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NPR Admits: Taliban Beat Back Attack on Kandahar Airport
No Army in the World has Withstood such Massive Bombing
Ayman Al-Zawahiri's Family Wiped out in U.S. bombing Raid
Bush Shuts Down Biggest Muslim Charity: Regime Targeting Islamic Work

{LOCAL NEWS FIRST: Comment by IDOL BREAKER: At President Bush's orders, the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) in Richardson, Texas, was shut down on December 4. HLF, the biggest Muslim charity in America, helped schools, hospitals in Palestine and provided relief to widows and orphans. Bush claims that the charity was helping fund Hamas' terrorism. It appears that for Bush, if anyone helps the widow of a Palestinian cut down by the Zionist murder machine, that charity is to be seen as "helping terrorism."
HLF is known for its loyalty to the U.S. It is supported by well-established, rich Palestinians whom we have sometimes criticized for identifiying themselves too closely with the White American power structure. Bush's action shows that he is making war on all organized Muslim activity, be it for charity or for any freedom struggle. Even totally docile Muslims are being terrorized.
As we had pointed out earlier, HLF and its affiliates made a gigantic strategic blunder by calling for a bloc vote for Bush. It is time for Muslims to recognize that the Israeli Likud is now in power in America. DEAR ARAB - AMERICAN MUSLIMS, do not demean yourself further by having iftars in the White House. LET'S UNITE TO REJECT ANY EID MESSAGES or other signs of hypocrisy from Bush.
Earlier Bush banned Al-Barakat which STRUCK A SERIOUS BLOW AT THE SOMALI COMMUNITY. In fact Somalis living in Minneapolis held a protest demonstration to condemn the government action. Unfortunately the rich Muslim 'leaders' paid no attention to the Somalis.
Remember! The American flag did not save the Indians at Sandy Creek and it will not save us. Allah alone can save us. Come out bravely now and reject this government hypocrisy of "war on terrorism": This is nothing but war on Islam.}

WAR NEWS: December 4, 2001. In its morning broadcast, National Public Radio (NPR) admitted that the U.S.- backed attack on Kandahar airport has been beaten back by the Taliban.
The attack was launched behind a curtain of ferocious bombing by the U.S. air force. It could have been beaten back only if the Taliban inflicted HEAVY losses on the attackers. The U.S. is refusing to reveal its losses or that of its tribal mercenaries. The U.S. media today referred to ONE U.S. combat injury in the attack. Does a force withdraw because only ONE of its soldiers has been injured?
The mothers of American soldiers will soon need to know what is really going on.
IRONICALLY the tribal mercenaries working for the Americans in this attack take orders from Mr. Karazai WHO HAS ALREADY BEEN APPOINTED PRIME MINISTER OF THE NEW AFGHANISTAN! Observers say that American puppets will probably face the same fate as the Soviet puppet Najibullah.
IN THE JALALABAD area, the number of civilians killed in Afghan villages by U.S. B-52s has reached 80. It is reported by U.S. media that AYMAN Al-ZAWAHIRI'S WIFE, FOUR DAUGHTERS AND SON WERE ALL KILLED IN THE BOMBING. The earlier news that Dr. Al-Zawahiri, close ally of Mujahid Osama, was himself injured has now been contradicted by U.S. media. Al-Zawahiri is an Egyptian Islamist who learned some of his ideas about Jihad, as a religious obligation for all Muslims, from the fiery orations of Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, the blind Shaikh imprisoned in a cell in Rochester, Minnesota.
Observers say that the murder of the ENTIRE ZAWAHIRI family is a violation of international law. Murder of the families of leaders is unacceptable even in war. Years back, the murder of Qaddafi's daughter created quite a furor.
The Taliban with the legendary Mullah Omar, who lives like the Sahaba, have now withstood 57 DAYS AND NIGHTS OF BOMBING BY THE MOST POWERFUL AIRFORCE IN THE WORLD. Historians say, no other army in the world could survive, let alone fight, after such terrible pounding. The Taliban have no air force and no air defenses.
The only comparable incidents in modern history are Dunkirk, when the Germans cornered the British army, and Stalingrad, when the Russians withstood the Germans. However both the British and the Russians had some air support and had channels for re-supply and escape. The Taliban's supply routes are totally cut off.
If the Iraqis or the Chinese or the Pakistanis start supplying Kandahar, the situation could change into a defeat for the Americans.
Unfortunately the Taliban are badly outnumbered and outgunned. Only their faith keeps them going.
OUR BOYCOTT ORGANIZER IS BACK: Please boycott all non-Muslim charities to make up for the charity Bush has denied to Palestinian families by banning Holy Land Foundation. Make sure you do not buy any Jewish products and please do not go to Disney this winter.
Remember the children of Palestine and Afghanistan are dying.
NOW FOR SOME COMIC RELIEF: We have received two hate letters: One from Mauri Salaakhan and the other from Yahya (John) of ININ@ININ.NET. Her are some excerpts: {For full text of these gems of wisdom, write to us.}

MAURI SALAAKHAN's letter came with all the trappings of sincere personal advice but he had at the same time emailed it far and wide. Part of it sounds like a threat:

"How many verbal and (from what I've heard) physical assaults must you bring upon yourself and/or others close to you before this message sinks in? How many?"

Part of it is simply insults:

"Are you incapable of controlling yourself? If this is the case, brother, you really need to get some professional help!"
Then he goes on to claim that we are "counter-revolutionaries". This is really funny! People who oppose Bush and co are "counter-revolutionaries!" according to this wise man. Here it is in Saalakhan's own words. Note that he thinks Jamaat al-Muslimeen has been marginalized. (Quite a margin!)

"You, and others who think like you, come off as if you are the last word on revolution, when in actuality you have all the markings of a counter-revolutionary; and as a consequence you have marginalized yourself, and single handedly rendered Jamaat al-Muslimeen to the margins of insignificance as well (and this is sad). Additionally, at least in my case, you have also sown the seeds of distrust. I could never trust someone like you, because you fit the profile of an agent-provocatuer. (And I'm not saying this is what you are; I'm simply saying you fit the profile)."
We got this sincere advice from Salaakhan for crticizing those who kow-tow to the power structure. We have no personal grudge against anyone; nor have we ever carried out any criticism which was not about public policies.
Then we got our second hate letter from Yahya (John) who lives in Montreal and is so full of jealousy that he has convinced himself that no one likes our paper New Trend. Here is what Yahya of ININ has to to say:

He threatens us with prison at the hands of his friends in CAIR. Because we criticized CAIR, we should have been put in prison! (It could happen because CAIR people are quite close to Bush.)
Remember that Salaakhan and Yahya are Muslims, fasting in Ramadan and writing this stuff. It's about such people Maulana Maudoodi wrote that its a jungle out there with all sorts of creatures who all claim to be Muslims. Anyway, here is Yahya of ININ in his own words. Enjoy!:

"I have more than once suggested Siddque get professional help. I have also urged CAIR more than once to file a suit against him for his lies. Since they are good Muslims they did not want to do this. They have been kind to him. He could have been behind bars long ago if it were not for the kindness of CAIR. He is only free due to the goodnes of CAIR. But the good thing is the Pakistani community in the city where I live know of him and his "New Trend" and they look at it with utter scorn and consider him a nut case. It is prety much the same in Baltimore were he lives and provides a base for his cult."
The case of Imam Jamil al-Amin is coming up in January. We urge Muslims to unite in a call for his release and an end to his farcical 'trial'. If you would like to join this united action, let us know.
HAVE YOU READ THE TEXT OF THE NOVEMBER 10 RESOLUTION of the ISLAMIC MOVEMENT? Activists from across America are supporting it. Let us have your endorsement. {Message from Jamaat al-Muslimeen.}

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