Jamaat al-Muslimeen International Press Release

From Kaukab Siddique, Ameer

Three Innocent Charities Closed Down
Pakistani Woman, Citizen of U.S., stripsearched
Tenured Professor Fired owing to Guilt by Association
5000 Arab Students being Questioned
Beards of Muslim P.O.W.s Shaved off by Force .......

"DEEN is Nasiha" (Hadith of Prophet Muhammad, PBUH)

By now Americans have become used to such headlines. Whatever little pretense the Bush administration had about differentiation between Islam and terrorism is melting away. The American power structure sees Islam and authentic Muslims as a threat and as potential for terrorism.

Look at the charities closed down: Holy Land Foundation, Global and Benevolence. One of Global's board members has been picked up owing to problems with his immigration papers.

These are totally non-politcal charities caring for widows and orphans and trying to provide medical help and relief from starvation. Their closing down is part of the Zionist doctrine that" "If you get the most innocent of them, the whole community will be terrorized."
Undoubtedly there are Arabs and Pakistanis, citizens of the U.S., who have no illusions about the racist nature of the American power structure. These, however, are the exceptions. Most Arabs and Pakistanis have considered America a land of milk and honey. They have been extremely comfortable here and have often behaved as if they are "white" and as if their interests and those of the tiny minority which controls America are the same.

These "white in the mind" Arabs and Pakistanis were on an assimilative and integrative spree when the cataclysmic event of 9/11 occurred. Remember the bloc vote for Bush and the hard work these groups put in to help Bush win?

OWING TO LACK OF LEADERSHIP, the Arab and Pakistani communities, U.S. citizens, have still not started the process of self re-education. They pretended that Bush is sincere about his claim that "our war is not against Islam." They didn't mind that Bush was bombing the poorest country in the world and had started a coalition of all the oppressors of the world's Muslims.

American Muslims thought they could make their own separate peace. They ignored the fact that Bush continued to bomb an Islamic country during Ramadan, terrorizing millions who were praying and fasting. Arabs and Pakistanis even welcomed an Eid message from Bush!

It's time to learn that all this prostration in front of the White House, all this begging and grovelling is not going to work. Bush and the racist segments of America, with the full cooperation of the Zionist media, are integrating hatred of Islam into the agenda of the America power structure. The racism of the power structure and the fear/hatred of Islam have coalesced.

ISLAMIC P.O.W.s brought to Guantanamo Bay HAD THEIR BEARDS SHAVED OFF BY FORCE. American Muslims are not encouraged to discuss such matters, but this was an expression of cultural war against Islam. The beard of a Muslim male is part of the Muslim's intention to follow the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and to look like him.
Forceful shaving off of the beard is a form of near-rape.
Understand this by comparison: If Islamists were to circumcise American prisoners by force: i.e. forcefully make them appear to be Muslims, that would be the equivalent of shaving off a Muslim's beard.
So dear Arab and Pakistani readers: do not be offended but learn from the situation. RE-EDUCATE YOURSELF. For the oppressors, you are "Black", however much you might think you are "White." And with it comes your, more or less, adherence to Islam (Bush's enemy.)
This oppression is not going to go away: it's going to get worse because the Muslim world is fighting back against America. (Ask ordinary people in any Muslim country what they think of America after the estimated death of 60,000 Afghans in U.S. bombing.)
I SUGGEST THAT EVERY ARAB and PAKISTANI CITIZEN OF THE U.S. read THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MALCOLM X. It will help you to understand what African-Americans and others already know about the racist power structure.
To racists who might read this message: Don't come forward with that tired, old racist idea that if you don't like America, why don't you leave. Muslims believe that this land belongs to Allah. It's not the property of white racists. It belonged to the "Red Indians" and was made into a viable economy through 400 years of slavery.
As Muslims, we have to believe that we are here by Allah's decree. We have to fulfil Allah's commandment to us, to be WITNESSES TO TRUTH and to command the right and oppose the wrong.

2002-01-17 Thu 18:17ct