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[From our Saudi monitor.]

November 3, 2003. Saudi "security" forces are reported to have attacked a house in Makka where "militants" were hiding. Two Islamic activists were reported killed in the attack and 6 captured on "suspicion." There are indications that the "militants" were opposed to U.S. presence in the Middle East.

Increasingly it is evident that the holy city of Makka is now controlled by forces loyal to the U.S. A Hilton hotel was constructed overlooking the Haram al-Sharif. [The Hilton does business with Israel and was the first to break the Arab boycott of businesses working in Israel.]

Observers say that the Saudi regime, based as it is on hereditary monarchy and family rule, is the exact contradiction of all that Islam stands for. The Saudis SPEND HUGE SUMS ON "INTERNAL SECURITY." Ten years back this amount was ONE BILLION DOLLARS.

Crown Prince Abdullah has expressed willingness to recognize Israel. Recently he was in Pakistan to work out plans with General Musharraf to crush Islamic forces working to dislodge both Abdullah and Musharraf.

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