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According to AFP, India has admitted serious losses in an attack by three Islamic fighters on July 22, at an Indian army garrison in Tanda, Akhnur area, Occupied Kashmir. Three mujahideen came to the camp following reports that the Indian army had BEEN RAPING A KASHMIRI WOMAN who was being held captive by the Hindus. [The raping went on for three months, according to mujahideen media.]

Two mujahideen first sacrificed themselves, in the process killing 7 Indian troops and a senior officer Brigadier V. K. Goel. The third mujahid hid himself and came out firing when he saw top Indian army officers within reach. India has admitted that the COMMANDER-in-CHIEF of Indian security forces in Kashmir, Lt. General Hari Prasad, was seriously wounded. Also wounded were three other Lt. Generals and 17 other officers. The mujahid was martyred.[India has admitted all these losses.]

In the light of coordination between Musharraf and Vajpayee, this time India did not blame Pakistan, but instead blamed "militants trying to derail the peace process."

Lashkare Taiba's two and three man units struck several times in June as well.
IN IRAQ, the fighting continued on July 22. In two attacks, the Iraqi mujahideen killed two U.S. troops and wounded 8. The mujahideen used home-made explosives. After Bush declared victory, U.S. forces have suffered 96 killed and 319 wounded. Looks like the killing of Uday and Qusay is not going to stop the resistance.

2003-07-25 Fri 19:31ct