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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulq'idah 26, 1428, December 6, 2007. #93

Scroll way down to important news from Pakistan. Jamaat-e-Islami has taken decisive steps to lead opposition against despotic regime.
Also, see below, war news, including report of an attack on Pakistani troops by a Muslim woman. Also, Maulvi Fazlullah evaded the military's heaviest attack.

The propaganda preparing the American people for an attack on Iran turned out to be bogus. Mark Glenn's article is the best on the subject. Scroll all the way down. Enjoy!

Our America: From New Trend's Media Monitor
Random Slaughter in Omaha, Nebraska
December 5, 2007: A young white man used an assault rifle to kill 8 and injure 5 people in Omaha's central shopping mall. Mindless violence is quite common in America. The most innocent looking and reasonable-looking people can suddenly perpetrate a horror which in other countries only happens in war time. Lack of faith, the secularization of life and the bland materialism which is rampant contribute to irrational behavior. "If I can't have what I want, I'll kill you and myself" seems to be the line of thinking behind these atrocities.
A big lapse in the reporting is that McDonalds managers were not interviewed although the shooter was fired from his job there. [Is it because McDonald's supports Israel?]

America's Conscience: Guantanamo Bay Protest: Not in our Name!
December 5, 2007: Under the first heavy snow of the season in Washington, DC, young Americans protested in front of the Supreme Court in support of innocent Muslims being held without trial in Guantanamo Bay. The U.S. regime is refusing to charge prisoners who have nothing to do with al-Qaida and were simply grabbed by the Pakistani government and handed over to the U.S. The protestors wore hoods to highlight the inhumane treatment given to prisoners in Gitmo.

Code Pink Woman mistreated in Pakistan Worse than the Teddy Bear Teacher in Sudan: U.S. Media Ignored the Story
December 5: Medea Benjamin, a leader of the antiwar group Code Pink, was deported from Pakistan after being arrested in Lahore by the notorious intelligence agency ISI. She had gone to Pakistan on November 25 to protest against General Musharraf's crackdown on judges, lawyers and students. She was holding a vigil at the home of attorney Aitzaz Ahsan in Lahore, to protest his house arrest when Pakistani ISI agents grabbed her. She told the Washington Times [perhaps the only coverage she got in the U.S.], "They mistreated us." She was held at gunpoint in a police car for 4 hours. "I thought I was going to die in the car," she said. "They totally terrorized us." [Even the Times put the report on page A6.] [Code Pink has consistently protested Washington's war policies. One of our Jamaat sisters has attended some of the group's protests. Code Pink refers to the color of the "terrorism" warnings Homeland Security issues.]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Extend the Boycott to Jewish Doctors, Dentists, Attorneys, Jewelers who Support Israel
A message from Sis. Karen English, Secretary General of Jamaat al-Muslimeen

It's hard to be confronted with Israel's mounting indignities and atrocities, its colossal arrogance and sense of entitlement without feeling somewhat helpless. What can we do to really effect change when we happen to be citizens of a country held hostage to Israel's welfare---a country whose every action must be vetted by AIPAC (this nation's steering committee)? Boycotting select corporations that actively support Israel is ultimately not aimed at hurting those companies' profit margins. It is aimed at us, as Muslims. It allows us to not be oblivious to the pain and suffering of our Muslim brothers and sisters. It allows us to choose not to give our money to companies that will ultimately pass on a part of that money to Israel.

However, we need to be mindful of our choices in all instances. Because most Jews feel it is their duty to support Israel in some way, we can be certain that a portion of the fees we pay to Jewish doctors, dentists and attorneys, for example, eventually gets passed on to Israel and its brutal apartheid policies. We need to extend our boycott beyond goods and corporations. We need to extend it even to those we pay for various services. When there's a choice, let's avoid giving our money to service providers who may have allegiances to Israel. It shouldn't be too difficult to determine who the likely supporters are.

In the Los Angeles area, numerous Persian Jews run jewelry stores. There can be little doubt that they support Israel. The word "Persian" is often used by individuals who do not want to identify with Islamic Iran. The Persian Jews are only one example of the support base Israel has here. Look for similar supporters in your area.

Sis. Karen lives in Los Angeles. To join Jamaat in the Los Angeles area, contact her through our address above.

In response to mail about the fate of Haila Gabr, Yemeni teenager who killed her rapist:
From Sis. Eileen, New Jersey

We now have Sis. Haila's latest "address." Please write gentle letters of support. She has been under great stress for a long time.

Haila Gabr #431527
New Jersey State Prison
P.O. Box 861
Trenton, New Jersey 08625

Campaign Against Salman Rushdie, Madeleine Albright Visit to Baltimore revving up

Every day calls are going to Villa Julie college's president to protest the visits coming up in January and February. Several callers only got a recording but messages of protest were left on the recording. Sis. Chekeisha talked to a lady at the president's office for 15 minutes. The lady said she had no idea Rushdie had written a book insulting the Prophet, pbuh, and Ayesha, r.a. She said: What can we do, we have already sold the tickets!

Please call Villa Julie's president and protest the visits of the two vicious Islam haters. The phone number is: 443-334-2203

Always be polite. Remember the people in front are not our enemies. The Zionist Jews use these organizations like Villa Julie, Meyerhoff Symphony and WYPR radio to publicize Islam haters,

Sudan No Teddy Bear!
Hussein Ibish's Rant Against Islamic Sudan Reeks of Cultural Imperialism: Do Africans Need U.S. Permission to Demonstrate in their own Country?
by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
Associate Professor of English & Mass Communication,0,1182095.story
Hussein Ibish is executive director of the Foundation for Arab-American Leadership.

Ibish often appears on the screens of the corporate media. He is well liked. He seems to be a nice person, rolypoly, well fed. I did not realize he had so much hatred in him for Islam and Muslims.

Why did Ibish attack Sudan in a Zionist-controlled newspaper, the Chicago Tribune. It looks like an attempt to score brownie points with the Zionists. They will be the first to applaud his attack on a country which is under U.S.-Israeli sanctions and the target of the Darfur propaganda blitz.

Q & A
Islam is not Harsh in Religious Practices: The Striving is Against Oppressors, not in going to extremes in formal Worship

Question: A preacher [in London, U.K] has been insisting that Sahaba were fasting during the days of the battle of Badr. Is that true?
[The writer kept insisting on getting an answer. His final note did it. He wrote: "Did you find the hadith that sahaba didn't fast, or fasted, during battle of Badr?]
Shoaib [England]

Reply by Kaukab Siddique: After your insistence, I had to do some reading because the material on the battle of Badr is extensive and is not properly indexed [or not indexed at all.]
The earliest Hadith reporting on Badr is in the collection of Ibn Ishaq [who lived 85-150 after the Hijra]. He does not report any Hadith that any Muslim was fasting during Badr. The Islamic army took a lot of trouble to be able to control the water source in the desert because in the heat, water was important. Ibn Ishaq narrates a Hadith according to which the first martyr at Badr was Haritha ibn Suraqa who was killed by an arrow fired by the unbelievers WHILE HE WAS DRINKING WATER from the water source the Muslims had found.
In his famous al-Bidaya wun Nihaya, a much later history, Ibn Kathir collected every Hadith narration about Badr as well as all the verses about the Qur'an on Badr. Ibn Kathir writes that fasting became obligatory before Badr and Badr occurred during Ramadan. He too does not mention anyone fasting in the Muslim army before, during or after Badr. He picks up Ibn Ishaq's narration about Haritha, r.a., being martyred while drinking water. He has a number of Hadith about the night before the fighting when the Prophet, pbuh, prayed to Allah for victory in the forthcoming battle. This would have been the appropriate point at which preparation for fasting the next day would have been mentioned but it isn't.
There is a very simple reason why the Muslims were not fasting. The Qur'an exempts Muslims from fasting during travel and they did travel to Badr, and owing to conditions at that time the journey was quite strenuous. There were no roads!
"...Everyone of you who is present [at home] during the month should spend it in fasting, but if one is ill or ON A JOURNEY, the prescribed period [should be made up] by days later..." [2:185]

India's Muslims Score Victory: Islam Hater Taslima Nasrin who Received Worldwide Support from Anti-Islam forces Forced to Retreat
by K Hamza [From India, exclusive to New Trend]

Quite recently, Ms Taslima Nasrin, the controversial Bangladesh writer, has dominated headlines in the Indian newspapers since she came from Kolkatta on 21, November, being a fugitive, seeking asylum in Delhi amid massive protest staged by All-India Minority Forum (AIMF). She had been living in Kolkatta, West Bengal which she has adopted as home in 1994, after being exiled following agitation in Bangladesh against her books that appeared to be derogative to Islam. Ever since her arrival in India, West Bengal had been her platform to spew her anti-Islamic vitriol.

On November 21, the Army moved in to the city of Kolkatta in the wake of demonstration led by Muslims, seeking cancellation of her visa that was extended in August for six months, turned violent. Actually, the agitation was in response to a call by the All-India Minority Forum to set up road blocks in protest against the attack on peasants in Nandigram, a village in West Bengal, where thousands of families were evocated by force for implementing the State government's project under Special Economic Zone. Consequently, large scale violence was erupted in Nandigram spreading fear and terror among the peasants, who belong to Muslim community.

The display of anger by protesters was also an expression of dissatisfaction among the Muslim community over the stay of Taslima Nasrin in West Bengal. Earlier M.N.R Barkati, imam of the Tippu Sultan mosque in Kolkatta reiterated his demand for the expulsion of Taslima. In response to the imam's demand, irate demonstrators took protest marches to the streets and mobs attacked vehicles including State transport buses and set some on fire. They blocked roads. When the protest turned violent, police burst teargas shells in the streets of central Kolkatta.

On November, 22, Taslima arrived in Jaipur, Rajasthan after being escorted out of riot-torn Kolkatta by the Police. In Rajasthan the security officials have kept her as a" guest of the government" in an undisclosed location. " Taslima has been offered two-tier security by the government. The media persons have been banned to interview her. The chair person of Rajasthan Commission, Mrs. Tara Bhandari and BJP leader Prakash Javedekaar were among those who visited her to extend their full support to her. " I have no place to go. India is my home and I would like to keep living in the country till I die," she said. On November 30, she has been brought to New Delhi. Taslima has now turned virtually a fugitive. Her visa was extended in August' 07 and is due to expire on Feb' 08.

Taslima Nasrin was awarded the 2004 UNESCO-Madanjeet Singh Prize for promotion of tolerance and non-violence. The Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust has sought to underline the unabashed duplicity exhibited by Hindu fundamentalist forces in Taslima's case when they continue to viciously prosecute Indian Muslim painter M.F. Hussain. Hindu extremists were screaming for his blood over the issue of his depiction of Hindu goddesses in a recent painting. In the wake of Hindu agitation protesting against Hussain's painting, he went into exile.

The truth, sadly, is that when the Hindu sentiments were hurt by this painting, Hussain is to be punished, but when Muslim sentiments were hurt by the controversial Bangladesh writer, she has been treated as "honorable Guest." Ironically enough, this discriminatory attitude irks the Muslim protesters. Furthermore, the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi is willing to bring Taslima Nasrin to his State where he assured her of full support and security. Taslima's views have put her among the Muslim baiters and cast her out as anti-Muslim in a world that is becoming increasingly paranoid about Islam.

Jamiat Ulama -i-Hind general secretary Mahmood A.Madani has urged the Muslim community to forgive Taslima Nasreen on the condition that she should withdraw offensive passages from her controversial book, Dwikhandita, written in 2002 based on her memories of Bangladesh during the 1980's. The book was banned by the West Bengal government in 2003 as it could incite enmity between different groups on grounds of religion. She has finally agreed to delete the objectionable matters from the book and to withdraw copies of the book from sellers. The government has also warned her not to write in future anything hurting the sentiments of any community. Madani said. "the matter should be treated as closed and she is welcome to stay in India in whichever city she chooses." The government of India has also put the same condition for her stay in India.

PAKISTAN: Jamaat-e-Islami Takes the Lead: Gains Major Support from 4 MMA Segments, plus Imran+Nawaz Sharif
from New Trend's Pakistan observer

December 6, 2007: Jamaat-e-Islami's Ameer, Qazi Hussain Ahmed, seems to have developed a consensus within the Islamic movement that Rule of Law must take precedence over elections. He called for the restoration of the judiciary which was illegally removed by Pervez Musharraf. [Syed Munawar Hasan, JI's Secretary General, told New Trend that the restoration of the legitimate judiciary is essential.] Speaking in Peshawar, Qazi sahib, as he is known there, condemned the military operations being carried out in Waziristan and Swat against the people of Pakistan. He said Musharraf and his men are being used to pit the army against the people.

Musharraf has gotten himself illegally re-elected and handpicked an entire new Supreme Court which jumps to fulfill his commands, Qazi Hussain said. All these manufactured constructs must be removed, he said, for genuine elections to be held

Syed Munawar Hasan told New Trend that all the constituent parties in the MMA, except one, are with Jamaat-e-Islami in demanding that all the steps taken by Pervez Musharraf be rescinded before elections are held. Musharraf, he said, is not acceptable because he violated his sacred oaths. Imran Khan, leader of Insaf party, is in strong unity with Jamaat-e-Islami. Very fruitful talks have been held with Nawaz Sharif too.

On December 4 and 5, students, including large numbers of Islamic women, demonstrated in Islamabad against Musharraf's regime. They were attacked by police and clashed with the police all day long.

New Trend's observers say Jamaat-e-Islami is qualitatively and quantitatively the strongest political party in Pakistan, with a huge cadre of Islamic activists, at mosques across the country, with impressive support among students and women in the middle class. Maulana Maudoodi would have been happy to see the results of his groundwork.

WAR NEWS: Maulvi Fazlullah Evades Pak Army's Juggernaut: First attack by female Martyr-Bomber

Between November 24 and December 1, Pakistan's best military forces captured key positions in Mingora, Matta and other areas in Swat state only to find that there were no mujahideen in the captured positions. Shariat Radio, FM, was silent all those days. Then suddenly it came on and Maulvi Fazlullah, the leader of the resistance, spoke to say that the army is relentlessly bombarding civilian populations on the excuse of hitting the Taliban. He said, his forces have withdrawn in good order and with all their weapons. The fighting will take on a different pattern, he said, so that the army will have no excuse to hit civilians.

Tens of thousands of civilian fleeing before long range artillery shelling and helicopter gunship attacks are now in refugee camps in the increasingly cold weather. [Pakistan has brought 75 families back to their homes.]

Observers say that the Maulvi has withdrawn his armed force to the difficult mountain terrain of Dir and the Pakistan army will find it difficult to follow him.

Pakistan's acting Interior Minister announced that a permanent military base has been established in the Matta area of Swat and the military will stay in Swat till "extremism" is wiped out.

December 5, 2007: In a high security area of Peshawar known as Babar Lane, an Islamic woman in burqa carried out a martyrdom operation against a military checkpoint. It appears that the entire military squad in the checkpoint was wiped out. The explosion was so powerful that it was heard miles away and shook the area. The woman was first seen roaming around the missionary school nearby. The top military elites live here in fashionable, expensive houses.

[The Pakistani regime has tried to downplay the attack by claiming that the soldiers tackled the woman; she blew up with a powerful explosion but no one else was killed. The government also put out the story, published by DAWN daily, that the woman was an Afghan, thus attempting to reject the idea that the troops were attacked by a Pakistani woman. They say the explosion ripped the woman apart but her face survived. The hole in the story again is that women in the entire Frontier area are Pushtun and do not have starkly different facial features from Afghans.]

December 4: In Bajaur Agency, Islamic fighters captured 6 Pakistani paramilitary troops and blew up their check point. Earlier 8 Pakistani paramilitaries were captured in a nearby zone.

December 3, 4, 5: There were nightly exchanges of heavy fire between Pakistani troops and mujahideen Talibs in North Waziristan.

AFGHANISTAN: Martyr bombers Attack Kabul During Secretary Gates' Visit

The news of U.S. Secretary Robert Gates visit seems to have reached the Taliban. During one week there were three martyrdom attacks in Kabul itself. The third one, December 5, featured the martyr ramming a bus load of National Guard troops [trained and armed by NATO] with his dynamite loaded car. According to CNN 13 people were killed in the attack. Pakistani papers say 16 were killed, including 8 military officers.

In Helmand, the same day, a British soldier was killed in a gun fight with Taliban. In Nuristan province, 14 laborers working on a road were killed in a U.S. air raid.

IRAQ: Attacks Spread as Lull Ends: Gates Visit seemed to Trigger Bombings
Peace is not at hand in Iraq though Surge is over

A spate of attacks on Shi'ites supporting the U.S. were carried out during the first 5 days of December, coinciding with Secretary Gates' visit. Ominously, on December 3, U.S. troops came under attack in Anbar province, with one U.S. soldier killed two wounded.
Iraq "regime" admitted that the resistance from Islamic forces is too strong for it. It took two steps: Notice the illegitimacy of the situation here: a regime installed by the U.S. thru elections held under occupation is asking the UN to legitimize the continuation of the occupation. Laughable but tragic.

From a Christian friend of Muslims

Attack on Iran on Hold Only Temporarily
By Mark Glenn
December 5, 2007

On December 3, falling almost squarely between the day that Americans give thanks to God for all their blessings and the day that the world's Christians and Muslims celebrate the birth of Jesus, the 16 most important organs within the US intelligence apparatus released declassified portions of the NIE or National Intelligence Estimate. Given the rhetoric of the last few years, what this report has to say is explosive, and that is putting it mildly. Prepared mainly by the CIA, two of the key points of this report are as follows:

"We judge that in fall 2003, Tehran halted its nuclear weapons program...
"We assess with moderate confidence Tehran has not restarted its nuclear weapons program as of mid-2007..."

In essence, this report is a contradiction the size of Mt. Sinai to everything that the Bush administration and the Jewish support groups that pull his strings have been saying for the past several years with regards to Iran's nuclear weapons program. Beginning with Bush's speech immediately following 9/11 (where he labeled Iran as being part of the axis of evil, warning that any day now America would go up in a mushroom cloud) and on an almost hourly basis since then the world has been subjected to a seemingly inexhaustible amount of propaganda, from Bushites on the Neocon talk radio circuit, warlords in Israel's Knesset and all the various operatives working for Jewish interests here in the US, including the likes of Normon Podhoretz, Daniel Pipes, Michael Ledeen et al.

Now however, sanity seems to have gotten hold of at least a few in the intelligence community who recognize that the United States stands at the abyss and is faced with its own extinction in the event that the present Zionist-engineered war widens to include Iran.
Lest the reader assume that the NIE is just some 'piece of paper' (as George Bush is alleged to have once disparagingly said about the US Constitution) rest assured it is not. According to the CIA (the organization charged with most of the nation's intelligence analysis) the NIE is the most authoritative written judgment concerning a particular national security issue. Unlike current intelligence papers that describe the present, most NIEs forecast future developments and address their implications for the United States in terms of military, technological, economic and political trends. The various branches of the Federal Government that contribute to it include the departments of Justice and Treasury, the National Security Agency and the Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency, just to name a few. In short, it is the best that America's best is capable of producing in terms of actionable intelligence.

Given that the rug has been pulled out from under the effort to get America involved in a war with Iran, the reaction from all the usual characters is not in the least bit surprising. Bush, (the 'recovering' alcoholic who thinks God whispers in his ear) like some gambler who refuses to believe his pair of jokers did not beat his opponent's royal flush is not backing down. Having pulled a skunk out of his black magic hat rather than a rabbit, his response is in effect that 'Although Iran halted her program in 2003, that doesn't mean she couldn't start it back up again.' As of this writing, VP Cheney (who was reported trying to suppress the release of the NIE as far back as six months ago) and his people are quiet as church mice in a room full of hungry cats.

Both in Israel and the U.S., the blind supporters of the Jewish state and her mad agenda are howling with a mixture of panic and outrage. From official circles such as PM Olmert and Defense Minister Barak, Israel has done everything except declare the report the product of a group of incompetent nincompoops. Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni (despite her being quoted off-the-record recently saying that Iranian nuclear weapons pose no existential threat to Israel) said of the NIE "The world cannot accept a nuclear Iran...Tehran's adamant pursuit of a nuclear weapon has been proven and it is clear to all that it continues with its efforts to obtain this technology.'

Here in the U.S., Israel and her supporters are doing everything except rend their robes in the same way the High Priest Caiaphas did before sentencing Jesus of Nazareth to die for daring to oppose the Jewish supremacist agenda in His own day. They are using all the familiar charges of 'appeasement' and 'backing down' from the divinely-imposed duty of 'protecting the Jewish people from annihilation at the hands of the new Hitler,' Ahmadinejad. The one thing they have not done YET (but give them time) is to allege the NIE's analysis is all the result of 'Islamo-Fascist' agents and spies who have penetrated America's most sensitive intelligence agencies, having pushed out Israel and her Judeo-fascist agents and spies that have already been there for quite some time.

Watchers of political events must ask a few questions concerning this recent development, and particularly when calling to mind that it was these same intelligence agencies playing an instrumental part in providing George Bush and his war machine with the necessary pretext for invading Iraq, not the least of which is 'Why?' as well as 'Why now?"
The best answer to both is the one most obvious and easy to understand, and deals with the most primal of all instincts, which is survival. The individuals and agencies charged with doing America's intelligence work are privy to information that the most curious of Americans could only dream of acquiring. They know full-well the unprecedented and irreversible disaster that will take place in the event America widens this war to include Iran. They see a nuclear-armed Russia sitting next door and the fact that Putin and his 'United Russia' party (elected with an overwhelming majority the very same day the NIE was released) are wildly popular amongst the Russian people and will not be pushed around by America and Israel. The authors of the NIE see a potential mutiny brewing in the US military, one small piece of evidence being the remarks recently made by Adm. William Fallon (commander of all forces in the Middle East tasked with any Iranian attack) that an attack on Iran would not take place under his watch. They see the declining value of the dollar and the fact that it has lost over 30% of its value since the war in Iraq began, and tied directly to world opinion of America's increasing political instability.

In short, what the authors of the NIE are trying to do is prevent the last nail being hammered into America's coffin that an attack on Iran would bring by those intent upon destroying what was once the bastion of freedom and prosperity. Fear of losing one's job does not begin to compare with the fear of having one's nation go up in smoke-literally-that would ensue from the future madness envisioned by Zionism's most ardent fanatics. Thus, those who in the recent past were content with their roles as highly-paid and well-tailored yes men, willing to give the would-be emperor and his band of warlords falsified information in order to convict a nation that was already condemned to death are now willing to risk wrestling the lion if it is the only chance of surviving the ordeal.

However, as much as America and the rest of the world may be breathing a sigh of relief over the recently released NIE, a few things should be kept in mind, which, borrowing from an old adage, can be summed up thus-'It ain't over till it's over'.

The madmen intent upon waging war against a billion and a half people in the Muslim world will not be deterred by a few inconvenient words written on a few pages by a few men working for a few intelligence agencies. The Neocons who nurse what is a well-proven and irrational fanaticism when it comes to Israel have demonstrated over and over again that they will not be deterred from getting their way. Not able to achieve what they wanted 40 years ago when they attacked (but failed to sink) the USS Liberty they were able to achieve on September 11, 2001, namely bringing America into Israel's dirty wars. Right now they have come closer to achieving what they have wanted these last 2,000 years and counting-meaning world-wide domination-than ever before in history, and what this means is that they are desperate, and desperate men do desperate things.

This being the case, and given Americans' increasing opposition to Israel's wars in the Middle East, look for something catastrophic to take place, and probably not as far in the future as some might hope during this season of advent as Christians and Muslims prepare to celebrate the birth of the man who devoted 3 years of his life to fighting the Jewish extremist warlords of his own day. And while people should be grateful for every blessing bestowed upon them by the beneficence of a merciful Almighty and hope for the best, at the same time they should also prepare for the worst when dealing with an institutionalized evil such as Zionism and its supporters who, as has already been demonstrated, are capable of doing anything to anyone, anytime, anywhere.
2007 Mark Glenn
-Originally appearing in American Free Press Newspaper

2007-12-07 Fri 19:07:00 cst