mohammed Rasheed, Atlanta, Georgia
221. Tim Camp, Forrest Park, Georgia
222. Almutalib nurnal-el, Norcross, Georgia
223. Asif Bacagam, Tucker, Georgia
224. Damien Clanton, Duluth, Georgia
225. Afzal Agad, Atlanta, Georgia
226. Hina Mesia, Tucker, Georgia
227. Calvin Abdul-Aziz, Atlanta, Georgia
228. Subil Chaisson, Marietta, Georgia
229. Thomas Pickens, Marietta, Georgia
230. Raheen Joye, Roswell, Georgia
231. Shyla Lewis, Tucker, Georgia
232. Chris Coleman, Seattle, Washington
233. Darwin E'lom, College Park, Georgia
234. Diarra Davis, Tucker, Georgia
235. Daniel Huchison, Atlanta, Georgia
236. Emprst Sand'Ra Shakti, Atlanta, Georgia
237. Vince Hawey, Atlanta, Georgia
238. Frederick Bush, Lithonia, Georgia
239. Chake Onfroy, Atlanta, Georgia
240. Mia Murray, East Point, Georgia
241. Eamana Fubanks, Atlanta, Georgia
242. Ali Maktsho, College park, Georgia
243. Efua Ata Sunni-Ali-Zaki, Tucker, Georgia
244. Arshon Bailey, Atlanta, Georgia
245. D. Kwan streeterEl, Atlanta, Georgia
246. Kewan Stewart, Atlanta, Georgia
247. Christopher Tucren, Atlanta, Georgia
248. AlKabulan X, Atlanta, Georgia
249. Cya Stoddard, East Point, Georgia
250. Al Gordon, Stone Mountain, Georgia
251. Trachella Johnson, Litha Springs, Georgia
252. Tory Reckett, Atlanta, Georgia
253. Kahlil Mwaafria, Atlanta, Georgia
254. Nokumbeh Toure, Atlanta, Georgia
255. Jahmilah Sekhmet, Lafayette, Louisiana
256. Malikah Mahmoud, Decatur, Georgia
257. Dr. Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem, Kampala, Uganda
258. Thomas Deve, Zimbabwe, Africa
259. Uma Biney, Plaiston, United Kingdom
260. Hervin Chung, Jamaica, West Indies
261. Mohamed Ashkar, Dansoman, Ghana, West Africa
262. Ike Okonta, Oxford, United Kingdom
263. Sigfrido Reyes, San Salvador, El Salvador
264. Fanog zomilla S., Managua, Nicaragua
265. Mustafa Abdur Rahman, Sanderson, Florida
266. Bruce Gaskins, sanderson, Florida
267. Steven Gaskins, Sanderson, Florida
268. Jeffery Gaskins, Sanderson, Florida
269. Antonia Strader, Cincinnati, Ohio
270. Derrick Williams, Sanderson, Florida
271. Deanna Gaskins, Cincinnati, Ohio
272. Katina Ryse, Sanderson, Florida
273. Marian Edwards, Leesville, Louisiana
274. Murtda, Sanderson, Florida
275. Rasheem Ferron, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
276. Dasheem Ferron, Philadelphia, PA
277. Jeremy Evans, Philadelphia, PA
278. LaPrese Rothwell, Chester, PA
279. Wajiya Muhammad, Philadelphia, PA
280. Hassim Muhammad, Philadelphia, PA
281. Raoul White, Lorman, Mississipi
282. Sylvester Muhammad, Atlanta, Georgia
283. Sha'kmt Assaia, (email address only)
284. Sarah A. Dave, Pattison, Mississipi
285. Abdul Jalil Reshawd, Detroit, Michigan
286. Felicia Haney, Virginia Beach, virginia
287. Alicia Jones, Cleveland, Ohio
288. Al-Mansur Abdur-Rahim, Cleveland, Ohio
289. Fadeelah Nur, Cleveland, Ohio
290. Binyamin Abdul-Aziz, Cleveland, Ohio
291. Kwame Namibia/Abdul Malik, Cleveland, Ohio
292. Mikail Saadiq, Detroit, Michigan
293. Muhammad Ahmad, Royal Oak, Michigan
294. Hudhayfah Abdullah, Atlanta, Georgia
295. Abdur Rahman, Atlanta, Georgia
296. Stanley Caldwell, Atlanta, Georgia
297. Dalton Arafat Abdul Aziz, Atlanta, Georgia
298. Muslim Shabazz, Atlanta, Georgia
299. Baahir Abdul Khabir, Lithonia, Georgia
300. Taha Sadiq, Atlanta, Georgia

2002-02-01 Fri 20:15ct