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3rd March: Destruction of khilafah will become the day of Revival of Khilafah [courtesy: nycmuslim]
On March 3, 1924 Mustafa Kamal with the aid of the British and the west broke up the Khilafah. This painful reminder must not be forgotten. It must be used, by all Muslims, as a platform from which to work for the establishment of Khilafah as

1) The only method by which Muslims can live in dignity, and

2) From which the message of Islam can be carried to the world so that it can be a guide and mercy for all people because the existence of Khilafah means the establishment of rule by Shari'ah and consequently the removal of injustice, transgression and rejection of Allah's law.

The pain is felt by the totality of the Muslims but still remains a barrier of not being able to voice their opposition, and not entering in the political struggle to re-establish Khilafah, and knowing very well but notwithstanding that the Sahabah agreed that it is Haram (unlawful) for a Muslim to remain two nights without an oath to a Khalifah, Prophet Mohammed (SAW) says "whom of you who dies without an oath has died a death of the times of jahilliyah (ignorance)". A researcher into the reality of Muslims would conclude that the destruction of the Khilafah was not merley an issue of destiny, as some may make us believer, but rather the non-believers who worked tirelessly for the break up of Khilafah were aware of its importance. This is acknowledged by Curzon, the then British Foreign Secretary, who proclaimed after the signing of the Lausanne agreement on July 24, 1924 "the issue is that Turkey has been vanquished and will not re-emerge because we were able to destroy its moral power; Khilafah and Islam"

Though it would not have been possible for the Kuffar and their agents such as Mustafa Kamal and others to bring about this collapse had Muslims been aware of their religion and the system upon which they should base their lives. However due to the decline in thought and vision which characterised Muslims at the time, it became impossible for them to recognise the momentous issues of destiny facing them and which required incisive action.

This inaction of Ummah can only mean that it did not view the collapse of the Khilafah as an issue linked directly with the collapse of the Ummah as a whole, it was the wall and the cover behind which the Muslims were defended, their rights protected and their lives and honour safeguarded.

The decline in Islamic thought and vision can be traced back to the second century after Hijrah, as Muslims were influenced by foreign philosophies and the non existence of an Islamic political party or parties teaching Muslims political thinking on the basis of Islam. Hence, the role of guardian over the Ummah became the domain of the Khalifah. Further the banning of Iftaa and fatwaa in the fourth Hijrah century, a problem even understood by the Kuffar and appears in their works, dealt a severe blow to Islam as this is a method of intellectual collapse. Banning of fatwaas leads to isolation and inability to derive Shari'ah laws to deal with daily issues facing Muslims. The door to fatwaas on new issues by comparative study to the divine text and the fatwaa of the past is open till the day of judgement.

Later there was the separation of Arab vigour from that of Islam by neglecting the Arabic language and discarding it as the official language of the State, notwithstanding that Arabic is the language used in Iftaa to derive Shari’ah Laws from its detailed evidence. The problem was accentuated by the Mongol and Christian Crusades. Further, the missionary and intellectual invasion undertaken by the Kufr western countries which did and continues to conspire against Islam and Muslims, incited national and territorial rivalries between Muslims so that Muslims began to call for separate nations and ignored the Islamic Laws.

Thus, by the onset of the First World War the components for the break up of the Khilafah were in place. The Kufr western countries then executed political and military attacks which Muslims failed, to counter due to the decline in Islamic thought and vision and hence a lack in their motivation. Thus, leaving the Kuffar and their agents to break up the Khilafah without the Muslim world making a single move or comment since it was in a state of weakness and disunity, and an inability to understand Islam. Some even disbelieved the ability of Shari'ah to adapt to changes in society. These factors meant that they were unable to vision the real issues facing them, thus, enabling Kafirs and their agents to instil certain ideas contrary to Islam which Muslims due to their weakness attempted to marry with Shari'ah. Others went further and accepted these ideas as being from Islam. These ideas, such as democracy socialism and social equality, affected the thinking of most Muslims. These ideas are alien and contradictory to Islam as the concept of Islam is unique and unlike any other concept since it is perfected in the Revelation from Allah (SWT), by his word

"This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed my favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion". [TMQ 5:3] The predicament of Muslims today is witnessed by all with no need for explanation or description. Our lands are ruled by Kufr concepts and are thus, Kufr states, they are also divided into more than 50 autonomous states. All are aware that Muslims live in absolute poverty and total ignorance, in a state of suppression, murder, statelessness, humiliation and the depths of despair. The Jews who are the most shamed of Allah's creation have humiliated and expelled them and desecrated the holy land which Allah has glorified. Alas Muslim leaders compete and conspire to hand the holy land to the Jews. Further, the Hindus are destroying their mosques and humiliating and murdered them, they are being expelled from their homes; the Serbs are killing and expelling them and raping their women in Bosnia committing crimes which make Hitler look simple. Muslims make no move as if they were dead. The calls for assistance and protection resonate but no response is forthcoming; Muslims have become like sheep without a Shepherd.

This is why the issue for all is to transform the Muslim states to Dar Islam, i.e. Lands ruled by Islam and reunite them with all other lands; this is the issue of destiny, rather it is the totality of the issues of destiny. Hence, the steps taken towards this issue need be incisive as a matter of life and death.

This issue of destiny, i.e. the transformation, is the goal we need to achieve, however the method we need to employ to achieve this goal can only be by the re-establishment of Khilafah. This is without doubt an issue of life and death as although Khilafah is our method for transforming our lands into a Dar Islam, its to be established only to destroy the Kufr regimes and eliminate the Kufr Buah (i.e. open disbelief) and to re-unite the Muslim Lands and remove our humiliation, poverty, hunger, ignorance and to purify our Lands from the Kuffar's desecration.

Many great attempts to re-etsablish the Khilafah has been witnessed by the Muslim Ummah in this part of the world, where the writings of shah Wali Ullah focusing on Khilafah and its vital need, as well as the planned movements of Sheikh Al-Hind, whose tahreeks like the Rsshmi-Rumaal and the Tahreek-e-Khilafat by his students Muhammad Ali Johar, were the first movements to re-establish the Khilafah and claim back the glory of the Muslim Ummah.

For this reason we call upon every Muslim in the midst of this Kufr controlling the Muslim lands to work for the re-establishment of the Khilafah as a method to transform his land to a Dar Islam and to re-unite it with other Muslim lands, and to carry the Da'wa to the world to install Islam, Allah (SWT) said:

"It is HE who has sent his Apostle with Guidance and the Religion of Truth, that he may proclaim it over all religion". [TMQ 9:33] On this day in which we remember the break up of the Khilafah, we call upon you all Muslims to re-establish a Khilafah Rashidah based upon the method of the Prophet (SAW) because in this we will gain glory in life and after life, and through it will ensue our role as witnesses on all people:

"Allah will certainly aid those who aid HIS cause; for verily Allah is Full of Strength, Exalted in Might able to enforce HIS will. They are those who, if we establish them in the Land, establish regular prayer and give regular charity, enjoin the right forbid wrong: with Allah rests the end and decision of all affairs". [TMQ 22:40-41]

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