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FLASH: The author of IMPERIAL HUBRIS has resigned from the CIA. In his book, Scheur claimed that the war on terrorism is a failure and the U.S. has failed to understand Osama bin Laden. Now he intends to speak out openly under his own name. looks like we have an American nationalist here opposed to the Zionist control of America.
ISRAELI FORCES charged into a church to clamp down on the recently released Vununu, the man who had revealed Israel's nuclear secrets. He had taken sanctuary in a church but found to his dismay that Israel does not respect churches or any other place of worship.


Jamaat al-Muslimeen
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

We congratulate the Muslim Ummah worldwide on the completion of the month of fasting. Let us celebrate Eid according to the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (peace be on him). The Muslim ummah is bleeding. So, celebrate because we are on the right path, not in the way of the pagans who are wasteful wilful and selfish. Pray for the victory of Islam in Kashmir, Chechnia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Sudan. In particular pray for the defeat of the Zionist entity and the victory of Islamic Palestine. Always remember: Tanks, artillery, F-16s, cluster bombs, the destruction of mosques, the slaughter of resistance fighters cannot stop the coming victory of Islam. Allah has promised it. The dawn of Islam is emerging, red with the blood of countless martyrs. In America, a peaceful Islamic movement is becoming a reality. Gradually, government agents within Muslim ranks are being exposed. Let us continue to work within the strict limits set by American laws. Speak and write the truth. Keep silent if it is too difficult. KEEP SHUT IF YOU ARE AFRAID, but do not sully Islam with lies, hypocrisy and attempts to get invited to the White House. Remember that the leaders of Muslim America are in prison: There can be no real Eid without their release. Pray for the release of:
Imam Jamil al-Amin 
Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman 
Siddique Abdullah Hasan 
Ahmed Abdel Sattar 
Prof. Sami al-Arian 
The Virginia Innocents 
The Lackawanna Yemenis 
The Portland African-Americans 
Jose Padilla 
"The American Taliban" 
The Victims of Guantanamo Bay
and many, many others who have disappeared into the American gulag.
WAR NEWS; [from our Media Monitor]

FALLUJAH : U.S. Suffers Heavy Casualties at Hands of Hidden Islamic Fidayeen.
Americans Destroying City, House by house, Mosque by Mosque.
U.S. Commanders Admit: Entire Population is "Insurgent" + Sudanese & Egyptians.

November 11 and 12.[Day 4 and 5] When the America tank columns punched their way into Fallujah [Nov. 10] and found very few defenders, they declared victory. However, the victory was deceptive. As New Trend pointed out, the Islamic formations had left Fallujah and taken over Ramadi and parts of Samarrah.
A second surprise development took place on Day 4 and 5. The Islamic forces had left behind fidayeen [those willing to sacrifice themselves] planted in numerous places in Fallujah. After the American forces passed through, the Fidayeen of Islam emerged and engaged American troops in firefights which have been going on for two whole days. U.S. marines suffered another 12 killed and 150 wounded, bringing the total to 22 marines killed and 175 wounded. The wounded are seriously hurt, with arms and legs shot off or with internal injuries. They have been flown to Germany where only the seriously wounded are taken. Thus the Fidayeen have taken 193 of America's best out of battle. In addition 5 Iraqi renegades helping the U.S. were also killed and 32 wounded.
These house to house battles have rattled the Americans and now they shoot at anything which moves, even at threatening shadows. Tremendous American firepower has reduced this beautiful Islamic city to rubble.
Most of southern Fallujah is now in U.S. hands though fire fights in this area continue. In one attack, the Islamic fighters reached the U.S. military field headquarter on the perimeter of the city.
Parts of the city are still in Islamic hands although it is being pummeled by U.S. jet fighters and helicopter gun ships. Civilian casualties are estimated to be in the hundreds killed and thousands wounded. Nearly 100,000 civilians are still trapped in the city. The U.S. is permitting women and children to leave from one southern point but NO MEN ARE ALLOWED to leave, from ages 15 to 55 [source: Fox News]. Thus the U.S. admits that it's not just some "terrorists" it is facing: THE ENTIRE POPULATION IS "INSURGENT."
Arab sources indicate that the Islamic forces have lost a little over 150 killed in Fallujah, mostly in tank, artillery and helicopter attacks. Among the martyrs are a few SUDANESE and EGYPTIANS. It's an important point in history that AFRICAN FIGHTERS are using weapons to defend the Islamic homeland in Iraq.
On November 11, on the outskirts of Fallujah, Islamic fighters shot down two U.S. cobra helicopters. The U.S. acknowledged the loss but said the crews are safe. On November 12, a Black Hawk helicopter was shot down north of Baghdad.


Islamic forces have taken over most of the city and burned down the seven police stations set up by American-funded forces. In response to this situation, U.S. F-16s repeatedly missiled and bombed the city of Mosul, setting fires and causing widespread destruction. Most of the city remains in Islamic hands.
[November 13: Kurdish troops armed by Israel are being ordered by the U.S. to attack the Muslims in Mosul.]

Two districts of the capital city have been taken over Islamic forces. Tension is high in the city and Americans move around rarely and then under heavy security.


New Trend's analysts are trying to figure out why the U.S. launched its massive assault on Fallujah during the month of Ramadan and carried it through Laylatul Qadr and Jumatul Wida'a.
It was the biggest American offensive, involving 15000 U.S, troops, the best it has, against 1500 Islamic defenders who have neither tanks nor artillery or air cover.
The purpose seems to have been to show the Muslim world that the U.S. does not respect anything Islamic, however sacred it might be to the world's Muslims. It amounted to saying: We'll crush you. Let's see if your "Allah" will help. It's an _expression of the spirit of General Boykin who had declared that in Somalia, America was fighting for God while the Somalis were fighting for an "idol." It's the same spirit expressed by Jerry Falwell who said that Muhammad (pbuh) was a terrorist.
In Fallujah, the marines blew up mosques, including the beautiful Al-Farouq masjid, probably because the Imams continued the call for prayer even as the Americans bombed and shelled. The American commander claims that his troops came under fire from the mosques. There is no evidence of this claim. The commander took it upon himself to destroy the mosques.
Muslim analysts say that the U.S. destruction of all that is sacred to Muslims is a clear statement that nothing is sacred for U.S. military forces. The situation is not very different from the behavior of the Russians in Chechnia. Under international law, every nation has a right to defend itself. Mosques belong to the Muslims and Muslims have the right to call the people to jihad from the mosques, as the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) himself did. The assault during Ramadan, the desecration of the Night of Power, the violation of the Last Friday of Ramadan, the blowing up of mosques, all these indicate that the U.S. considers itself at war with Islam, not with "terrorists" or "insurgents.
Under Bush, the U.S. has deliberately chosen to attack Islam and to attempt the destruction of Islam's sanctities and its very foundation.

WHY ARE SHARON and BUSH EXHILARATED by the Demise of Yaser Arafat?
Analysis of Arafat's Attempts to Recognize Israel and seek a Palestinian State

by our Palestine Observer [November 12]

What does the death of Arafat signify? It means two totally different things to the two parties to the conflict. For Sharon and Bush, his death means the extinction of Palestinian leadership and a chance to "create"new "leaders." For the Palestinians it means that the only person who could have given legitimacy to the attempts to recognize Israel and through peaceful means obtain a Palestinian state has passed away. Arafat represented the secular, nationalist forces of Palestine. At one time most Palestinians were secularist and mentally tied to western imperatives and ways of thinking. Arafat gave great importance to the American role in the resolution of the "Palestinian problem" as it came to be known in the West.
The overall secularist attempt to confront Israel in conventional warfare collapsed with the defeat of the armies of Egypt, Syria and Jordan under their respective secularist rulers. In 1982, Israel invaded Lebanon.
Arafat seems to have gradually come to think that with U.S. support he could come to an accommodation with Israel. He seems to have genuinely believed that peace was possible with Israel. It was a SERIOUS STRATEGIC ERROR and resulted in Arafat's recognition of Israel followed by his desperate attempts to make a "partner" out of Rabin and even Sharon.
Arafat was allowed to return to his people. His opponents were arrested and in the usual process of "elections" under occupation, he was elected President of the Palestinian "Authority."
He soon found out that his "partner" wanted him to liquidate the Islamic movement which was steadily increasing in strength and which began to respond to Israeli terrorism through martyrdom operations.
Once Arafat was among his people, he realized that the only way to reduce the growing Islamic influence was to use Islamic slogans himself. There was no question of liquidating the Islamic movement from within Palestine without civil war and a fratricidal bloodbath. In fact, Arafat's own supporters started getting affected by the Islamic idelogy. Hence the emergence of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. Nearly 40% of Palestinians supported Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The era of secularism was at an end. Arafat wanted to fulfil the program Israel and the U.S. had given him but found that it was practically impossible. The ISRAELIS pressed him hard to hit the Islamists. When he couldn't, they started blaming him and ended up painting him as a "terrorist" himself and made him responsible for the actions of the martyrs who were responding to Israeli military power by turning themselves into weapons.
Hence during the last years of his life he was more or less imprisoned by the Israelis within his own offices. Sharon, with the full backing of Bush, then decided to eliminate the entire Palestinian leadership himself. With a blink and a nod from Washington, Sharon assassinated Shaikh Yasin, Rantisi and a host of Islamic leaders.


The Israelis rampaged through Palestinian refugee camps and towns killing whom they willed. They pretended to be jury, judge and executioner all in one. However, they could not devise a way to assassinate Arafat. As long as he lived, the Palestinians had a leader recognized around the world. Arafat became stubborn under constant Israeli bullying and decided not to agree to any more of Sharon's attempts to get him involved in a civil war.
It appears that the Israelis finally used POISON to kill Arafat. It was done over an 8 month period of slow poisoning. The Israelis are experts in these forms of covert terrorism. Readers might remember how Israeli agents tried to assassinate Khaled Misha'al in Jordan, leading to a mini-crisis between Jordan and Israel. When Arafat became seriously ill and was flown to France, his wife Suha passionately addressed the Palestinian people, accusing persons close to Arafat [secularists working with Israel] of "BURYING HIM ALIVE." The Israeli hand became apparent when suddenly Suha [Arafat's Christian wife] suddenly became the target of a media campaign in the Zionist-controlled media around the world.
The illness suddenly became deadly. Poison victims often die the way Arafat died. The man who had left Ramallah blowing kisses to his people was pronounced brain dead and then simply dead.
Immediately on his death, BUSH MADE the TOTALLY INSENSITIVE REMARK that this death is a great opportunity for the Palestinian people to turn over a new page in their history.
[In plain language, YOUR LEADER IS DEAD, so now behave yourself and we'll give you something.]
Britain's Tony Blair is with Bush [Nov. 12]. The purpose of his visit seems to be to come up with a claim that he has persuaded Bush to take interest in the welfare of the Palestinians and to start re-mapping the "road map." So Blair will say to his electorate: See, we helped Bush to remove Saddam. Now Bush will help us to give the Palestinians their rights. There is little chance that the machinations of Bush, Blair and Sharon will work. The Islamic movement is very much alive in Palestine. Only a couple of weeks back when the Israelis assassinated a Hamas activist named 'Adnan al-Goul, tens of thousands of people [as referred to by MSNBC] came out in Gaza to support Hamas and vowed to fight Israel.

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