Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Sha'aban 3, 1425/ September 18, 2004 #92
New Trend Exclusive


September 17: Prominent Muslim activists of the Washington, D.C. area held Jum'a prayers at the Embassy of Sudan in Washington, DC [2210 Massachussets Avenue]. The Jum'a khutba was given by Imam Musa from Masjid al-Islam in South East Washington, The Coordinator of the event was Br. Hodari Abdul-Ali who has taken a leading role in rallying Muslims against the Zionist media blitz aimed at demonizing Islamic Sudan. [Both are outstanding African-American Muslim leaders.]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Baltimore representatives were among those who rallied right at the door of the Sudan embassy.

A tense situation was created by police officers who behaved in a provocative way during Imam Musa's khutba. One of the police went and stood behind the Imam and for a moment it seemed that the police were going to arrest the entire prayer group. However Br. Hodari Ali calmed the police down by showing them that written permission had been obtained for the rally.

[Police have never behaved like this to misled non-Muslim African-American individuals who have been protesting against Sudan at the embassy.]

Imam Musa gave a powerful khutba for MORE THAN ONE HOUR. He condemned the moves against Sudan by Colin Powell and others. He ridiculed the claim of "genocide" against Sudan. There is none such. Instead, he said, GENOCIDE IS GOING ON IN PALESTINE and IRAQ.
He urged African-Americans to realize that people like Pat Robertson and Falwell who are supporting the moves against Sudan are no friends of people of African descent.

Imam Musa dissected the propaganda being directed at Sudan in the context of the crisis in Darfur. He pointed out that ALL the people involved in the conflict are of various shades of Black. None of them are "light skinned" Arabs hunting dark skinned Africans, as the Zionist media have alleged.

The term "arab" is used in Darfur to define nomads as against farmers. There are NO light skinned Arabs in Darfur, he pointed out.

Imam Musa expressed the history of U.S. oppression of Black people within America. He cited the murders of a whole range of Black leaders at the hands of the U.S. government. This regime is certainly no friend of Black people, be it in Sudan or in U.S.A., he said.

He also indicated how America supports people like Saddam and Noriega, uses them, and gets rid of them. It is no one's friend.

[New Trend comment: We appeal to Imam Musa not to cover every possible issue in his khutbas. Focus is important. Also, he has a tendency to drift into conspiracy theories about 9.11, comparing Bush with Hitler and 9.11 to the Reichstag fire. By and large, however, the Muslim community needs Imam Musa to drive the fear of American power out of their hearts.]

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AFTER THE STORM: HELP the People of Grenada and Jamaica REBUILD

From Jamaat al-Muslimeen Brooklyn, NY

Tinned foods, dry foods, tin openers, rice, tinned milk, bottled water, juices, nappies, sanitary towels, medicines, soap, bath towels, toiletries, toilet paper, batteries flashlights, clothes, boots, shoes, tents, ground sheets, tarpaulins, candles, bed sheets, blankets, airbeds, pillows, hand tools, saws, hammers, shovels, spades, forks, screwdrivers, pliers, tin snippers, rope, nails, screws, petrol chain saws, building materials and anything else that is necessary for life and the re-building process. Skilled workers are being asked to volunteer their services to help to re-build Grenada.
{for address and directions, email: abu_7861@yahoo.com

CORRECTION on 9.11 Voices from the planes

One of our readers has been objecting to our report about cell phones used by passengers on the hijacked planes. So, we double checked the 9.11 Commission report. The phone used by Betty Ong on American 11 was not a cell but an "AT&T airphone" [p.5]

Other calls were made from seat phones. The kind of phones used in some of the calls are not identified. One report does refer to cell phones and could be an error.

On United 93, the CVR (cockpit voice recorder) picked up the sounds of conflict on the plane.
There can be no doubt that the planes were hijacked. We hope that puts an end to the "remote planes" theory.


Pakistanis Bring in Helicopters: Resist Attack by Islamic Fighters.
Musharraf’s General Uses Heavy Artillery in Random Shelling of Villages.
20,000 Flee Homes: Pakistan’s First Internal Refugees

Sporadic fighting continued in Southern Waziristan from September 12 to 16. The Pakistani offensive has stalled but defeat was averted when the Pakistanis brought in six helicopter gun ships and fought back the Islamic fighters trying to engage them in hand to hand fighting.

A few more details are available about the Pakistani unit which surrendered to the mujahideen. It appears Sana News and Silab Mahsud’s account in the daily Ausaf that 20 Pakistani troops were killed and 8 mujahideen martyred in this clash. As many as 70 Pakistani troops were wounded. Of these 27 have been admitted to a medical facility in Wana. Another 15 Pakistani troops were taken away by the Islamic fighters as prisoners.

On September 13, Pakistan brought up reinforcements with helicopter cover to save its cut off forces. They drove the Islamists back,; however one military convoy was ambushed by the tribesmen . Eleven military trucks were damaged but the troops held firm, killing two of the attackers while losing three of their own.

The Pakistanis, unable to advance, started shooting up the entire area with long range HEAVY ARTILLERY. Many civilian casualties are feared. [Nawai Waqt has published the names of two children, 10 and 12, killed in the shelling.] The Mahsud tribe has appealed to Pakistan to stop the random firing. An estimated 20,000 of the Mahsud have left their homes to escape the ongoing shelling. The Mahsud have also started releasing the names of the people killed in the original Pakistani bombing which started the latest flare up. All the names are Mahsud: No "foreigners."


Following the powerful Republican Convention in New York, General Musharraf’s government has announced that he will not give up his command of the army on December 31 as he had promised earlier. Looks like the peaceful Islamic opposition took him at his word. He had them fooled. The Frontier Assembly has condemned this announcement as a violation of the Constitution [55 to 14]. On the other hand, the Punjab Assembly has supported the General’s move. [The opposition walked out.] [In the National Assembly, the appointees of the government have foiled attempts to discuss the military offensive in southern Waziristan.]

FALLUJAH is being BOMBED by the U.S. almost on a DAILY basis. In the latest air raid, the U.S. is reported to have killed 40 people. Of these THREE are claimed to be fighters of the organization run by Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi. [Fox News, September 17.]
Hundreds have been killed in Fallujah [see New Trend's earlier reports] during ongoing U.S. air raids. The purpose seems to be to "crack" Fallujah before the U.S. elections.
Montreal Perspectives
By Jalaluddin S. Hussain


Sorry, readers of my column, for the long silence. I returned from Pakistan only on August 31, 2004. Inspite of the chaotic conditions prevailing in the fields of education and health in general, and traffic on the roads of Karachi, in particular, it was not bad at all. I definitely feel that Pakistan will survive for a long time. The mere survival instinct of the people of Pakistan and their ingenuity will help them in their survival bid.

Fighting terrorism on Uncle Sam's terms

On the political front, things might not seem very promising. However rational and pragmatic General Pervez Musharraf may be, he seems to have surrendered the country totally to the CIA, FBI and Uncle Sam! Whether it is Wana, Gawadar or Pakistan's airports' security, the Americans have the upper hand everywhere. It is sad!! However, in all fairness to the General, it must be said that the politicians, the bureaucrats and the filthy rich classes of Pakistan, have also contributed a lot towards the mess in which Pakistan finds itself. With the exception of a few, who might be working hard to bring normalcy and stability to the country, the people of Pakistan, in general, seem to be too much involved in their day-to-day struggle for survival, to care for the direction the country is turning.

Jasarat calling a yankee, a yankee

The daily "Jasarat", a Jamaat-e-Islami newspaper of Karachi, had very aptly highlighted the helplessness of the Pakistani people. In its issue of July 25, 2004. It particularly mentions the "freedom of movement" of the American security agents all over Pakistan, in the post 9/11 era. The relevant passage, roughly translated from Urdu, is as follows: "The whole of Pakistan is wide open for the American masters. Wherever they want to go they can go. However, for the Pakistani political leaders many areas of Pakistan are no-go areas, and there may be restrictions of movement imposed on certain political leaders in the Sindh area and in the Waziristan tribal areas. Is it that for the American security forces, Pakistan is wide open, but for the Pakistanis themselves, a green card is required now? "

Pakistan's foreign policy pro-Western from the start

To me the logic, that if the Americans were not given free hand to quell terrorism, the very existence of the country would have been in jeapordy, does not hold much water. The fact of the matter is that Pakistan's military establishment have been pro-American and pro-Western, right from the very beginning. Have we forgotten the numerous defence pacts between the USA and Pakistan, besides Pakistan's membership of SEATO, CENTO and Baghdad Pact? It is really a cruel joke and understatement, if Pakistan is praised today as a faithful "non-NATO ally"! Can Pakistanis forget that at one time, immediately before the humiliating surrender by the Pakistan military, on December 16, 1971, Pakistanis were hoping against hope for the American Seventh Fleet!!

PETA exhibit in Montreal annoys Zionists!

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), is an animal rights activists orgaqnization. In the second week of September 2004, they organized an exhibit of photographs at Phillips Square, in downtown Montreal. The exhibit conveyed a stark message on behalf of the animals, who were being cruelly treated by the society at large. One of the photographs, which showed the Jewish Holocaust victims and the chickens, facing each other, in the cages, have understandably enraged the Zionists of Canada. One, Jonathan Ross of Vancouver, has seriously questioned the holding of Phillips' Square exhibit, in his letter to daily, The Gazette, of September 11, 2004. He asks: How can, using the death of 6 million Jews as an analogy against eating meat, be considered the best way to honour the memory of those who died? It may be mentioned that the organizer of this controversial exhibit itself, is one of the survirors of the Holocaust!. Another letter, in the same issue of The Gazette, gives an entirely different perspective. Deepak Awasti of Montreal has a different opinion and thinks that: "If we truly rule over animals we are bound to respect them to ensure their well-being. If an animal's soul is equal to a human soul , as many East Asian and aboriginal traditions hold, then either we must honour their sacrifice (for human beings) or refrain altogether from killing them, for our consumption. To do anything less would be inhuman."

While I fully respect the memory of the German Holocaust victims, I must express my extreme anger at many Zionists of Montreal who have made a big fuss about this two-day Exhibit!

New Yorkers Were Not Excited About the Republican Convention: Policeman Ran Over People with Motor Bike and Got Beaten Up

by Aisha Shaheed
[Jamaat al-Muslimeen New York City]

It was held on at Madison Square Garden.

Average New Yorkers, such as myself, avoided that area like the plague. The news channels even commented on how city subways looked like ghost towns during the peak of rush hour! I know I took the subway to work earlier than usual and avoided the west side when I went home.

There was a lot of police presence throught the 5 boroughs of New York City, not just in the vicinity of Madison Square Garden! There were cops directing traffic in Harlem, which is 70 blocks away from Madison Square Garden! The next day, I didn't see these traffic cops. The greatest annoyance was on 42nd street. The traffic cops purposely tied up traffic to keep that 10 block radius around the Garden clear! When traffic is not being directed, it goes a lot smoother. I jumped off of the bus earlier than I needed to and walked up the street to see what the hold up was. The only hold up was the traffic cop!

There was heavy police presence in the subways, too. At certain stops, a policeman would poke his/her head inside the train car and then give the conductor the "okay" to leave the station.

The big news was that on Monday (08/30/2004), an undercover cop ran his motocycle into a crowd of protestors. The protestors pulled him off of his motorcycle and pummeled him! This was caught on amateur video. Initial reports merely stated that an undercover cop was beaten unconscious and that there were no arrests. This was odd because the film showed uniformed policemen dispersing people and pulling the "attackers" off of this cop and sending them on their way. They could have arrested people at the time of the fight. Once the "victim" had been identified as an undercover policeman, that is when they started looking for "perpetrators" to arrest.

This is what really happened, I think: The police did not know that the man getting beaten was one of their own! That is why they weren't arresting people. They thought it was a skirmish between a few people and an obnoxious motorist. The next day, news stations showed this undercover cop running his motorcycle over people. Now, the police say that this undercover cop was responding to the cries of his fellow uniformed police officers in need of assistance. Nonsense!

No uniformd police officers were harmed. Over 1000 protesters had been arrested and but none for assault: only civil disobedience. Some argue that even protestors, who followed orders, were arrested to satisfy some quota.

Many assault cases involving undercover policemen have been dismissed simply because they did not identify themselves as being policemen and show their badge. His own brethren didn't even know who he was, which is why they did not come to his aid so eagerly. They arrested an African-American, Jamal Holliday, for the pummeling. I am praying for him because it looked like self-defense. Should he have a good defense attorney, he/she could poke holes in the police version of this story.

My question is this: Will all of this police presence disappear now that the Republicans have left.
Almost every day, Israel's Jewish troops enter Palestinian towns and kill activists, fighters, opponents and children. The media, controlled by Jews, do not describe the atrocities and rarely report them. By contrast, any Palestinian counterattack, in which Palestinians, being unarmed, have to use themselves as weapons, are publicized repeatedly as "terrorism."

Here is one day, almost the norm now, in Palestine.

Children killed by Israeli fire

From correspondents in Gaza City
THREE Palestinians, including two children, were shot dead and nearly 20 wounded early today as Israel stepped up a deadly campaign to end militants in the northern Gaza Strip.

As Israel bolstered its forces in the northern town of Jabaliya, nine-year-old Mohammed Hisham Salem died after being hit by a bullet in the chest, Palestinian medical sources said.

Family members identified him as a son of a senior member of the radical Islamic Jihad movement and said he was from Beit Lahiya, just north of Jabaliya.

Minutes earlier, 17-year-old Wael Abul Jedyan also died after being hit in the chest by an Israeli bullet when soldiers opened fire from a tank.

Earlier in the day, Kassem al-Mutawaq, 18, was also shot dead by soldiers manning tanks inside the centre of Jabaliya, witnesses said.

Hospital sources said a total of 25 Palestinians had been wounded during the Jabaliya raid. Twenty were suffering from gunshot wounds, seven of whom were said to be in serious condition.
Letter from Ms. Carolyn in Florida

Gaza "Withdrawal" Meant to Enrich Jews at U.S. Expense.
[Near miss by Hurricane: A Message from God?]

The following blurb was in "Investor's Business Daily" today, and I quote, "The head of Israeli military intelligence said Iran may be able to develop nuclear weapons without outside help within six months." Gee, does that mean that Israel might have a potential enemy that could drop a bomb on it? Just why would anyone want to harm Israel in the Middle East?

Second article out of the "Village Sun" today, entitled "Jewish settlers to be given cash advances-Israeli Cabinet approves plan". "Israeli Cabinet ministers approved cash advances Tuesday of up to $115,000 to Jewish settlers willing to leave their home in the Gaza Strip and West Bank-the first concrete step toward carrying out Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's contentious pullout plan." The article says that 8,500 settlers will be pulled from their homes. Work out the dollars on that and guess who is going to pay this tab? The article goes on to say, "Tuesday's 0-1 vote endorsed guidelines that would pay uprooted families a total of $200,000 to $350,000, depending on the size of their homes and how long they had lived there, according to data presented to the ministers. In the meantime, cash advances of up to one-third of the final compensation package will be offered from reserve funds, a senior official said on condition of anonymity. He said the funds could be available "within days."

Dr. Siddique, I am sure that I heard that the U.S. was going to be paying for this along with the new homes in the Occupied Territories. Have you heard anything about who is going to pay this bill? Do you think it would do any good to call our Congressmen to confirm this? I want to know for absolute sure who is paying for all of this.

Hurricane Ivan missed us-thank goodness. We are just getting our house back in order. All outdoor furniture is now back outside. Our house is starting to look normal again. But on the horizon is Hurricane Jean. I am beginning to think that God is punishing us for all of the mass murders our military is committing. I wouldn't blame Him if that is the case, but a big earthquake in Israel wouldn't be too bad either, if that is the case.
Some Good News

Man Who Revealed Israel's Nuclear Secrets Honored

Fri., Sept. 17, 2004 ("The Village Sun" Florida)

New York

Yoko Ono has awarded peace grants to journalist Seymour Hersh and Israeli nuclear whistle-blower Mordechai Vanunu, men she says epitomize her late husband John Lennon's song, "Gimme Some Truth." Hersh and Vanunu will each receive a $50,000 LennonOno Grant for Peace, according to a statement Thursday by Ono's publicist, Elliot Mintz.

Ono said the 2004 honorees are "People who have spoken out for the benefit of the human race by overcoming extreme personal difficulties and, in doing so, have allowed the truth to prevail."

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