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Islamic Sources Claim First U.S. Ground Attack on Kandahar Repulsed
Careful Reading of U.S. TV Stories Confirms U.S. is Hiding Losses CNN shows bodies of dead children killed in air raid: Then justifies killing

New Trend has received a number of reports about the defeat of the first U.S. ground attack on Kandahar. Our reporters watch U.S. TV with great care and have come to the conclusion that the U.S. is hiding its first defeat.

Let's look at the U.S. TV stories from MSNBC, CNN and FOX NEWS:
1.From November 25 to December 2, U.S marines were shown as having landed south of Kandahar. Day after day, they were shown preparing, digging in, bringing supplies. It was a dead "no news" story to cover the real story not shown.
2.The U.S. TV (all three) stated daily that Kandahar was about to fall and that it would DEFINITELY FALL by December 2.
3. U.S. government sources repeated again and again that HEAVY fighting was going on both north and south of Kandahar. The impression was given that these were "Pashtun anti-Taliban forces" attacking Kandahar but no details were given.
4. On December 2, the U.S. sources completely changed their story and stated that it would take ANOTHER WEEK to take Kandahar airport, let alone all of Kandahar.
5. Rumsfeld told Meet the Press that the Taliban are "fanatical fighters" and it would be better for the U.S. not to have to go into Kandahar to fight.
6. The U.S. air force has put in a daily stint of non-stop bombing of Kandahar with no signs of a Taliban surrender. 100 planes pulverize the area daily.
(Observers say that U.S. troops under air attack without air defenses would not LAST EVEN ONE DAY.)
Now Qoqaz (which is a Chechen site) reports that a U.S. ground attack was attempted from the NORTH of Kandahar in which troops were brought in by helicopter. The attackers were ambushed by the Taliban and lost two Apache helicopters and more than 150 troops.
Another Islamic source refers to a paratroop drop by the U.S. in the Helmand area which was wiped out by the Taliban and resulted in the death of 32 of U.S.'s best troops.
The U.S. claims it has lost only one man and that was the CIA operative in Konduz. Observers say that this is part of the psychological warfare meant to give an air of invincibility to the U.S. armada.
When the Soviets entered Afghanistan, they behaved very much like the U.S. They claimed they had come to build Afghanistan and to provide hospitals, schools and roads.
They used to call their brutal occupation army, "a limited contingent sent to help the fraternal Afghan people develop their country."
For several YEARS, the Soviets refused to tell their people that they were killing thousands of Afghans and also tried to conceal their own losses. In fact NO SOVIET losses were acknowledged for several years. Only through the word of mouth reports from the mothers of dead Soviet troops, the Russian people learned that little Afghanistan had become the graveyard of a superpower.

Brent Sadler deserves credit for his reporting for CNN from the villages near Jalalabad. The footage showed lined up corpses of children killed by the glorious U.S. air force. Another clip showed bodies being dug up from the dust of bombed MUD HUTS. (December 2, 10 pm)
But then, just in case the American public questions this campaign against "terrorism", CNN brought in a dirty old man, a retired general sitting in Chicago, who claimed that Al-Qaeda must have brought in the civilians into their caves, so that when the U.S. bombed the caves, the civilians got killed. The old fool did not realize that the people were NOT KILLED IN CAVES but in their villages.
The final touch to the shamelessness of the U.S. heroes came from the Afghan headman who was attending to the collection of bodies for burial. He said that just when they had finished collecting the bodies, the villagers were bombed again by the heroes of the air.
Another Afghan said that all the farm animals near Jalalabad have been killed by the U.S. bombers. Thus the terrorist air force is doing what it did in Iraq: Depriving the people of their means of subsistence.

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