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Rabi' al-Awwal 18, 1426/April 27, 2005 #31
Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [3 items]

Islamic Scholar Dr. Ali al-Timimi Convicted of "terrorism related" Charges

Al-Timimi, of Iraqi origin, is a man of Islamic learning, a scholar. He used to give khutbas at a small mosque called Dar al-Arqam in Falls Church, Virginia. Among his audience were some of the nine Muslims whom the government later arrested as part of a "Virginia Jihad Network."

In his Khutbas, Dr Al-Timimi explained the meaning of Jihad and its importance in the life of the Muslim. He is also said to have urged his listeners to prepare to leave America if war breaks out.

Some of the innocents who listened to him might have taken him literally. So, some of them did go to Pakistan and are alleged to have contacted Lashkare Taiba
[though there is no evidence of this].

Of the nine men the government arrested, two broke and made a plea bargain with the government to speak against the others. Now the government uses these 2 REPEATEDLY as "witnesses" against the others. The two think that by cooperating with the regime, they will avoid life sentences. Their obvious fabrications and lies have netted 8 to 90 year sentences for the Virginia Innocents.

In Al-Timimi's case, again the two plea bargainers were used to paint the scholar as a "terrorist" inciter planning to hit America! The scholar, though free on bail, is facing life in prison when sentencing comes due in July.

America's justice system is indeed a joke. NOT ONE TERRORIST involved in actual violence against America has been convicted. Instead totally innocent people are being punished for being good Muslims. Sentences high enough to be given to murderers are being handed out to people who have NEVER indulged in violence.

Inshallah, once Bush's reign of terror is over, all these prisoners of conscience will be released. Even Mcarthy did not carry out such outrages against innocent people. International Jewry, which has taken over this country, has brought America down to the condition of a third class nation where even the totally innocent can expect the midnight knock on the door.


On April 25, Jamaat al-Muslimeen protested all day in front of the court which deals with social services related to the taking away of children. Monday is the day when many people come to the court. Literature on the issue of Muslim children [and children in general] taken from their parents was distributed all day.

A side walk video was set up and shown repeatedly to visitors to educate them about the issue.

Posters were set up to attract people's attention to the cause.

Although the da'wah was widespread, NONE of the mosques in the city sent any represtatives. Muslims in Atlanta seem to be leaderless.


The BB & T bank in Virginia, through its customer relations office in North Carolina, says [April 26] that it has investigated why Dr. AbdelHalim Ashqar's account was closed down. It still refuses to give a reason but keeps repeating that "we do not discriminate on the basis of religion, nationality, ethnicity, etc."

Dr. Ashqar is a Palestinian leader living in the U.S.


New Trend urges immigrants to read a book titled INCIDENTS IN THE LIFE OF A SLAVE GIRL by Linda Brent. First published in 1861, it appeared as a Signet books classic in 2000.
IRAQ and others.
  1. General Myers claimed on April 26 that Islamic resistance leader Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi was almost captured "recently." He escaped but one of his associates was captured along with his lap top computer and his disc filled with information.
    [This may or may not be true. Only the future will show if it was true.]
  2. MEDIA KEEPING AMERICANS unINFORMED. According to the Pentagon, 7 more U.S. troops were killed by "insurgents" between April 21 and 26, raising the total to 1573. The U.S. media, however, did not report this action and relegated it to the news monitor reeled out below the CNN, MSNBC, Fox News screens
  3. DIFFERENT CONSERVATIVE VOICES: According to Prof. Michael Desch of Texas A & M University, who just visited Iraq, U.S. troops, etc., U.S. troops are in VERY BAD SHAPE in Iraq, their equipment is worn out from daily operations in the desert and they are coming home "beat." [C-Span live April 26.] This is very different from the picture painted by retired generals and colonels who are regularly invited to speak about Iraq on the cable channels.
  4. According to Prof. Michael Waller, if honest elections were held in Saudi Arabia today, OSAMA BIN LADEN WOULD WIN EASILY. [Same source.]
  5. U.S. troops have entered Pakistan to train Pakistani commandos operating on the Afghan border. [CNN April 27.]
Montreal Perspectives
By Jalaluddin S. Hussain

All terrorist acts need to be condemned

The act of terrorism and international terrorism is bad, abominable, detestable and worth eradicating, even with the help of state force or the joint forces of the United Nations' members. There is no doubt or question about it. However, it is crucial that we do not use double standards or discriminate one terrorism against the other. If the Chechniyan civilians are massacred by the Russian army, If the Palestinian children are killed by the Israeli bullets and if the First Nation people, on the reserves of Canada and USA, are ruthlessly suppressed by the Canadian and American police forces, we need to condemn them all, as we would condemn the mindless acts of individual and group terrorists against innocent civilians in Moscow, Tel Aviv, Khanesatake or New York!

Tariq Ramadan pleads for tolerance

Tariq Ramadan, till lately a professor of Islamic Studies and Philosophy in Fribourg University, in Switzerland, is the author of "To be a European Muslim and Western Muslim and the Future of Islam". Surprisingly, he has also been described by the Time magazine of USA as, "one of the 100 most likely innovators of the 21st. century." He is considered by some Western opinion-makers as "controversial", "radical", "extremist" and "hypocrite". To me he is bold and clear-headed and can speak up his mind.

In a Globe and Mail, Toronto, article, which was also reproduced in the November 2004 issue of Montreal's tri-lingual (French/Arabic and English) journal,Tariq Ramadan has some of the following points to make in his article entitled: "What you fear is not who I am":

- A repeated hypothesis or suspicion becomes a truth and a three-time repeated assumption imperceptibly becomes a fact;

- He questions those who accuse him of radicalism and extremism, if they have read his statements of September 13, 2001 (immediately following the WTC tragedy), calling on all Muslims, to speak out and to condemn the terrorist attacks;

- His message to the Muslims throughout the world is: know who you are and who you want to be;

- Find common values and build with your fellow-citizens, a society based on diversity and equality;

- promote from where you are, the universal principles of justice and freedom and leave the societies elsewhere to find their own model of democracy based on their collective psychology and cultural heritage.

National Post's article: provocative

It is a provocative piece in today's daily, National Post of Canada, entitled: "Boycotting Israel? Read this" Douglas Davis who wrote this, originally for The Spectaor, U.K. begins as follows:

" Pay attention, British professors. If you support the boycott of Israel proposed by some of your academics - and if you are to remain intellectually honest - prepare for a radical lifestyle change... unplug your computers... switch off your interactive digital television sets... throw off your mobile phones..."

All this because according to Douglas Davis these technologies, directly or indirectly, are Zionist owned or Zionist-inspired! I am here reminded of Jamaat al Muslimeen's brochure entitled: Boycott major supporters of Zionism. Incidentally, I have made dozens of copies of this brochure and distribute them from time to time. But does Douglas Davis really means what he is saying? Is he not aware that there are always alternate technologies and products? Again, why should he logicise that since the products he mentions depend on technologies that have been produced by "Israeli academics in the Zionist entity" they cannot be used by non-Zionist all over the world!
During the last one month, the editor of New Trend was invited to two unusual gatherings. The first one was all African-American and the editor was the ONLY non-African-American. The second one was all WHITE and he was the only non-white.

The Best of Baltimore: Helping the Young and the Vulnerable

[March 27, 2005]

[Summary by New Trend.]

Abdul Qadir Sennaar and his wife Diana Sennaar have the extraordinary ability to bring together people who are culturally diverse. They connect African-Americans with Africa and they are able to get Christians and Muslims to get together and work together.

Their organization, the Tauhid Institute of the Arts held its annual gathering a a Halal restaurant on the west side of Baltimore. The purpose was to award recognition to the best and brightest of Baltimore, Christians and Muslims, who are working with disadvantaged and vulnerable people.

The Tauhid Institute gave special recognition to three of Baltimore's Islamic personalities: Among the awardees was Hajjah Zakia Amin who offers scholarships to 15 worthy high school graduates every year. Her family runs a karate club for children recognized as the best in the city.

A gentleman named Cason runs drug recovery program which helps 300 recovering addicts and is appropriately named "I Can't: We Can."

Sandy Benjamin-Hannibal is an internationally known quilter.

Leslie Jennings, married to an African Muslim, helps immigrants with their legal work.

An outstanding Muslim is Marvin McDowell, President of UMAR Boxing and has channelled the energies of young people into sublimation of their aggressive reflexes.

An outstanding Christian is Rev. Deborah Smith who provides resources for children and their families.

Malik Yacoubou is a businessman from Benin, West Africa. And so on.

[Marcus Garvey's "return to Africa" movement called for a literal and physical return. In the long run, Garvey has had a much more important mental impact on African-Americans and made them aware of their African origins.]

David Irving Spoke to a Packed House in Arlington, Virginia

[March 31, 2005]

Jewish Lobby Attempts to Silence and Defame Him

[New Trend report]

David Irving, a British historian whose prolific writing on and meticulous documentation of the Second World War won him worldwide acclaim, became controversial when he found little to support the Jewish story of the "Holocaust." He noted that although there is ample evidence of German atrocities against Jews, especially during the German invasion of the USSR, there was no Hitler order in writing anywhere to prove that he ordered the extermination of the Jews.
[Germans prided themselves on documentation of all matters, including the numbers of people who died in their camps of disease as the war in its final stages made life miserable for everyone.]

International Jewry went after Irving in an extremely organized and methodical manner. He was banned from entry into numerous countries, including Germany. Within the U.S., Jewish and Communist groups tried to put an end to his speeches through physical intimidation. Most universities would not allow his public appearance on the plea that he would be attacked physcally and they could not protect him.
[In the bastion of freedom, Berkeley, his meeting was attacked and trashed by a Jewish-Communist group.]

Hence Mr. Irving's meetings are organized with great care and are not publicized till the day of the gathering.

The meeting in Arlington, Virginia had Mr. Irving recounting the defamation case he filed in England against Deborah Lipstadt, a Jewish professor at Emory University in Atlanta. He found out that Lipstadt had accused him of being a Nazi in a book she wrote about "Holocaust Denial."
The Jewish technique has been to attack Irving's credibility and then not allow his defense or rejoinder to be published anywhere.

Jewish organizations have also managed to ensure that none of his books should be published in the United States.

The case Irving instituted against Lipstadt became a trial about the Jewish contention that Hitler had ovens at Auschwitz in which 4 million Jews [a claim later pruned down to one million] were gassed. Irving took the wind [or the gas!] out of this claim by pointing out that there is no evidence of any apertures in the Auschwitz buildings through which gas [or cyanide in some versions of the story] could have been introduced into the alleged gas chambers.

Irving faced an entire "dream team" of Jewish attorneys and almost defeated them. Even the Israeli embassy watched the trial. He lost owing to the introduction of "guilt by association" methodology used by the Lipstadt team. He was accused of being patronized by Nazis and even of association with Hamas and Hizbullah (!).

Listening to Irving one realizes the limits to freedom of expression in the USA. Recently C-Span invited Lipstadt to speak on its program on books about her book on "holocaust denial". She was told that Mr. Irving too would be a given a few minutes because he was the main person she had attacked in her book.
Lipstadt refused to turn up so that Irving should not get an outlet, however briefly, to reach the public.

Thus the Jewish methodology is: Attack him and do not let his rejoinder be heard. The Jewish ideology aims at control of the sources of information.

New Trend: The Only Voice Raised Against Pope's Media Imagery & Israeli Atrocity

As usual, NT is the only Muslim news organization saying the "right thing" on the death of Pope John Paul II. The story on the Palestinian woman giving birth at the checkpoint where she was stopped by the Israeli military made my blood boil. It is one more reminder to people of conscience not to give one single cent to Nestle, Starbucks, Nike, Coca-Cola, or Arm and Hammer, Caterpillar, or others financing Israeli's racist policies.

We SHALL overcome!

-N. Siddique

W.D. Muhammad's Man Claims Government was Justified in Guilty Verdict against Imam Jamil al-Amin

[Mr. Curtis Sharif, an ardent W.D. Muhammad man, has been busy on the Internet defending his "imam." In response to Br. Hyder Shaikh from U.K., he gave the following reasoning for his "imam's" position on Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin who was railroaded by the government. It was copied to New Trend. Now we know why W.D. has been silent about the oppression of Imam Jamil by the regime.]

[From Curtis Sharif's letter to Hyder Shaikh:]

"I for one believe the facts of the case, and the evidence presented, prove that he is guilty. The jury, after hearing all the testimony and reviewing all the evidence, belied that also. He recieved a fair trial, where he aid of competent attorneys was given evey opportunity to defend himself. I also believe both he AND O.J. Simpson commited the crimes they were charged with. O.J., however was found not guilty. One is not obligated to prove innocence."

"What facts in the case, or evidence cause you to believe he is innocent? Proclaiming you are Muslim does not prove lack of guilt.. "

"Again, what logical, Islamic reason can you or he present, to explain why he, as an internationnally recognized Imam, was carrying an assault rifle under his coat, as he went about his daily business?"

Do not insult "their Earthly Leader," Otherwise your Message will not be heard

You have made valid points and presented sound daleel to back up your points concerning Imam Mohammad's remarks and the remarks of other leaders (ICNA, ISNA, Siraj Wahaj, etc.) in the past. This you do very well. However in your quest to correct Imam Mohammed publicly and others you are defeating yourself. You have called for unity among Islamic leaders. Well, it is not going to happen if you are calling Imam Mohammed and other leaders names like (Kufr) and in turn other leaders and their followers are calling you names and making statements such as Agitator, Lunatic, Frustrated Loser due to your lack of building a large community, etc. It does not matter if these statements are true or not. They have been said and said in a way that can hurt the distribution of New Trend.

I can disagree with you and still respect you as you have proven to be a loyal supporter of the cause of domestic violence awareness. You not only give excellent Khutbahs on the subject, you back up your Khutbahs with action, something most other Islamic leaders have not done (immigrant or indigenous). I can remember when you came (twice) to the Baitul Salaam Residence in Atlanta (with your wife) and on the later visit talked to the residents and continued your moral and financial support of our organization. I remember that you went to your family and asked them to assist as well. Your family responded. Your mom (may Allah grant her paradise) came to visit and then helped us out financially. Your sister supports us and others who do so due to your influence, Alhamidulillah!

I only write as I see a pattern developing that I think will eventually do more harm to the distribution of New Trend than good. Your disapproval of Imam Mohammed and other Islamic leaders and the name calling is hurting you now. You have said and presented daleel on the various subjects and comments made by Imam Mohammed, those in leadership at ISNA, ICNA and others. I think it is time for you to let Allah do the rest.

As I mentioned earlier you have called for unity among Islamic leaders. This will not happen until all of you can confront each other as brothers and do as Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has instructed us. We are to take the message of truth from the Quran and Ahadith (valid ones) to those in our midst and those outside (non-Muslims). Then we are to leave the rest with Allah due Allah alone is the one who can shape and mould Muslims. On the day of judgment all will come before Allah and be held accountable. Imams who lead well or mislead (intentionally or on purpose) will face a larger reward or more dire punishment due to the choices they have made in their leadership.

You have made your points public. You have presented Quran and Ahadith, so let it go. You are only hurting your good works by making people feel you have insulted their leaders. Some good followers/supporters are now leaving you and not reading New Trend at all due to what has happened in the recent past with your non-ending negative comments about their leaders.

New Trend magazine has an edge on reporting which is fresh, different and great! Most other Islamic papers are not true newspapers. They serve a valid purpose of reporting events, etc. so those in whatever leadership the paper is circulated know who is doing what, when and why. However you dare to go deeper than the surface on any issue. New Trend goes boldly where most Islamic newspapers in the US do not. This is good. For this valuable information to continue to get into the hands of all or the opportunity for it to get into the hands of all it must be read. People are not going to read New Trend Magazine if every week it appears (imagine or real) that you are bashing one of your brothers. Remember Imam Mohammed is your brother. People will not read New Trend if they feel they are being insulted by you due to you insulting their earthly leader.

Am I asking you to compromise? NEVER! However I do ask that you review what you are doing and ask yourself-IS IT WORTH IT!

May Allah forgive us all for our shortcomings.

Your Sister in Faith
Hadayai Majeed
Humble Servant of Allah

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