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Anniversary of the Camp David Betrayal
How Begin-Sadat-Carter Got Away with it
WERE the SEEDS of 9.11 Sown in the RECOGNITION of ISRAEL?
by Buut Shikan (Idol Breaker)

September 17 was the anniversary of the Camp David betrayal 25 years back. In this move, Israel and the U.S. successfully neutralized Egypt, the only Arab country capable of putting up conventional military resistance to Israel.

Today when Islam and the U.S. are in open confrontation, many Arab and Muslim readers may not realize what happened in those days of shame. That was the height of the "SECULAR ARAB" epoch when every Arab regime had an anti-Islam leadership but had peoples' support owing to heavy Arab nationalistic rhetoric. The rhetoric did not let the Arab masses realize that their leaders had been successfully coopted by the friends of Israel, if not by Israel itself.

Owing to this over-confidence among the Arab regimes, Sadat decided to let the cat out of the bag. He revealed what most Arabs did not know: The rulers were working with Israel and the U.S. Sadat pretended that he was taking a giant step for PEACE when he carried out the supposedly spontaneous visit to Israel. It was a slap in the face of the Arab and Muslim peoples carried out by a dictator who had the utmost contempt for his own people.

[King Hussain of Jordan, who had been secretly meeting Israeli intelligence for years, pretended that he was not happy with Sadat's visit! It was a well-orchestrated response along with other sold-out Arab rulers.]

Those AMERICANS WHO GENUINELY BELIEVE IN DEMOCRACY should consider the obscenity and enormity of Sadat's "peace" with Israel. SADAT DID NOT BOTHER TO ASK THE EGYPTIAN PEOPLE whether they would support his move.

On September 17, 2003 DURING A DISCUSSION OF THE CAMP DAVID accords, which flowed naturally from Sadat's "spontaneous visit, President Carter admitted that SECRETLY CROWN PRINCE FAHD of Saudi Arabia supported the Camp David accord but in public claimed that he was opposed to it. Fahd called Carter to show his support.

The PEACE with Israel removed Egypt from the struggle to free Palestine. Since then Egypt has concentrated on subduing its own people. The Islamic movement in Egypt was radicalized by these great acts of betrayal. The MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD (Ikhwan) which had become a middle class movement of intellectuals became irrelevant to the struggle against Israel. New movements emerged to face the increasing brutality of suppression by the Egyptian Pharoah.

Sadat was killed by Khalid al-Islambouli, who was hailed as the hero of the Islamic movement. Egyptians were expected to mourn Sadat, the man of peace. There was no mourning in Egypt on the day of Sadat's funeral. Instead heavily armed police forces guarded major mosques and Sadat was buried in a small ceremony under the tightest possible security.

The new dictator HOSNI MUBARAK turned with great vengeance on the Islamic movement. The powerful khutbas of Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, a blind scholar of the Qur'an, spiritual leader of al-Gamaa al-Islamiyya, mobilized the Egyptian masses, the poor and the oppressed, against the Egyptian dictator. Tens of thousands of Egyptians were arrested by MUBARAK. Torture, murder and rape by Egyptian "security forces" was the order of the day.

Among those arrested was a very young physician named AYMAN al-ZAWAHIRI. Today he is said to be in Afghanistan.

Shaikh Omar Abdel Rahman taught uprising only against the Egyptian dictator. He did not teach against America. In fact, under relentless oppression by Mubarak, he took refuge in America and was then cleverly entrapped by an Egyptian intelligence officer who was paid a $1,000,000 by the FBI to carry out the operation. Today Dr. Abdel Rahman is in a maximum security prison in Colorado, sentenced to life in prison as a "terrorist."

MUBARAK IS PAID $2.8 BILLION EVERY YEAR by the U.S. to keep the Egyptian people under the boots of tyranny and torture by the largest police apparatus in the Arab world.

Sooner or later, the impact of the "recognition of Israel" by Sadat and the funding of Mubarak by the U.S. must have reached an Egyptian who did not look like a "fundamentalist." His name was Muhammad Atta.

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