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(from Butt Shikan {Urdu for idol breaker})

Jewish Oppressors Pretend to be Victims
The Myth of the 6 Million Brings Steady Funds to Zionist Murderers

"O Messenger! let not those grieve thee, who race each other
into unbelief: Whether it be among those who say:'we believe'
with their lips but whose hearts have no faith; or it be among the JEWS-
MEN WHO WILL LISTEN TO ANY LIE....." (The Qur'an 5:41)

President Bush went to the Holocaust Memorial today in Washington. He also talked to Israel's leader Sharon. C-Span presented a one-hour program on the Holocaust with all those falsehoods on display which the Holocaust memorial has collected.

The obscene propaganda of the Holocaust is using children in a most cynical and shameless manner. From across America's schools, children are brought to visit this memorial and the propaganda of Zionism is put into their innocent heads so that the next generation should continue to fund the terrorist state of Israel.

Undoubtedly the Nazis did terrible things to Jews but which nation did not suffer in World War II? Didn't the Germans suffer too? In one day at Dresden, 100,000 German women, children and unarmed men were incinerated in aerial attacks by British and American bombers. (It appears that some of the British murderers-from-the-air included Jews.) More than 2,000,000 Germans were put to death or forced to die of starvation AFTER THE WAR ENDED. These were civilians and were not fighting anyone.

As Bradley Smith, a famous critic of the Jewish story of the Holocaust , has written, there should be an open debate on the Holocaust. Why is it that Germans and other critics of the Jewish version of the war are not permitted to question the Jews in open forum?

Most Americans do not know that the Holocaust story cannot stand up to critical investigation. Most Americans do not know that AUSCHWITZ, the biggest alleged death camp was NOT IN GERMANY but in Poland.

Poland was "liberated" by the Soviets. The liberators of the Jews were the Soviets, the mass murderers of their own people and of the Polish people. AUSCHWITZ remained under Soviet rule for decades and it was from there that the stories of the "gas chambers" were brought out.

The ENTIRE officers' corp of Poland was taken to Katyn forest by the Soviets and SLAUGHTERED. The Soviets proceeded to sit in judgement on the defeated Germans (at Nuremburg) and accused them of the Katyn slaughter. Only years later it was found that the Katyn massacre was the work of the Soviets (the "liberators" of the Jews) and when attempts were made to demystify the greatness of Stalin, the truth about Katyn came out.

The greatest historian of the Second World War, David Irving, has disputed the Jewish holocaust story, particularly about Auschwitz. He has shown with irrefutable documentation that the war was between the forces of evil. There were no angels in that war.
Look at the Zionist ability to create this huge lie and to make billions of dollars off it. They have been milking Germany for 55 years in the name of Jewish victims to arm their legions against the defenseless people of Palestine. These criminals have cold bloodedly killed 470 Palestinian children and youths only in the last few months, and here they are presenting themselves as the victims.

The entire holocaust show is connected to the genocidal activities of Israel.
I invite Palestinians and Muslims to study the Second World War. Our African-American brothers/sisters, please do not be misled by Zionist propaganda. IT WAS NOT GERMANY WHICH WAS TYRANNIZNG AND COLONIZING AFRICA. West Africa was taken by the French: East and south western Africa by the British. The German presence was minimal (in South West Africa) while Italy, Belgium, Spain had what the British and the French did not grab. We must have the honesty to recognize the fact that Germany's attack on France and Britain was a major cause of the weakening and eventual collapse of the colonial empires.
Dear readers: We must not allow the Zionists to brainwash the people of America. Let us do our part so that both sides may be heard.
Remember from our experience as Muslims that the Jews are experts in telling lies. They have taken the homeland of the Palestinians by force, expelled 700,000 Palestinians, caused the death of a million Iraqi children through their main backer, the White House, and they claim that the Palestinians are terrorists. Poor Arafat wants to sell himself to them but they even call him a terrorist. After all that experience, are we so stupid, naive and downright idiotic that we are going to swallow their stories about the Holocaust and not even call for a study of alternative sources of information?
For the Jewish role in the slave trade, read THE JEWISH ONSLAUGHT by Prof. Tony Martin, a famous West Indian scholar at Wellesley college.

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