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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Safar 19,1430/ February 15, 2009, # 10.

Husayn al-Kurdi's mom wrote the beautiful story of Omar, r.a., the second Caliph of Islam, and the widow. It's an educational tool, a true story from Hadith. Please scroll down and say radi Allahu unh whenever the name of Omar, Ali and other sahaba are mentioned. Use the story in your Islamic school.

Bradley Smith, famous, veteran revisionist challenges the Holocaust Museum. Please scroll to end for this amazing, unanswerable advertisement.

U.S. Attacks on Pakistan are Launched from WITHIN Pakistan. [New Trend has been reporting Pak-U.S. cooperation in these attacks for TWO YEARS.]

Obama Day 25: February 14, 2009: A U.S. drone fired missiles at a camp of the Pakistani Taliban in the Ladha area of South Waziristan. The death toll has risen to 27, including fighters from Uzbekistan. The area is a stronghold of Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud.
New Trend has been pointing out for two years that U.S. and the Pak. government work together to target Islamic persons in Pakistan. Every attack by the U.S. seems to be targeted with the help of Pakistani military intelligence. Now that Senator Feinstein, no less than the leader of the U.S. intelligence committee, let it slip that U.S. drone attacks are carried out from WITHIN Pakistan, Pakistanis seem to be in a state of shock.

Both Musharaff and Zardari have been working for America but Pakistanis, including unfortunately some Islamic people, have always wanted to believe that Pakistan's army is loyal to Pakistan. Can't they see that Pakistan has been supplying NATO forces in Afghanistan till the mujahideen attacked the supply lines? Are Pakistani intellectuals slow thinkers or simply SOLD OUT?
Here is the relevant excerpt from the Chicago Tribune of February 12:
[The disclosure by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), the Chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, marked the first time a U.S. official had publicly commented on where the Predator aircraft patrolling Pakistan take off and land.

At a hearing, Feinstein expressed surprise at Pakistani opposition to the ongoing campaign of Predator-launched CIA missile strikes against targets along Pakistan's northwest border.
"As I understand it, these are flown out of a Pakistani base," she said of the planes.].

Pakistani government media and secularized Pakistani groups have been vigorously spreading the disinformation that Taliban are India's agents and are being egged on by America to disrupt Frontier province. Some Pakistanis actually bought this propaganda.

The answer to the government disinformation campaign came from the people of Swat themselves. On February 12 thousands of people gathered in the Bazar of Tehsil Barikot. They chanted slogans against the Pak army action, called for the withdrawal of the army, an end to all military action and removal of curfew in Mingora and other towns. The demonstrators blocked the Peshawar-Mingora road for several hours while speaker after speaker condemned the army's atrocities. The crowd was so large that hundreds of people went to roof tops and balconies to participate. [To see PHOTO, please scroll all the way down.] [With thanks to Pakistanis in Harvard university.]

Obama Day 20: February 9, 2009
U.S. President Threatens to Destroy Islamic Groups in Pakistan: Refuses to note that Israel has Nukes

During President Obama's first press conference, he was asked the following question by Ms. Helen, America's famous journalist:

"Mr. President, do you think that Pakistan are maintaining the safe havens in Afghanistan for these so-called terrorists? And also, do you know of any country in the Middle East that has nuclear weapons?"
Here is the text of Obama's answer. [Notice his absurd claim that the Islamic people are killing women and children. There is no such evidence. In fact Karzai has been complaining that the U.S. air force is killing women and children. Is Obama thinking of removing Karzai?]

"OBAMA: Well, I think that Pakistan -- there is no doubt that in the FATA region of Pakistan, in the mountainous regions along the border of Afghanistan, that there are safe havens where terrorists are operating. And one of the goals of Ambassador Holbrooke, as he is traveling throughout the region, is to deliver a message to Pakistan that they are endangered as much as we are by the continuation of those operations. And that we've got to work in a regional fashion to root out those safe havens. It's not acceptable for Pakistan or for us to have folks who, with impunity, will kill innocent men, women and children. I believe that the new government of Pakistan and Mr. Zardari cares deeply about getting control of this situation. We want to be effective partners with them on that issue."

He simply ignored the question about "any country" which has nuclear weapons though he talked for a while about nuclear developments. [The answer is ISRAEL.]

Obama Day 16: February 5, 2009
Appointment of Heterodox "Muslim" to Interfaith Council: Attempt to legitimize a U.S.-Related Sect

President Obama set up an "Interfaith Council" to represent America's religious communities. He appointed a Muslim too, from India: One Eboo Patel, an Agha Khai who almost deifies the westernized leader of the Ismaili sect. This is a heterodox offshoot of Shi'ism. While the Twelver Shi'as claim that their Hidden Imam will emerge sooner or later, the Agha Khanis claim that they have a "living imam" and don't have to wait. The Agha Khan is venerated by the Agha Khanis more than the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, and the Sahaba are revered by Muslims in general.

This seems to be a calculated move by Obama to use the Agha Khani sect which has infiltrated Pakistan. It has strong well-funded groups in militarily sensitive areas of Pakistan such as Chitral and Hunza. The Agha Khanis also have a big medical center in Karachi which has been successful in coopting some of Pakistan's leading physicians.

The Obama policy is a continuation of Bush's moves. Bush tapped the Agha Khanis by selecting one of them to represent America in the OIC [Organization of the Islamic Conference].

New Trend is "saddened" to see that all the efforts of CAIR, WD, ISNA, Abdul Malik 'Mujahid," ICNA to lick White House/Pentagon/FBI boots didn't work. An Agha Khani got what ISNA should have received for all its services to the American power structure.

Occupied Iraq under al-Maliki and American generals. This photo says it all. [See latest news way down.]

Photo of Egyptian-American Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar , before his imprisonment, with two of his children, Ali and Omar, and his wife Lisa [from Chicago]. His "crime?" He spoke to opponents of the Egyptian tyrant Hosni Mubarak ON THE PHONE. He never broke any law, was a perfect citizen and community worker. He was very humble but knew more about Islam than most Muslims. Another of his "crimes?" He spoke out against Israel when the photo of the Israelis shooting at a Palestinian father and son came out in the media.
Another of his "crimes?" He supported the rights of Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman, the Blind Shaikh, to speak out about Egypt and publicized the atrocities being committed against him in prison.
New Trend urges the U.S. to release him. It is shameful to sentence a man to 26 years on the basis of PHONE CONVERSATIONS. There were no witnesses against him. Unfortunately the police discovered a copy of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion when they ransacked his large library.

What are the duties of rulers? Is a ruler allowed to say, the people are hungry but I will eat well? How should Muslim men and women interact? We have published a true story which Br. Husayn al-Kurdi's noble mother used to tell children. It is a famous story about Omar, the Second Caliph of Islam, and the greatest ruler in the history of Islam. [You can use it as an educational tool in Muslim schools.] Please say radi Allah unh, each time the name of Omar and of any other Companion of the Prophet, pbuh, is mentioned.] Please scroll all the way down.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Press Release:
Imam Badi Ali [National Islamic Shoora Leader] blasts "Interfaith Dialogue." It is a form of Deception and Lies. The issue is Peace vs War, not any Interfaith problem.

The Islamic struggle is not against Jews, Christians, Hindus or Buddhists. It is against oppression, tyranny, exploitation and falsehood from whatever source, including Muslims. Hence we reject "Interfaith Dialogue" and see it as a form of deception because it implies that we are not at peace with people of other religions. We reach out for PEACE, we oppose WAR and we stand against all forms of Oppression.

Islam is not another version of Judaism or Christianity. To others their religion, to us ours, in peace and compassion.

Notice that other religions do not accept Muhammad, pbuh, who is our leader and the leader of all humanity. Muhammad, pbuh, is the leader of all the messengers and prophets. We accept Moses and Jesus, peace be on them, as Messengers of Allah, but the other religions do not accept Muhammad, pbuh. So, there can be no religious dialogue.
SHIRK [assigning partners to Allah] is the greatest and only unforgivable sin in Islam: In other religions SHIRK is part of their thinking about God.

The Jews are the oppressors and enemies of Islam. They tried to kill Muhammad, pbuh. They sent Jesus, pbuh, to be crucified. They killed hundreds of Prophets, pbuh. We can't mix up Islam with the religion of the Jews.

Some Muslims are telling lies through their "interfaith dialogues." It is plain deception to claim that Islam and other religions are similar. Peace does not come through telling lies. There are no "Abrahamic faiths." The Qur'an says that Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian. He was a Muslim.

Islam is HAQQ: It is not one religion among so many.

We want peace, but it should be peace based on acceptances of differences.
America must understand the fact that Islam is not going to be changed to become a conventional religion. It has come to America to bear witness to the Truth and to be victorious.
  1. we need Muslims who have knowledge of Qur'an and Hadith.
  2. They should be aware of Islamic movements and their mehodology.
  3. They should have read Islamic scholars like Ibn Taymiyya and Syed Qutb who faced oppression and did not flinch.
  4. They should never have the desire to be invited by the rulers or to flatter the rich and the powerful.
  5. They should understand America and not be awed by its power.
  6. They should have studied comparative religion.
  7. They should be fluent if not eloquent in the English language.

See khutba [below] some of which is on this subject by Dr. Kaukab Siddique [Maryland].

Valentine's Day Memories: #1
Dresden, Germany: 1945: British and American bomber fleets set on fire the entire city of Dresden. The mastermind behind this holocaust was Winston Churchill as advised by his Jewish buddy known as "the prof." [For a detailed and documented account of the destruction of Dresden, see: Apocalypse 1945: The Destruction of Dresden by David Irving.
For documentation of the "prof's" influence on Churchill and on his policy of carpetbombing of German civilian populations see Churchill's War, Vol. 1 and 2 by David Irving. [This is not a conspiracy theory. The documentation is from Churchill government's papers and related diaries.]
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Valentine's Day Memories: #2

The Forgotten Terrorist Attack on Baghdad

by Malcom Lagauche [San Diego, California]

Feb 13, 2009

Much of the world celebrates Valentine's Day, in commemoration of love. However, an event that occurred on Valentine's Day 18 years ago has diminished any affinity for celebrating love for many Iraqis.

On the morning of February 14, 1991, when I turned the TV on to see the latest lies being told to the public about the U.S. bombing of Iraq, I saw a chaotic situation in Baghdad. The Amiryah bomb shelter had just been struck by two 2,000-pound superbombs. Information was sketchy, but it was evident that many people lost their lives.
[For the complete article, see: http://www.malcomla

Be Wary of Politicians' Misuse of the English Language: Is Obama simply re-wording Bush?
The Qur'an is not Limited to any one time nor is it meant for any one Race or Civilization
by Sis. Sofia [New York City]

George Orwell's books of fiction, Animal Farm, 1984 and his 1946 essay, "Politics and the English Language" continue to be relevant for our times. President W. Bush's speechwriters turned Orwell's analysis of politicians' use of the English language to mislead citizens on its head. A re-visit of some of the President's press conferences and his speeches record how language was used to tell lies, distort the perception of listeners, and manipulate political events during the "war against terrorism" particularly, this country's military encounters in Iraq and Afghanistan.

President Obama's use of the language and his oratorical skills has been wowing the masses. Is it his made-for-TV physical appearance and style that is convincing people of his sincerity to bring about change in U.S. politics and end the wars beyond its borders? Or, is he too, like President "W" Bush, indulging in manipulative rhetoric and double-speak? Is he a run-of-the-mill politician or a statesman who truly believes in treating peoples of Iran and of an impoverished nation such as Afghanistan with dignity and respect? What are we to make of his statement immediately after the Mumbai terrorist attack that India has a right to retaliate? Was he instigating a war between India and Pakistan? And, what are we to make of the U.S. military's use of drones to kill innocent Afghan civilians? And the fact that he continues to look at Israel with rose-tinted glasses? Even at this early stage, it is imperative that we analyze President Obama's many statements for doublespeak, lies and manipulation. Does he have one standard for America and Israel and another for the rest of the world? How long is he going to attack Iran for its potential for nuclear armament and ignore the many atomic bombs in the possession of Israel? How long is he going to ignore the fact that for decades Israelis have been usurpers of Palestinian human and civil rights and continue to call it the only democracy in the region? And, can a leader with these attitudes and policies ever achieve a world-level status as peace-maker and a harbinger for change?

Muslims are already at a disadvantage in their ability to analyze written language. They have been told that only their political and religious leaders have the right to analyze Islamic text, including the Qur'an. The doors of textual analysis have been shut for them. They have been terrorized into submission just as Christians were terrorized into submission by their Church and Clergy until the Reformation to the extent of being denied the right to read the Bible.

Rosenblatt's book, one entitled "Reader Response" which analyzes reader responses to written texts, is relevant for Muslims, especially those young men who are offered free trips to Muslim countries for Islamic summer classes in order to brainwash them. The brainwashing, in fact, creates an intellectual barrier to the Qur'an, the Word of God Almighty.

Muslims need to take heed of the Qur'anic ayah/verse (#109) in Surah "The Cave" (XVIII):>
"Say: Though the sea became ink for the Words of my Lord, verily the sea would be used up before the Words of my Lord were exhausted, even though We brought the like thereof to help."

If the Qur'an is Eternal, then its interpretation can not be fixed for any one time or age. And, if the Qur'an is meant for all of Humanity, then it can not be interpreted as belonging to any one people, race, nation or civilization. It is Eternal, "written in stone" as it were, available to all of Humanity to understand it and find meaning in it -- both in its historical context and at the individual level.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

One in a series of revolutionary khutbas
Outreach in Baltimore, Maryland
The Looting of America+ "Withdraw U.S. Military from Muslim Lands. You Can't Win against Islam"

February 13, 2009: Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave the Juma' Khutba and led prayers at a masjid in Baltimore. The gathering consisted of Pakistanis, Africans and African-Americans. The masjid was packed with worshippers but it's a small masjid, so the main points of the khutba are given below for distribution across the country and to help other khateebs.

Texts: "The evil of their deeds will confront them, and they will be completely encircled by that which they used to mock at!" [The Qur'an 39:48.]

"O ye who believe! take not My enemies and yours as protecting friends and guardians, offering them your love, even though they have rejected the Truth that has come to you......" [The Qur'an 60:1] [Dr. Siddique is the author of The Struggle of Muslim Women and Liberation of Women Thru Islam: the first books in the English language on the rights of Muslim women based only on the Qur'an and the authentic Hadith. As these are being frequently plagiarized now without any form of acknowledgement, we have prepared reprints for new readers who might not know that Jamaat al-Muslimeen originated the struggle for women's rights in this age and time based on the Qur'an and the Hadith.
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Community News:
Highly Secularized "Muslim" Commits Horrific Murder

It is truly amazing that ISNA-CAIR supporters publicizd Bridges TV as if it can speak for Islam and Muslims. For ISNA-CAIR anyone with a Muslim name and a lot of money becomes the leader of Islam in America.
Courtesy Buffalo News, upstate New York, February 13.
Muzzammil Hassan, right, founder of Bridges TV, is charged with murder in the beheading of his wife, Aasiya Hassan, left, in Orchard Park.

War News: IRAQ

Attacks on Shi'ite Pilgrims probably result of inter-Shi'a rivalry

Feb. 13: According to reports, the heavy casualties among Shi'ite pilgrims, mostly women and children, resulted from inter-Shi'a rivaries of groups trying to control the Shi'a center of Karbala. U.S. media tried to attribute the explosions to an al-Qaida female bomber but there is no evidence of any such "bomber.",8599,1879519,00.html

Feb. 9, 2009: A martyrdom operator hit a U.S. military patrol in the Mosul area killing 4 U.S. soldiers and their interpretor. Mosul and Diyala are under al-Qaida control.

US soldiers shot woman in her bed, then killed husband
Aljazeera Jan 25, 2009
US soldiers gun down Iraqi couple
US soldiers kill an Iraqi couple and wound their eight-year-old daughter during a raid on their house near the northern city of Kirkuk.

Major-General Turhan Abdul Rahman, deputy chief commander of police in the Kurdish province of Kirkuk, said that US forces stormed the house of Dhiya Hussein, a former Saddam Hussein army officer killing him and his wife and injuring his eight-year-old daughter.

A US military spokesman confirmed that a man and a woman had been killed and a child wounded in the raid, saying the raid was a combined operation with Iraqi security forces against al-Qaeda in Iraq networks.

Omar and the Needy Widow
Introduction by Al-Ustadh Husayn Farajullah Zaki Al-Kurdi [Chicago]

This short play composed by Bahia Farajullah Al-Kurdi/ Gulick describes an incident in the life of one of the most illustrious and revered figures in the history of Islam, Omar ibn al-Khattab, second Caliph and founder of the Islamic Empire. He was born around 581 A.D., or 41 years before the beginning of the Muslim calendar. A man of strong will, he was at first a powerful enemy of Islam and is said to have caused the death of a number of believers. He embraced Islam at the age of 37 and from that time onward supported the religion heart and soul. His daughter Hafsa became a wife of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and Omar valiantly assisted him, later becoming a valued adviser of the first Caliph, Abu Bakr.

Omar made it clear that the armies of the Muslims were to serve the government and not to rule over it. When Khalid ibn al-Walid, after winning brilliant victories, quarreled with Omar, he was dismissed form his command. Omar lived a simple life, lean and hard. During his ten-year rule as Caliph, beginning in 634, the Greek Emperor Heraclius was defeated on the Yarmuk River, the Persian Sassanids were beaten and Iraq and Iran came into the domains of Islam. During the same period, Egypt was captured by forces commanded by Amr ibn al-As.

Omar was a stern taskmaster who scrupulously instilled a just law and order in governmental administration and religious affairs. Nothing was left to chance or the caprice or whim of individuals or groups. This renowned ruler counted among his attributes the Islamic virtues of honesty, purity, modesty and generosity. Because of his principled and austere character, he was venerated and widely respected by those he governed. His style of governance, as illustrated by this little play, is considered a model of just Islamic social principles.

His career was cut short when he was killed by an assassin, at the hand of a slave of the governor of Basra in the year 644. Some Shi'ites later claimed that the murderer was one of their men, and their present-day successors have habitually killed many male persons of all ages in Iraq since the American-Safavid occupation began in 2003 simply because their names happened to be "Omar", thus identifying them as "Sunnis" to members of the particular sectarian death squads carrying out these gruesome murders. It must be also noted that many Sunnis bear the name of Ali, the Fourth Caliph whom the Shi'ites venerate, and that also many Shi'ites and others, including non-Muslim Panamanians, Cubans and other Latin Americans, are called Omar. Both Omar and Ali are widely regarded as "Rightly-Guided Caliphs" throughout Islam.

It is my honor to re-introduce this work by my noble mother, who left this world on February 27, 2005, and who used it widely in her educational activities, training female teachers in Iraq and Libya from 1938 to 1964.



(Setting: An old woman sits in a small tattered tent with a vessel filled with pebbles and water cooking over the fire. The woman pretends to be cooking meat. She is surrounded by hungry children)

Old Woman (in a low voice): Have mercy, my God. What am I to do with my orphans? Where can I get food for them? They slept without supper. Hunger might kill them and it might finish me too, before we know what is happening. Oh Allah, I beg thy help and favor!

1st Child: Mother, I am hungry. Give me something to eat.

2nd Child: Mother, I am starving. I am in pain. May I have some milk?

3rd Child: Mother, protect me! I am dying of hunger!

Old Woman: The meat is in the pot. Be patient. Soon you'll have something to eat. (In a low voice, to the side) Woe is me. I am boiling pebbles in the water to fool them. I hope they'll be quiet and forget. But if their minds forget, will their stomachs fail to remember? My God! What are our rulers doing? The people suffer poverty and untold hardships but the rich ones of the earth are heedless of our misfortunes and they don't care about what we must endure. They pay no attention to the midnight sighing of the poor. Allah, punish them for violating your commands.

(Street scene: Omar ibn al-Khattab, the Second Rightly-guided Caliph of Islam, is speaking with a friend)

Omar: Come, my friend. Let's go around and investigate conditions among our people and see with our own eyes how they live so that we may ascertain their needs.

Friend: It is a privilege to go with you, but why do you trouble yourself so much? You were working all last night. Why not let your counselor go among the wretched tents and huts? Why tire yourself?

Omar: No, friend. Seeing for oneself brings true justice. I want to know my people better. Their children are like my children. They are all as my own family. Come, let's be on our way.

(They walk to the Old Woman's tent and hear her crying and moaning)

Old Woman: My God, when will this misery end? The rich are in comfort and care nothing about us. Omar is called "Faruq" because the people say that he can always tell right from wrong. Is it right for us to starve? If he is so kind and just, why does he not help the needy? Why does he fail those who lack even crusts of bread to eat and rags with which to clothe themselves? (She weeps)

(Omar hears her but she does not see him. He approaches her)

Omar: Did you ever tell Omar the Caliph about your troubles? Did you ask him for help?

Old Woman: It is better to leave him alone. He is well off and in comfort. What does he care about the poor? On the Day of Judgment, Allah will ask him what he has done.

Omar: What do you have in this pot?

Old Woman: There is nothing in my pot but water and stones. This way I trick my little ones until they go to sleep.

Omar: Be patient, mother.

Old Woman: Does patience stay the pangs of hunger? Curse Omar and all those cruel ones who think only of themselves. I see by your clothing that you are poor like us; it would be useless to ask you for baksheesh. Please go your way and leave us to our despair and suffering.

Omar: Farewell. I shall pray for you.

(Omar and his friend leave the tent and continue along the street with its uneven cobblestones)

Omar (to himself): My people are undergoing terrible hardships. My own eyes have witnessed their misery. I must do something about it. Allah, guide me to help my people. I cannot stand to see their distress. It had been better had I died in childhood! ( He weeps)

What an evil thing poverty is! I will not give up, I will fight this poverty that destroys the poor. (Wipes his eyes with a handkerchief)

Friend: O Caliph, why do you weep? Why are you so sad?

Omar: What answer can I give to Allah, the All-Knowing? What excuse can I make for the bad condition of my people? We must go to the center of the Caliphate and take a goodly sum from the Public Treasury to buy food and share it with those in need.

Friend: I am always at your service, Commander of the Faithful!


Old Woman: (Weeping) Oh Allah, I am hopeless. Should I take the lives of my children and then kill myself? Help me and guide me, my God so that sin may be far from me. Protect me, give me patience to endure.

1st Child: Mother, is the food ready? I can't smell anything to eat.

Old Woman: Sleep my child, rest is the best thing for you now.

2nd Child: We cannot sleep with empty stomachs.

3rd Child: My stomach hurts something awful. Why does it get bigger when there is nothing in it?

Old Woman: Soon the food will be ready. You shall have the most delicious food. We may even go to the gardens beneath which rivers flow, where everything is beautiful. Rest in peace and be happy.

(The children sleep while the Old Woman prays)

Old Woman: O merciful Lord, Thou art the provider of food for the birds in the sky, for the fish in the sea and the beasts in the forest. Hear my prayer. Save us. Give us bread. Rescue my dying children.

(Omar appears in the distance, carrying a big sack of good things to eat. His friend accompanies him)

Friend: Please put the sack on my back, dear Omar.

Omar: No, let me do this kind act so that Allah may forgive my neglectfulness and dispel my grief.

Old Woman: (praying) O Allah, send down upon us from the heaven of Thy bounty a shower of blessing. Show us pity and love.

(Omar comes in through the back of the tent)

Omar: Here you are. Allah has answered your prayer. Waken your children and give them the glad tidings. Here is plenty for all, bread and meat, dates and oranges, honey and sweets. This feast is given with love, not just from a sense of duty. Eat, drink and be merry.

Old Woman: (shouting with happiness) May Allah forever bless you and increase your wealth! Children, get up! Quick, the food is ready.

(The children stretch and rub their eyes)

1st Child: Are you telling the truth?

2nd Child: Is the food really ready?

3rd Child: Can it be true or am I dreaming?

Old Woman: Yes, it is true

(The children eat with hearty relish as their smiling mother looks on)

1st Chiild: It's delicious!

2nd Child: It's wonderful!

3rd Child: It's the best food I ever ate in my life!

1st Child: These are the best sweets in Arabia.

2nd Child: I wish I had a meal like this every day.

3rd Child: Mother, you must come and join us.

Old Woman: Eat and be grateful.

Omar: Mother! Why don't you dine with your children? There is more than enough for you too.

Old Woman: The happiness of my children has taken away my appetite. This makes up for all my suffering. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for us.

Omar: Has Omar been faithful to you? Do you think that he has done his duty?

Old Woman: Then you are the great Caliph? Can you ever pardon me for my harsh words about you?

Omar: It is for you to forgive me because I did not know of your misery.

Old Woman: May Allah's peace and blessing ever be upon you. You are the most glorious, kind-hearted and faithful of rulers.

Omar: The responsibility of the ruler is great. On the Day of Judgment he must report about his doings. Allah will not forgive those who betray the trust placed in them when they neglect their people. Every kind deed and just act will be rewarded. Allah does not forget to recompense the kindly.

Old Woman: Come, children, and give thanks to Omar, the Commander of the Faithful.

Omar: Thanks are due to Allah the Giver, the Merciful, the Compassionate!

Children: May Allah protect you and give you long life and happiness.

Omar: (leaving) Food will be sent to you every day as long as you need it. Goodbye, my dear ones.

Children: Ma'a al-salama.

Old Woman: Fi iman--Illah.

(Omar and his friend depart)

Old Woman: Children, we must invite our friends and neighbors to have a party with us. This is a time for rejoicing.

INDIA and the SIKH nation in Punjab [Part I]
Gurtej Singh
Sunday, 08 February 2009
Break the Cycle of Impunity and Torture in Punjab

Introduction Torture and custodial violence continue to be regularly reported in Punjab, despite the end of the militancy period in the state in the mid-1990s.

One reason for the continuation of serious human rights violations after the militancy period is that a decade of armed insurgency and police counter insurgency operations left its mark on the way the police and the criminal justice system function in the state. Another reason is that virtually none of the police officers responsible for a range of human rights violations - including torture, deaths in custody, extra-judicial executions and "disappearances" during the militancy period - were brought to justice, creating an atmosphere in which state officials appear to believe that they can violate people's fundamental rights with impunity even today. In this report, Amnesty International (AI) makes the link between the impunity enjoyed by police officers during and after the militancy period and the continuation of torture today. This link sends a warning to states in India presently ravaged by armed conflicts such as Jammu and Kashmir and states in the northeast that perpetrators of human rights violations must be held to account in situations of widespread and prolonged violence, if long-term repercussions for the enjoyment of human rights are to be avoided.(1) [To be continued]

Pakistan: 2 items.
Feb. 12, 2009: Thousands gathered in war torn Swat's Tehsil Barikot Bazar, to urge Pakistan's army to stop its operations.

LATEST: February 15, 2009: The Islamic forces in Swat declared a 10-day cease fire to see if Pakistan government will stop trying to hinder the implementation of Islamic Law [Shari'a]. They also released a Chinese engineer as a gesture of goodwill. He seems to be in excellent health after 6 months in Islamic captivity.

Jamaate Islami Delegation in China: Qazi Hussain's Speech in 1250 Year Old Mosque

LAHORE, Feb 14: Jamaat-e-Islami's high-level delegation headed by the party's ameer Qazi Hussain Ahmad has reached China's economic capital Shanghai on Saturday in its last phase of visit to China.

According to a message received at JI headquarters Mansoorah, the delegation was received at the airport by top provincial leadership of Chinese ruling party and Pakistani consul general. Later, detailed talks were held between Chinese delegation headed by provincial president of Chinese ruling party, Mr Yang Xiadu and JI delegation comprising Syed Munawar Hasan, Liaqat Baloch, Sirajul Haq, Senator Ibrahim Khan, Abdul Ghaffar Aziz and Asif Luqman Qazi. Mr Yang Xiadu also hosted a reception in honor of JI delegation at the State Guest House.

Welcoming JI delegation, Mr Yang Xiadu expressed confidence that the visit of JI delegation will play an important role in strengthening the Sino Pak friendship and friendly relations between the two people. He briefed the visitors about the industrial development in Shanghai and said China's industrial sector is making progress despite the global economic crisis.

Qazi Hussain Ahmad praised the role of Shanghai in the Sino Pak friendship and said his party will strengthen this relationship. He said a delegation of Pakistani industrialists and businessmen will be sent to Shanghai to explore new avenues of mutual trade and to benefit from Shanghai's industrial development.

Earlier, before reaching Shanghai, Qazi Hussain Ahmad addressed a Friday prayers gathering at the 1250 years old mosque in Xian city of Shaanxi province. In his address Qazi Hussain Ahmad urged upon Chinese Muslims to play their role in development and solidarity of their country. He said Chinese Muslims should play the role of bridge between China and Muslim world and present the true picture of Islam in Chinese society through their own character. Qazi also held meetings with Muslim families and visited the offices adjoining the mosque. Later, Imam of the mosque held a reception in honor of Qazi Hussain Ahmad. Presents were also exchanged from both sides on the occasion and prayers were held for the security and solidarity of Pakistan and Muslim world.

War in Afghanistan

[Notice how the Australians justify their crimes in Afghanistan. Someone should ask them, how can their military action be justified. -Editor NT]

Australian special forces kill five children in Afghanistan
Fri, 13 Feb 2009 11:47a.m.

In a statement issued today, Australia's Defence Department has released details of a conflict engagement involving Australian special forces soldiers in which five Afghan children were killed in the early hours of Thursday morning.
The soldiers in Uruzgan Province were "conducting clearance operations through a number of compounds of interest" when they were fired at by suspected Taliban insurgents.
The Australian Defence Force says the soldiers fired back "in accordance with their rules of engagement".
"No Australians were injured in the engagement, but a number of people have been killed and wounded during this incident," the statement reads.
"Current reporting indicates that those killed include a suspected insurgent and, sadly, local nationals including five children killed, and two children and two adults injured."
The department says the injured people were treated at the site after the engagement and then evacuated to medical facilities for more treatment.
"Defence is obviously concerned about any loss of life. It is for this reason that Australian forces operate under strict Rules of Engagement that aim to avoid and minimise civilian casualties."

Clashes between U.S.-NATO Forces and Taliban: Unusual Winter Fighting

February 14, 2009: During fighting in Khost province, Taliban killed 3 Karzai police officers and an official of the Kabul regime.
The same day near Kandahar, three Karzai police officers were killed in a clash with the Taliban. [Both items reported by U.S. media.]

February 11, 2009: In a gun fight near Kabul, an elite French trooper was killed along with his interpreter
Eight Taliban martyrdom operators entered Kabul's high security zone and attacked the Justice Ministry and the Prison administration building. They held the buildings for several hours before giving their lives. Karzai's regime rushed its best troops to take back the buildings but were unable to do so for several hours. At least 19 Karzais were killed and 57 wounded.
Taliban spokesman said that the the two centers are used to torture Taliban prisoners and last year they executed 7 sympathizers of the Taliban who had not been involved in any armed activity. [Observers say that the Taliban now have a presence in Kabul itself waiting for the liberation of Kabul.]

February 8, 2009: Helmand province, Nad Ali area: A Taliban ambush killed 2 U.S. troops, their translator and a Karzai police officer showing them the way.


Bishop Richard Williamson is a member of the ultra- conservative Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX). In late January, Pope Benedict XVI decided to lift the excommunications of four members of the SSPX, Bishop Williamson among them. Just days prior to the retraction of his excommunication, Bishop Williamson said on Swedish television that he didn't believe the Holocaust took place and said that between 200,000 and 300,000 Jews died in Nazi concentration camps instead of the commonly accepted 6 million. The resulting scandal has led to doubts about Benedict's leadership of the Catholic Church, though Benedict last week demanded that Williamson recant his statements.

Excerpts from Der Spiegel's Interview with Bishop Williamson

SPIEGEL: Do you seriously intend to use Catholic tradition and the Bible to justify your anti-Semitism?
Williamson: Anti-Semitism means many things today, for instance, when one criticizes the Israeli actions in the Gaza Strip. The Church has always understood the definition of anti-Semitism to be the rejection of Jews because of their Jewish roots. This is condemned by the Church. Incidentally, this is self-evident in a religion whose founders and all important individuals in its early history were Jews. But it was also clear, because of the large number of Jewish Christians in early Christianity, that all men need Christ for their salvation -- all men, including the Jews.
SPIEGEL: The pope will travel to Israel soon, where he plans to visit the Holocaust Memorial. Are you also opposed to this?
Williamson: Making a pilgrimage to the Holy Land is a great joy for Christians. I wish the Holy Father all the best on his journey. What troubles me about Yad Vashem is that Pope Pius XII is attacked there, even though no one saved more Jews during the Nazi period than he did. For instance, he had baptismal certificates issued for persecuted Jews to protect them against arrest. These facts have been distorted to mean exactly the opposite. Otherwise, I hope that the pope will also have an eye and a heart for the women and children who were injured in the Gaza Strip, and that he will speak out in support of the Christian population in Bethlehem, which is now walled in.


Dear Subscriber and Supporter:
Would you like to see the below advertisement run in student newspapers on college campus from one end of America to the other? Do you want to encourage students to begin to ask their professors for the name of one person, "with proof," who was killed in a gas chamber at Auschwitz?
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This is not a fly-by-night campaign that I just thought up, but one that began in February 2008 when I addressed a letter to the spokeswoman for the HMI, Emory Professor Deborah Lipstadt, asking her The Auschwitz Question. The question is so simple, so powerful, that she can not even reference it publicly, much less try to answer it. It is a campaign that is not locked into one presentation, but can develop with events. As it has with the good Bishop Williamson.
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Bradley Smith

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