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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Thani 1,1427/April 29, 2006 #28

Next issue:
1. Prepare to support the struggle of Imam Warith Deen Umar against State Terrorism.
2. Have you heard Dr. Wilmer Leon's "On With Leon" show on XM radio? Very informative.
3. The obvious fact about high gas prices: why is it being ignored?
4. Appeal of Masaud Khan, Virginia Innocent, victim of Ashcroft's "justice" is coming up.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [3 items only]
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Darfur Campaign is Part of Bush-Zionist Agenda

On April 27, 2006 Br. Hodari Abdul Ali, well-known peace activist for reconciliation in Sudan, as host of a segment on Radio Pacifica, in Washington, DC, talked to Dr. Kaukab Siddique about Darfur and the march being organized on April 30 by special lobbies.

The radio program at 7.35 AM reaches motorists in the DC area during rush hour.

Dr. Siddique made the following points:
1. Sudan could become another Iraq if first the UN and then the U.S. intervene there on the excuse of helping the people of Darfur.

2. Wild allegations of "genocide" and "rape" have been spread by the corporate media without ANY verifiable evidence.
[Br. Hodari added that the African Union and the Arab League do not subscribe to these allegations.]

3. Those who spread these stories about Darfur do not know the language and usually go to meet alleged victims through rebel groups which have a vested interest in spreading these allegations.

4. The area of conflict is huge and no investigation of any significance has been carried out which would justify the atrocity stories.

5. The most essential point is: Who armed the rebels and pitted them against the government of Sudan? Evidently, any conflict will damage the fragile economy of Darfur. Transfer of modern weaponry to the area should be investigated.

6. A serious move is underway to mislead the American people and to prepare the grounds for the destruction of Sudan,a great African nation.

Reaching out to the Muslim Community: Support Imam Jamil, Boycott Israel-funding businesses

On April 28, cards were distributed to the Juma' [Friday prayer] congregation at a newly established Masjid in Downtown Baltimore. A large card about Imam Jami al-Amin was given to 50 people. In addition a card about Boycott of businesses which support Israel was given to 43 people. Thus a total of 93 people of a variety of nationalities was reached, about 25% of them African-American.

The card about Imam Jamil briefly describes the charges on which he was convicted, analyzes the weakness of the charges and indicates how readers can help the committees supporting Imam Jamil.

Are you aware that the products you buy can help in the Israeli repression of the Palestinian people? Reach out to Muslim communities and help them understand. You will be surprised to know how ISNA-ICNA-CAIR
[who all three recognize Israel] have kept their audiences ignorant of the facts of life.

Race: the Issue in Duke University Rape Allegation Case

The information that is being published (via news reports) is puzzling, at best.
It has been reported that no DNA, and no evidence of sexual assault has been found on the victim, in spite of the fact that she has accused three men of sexually assaulting her.
I really wonder if the same results would have been found had the victim been white, and the accused been black??
I really do hate using the "race card". In fact, I often talk to my children about not falling back on that "card". But, the whole thing seems quite strange. One cannot help wondering.....
I saw a televised "interview" with a witness for the plaintiff. She - in not so many words - implied that the victim had been drugged.
The information that is being made available is "sketchy".

Your Sister in Islam,
Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Should we Welcome U.S. Sponsored Iraqis
Destruction of Islamic ArtŚAnother Aspect of the Iraq War
By Nadrat Siddique

Recently, a friend of mine, who works at the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore, and is both an art afficionado and a friend of the Iraqi people (she is very anti-war) sent me the following:

"AAM/IPAM Iraq Program: Terry Weisser gave an update about the Walters' plans to participate in the AAM International Partnership Among Museums (IPAM) Iraq program. Two museum professionals from the Iraq National Museum system in Baghdad will arrive at the Walters at the end of April for an intensive 4-week training and mentoring program in our conservation lab. A translator will be provided. Other participating museums include: The Field Museum in Chicago, the California Science Center and Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles, the Chicago Historical Society, and the National Gallery of Art in Washington."

This is what I wrote to her:

On a personal level, the Iraqi government representatives coming over for training with the Walters are probably good people. The mothers of Iraqi torture victims and Iraqi dead planned to come to the U.S. for the Women's Day solidarity action, but the U.S. government denied visas to many of them, so that their stories might not be told. So, it is important to realize that the folks coming over for training at the Walters would not be given U.S. visas if they were not okay with the U.S. occupying force.

Imam Abu Hanifa's mosque (one of the oldest in Islam) was attacked by U.S. artillery. The personal Qur'an of the Caliph Ali (RA) was destroyed allegedly in an area of Iraq occupied by British-U.S. forces. Keep in mind that Ali (RA) was a contemporary of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), making his Qur'an nearly 1400 years old. More than a dozen mosques--some of them very old--were leveled, during the destruction of Fallujah. Since Iraq was a center for Islamic learning, numerous centuries old Qur'ans (roughly 500 - 1100 years old), similar to those in the Freer and Sackler Galleries, were destroyed by occupying troops. The occupation and destruction has not ceased, and although these actions may not be directly attributable to the Iraqi government representatives who will be visiting the Walters, you might understand why such a visit at this time might be construed as hypocrisy. There is great angst not just amongst Iraqis, but also in the Muslim community at large about the destruction of ancient Islamic sites as a result of this war.

So, it is the height of cynicism that U.S. authorities--which allowed the Bagdad Museum to be looted, and who are clearly implicated in the destruction of Islamic antiquities--are now feigning interest (through their proxy government) in "conservation" of artifacts.


Islam Through Quotations
by Dr. Kamal Eldin Hassan

Dr. Hassan was born in 1921 in Cairo, Egypt to Hassan Youssef, a Civil Engineer reponsible for building many of the country's barrages and dams, and his wife Amina Amin.

Following in his father's footsteps, he studied Mechanical Engineering, receiving hs PhD in 1955 from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

He returned to Egypt, and joined the Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University where he became the Chair Professor of Thermal Power Stations. During his career, he enjoyed interacting with his students, mentoring and guiding them through their Masters and Doctorate programs. He also authored many scientific papers and books. In recognition of his contributions, he received the Egyptian State Award for Science in 1975.

In 2003, he presented much of his technical library (over 1400 books) to the newly established Library of Alexandria, Egypt.

He frequently returned to the United States as a Visiting Professor at Tulane University, and The Georgia Institute of Technology. He also spent a year at New Mexico State University as a Senior Foreign Scientist with the National Science Foundation.

Believing that Islam's message is of peace and co-existence, he helped found the Islamic Society of Atlanta in 1973, and was elected its first president. He wanted to bridge the gap between Muslims and non-Muslims, especially in the non-Muslim countries.

Dr. Hassan understood Islam as a way of life that focuses on the freedom of choice, not as dogmas and rituals. This is the message he wanted to convey to his American born and raised grandchildren. So for over 20 years, he taught them that in his deeds, and he dedicated this book to them and to people like them.

This book is available visit,,, and order starting Monday, May 1, 2006, insh'Allah.

Pass on to all you know.

New Trend Special in Two Parts Below:
Lodi, Sacramento, California
"Muslim" Informer was Key to Conviction of Pakistani Hamid Hayat in Absurd Case.
Muslim Communities are Riddled with Government Agents who Claim to be Muslims

Part I.

How could a jury be convinced that a working class Pakistani, Hamid Hayat, living in California was preparing to attack "hospitals, banks and grocery stores?" The government had a "confession" by him on tape. He is said to have attended an Al-Qaida camp in Pakistan!

Hamid is facing 39 years in prison.

The weakness of the case becomes apparent when we notice that Hamid's father, Umer Hayat, could not be convicted because the jury trying him was deadlocked. Earlier two Islamic scholars said to have influenced Hamed were deported to Pakistan on immigration charges and could not be convicted.

The absurdity comes out when we ask: Is there an Al-Qaida camp in Pakistan? If there were one, and an ordinary person like Hamid could know about it, by now General Musharraf would have bombed it, or Musharraf would have been removed by order of President Bush.

The AP report on the conviction indicates that the "confession" of Hamid was obtained under duress after "hours of questioning in the middle of the night." In such a situation, which can amount to psychological torture, the victim usually says what the interrogators want to hear.

BEHIND this horrible injustice lurks the figure of a "Muslim" informer. His name is Naseem Khan, 32 year old who was "recruited" by the FBI. According to news reports, his activities led to an investigation of the ENTIRE 2500-member Pakistani community in the Lodi area and the deportation of the two Islamic scholars and the son of one of them.

The INFORMANT was so clever that the Hayats considered him "a member of the family." When Hamid visited Pakistan in 2003, Naseem Khan kept talking to him on the phone and recorded the calls. He urged Hamid to attend a Jihad camp. Hamid's weakness was that he liked to talk and boast about his Islamic sentiments. He was easy prey for Naseem Khan.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges the government to release Hamid and his father Umer. No one can believe that they are al-Qaida operatives. These absurdities are nothing more than injustice and part of the Zionist agenda to prove that Muslims in America are connected to terrorists.

Part II.
THE INFORMANT, the INFILTRATOR: Muslim Communities are Being Hurt by Siraj Wahhaj Types.

As if Naseem Khan was not enough to entrap Hamid Hayat and terrorize the entire Lodi community, now we have Osama Eldawoody, an Egyptian in Brooklyn. A Pakistani named Shahawar Matin Siraj, 23 , was entrapped by Eldawoody when the informant infiltrated a mosque in Brooklyn.

Matin Siraj was arrested on August 27, 2004, kept in prison for ONE YEAR and 8 MONTHs and finally brought to trial on April 25, 2006. Guess what's the evidence against him? He "drew diagrams of the subway station" which the government says he wanted to attack. At the same time New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly admits that Matin Siraj had "never obtained explosives and had not been linked to known terrorist groups."

So why is he in prison? That's where the informant comes in. He found out that the Pakistani immigrant was "angered by the war in Iraq and the Abu Ghraib prison scandal." The informant was able to get the innocent young man to express his anger so that it could be construed as a prelude to terrorism.

This PLAGUE of INFORMANTS and religious-looking infiltrators getting Muslims into prison was signalled years back by the activities of SIRAJ WAHHAJ, a prominent leader of the pro-government Muslim group of bootlickers known as ISNA [branching out into CAIR]. Also very popular with ICNA, Siraj Wahhaj successfully infiltrated the Muslim community and helped to put one of the greatest Islamic leaders of our time, Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman, in prison. Siraj Wahhaj was invited as a defense witness in the case of Dr. Omar [the blind Shaikh] but helped the government by claiming that the great Shaikh legitimized bank robberies!

Later in an interview with the Zionist WALL STREET JOURNAL Siraj Wahhaj continued his backbiting and slander against the Shaikh. What kind of a Muslim is Siraj Wahhaj? In his own words, he is proud of his friendship with Medeleine Albright, mass murderer of HALF-a-MILLION Iraqi children through sanctions and embargo. This is what Siraj told the WSJ:

"I had dinner with Secretary of State Albright after the list of unundicted conpirators was circulated."
[Wall Street Journal, October 24, 2003.]

In the same interview, he continued to slander Shaikh Omar. His words: "Shaikh suggested that Muslims should rob banks to benefit Islam."

The blind Shaikh, servant of Allah, Hafiz of Qur'an, expert in Sahih Bukhari, teacher of Fiqh, Ph.D from Al-Azhar, is in prison, in a little cell in Missouri, cut off from friends, family, all sympathetic human contact, buried alive. In the meantime, Siraj Wahhaj struts around ISNA masjids claiming to be an Islamic leader and urging Muslims to be aware of the Hereafter!

After Siraj Wahhaj, the case of Abdur Rahman al-Amoudi, another stalwart of ISNA-ICNA Conventions, came to light. He had his own organization, AMC, which justified and legitimized that Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman should be tried by a Jewish judge linked to Israel! When Al-Amoudi went to prison owing to an internal struggle, seemingly, among intelligence agencies, he WROTE to the WASHINGTON POST that he was a loyal servant of the government and had been using funds, freely, to shut the mouths of Muslim critics of the government.

Dear Muslims of America
It is time to clean house. Islam in America should be based on the Qur'an and the Sunnah of Muhammad, pbuh. Here are a few suggestions.
Only authentic Muslims with transparent sources of income should be the leaders of Muslims. We do have real leaders like Imam Jamil, Imam Warith Deen Umar, Imam Musa and others. Give them your support.

We must ask the ISNA-ICNA-CAIR operatives:
1. Do you accept the Qur'an and the Sunnah of Muhammad, pbuh?
2. If so, reveal your source of income? Where does your money come from and how much is it?
3. When are you going to condemn the U.S. bombing of Afghanistan and Iraq?
4. When are you going to condemn the U.S. bombing of Pakistani villages?
5. When are you going to condemn the atrocities of General Musharraf, Hosni Mubarak, Abdullah of Jordan and Abdullah of "Saudi" Arabia? Are you in favor of these dictators? If not, go ahead and condemn their regimes.
6. When are you going to come out in PUBLIC SUPPORT of Imam Jamil, Imam Warith Deen Umar and Imam Musa? Why are you silent about them?
7. Do you recognize ISRAEL? If not, then come out and say it.
8. If you can't do any of these, on what basis can you use the term "Islamic" for your organizations? Would it not be more honest to use the term "Collectors of Charitable funds and Organizers of Social Get-togethers Hilton-style" [CCFOSGH] for your cliques?

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