Sulayman Walker Lindh is a U.S. Citizen

Would you like your son's rights to be cut off?

Edwin Dobb points out in the May 2002 issue of Harper's Magazine:

* Lindh requested counsel repeatedly but was denied for 45 days

* He was denied contact with anyone, including his father and mother and attorney James Brosnahan whom his parents had hired FROM THE DAY HE WAS IMPRISONED UNTIL IMMEDIATELY BEFORE HIS APPEARANCE IN DISTRICT COURT.


1. He was stripped of his clothes
2. blindfolded
3. bound to a stretcher with heavy tape
4. Transferred to a metal shipping container
5. Severely malnourished, suffering from untreated shrapnel, little sleep, taunted and threatened by his captors. {After THREE DAYS in these conditions, he was interrogated and gave his captors whatever story they wanted.}

Dobb explains in detail that the legal struggle in America against police brutality has to do with the conditions in which prisoners are interrogated before they are brought to court.

If any and all methods are permitted to the authorities to produce "confessions", no one will be safe from police brutality. The books of law show that numerous attempts at the production of "confessions" by the authorities have created situations in which the rights of individuals are violated.

Miranda rights can only be safeguarded only if the subject of interrogation is able to respond with sanity and understanding.
(See Harper's Magazine, May 2002, page 31 to 41)
If today a 20-year old ALL-AMERICAN young man is punished for traveling overseas and joining groups which we do not approve of, the American spirit of individualism and fulfilment according to the best of one's understanding will receive a body blow. When are we going to start arresting U.S. citizens going to Israel to help kill Palestinians?

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2002-04-27 Sat 18:00ct