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Child marriage, multiple marriages, male-female relationships are very serious issues which need to be discussed in a sober and educated way to be beneficial.

Unfortunately the moderator of pakistan forum, Mr. Shahid Mahmud, has adopted an attitude towards those he disagrees with which can best be described as GHUNDA GARDEY (thug tactics of abuse and insult).

He told Dr. Akhter that if he thinks the hadith about hazrat 'Ayesha's age being 6 at the time of marriage is correct, then he should have married his own daughter when she was six years old, and other abusive words.

When Br. Nazir mentioned that a hadith approves of a person who has several wives, Mr. Mahmud again started foaming at the mouth and told Br. Nazir to go marry so many women if he thinks the Hadith is correct.

I pointed out that the Prophet, pbuh, was a charismatic and unusual personality and women used to seek refuge with him and some of them offered themselves to him. As usual Mr. Mahmud objected because he has a knee-jerk reaction to the word Hadith.
At this I pointed out to him that the Qur'an (33:50) speaks approvingly of the Prophet's right to marry a woman who offers herself to him.
At this Mr. Mahmud again lost his 'cool' and called me a dirty name.

Mr. Mahmud has also skillfully censored Br. Asif's article and then made some confusing remarks about his article.

It appears from this GHUNDA GARDEY (internet thuggery) that Mr. Mahmud is not interested in discussion. He wants to be so abusive that all those who do not agree with him will leave pakistanforum so that he can then continue safely to mislead westernized Pakistani elites who don't want to take the time to study the Hadith and wish they could interpret the Qur'an to their hearts' content.
It appears that satan has chosen Mr. Mahmud to spread abuse against the greatest scholars of Islam, including Imam Bukhari, historian Tabari, all the scholars of Hadith, indirectly against all the sahaba who narrated hadith, and the leaders of modern Islamic movements like Abul Ala Maudoodi (ra).

I would ask Dr. Akhter, Br. Nazir and Br. Asif to stay the course. Remember that the Prophet (pbuh) himself endured the same abuse. When he talked about his journey through the heavens (mairaj), the kuffar laughed at him, just like Mr. Mahmud and his friends have been laughing at the hadith about mairaj.
This anti-Hadith fitnah must be faced and defeated with knowledge.

My readings in Hadith indicate that hazrat 'Ayesha (ra) was not that young when she married the Prophet (pbuh). Hadith indicate that she was a mature woman. I gave my evidence but Mr. Mahmud as moderator refused to post the article.

But now thinking back on what Dr. Akhter wrote, I need to discuss the underlying issue of CHILD MARRIAGE. I think Dr. Akhter was correct. Actually, there is scope in Islam for CHILD MARRIAGE and it is the best solution in some circumstances.
(Now I know the Pervezis, being middle class people, will be shocked, but the world is much bigger than their philosophy.)
1.There are many occasions when an old or sick man has a little daughter; the mother has died and the father is scared of what will happen to his daughter when he dies. At that time, the father can arrange a marriage with the equally young son of a trusted family friend. The father thinks that after his death, his daughter will grow up and live happily as a wife in that good family.
1a. Islam here provides a safeguard for the daughter whose marriage is arranged by her father. When she grows up, she can repudiate the marriage if she does not like the man the father chose for her. My understanding is based on this authentic hadith:
"From Khansa daughter of Khizam (Allah be pleased with her): My father married me to someone, and (when) I was mature and that marriage was not acceptable to me, I mentioned this to the messenger of Allah, pbuh, and he annulled my marriage." (Imam Bukhari who collected this Hadith put it under this very educational heading:' If the daughter is unhappy with the marriage, it is rejected (mardood).'

Now there are millions of cases around the world where fathers die happy because owing to the blessings of Islam, they are able to arrange the marriages of their daughters before they die even when the daughters are little (like 5 to 10 years old).

In non-Muslim faiths, as in America, a fatherless girl, whose mother too died earlier, faces terrible tragedies. Millions of young girls become prostitutes while countless others become pregnant in their teenage.
The minds of the rejectors of Hadith are so dirty that they actually thought that the 'husband' of an underage girl will start having sex with her right away!. These slaves of the West have become so dirty in their minds that when they look at the pearls of blessed Hadith, they look at them as swine look at pearls.
2.CHILD MARRIAGES should also be arranged where slavery is ending and young former slave girls are being prepared by Muslims to be free. Islam has come to put an end to slavery, but such teachings (both in Qur'an and Hadith) become meaningless if Muslims are unwilling to marry slave girls who will grow up to be heads of households. Read this authentic hadith collected by the blessed Imam Bukhari (ra):
"From Abu Burda: My father heard from the messenger of Allah, pbuh, that a person who has a slave girl and who educates her, teaches her good manners, frees her and marries her, gets a double reward." Now our enemies of hadith, who live comfortable westernized lives will never face the fact that millions of children are being enslaved by the West and the East. It is our task to free them, and the best way to ensure their future is to make them part of the family.
Again marriage does not mean sex with children (as our mental pederasts think) but an opportunity, which the girl can repudiate when she is an adult, if she so wishes.
Then there are the subjects of poverty and war. There are millions of women who will never find husbands owing to devastation and destruction. Can we as Islamic revolutionaries marry them to our male children (or marry our female children to male orphans). Of course, most people don't have the courage to do so, but Islam is the name of transformation, not of stagnation and status quo.
I am of the view that Hadith themselves show that hazrat 'Ayesha was a mature young woman when her marriage ceremony took place and was 19 or 25 when she went to the Prophet (pbuh) as his wife. I have given the context for this understanding from Hadith in my article censored by pakistan forum.
But let's suppose she was 6, as one Hadith says when she was married. Think of the meaning of that marriage. Abu Bakr, one of the greatest Muslims of all times, wanted to make sure that his household and that of the Prophet (pbuh) would be united if he died. It was a time of great persecution and death for the Muslims was always around the corner.
When 'Ayesha (the exalted, the sublime) grew up, she was actually asked by Allah to CHOOSE or GIVE UP the Prophet. (Read the Qur'an o munakareene Quran-o-hadith.) The Prophet was concerned that being young, she might decide to leave (his was a household of jihad, very difficult and otherworldly). So he asked her to seek her father's advice. Her rejoinder: I can make my own choice and I choose you, O messenger of Allah.
(O Allah help us to walk in the dust of the caravan of the Mother of the believers, the fiery young woman who could lead and teach men of all ages AND WHO WAS THE GREATEST NARRATOR AND TEACHER OF HADITH.)
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If the munkareen don't stop their GHUNDA GARDEY, I am preparing an analysis of Tolu-e-Islam (Pervez's) magnum opus MAQAME HADITH.

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