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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Shawwal 19, 1428. October 31, 2007. #84

Please scroll way down to our tribute to the sisters of Jamia Hafsa [Pakistan] in the form of a Hadith of Muhammad, pbuh, about the role of women.

Lest we forget KFAR QASSEM: On October 29, 1956, at the start of the aggression launched against Egypt, Israeli Jews killed 49 Palestinian villagers, including old men and women, in the Sinai village of Kfar Qassim. The Jews claimed that a curfew had been imposed on the village. The villagers did not know of the curfew. When they returned from working in their field, they were lined up and murdered in cold blood by the Jews.

Our America
[New Trend endorses vigil to highlight Racist Crime.]
Megan Williams Case and National Hate Crimes March

This is the Latest Updated Flyer in the Attachment [See New Trend's earlier coverage with photos at end of our September 25 issue. Go to our web site ] and the latest list of endorsements on our Website: . There is a National Thrust to Load as many Buses as possible Nationwide to Charleston, West Virginia on Saturday, November 3rd, 2007. Of course auto clubs, truckers, bikers, caravans etc. are welcome as well. There is a Vigil at the Crime Scene on Friday, November 2nd, 2007 in Logan County, West Virginia. Please forward this E-Mail throughout your network, ASAP. Thank You!


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CNN Producer
Glenn Beck show
CNN Prime

Re: Inaccuracy and lack of journalistic ethics in Mr. Beck's comments on the Blind Sheikh, Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman

During Glen Beck's program on October 17, which was repeated on October 20 and 21, Mr. Beck made the following incorrect and abusive statements. I have corrected three of them in the parenthesis after each statement: Glenn Beck should acquire at least elementary knowledge of his subjects before embarking on inflammatory diatribes.

The Shaikh was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for an alleged conspiracy to blow up New York landmarks [which, being blind, he has never seen].

Conspiracy charges mean that nothing really happened but the government claimed that it was going to happen. Look at the elements which put together this conviction.
  1. The Judge in the case, Michael Mukasey, is a Zionist Jew. His wife actually works for Israel. The defendant, Shaikh Omar, is a strong opponent of Israel. There was no chance of justice here. The Judge right from the beginning of the trial took the attitude that he himself and the entire court building was under threat of attack by Shaikh Omar's "Jihad army," [which of course did not exist] and thus influenced the jury.
  2. The jury was not a jury of the Shaikh's peers. In addition, they were allowed to read inflammatory and abusive articles against the Shaikh which were coming out every day in the media during the trial. Judge Mukasey claimed that the jury would not be influenced by the media attacks on the Shaikh!
  3. The witnesses were as follows:
Glenn Beck's drama against the Blind Shaikh reeks of hatred and sensationalism against one of the most learned scholars of Islam in our times. It's a shame that under Zionist influence, a powerful nation like America holds a blind man, who does not know English and suffers from a variety of ailments, in a little cell cut off from all human contact.


Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D, Associate Professor of English

Latest war news
Fighting Erupts in Mogadishu, Somalia

Islamic fighters are challenging the Ethiopian occupation forces in Somalia. The Islamists have regrouped and are taking on the heavily armed Ethiopians in night attacks. The Ethiopians [armed and funded by the U.S.] retaliate by shooting at Somali civilians. On October 29, Somali civilians rallied in the streets to condemn the Ethiopian occupation. The Ethiopian brutally broke up the demonstration.

Lull in Iraq Fighting Ends: U.S. General Hit

On October 29, a martyrdom operator entered a police headquarter in Baqubah. He killed 29 police working for the U.S. and wounded scores of others. The attack belies the claim of sectarian conflict in Iraq. The policemen killed were both Shi'as and Sunnis working for the U.S. According to the Los Angeles Times. There are fears that Al-Qaidah-in-Iraq has infiltrated the regime's police. The attacker, on a bicycle, was able to enter the high security area allegedly owing to inside support.

In another attack, in northern Baghdad, a roadside explosion seriously injured an American Brigadier General, Dorko, and another soldier.


On October 24, 2007 more than 2500 Pakistani paramilitary troops supported by helicopters gun ships rolled into the beautiful, touristy region known as Swat. The people were surprised by the move as the heavily armed troops occupied key positions. Maulvi Fazlullah is extremely popular here and since the regime's assault on the Red Mosque and Jamia Hafsa has been mobilizing the masses. He called on the people to resist [on his FM radio.]

On October 25 a martyrdom operator struck one of the Pakistani military units killing 19 troopers and wounding a score of others. Clashes between the security forces and volunteer Islamic fighters broke out and continued from October 26 thru October 30. The army used heavy artillery to hit Islamic fighters hidden in the hills. It also shelled Maulvi Fazlullah's house. [He was not there.]

The outgunned Islamic fighters launched hit and run attacks and [literally] slaughtered 5 Pakistani troopers in hand to hand fighting. Pakistani helicopter gun ships swung into action. The army says it has killed 60 militants but it's a number which is difficult to verify. Villagers say at least 14 civilians were killed in the Pakistani attack.

Mujahideen counterattacks followed and the Islamic fighters now control the districts of Matta and Kabl in the Swat area. The army accepted a cease fire on October 30 so that both sides can pick up their dead. At least 17 Pakistani troopers and 9 Islamic fighters are lying dead in the battlefield. Maulvi Fazlullah announced on his FM radio that the mujahideen will not fire until fired upon but if attacked will hit back hard.

In North Waziristan, a cease fire is in effect after the pre-Eid blood letting. The army periodically fires volleys of heavy artillery into the mountains and the Islamic fighters respond every now and then with automatic rifle fire. The army has unblocked the roads and withdrawn. Looks like a victory for the Islamic side.

In South Waziristan, the mujahideen are still holding on to 300 Pakistani troopers and threatening to kill them if the Pakistani army advances. [Earlier, one trooper, from the intelligence branch of Musharraf, was slaughtered by a teenager and the killing videotaped to terrorize the Pakistani army. The Waziri people want revenge for the mass murder of Islamic girls and women in Jamia Hafsa where Musharraf and General Kiani, new military boss, used phosphorous.]

Just outside South Waziristan, in the town with the name of Tunk, a tussle is going on between Pak security and Islamists. If the Islamic side wins, the way will be open for Islamic entry into the Punjab through the city of Dera Ismail Khan

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Timbuktu: From the Leader of Civilization to a Dusty "lost city."
What happens when people give up books and Scholars

October 22, 2007: Not too many Americans have visited the city of Timbuktu in West Africa. Sis. Karen English, an African-American Muslimah from Los Angeles, California, is one of these rare visitors.

She spoke to non-Muslim, African-American students at Lincoln University, Pennsylvania. Wearing full hijab, with only her face uncovered, Sis. English, Special Education teacher and author of numerous books, indirectly gave a message: A TV generation which does not read books is looking to a bleak future.

With power point slides, Sis. English showed the stark contrasts of Timbuktu: It is a sleepy town in the desert with poor or no roads, low percentages of literacy, little education for girls and almost no connection to the outside world.

Hidden in the libraries and mosques are the treasures of the past: invaluable collections of the Qur'an, Hadith and Tafsir, amazing works on astronomy, mathematics and medicine. They are in Arabic. The people of Timbuktu, largely illiterate, cannot benefit from these treasures. Gradually, through occasional theft by sophisticated smugglers, the priceless books and manuscripts are ending up in the museums of New York, London and Paris.

How did this happen to the people of Islamic West Africa who at one time had among the most advanced, the most highly educated, the wealthiest civilization in the world? Ms. English gave instances in which ordinary officials in Timbuktu had personal libraries of 1500 or more books. One Islamic ruler gave gifts of pure gold to thousands of people as he traveled in style from Africa all the way to Makkah for the pilgrimage.

The tragedy began when a dictator drove out the scholars of Islam from Timbuktu and neglected the emphasis on learning and books. The decline continued till the colonial takeover. Europeans had no interest in reviving learning among Africans.

Today, the descendants of Africans in America are being disconnected from the culture of books and being hooked to the world of TV and corruptive videos. Did the young people understand Ms. English' message? We'll have to wait and see.

Sis. Karen English is Secretary General of Jamaat al-Muslimeen and Director of the Campaign to Boycott Businesses which Support Israel.

Sis. Amatullah, Young Convert to Islam, strongly Brings up Case of Imam Abdullah Hasan [Ohio]

October 20: During the National Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen at Lincoln University, Pennsylvania, Sis. Saadiqah Amatallah Hasan spoke about the case of Imam Hasan and the tragic situation which emerged from the prison uprising in Lucasville, Ohio.

She outlined the prison conditions before the uprising. The prisoners were being horribly mistreated. The breaking point came when the prison administration decided to force prisoners to take shots which had an alcohol component. The prisoners saw it as a violation of their rights: Islam forbids the use of alcohol.

Sis. Amatullah, who recently embraced Islam, represents the new wave of Muslim activists in America. She was articulate, well-organized, very focused and in hijab -the symbol of the Islamic struggle.

She explained in detail and with documents the causes of the Lucasville uprising and the role of Imam Abdullah Hasan. She traced step by step the government's railroading of Imam Hasan. He had helped to keep the inmates as peaceful as possible. His "fault" seems to have been, in the eyes of the authorities, that he helped unite the White and Black inmates, a very rare occurrence in the prison system.

Sis. Amatullah illustrated how a snitch [collaborator] was used by the government to convict Imam Hasan. Thus an innocent man is now on death row. Imam Hasan follows the Sunnah wal Jamaah concept of pure Islam. All Muslims and peiple of conscience should support his release.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen supports this just cause highlighted so ably by Sis. Amatullah. Inshallah readers will read more on this issue in New Trend as the sister is actively fighting for justice for Imam Hasan.

Sis. Amatullah has decided to join Jamaat al-Muslimeen and is now Representative of the Jamaat in Ohio.

Da'wa in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Program for New Muslims: Understanding Racism

6:00 - 7:00 PM. Know your religion. For new Muslims
7:00 - 7:30 Tafsir from Risale Nur in English (Presenters: Fethullah Canpolat and Selahattin Kurter)
7:30 - 8:00 Racism in legal terms in USA (Presenter: Attorney Narciso Aleman)
8:00 - 8:30 Racism among Muslims which creates barriers for da'wa work in USA. (Presenter Suleyman Kurter)
8:30 - 9:00 Questions and discussion
9:00 - 9:30 Refreshments and Tea

Place: 611 West National Ave. Esperanza Unida International Building Community Room.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Date: Saturday, Nov. 3.

A Tribute to the Sisters of Jamia Hafsa from the Hadith of Muhammad, peace be on him. They are the hope for Pakistan's Future.

by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

The light from the Red Mosque and Jamia Hafsa is shining bright in spite of General Musharraf and his commandos. On October 29, 2007 hundreds of young burqa clad women seized control of Jamia Faridia in Islamabad which had been closed down by General Musharraf. This Medressa is the Islamic school through which the Red Mosque got its support. All day the young women were in control but police pleaded with their dynamic leader Umm Hasan and she urged them to withdraw. The struggle will continue peacefully but not through direct confrontation with Musharraf's commandos who don't mind killing unarmed Muslim women.

Jamia Hafsa's young women in Islamabad, led by Umm Hasan, are following the genuine message of Muhammad, pbuh: In tribute to Jamia Hafsa, we are publishing the following item from our archives.


Question: I am studying Islam but can't find anything in the Koran or the Traditions to support the place of women outside the home. Is it not true that Islam wants to restrict women to having children and cooking food? [Usha, London, England]

ANSWER BY Kaukab Siddique: Dear Usha, I have no idea why you can't find the relevant texts. There is no need for any argument or interpretation on this issue. Here is a clear text from the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). I have put the Prophet's words in capitals:

"Ismail narrates from Ayyub who narrates from Hafsa: She said: We used to forbid our never married maidens from going out. A woman came and stayed at the mansion of the Bani Khalaf. She narrated that her sister was married to a companion of the messenger of Allah (peace be on him) who was with the messenger of Allah (pbuh) in 12 armed expeditions. Her sister was with him in six of these expeditions. She (the sister) said: We used to bandage the wounded and take care of the sick. She (the sister) asked the messenger of Allah (pbuh): Is there any harm if one of us does not go forth if she does not have an outer covering (jilbab)? He (the Prophet) said: "LET HER FEMALE FRIEND GIVE HER OF HER OUTER COVERINGS and SHE SHOULD TAKE PART IN THE GOOD WORKS and CALLS TO ALLAH (supplications) OF THE BELIEVERS." When Umm Atiyya (Allah be pleased with her) came, I (Hafsa) questioned her about it. Umm Attiya said: Let my father be sacrificed for him. (Whenever the Prophet's name was mentioned, she used to say so.) I asked: Have you heard the messenger of Allah (peace be on him) say so? She replied, Yes. By my father, he (the Prophet) told us: LET THE UNMARRIED MAIDENS AND THE YOUNG VIRGINS WHO STAY HIDDEN AND THE MENSTRUATING ONES GO FORTH TO TAKE PART IN THE GOOD DEEDS AND CALLS TO ALLAH (supplications) OF THE MUSLIMS. ONLY, THE MENSTRUATING ONES SHOULD NOT BE ON THE ACTUAL PRAYER AREA. I (Hafsa) asked (Umm Attiya): Even the menstruating women? She replied: Don't they (the menstruating women) go to Arafat and such and such places? [Hadith in Bukhari's Sahih, kitab al-Manasik.]

ANALYSIS by Kaukab Siddique: Muslims, by definition, are one nation and one community. However, for this community to become real, Muslims must learn to respect each other and to work together for good causes, starting at the basic level of man and woman. Decency and modesty are important in Islam but this virtue must not be a cloistered virtue. To achieve real virtue, one must practice virtue within the community.

The hadith (above) begins by mentioning Hafsa's mistaken notion that single women must not go out into community activities. Then along came a woman who talked about her sister who had participated in six armed expeditions (ghazwat). Although she was part of the ambulance brigade, she did go forth to the battlefield. Hafsa got this narration confirmed by Umm Attiya (Allah be pleased with her) one of the greatest female companions of the Prophet (pbuh).
Note that the Prophet did not accept the excuse of lack of adequate clothing. Friends can always share dresses. The essential thing is to be part of the struggle. There is no indication whatever that the Prophet (pbuh) would want women to be secluded or separated from the men. Decent dress and modest attitude is all that is needed. TAQWA (God-conscious behavior) is the key.

The biggest surprise for Hafsa was the Prophet's urging that even menstruating women go forth. No mosque or gathering place is holier than the ground of Arafat, and menstruating women can and do go there. They should stay away from actual formal prayer. (Another aspect often forgotten is that in those days it was difficult to stop the blood flow and the place of prayer would be bloodied.)

Note also that this hadith in a number of ways contradicts the idea that reporting or witnessing by ONE MUSLIM WOMAN is not valid. Ismail accepted from Ayyub (both males) a narration from ONE WOMAN Hafsa and Imam Bukhari unhesitatingly placed it in his Sahih. The second part of the narration is again from one woman Umm Attiya (Allah be pleased with her).

CRITIQUE of DR. MUSHSIN KHAN'S TRANSLATION: Dr. Khan's translation of Bukhari in 9 volumes has this hadith in volume 2 on page 418 and it is numbered 714. The translator has made a number of errors. Firstly he adds the words "On Ids" and "for Id prayer" at the beginning and end of the first sentence narrated by Hafsa. If any expert in Arabic can point out where these additions of Dr. Khan are available in the text, please let me know. Secondly, he mentions the "menstruating ones" only once, leaving out the first reference as given in my translation. Again see the Arabic. Thirdly, he does not know that Hafsa here is not the daughter of Umar Ibn al-Khattab (r.a.) and the wife of the Prophet (pbuh). Dr. Khan mistakenly puts (radi Allahu unha) in front of her name. He should study the Tabqat of Ibn Saad to find out who was this narrator. If she had been the illustrious wife of the Prophet and custodian of the Qur'an, she would not have had to ask Umm Attiya (r.a.). Fourthly, Dr. Khan blunders by translating jilbab as "veil" and his translation comes out as "She should cover herself with the veil of her companion." (Is that physically possible?) Most early scholars of Islam agree that jilbab is the outer garment or covering.

Some close Saudi associates of Dr. Khan have issued a summary of Sahih Bukhari from which this hadith has been omitted.

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