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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Ramadan 12, 1428. September 25, 2007. #74

The Jena 6 case received huge publicity, but a much worse case of NAKED RACISM has been covered up after initial reporting by CNN. Why? Black women's rights don't matter? Please scroll all the way down. This is horrible. Please do not let children read this.

Ramadan Thoughts: Essential to Islam:

" Expound openly what you are commanded, and turn away from those who associate others with Allah, for sufficient are We for thee against those who scoff." [The Qur'an 15:94-95]

"Be in the world as though you are a stranger or a traveler."
[Prophet Muhammad's, peace be on him, Hadith narrated by ibn 'Umar, r.a.. Sahih of Bukhari .]

Important Anniversaries in September: One positive, one negative.

1. Syed Abul 'Ala Maudoodi passed away on September 22. He laid the foundations for the modern Islamic movement in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Inspired by the era of Muhammad, pbuh, and the Sahaba, r.a., he taught that Islam is a complete way of life with its own unique political and economic system. He was anti-sectarian and consistently took on the military regimes in Pakistan.

2. Sabra and Shatilla: September 16-18 was the anniversary of the horrendous massacre of Palestinian refugees by the right-wing extremist Phalange in Lebanon under the supervision of Israel's leader Sharon. Unarmed men, women and children were ruthlessly slaughtered. Israel is yet to be brought to trial for one of its worst atrocities in its long history of crimes against humanity.

Our America: by Kaukab Siddique, PhD
President Ahmedinejad Trounced Jewish-Zionist Groups: Bad Mannered Hosts Hoisted.
Spiritual Heir of Imam Khomeini's Wisdom Taught the Js a Lesson

September 24, 2007 was a day of drama and abuse in New York. The President of Iran spoke at Columbia University, the academic stronghold of Israel in New York, which announces proudly that it is the World Center of Jewish Studies. Over 800 of its alumni live in Israel.

Lee Bollinger, President of Columbia University, made a long speech of his own before the President of Iran could speak. Bollinger showed that he lacks the qualities of professionalism and intellectual honesty required of a university man. He rolled out a list of allegations, insults and abuse, half-truths and outright lies aimed at the main speaker. Bollinger wanted to make sure that Ahmedinajad's message would not be heard objectively by the audience. It was an odious performance; all the attacks lacked context and made Bollinger sound like the CNN clown Glen Beck who hogs an entire TV channel to insult and abuse Muslims. Bollinger's tirade brings into question the academic standards prevalent at Columbia University.

Ed. note on homosexuality in Iran: Two homosexuals were executed for homosexual rape. In Islam, rape is a capital crime, whether it is homosexual or heterosexual rape. ISLAM is the ONLY religion which protects women against rape by viewing it as a crime against humanity and an act of war against Allah Almighty Himself. The punishment for rape is given in the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh.

New Trend's editorial comment: As we have shown repeatedly, Iran wants to be friends with the U.S. In both Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran is cooperating with the U.S. Only the Zionist lobby is busy trying to stop normalization of relations. For Israel, any kind of competition is to be rejected and U.S. Jews use the power of the corporate media, which is more or less the VOICE of ISRAEL, for this purpose.

Ahmedinejad accepted humiliation and abuse but was able to show how weak the Zionist cause really is. No wonder the Zionists impose media CENSORSHIP on all their opponents.

People like Hannity [Fox TV], Glen Beck [CNN Prime], Anderson [CNN] were simply out of control, belting out abuse and propaganda against the Iranian President. The prize goes to Prof. David Horowitz who said on Fox TV that Ahmedinejad is leading a "worldwide movement to EXTERMINATE the Jews." Anyone willing to tell lies against Muslims is welcome on TV.

This same fool, Horowitz, has announced a crusade against "Islamo-Fascism" in extreme right wing enclaves on college campuses across America.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

National Islamic Shoora to Meet on October 20 in Pennsylvania

Secretary General: Sis. Karen English
Masjid Committee: Sis. Ashira Na'im
Midde East Analyst: Imam Badi Ali
Ameer: Kaukab Siddique
Local Admin. & Security: Br. Aqeel

Inshallah, on October 2007, the National Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen will meet at Lincoln University, Pennsylvania.
Delegates have been confirmed, inshallah, from California, Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York.

Agenda includes:

The Tragedy of Ahmed Abdel Sattar: Egyptian-American Political Prisoner

By New Trend Staff

The case of Ahmed Abdel Sattar should be a matter of serious concern for all Americans. It is the classic case of the U.S. government targeting a U.S. citizen merely because he is an opponent of a client regime of the White House.

Who is Ahmed Abdel Sattar?

Originally from Egypt, Ahmed is an unassuming, humble U.S. citizen, who worked honestly and diligently for the U.S. Postal Service in New York . He was never involved in criminal activity of any kind. In fact, he was known in his community for his piety and virtue, and no one—friend or foe—ever accused him of any underhanded or crooked activities.

A long-time community activist, he was deeply involved in his local mosque in the hopes of creating a better future for the children of his largely Egyptian community. He never preached, instigated, or supported violence against the United States.

Ahmed had deep roots in America . Married to Lisa Sattar, an attractive and compassionate Caucasian-American Muslim from Chicago, Ahmed was confident that he had a future in this land of immigrants. Lisa and Ahmed have four children: Omar (age 19); Ali ( age 18); and twins Amina and Mohamed (age 14).

Fusion of American Democratic Values and Knowledge from the Qur'an led to Opposition to the Egyptian Regime

As Ahmed studied the Qur'an and surveyed the Egyptian political scene, he become an opponent of the murderous Hosni Mubarak regime in Egypt . It seemed to him that anyone who supported democracy and human rights should oppose such a regime.

Ahmed's Relationship with Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman

Many Americans are not aware of the cataclysmic changes which occurred in Egypt during the ‘70s and ‘80s. These changes included the Egyptian government's decision to recognize Israel, against the will of the majority of Egyptian people. The CIA had evidently infiltrated the top echelons of the Egyptian government.

In response to this hijacking of Egyptian national policy (and the resultant domestic crackdown on dissidents), various Islamic groups evolved. The most successful of these was Gamaa al-Islamiyya, known for its social work in the Egyptian slums. Gamaa also urged its members to resist the regime's repression, torture and murder.

Gamaa al-Islamiyya proliferated into thousands of decentralized groups. Its spiritual leader was Dr. Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, a PhD from al-Azhar University , whose dissertation was on the meaning of jihad in the Qur'an. The mass movement—rooted in mosques, villages, and the poor—posed a serious challenge to Mubarak's brutal regime.

Under severe repression and after repeated arrests, Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman emigrated to the U.S. Blind and diabetic, he viewed the U.S. as a place of refuge where he hoped to live in peace, as a traditional Muslim scholar teaching the rulings of Islam on a variety of issues. His learning won him the admiration of thousands of American Muslims, and he was invited to speak at mosques around the country. He did not preach against the U.S. , but was a harsh critic of the Mubarak regime. The era of Osama bin Laden had not begun.

Ahmed Abdel Sattar was drawn to the Shaikh, as a valuable source of Islamic knowledge. Ahmed admired the honesty of the Shaikh's rulings, his otherworldliness, his erudition in Qur'an and hadith, and his opposition to the Hosni Mubarak regime. Ahmed often disagreed with the Shaikh, but even in disagreement, he found the Shaikh's learning attractive and infectious. The more he listened to the Shaikh, the more he was drawn to him. It never dawned on Ahmed that the U.S. was being taken over by Israel, and would no longer be a haven for opponents of regimes linked to Israel.

The Arrest of Shaikh Omar

The Shaikh was eventually arrested, charged, and convicted on trumped up charges, likely to please Hosni Mubarak, who was disturbed by the former's growing support in the U.S. Ahmed could hardly believe that a man of God could be arrested and brought to trial in the Land of the Free on terrorism charges, simply because he opposed the criminal regime of Hosni Mubarak.

Why is Ahmed Abdel Sattar in Prison?

The Zionists in New York wanted to 'get' Ahmed for his unwavering efforts to mobilize support to stop violation of the Shaikh's human rights. Initially they did not succeed, because U.S. law did not allow a person who stands up for the rights of a dissident to be labeled terrorist for his views. Ahmed had lived a clean life, giving the authorities no ammunition for their witch hunt against him.

Soon after 9-11, Ahmed's house was raided on the pretext that there might be weapons there. None were found. Then, in April 2002, he was arrested on charges which may only be described as absurd. The government had monitored his phone conversations with Egyptian dissidents, in which he'd urged opposition to Hosni Mubarak. Ahmed was kept in solitary confinement for a year and four months. When his case finally came up for review, the judge found there was no case of terrorism to be made against Ahmed.

Despite this, Ahmed continued to be held without bail. Because of his standing in the Egyptian community, upstanding members of the community offered their homes as collateral for bail. However, at the bail hearing, the judge accepted the prosecution notion that Ahmed was a "flight risk." As he was led away following the hearing, he waved to Lisa and his children and said: "Be not afraid. Allah is with us." (Slight abbreviation of the Prophet's (pbuh) words to Abu Bakr (r.a.) given in Sura Taubah.) From July 2003 onwards, the government held Ahmed without bail on frivolous charges of "soliciting violence" and "fraud."

On October 24, 2006, Ahmed was convicted and sentenced to 28 years in prison as punishment for his phone conversations with members of the Egyptian opposition. Sattar had been held in solitary confinement and on 24-hour lockdown for an extended period leading up to his conviction, and appeared pale at his sentencing. His co-defendants, Lynne Stewart and Mohammad Yousry were sentenced to 28 months and 20 months, respectively. In January 2007, Sattar was moved from New York to Colorado 's infamous Supermax, far away from family and friends.

Left without head of household, Sattar's family was hounded and persecuted in New York . His sons were fired from their jobs by an employer who invoked 9-11 (as if these children had been personally involved in the event!). The bank accounts of Lisa Sattar and the Sattar children were closed without explanation by Sovereign Bank, where they'd banked. They were completely and utterly abandoned by New York 's major masajid and Majlis-e-Shura (largest Islamic organization in the New York area).

What You Can Do

1. Stay informed of Sattar's case:
Corporate media are not covering it, so check the following websites for updates:

2. Speak Out
The Muslim community and its friends are urged to speak out at every opportunity—Eid gatherings, khutbas, protest rallies, class discussions—for Ahmed. It is important to recognize that Ahmed is a political prisoner, who is in prison for his beliefs, and not because he has done anything wrong.

3. Write letters of concern and support to Ahmed:

Ahmed Abdel Sattar
U.S.P. Florence Admax
PO Box 8500
Florence , CO 81226

Remember to write responsibly. Do not mention anything illegal.

4. Contact Imam Siraj Wahhaj to ask why he is silent on Ahmed's case:

Imam Siraj Wahhaj
Masjid At-Taqwa
1184 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11216
(718) 622-0800

Siraj Wahhaj is imam at a major New York mosque; the Majlis-e-Shura is an Islamic organization in the New York area. Yet they have been entirely silent on Ahmed's case. Urge Imam Siraj Wahhaj and the Majlise-e-Shura of New York to speak out for Ahmed's human rights, or at the very least, to support Ahmed's innocent wife and family.

Racism Raises its Ugly Head: CNN Showed this Once only: No Headlines
From Br. Abu Talib, Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Brooklyn, NY

This happened in West Virginia, USA very recently and yesterday, 9/12th 2007 Megan Williams was still being treated for this in the hospital.

She was Tortured and Raped for a whole week, by Six White individuals, Three males and Three Females Between the ages of 20 and 49.

CNN normally does not reveal sexual assault victims' names. But Williams, who is hospitalized, and her mother, Carmen Williams, wanted her identity revealed.

Police said Bobby Brewster raped Williams, forced her to lick blood and drink from a toilet, and told his mother to kill Williams if she tried to escape.
Authorities previously said Williams was also forced to eat rat and dog feces.

According to criminal complaints filed in the county, Williams was assaulted, stabbed in the left leg, choked with cords and beaten for at least a week.
When she was found, big parts of her hair had also been torn off of her scalp.
Williams says that Alisha Burton 22 cut her ankle with a knife while saying, "That's what we do to Niggers around here," police records show.

"I don't understand a human being doing another human being the way they did my daughter," Carmen Williams told The Associated Press on Tuesday from her daughter's hospital room. "I didn't know there were people like that out here."

Deputies received a tip and Saturday visited a home owned by Frankie Brewster in Big Creek, West Virginia.
As the deputies spoke with a woman on the front porch, "a female inside the residence limped toward the door with her arms held out, saying 'Help me,' " according to a news release from the sheriff's department.
"It's something you'd expect to see in a horror movie, not in Logan County," Abraham said. "She was subjected to unendurable torture down there."

The six are charged with kidnapping, sexual assault, malicious wounding and battery. If convicted of kidnapping, a suspect could face a sentence of up to life in prison. The penalty for first-degree sexual assault is 15 to 35 years.
Abraham said he is seeking the maximum sentence on the kidnapping charges. In addition to the Brewsters, the suspects are Danny J. Combs, 20, of Harts, West Virginia; and George A. Messer, 27, Karen Burton, 46, and her daughter, Alisha Burton, 23, all of Chapmanville, West Virginia.
"They all have previous records and have been arrested numerous times," Sheriff W.E. Hunter said Tuesday. "They are familiar to law enforcement."
Frankie Brewster was charged with first-degree murder in 1994, but pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter in the death of an 84-year-old woman. She was released in 2000 after serving five years in prison, according to court records cited by the AP.
All of the six individuals that are involved in this case are accused of 108 different cases of crimes all combined.
All six were being held in lieu of $100,000 bail, and all requested court-appointed attorneys, the AP reported.
Investigators are still looking for two other people suspected of driving Williams to the home, according to the AP.

Carmen Williams had not reported her daughter missing, saying Megan Williams often disappeared for weeks at a time.

Carmen Williams said she is "horrified" by her daughter's injuries. "She wakes up crying, and the first thing she hollers is 'Mommy,' " she said.

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