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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Muharram 5,1427/February 4, 2006 #9

How do Israelis see Palestinians? The best report yet, from Sweden, on the dehumanization of Palestinians by the Israelis. A Swede participates in an Israeli-organized trip to occupied Palestine. Read with care. It is heavy with sarcasm. Scroll down to: "Look over there - A real terrorist."


1. January 28, 2006. The Foreign Minister of Eritrea accused the United States of foiling arbitration under which Eritrea was supposed to receive a border town claimed by both Ethiopia and Eritrea. The minister also, for the first time, openly accused the United States of stoking and being behind the decades old conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea which has cost 70,000 lives.

2. New Trend observers say that the spread of HIV AIDS in South Africa cannot be stopped unless its main source is blocked. It appears that most of Africa, particularly the 80% which follows Islam, has little or no spread of AIDS. The deadly infection has spread in South Africa because the country is open to the inroads of European cultural ideas. European culture plays down the importance of marriage and glorifies fornication and adultery. On top of that the Europeans have legitimized homosexuality. The distribution of pornography, including hard core porn, is protected both in Europe and America under the guise of "freedom of expression." Combine this cultural invasion with local corruption and poor hospital facilities and one gets the mass death which has emerged in South Africa and is threatening one fourth of the population with a horrible end. A cultural revolution against Europe is the need of the hour. Only Islam can deliver such a revolution.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News] [2 items]

Breaking News:
Imam 'Umar Arrested: U.S. Government Seeks to Silence Voice of Truth.

On February 3, 2006 just before Juma' prayers, five U.S. federal agents arrested Imam Warith Deen 'Umar in his Bronx [New York] apartment where he was resting owing to ill health. Owing to our initial investigation, the government studied Imam 'Umar's ENTIRE CAREER and finally found something THIRTY FIVE YEARS BACK, in 1970, to arrest him.

Our reports indicate that the Imam's family is also being harrassed. His wife and his daughter were followed by the police and handed speeding tickets.

The Imam's phone has been monitored to such an extent that the government knows when his attorney CANNOT be present. Something has also happened to the phones of the two Muslim attorneys he had obtained.

The Imam is scheduled to appear in court on Monday, February 6, in connectionn with the December 30 incident at his apartment. It seems that the government wants to bring him to the hearing in schackles. His presence as an Imam who has done no wrong is being deliberately eroded.

Who is Imam Warith Deen 'Umar?

Imam 'Umar's struggle began when the Wall Street Journal tried to destroy his career. Instead of backing down, he fought back. Here we re-print a report we published at the time when the Imam faced off against the WSJ. Evidently the Zionist hand is behind the state terrorism which is being directed at him now -Editor


An Imam Challenges the Wall Street Journal.

by Tarik W. Croft

As Warith Deen Umar strokes his graying Sunni beard, his eyes speak with a fire that even propaganda cannot quelch. An iron-willed and understanding man, Imam Umar has embraced some of the more troubled citizens currently in jail. This comes from his 25 year service inside of New York State's Prison Chaplain System. Not a man of overwhelming stature, his strength seems to draw from dark, fiery eyes that emit a demand for respect and allows people to know he is a force to be reckoned with.

Presently Umar is embroiled in a bitter lawsuit with the Wall Street Journal. A seemingly innocent interview became one of the most slanderous pieces ever written. In an article done by the Journal, he is labelled as an extremist with terrorist loyalties. In particular, the Saudi Arabian government have been called his financial backers; he has been accused of adopting the Saudi Wahhabism and using his position as a Chaplain to spread the word and recruit inmates. In an excerpt taken from his book and then falsified, he is stated as applauding the events of 9.11 and warning of future terrorist acts.

Umar has already sued the paper for its slanderous and libelous writing and issued a response to the article where he states: "I never applauded the events of 9.11. I did say, however, that if you continue to hold a people down, they will fight back."

Armed with previous precedents in which the Journal has done this type of thing before, he hopes to win his $5 million suit against the paper considered the most "accurate and respected in the world."

There is more to this man than messy litigations. He is a brother who is willing to fight the modern day slavery that we as Blacks in America face. Just his situation with the paper shows how Whites will attempt to slander the black name to swing public opinion. But much like Ida B. Wells spoke out on the Black lynchings, Umar speaks against the establishment.


How to Deal with Blasphemous Cartoons? Don't Let Hypocrites Mislead You. Seek Guidance from the Qur'an.
[We need objective studies of Adolf Hitler.]

by Kaukab Siddique

A publication in Denmark, unknown in most of Europe, published a cartoon about Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, in September 2005. Four months later, an evangelical Christian paper, quite minor, in Norway, picked up the cartoon.

The Muslims started protesting. A French publication then reprinted the cartoon and found that it gained quite a bit of attention from Muslims as well as publicity in Europe. There were more Muslim protests and an Italian publication re-printed the cartoon.

As a result of these blasphemous cartoons, protest demonstrations, mostly small scale, spread across the Muslim world and got considerable publicity in American and European media.

To understand what is happening, one should look at the response of Muslim regimes which are usually silent about the atrocities committed against Islam and Muslims. These regimes have been most forthcoming in opposing the cartoons. They have gone to the extent of endorsing boycotts and threatening to withdraw business deals with Denmark and Norway. Guess who are these Islamic "activists?" : The dictator of Egypt, the despots of Kuwait, the ruler of Libya [great friend of the Egyptian tyrant] and the King of "Saudi" Arabia.

Notice that when mosques were destroyed by the U.S. in Iraq, when Qur'ans in large numbers were desecrated in Iraqi mosques which the Americans used as rest areas, when hazrat 'Ali's Qur'an manuscript was burned under British occupation of Basra, these regimes did not say a word. Muslims were slaughtered in Iraq and Afghanistan in huge numbers [often in Ramadan while they were praying] and there was no response from these "activists." In fact these "activists" have been "hand-in-glove" with the oppressors who torture Islamic people and who put the Qur'an in the toilet in Guantanamo Bay. Now these activists claim that they love Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, so much that they are making a hue and cry over cartoons published by minor publications.

About such people, the Qur'an says:

"When the hypocrites come to you, [o Muhammad] they say, 'We bear witness that you are indeed the Messenger of Allah.' And Allah knows that you are indeed His Messenger. And Allah bears witness that the hypocrites are indeed liars. They have made their oaths a screen [for their misedeeds]. Thus they obstruct [people] from the Path of Allah: Truly evil are their deeds. That is because they believed, then they rejected Faith. So a seal was set on their hearts: therefore they understand not. When you look at them, their physical appearance impresses you, and when they speak, you listen to their words. They are as [worthless as hollow] pieces of timber PROPPED UP, [unable to stand on their own]. They think that every cry is against them. They are the enemies. So beware of them. The curse of Allah be on them! How deluded are they [away from the Truth]!" [63:1-4]

Dear Muslims! Look at these hypocrites. They seek a safe opportunity to build credibility for themselves. Look at the hypocrites right here in America who never say anything when cases which would rub the U.S. government the wrong way come up. And they now claim they love the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. How can one ignore everything the Messenger of Allah, pbuh, taught and then claim that one is hurt by these cartoons!
[The hypocrites in the U.S. did not say a word when Imam Warith Deen Umar's apartment was raided by the U.S. terrorist government recently and his Qur'an was desecrated and his prayer area was defiled].

Thus those who are the weakest in standing up against oppression sense that it is a safe bet to protest cartoons published in Europe and thus to build up their tottering credibility.


The publications which started the cartoons are quite unimportant and little known. As far as we can see, these are not Zionist publications. Muslims from various Muslims countries could easily write to them and make them realize how hurtful their cartoons are. Also, let them know that attacking the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, is not going to weaken Islam or Muslims. Notice that none of the western regimes have endorsed the cartoons? They know that such abuse will fly back in their faces and will be counterproductive. On Februrary 3, the U.S. State Department urged the Europeans to curb their "freedom of expression."
[America defending Islam?!]

FREEDOM of expression CAN HURT the ENEMIES of ISLAM:

Muslims should use the freedom of expression in western societies to initiate discussion of the Jewish holocaust story in an empirical and methodological style to arrive at the truth of what really happened in the Second World War. If Muslims engage in this historic exploration throughout Europe, without indulgence in rhetoric and strong language, the tables will be turned on the enemies of Islam.

An objective discussion of Hitler's career should be carried out so that the real Hitler may be discovered. The European style of reference to Hitler, which begins with the premise that he was evil, is non-scientific and nothing more than a continuation of war time propaganda. If the Europeans can abuse the blessed Messenger of Allah, pbuh, we Muslims can do much better by insisting on evidence-related discussion of the personality of Hitler.

Stalin, the ally of Churchill and Roosevelt, killed millions of his own people during the genocide known as "collectivization." By contrast, Hitler wanted good for his people. The French, the Poles and the Czechs had seized German territories and populations after the First World War. He was their liberator.

It is time to get away from propaganda versions of Hitler. He neither drank nor smoked while Churchill did both. Who then was a better human being?

As for the "holocaust," let us look at the hundreds of holocausts commiitted on German cities by the British and U.S. air forces.

If we Muslims pick up this challenge, the Europeans will be sorry they ever insulted the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh.


Secularization of the West has made religion a matter of secondary interest here. The press is free to publish whatever it wants. Thus if a Norwegian Christian paper insults islam, our response should be aimed at that paper, not at all of Norway. All of Denmark, or Norway, or France or Italy or even the U.S. is not against Islam and Muslims.

On February 2, in Alabama, five churches were set on fire. This is simply a news item. It created no stir among Christians in the U.S.

Religion has become very secondary here. Hence we will be wasting our energies making a global issue out of the insensitivity or ignorance or bigotry of a publication or its editor.

There are millions of Muslims in these countries. Surely they can urge the abusive publications to desist or even take them to court. Muslims both in Europe and in America are educated and technologically advanced, and can easily send thousands of letters and emails to the wrong doers much more effectively than people in the Muslim world.

By contrast, what happened was that Muslims gave the Hypocrites a chance to claim that they are the standard bearers of Islam. Have we forgotten that an American general, Boykin, blasphemed against Allah, a Christian bigot, Falwell, insulted Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, and called him a terrorist, and yet another fool in the U.S. accused the Prophet, pbuh, of wrongdoing by marrying 'Ayesha, r.a., when she was very young. These were much more serious matters than the Danish cartoons, yet neither Kuwait, nor Egypt, nor Libya, nor "Saudi" Arabia carried out any diplomatic or commercial action against the U.S.
[Pakistan's Musharraf didn't dare speak either.]

The Qur'an teaches us to be politically aware. If we continue to let opportunists mislead us, we will be lost. Fallujah, an entire city, was destroyed DURING RAMADAN. Its mosques were under attack on LAILATUL QADR! What was the response of these "activists?" ZERO.

Published with permission granted to New Trend by the translator.

Look over there – a real terrorist

By Peter Kadhammar
Published in Aftonbladet on January 1, 2006.

JERUSALEM Welcome to the war! An air-conditioned bus with 35 passengers is on its way through Israel and we see desert, mountains, valleys – wait! – look! an Arab! – but most of all soldiers, police, German Shepherd dogs and barbed wire.

It is no ordinary charter trip. We are going to get lessons by some of the most important persons in Israel – men who have stood in the frontline between us and them, between the civilized and terrorism.
Anyone can sign up, I spotted an ad at the website of the Israeli daily Haaretz. But there are only three trips a year, so you have to be quick.
The trip is called 'The Ultimate Mission'. Sounds heavy, doesn't it?
It sure is heavy. One morning the tour leaders take us to the military court in Machane Ofer, an area protected by soldiers in watchtowers, German Shepherd dogs, barbed wire and high fences. In a barrack used as a court house, we are shown a real live terrorist. He is wearing a foot-chain and is being watched by five soldiers with automatic rifles.
"This is so awesome," whispers one of my fellow travellers, a young woman from New York.
The suspect's name is Iad Abiat. He is 35 years old, father of eight children, and charged with membership in a group that killed two Israeli civilians and three soldiers.
Abiat sits on a wooden bench, and while our cameras snap and the flashes flash, he glances at us.
Furthest to the left in the hall sit Abiat's parents: the father has shining eyes and a tired face, the mother cries.

Demands 25 Years in Prison
The military prosecutor demands 25 years in prison. The attorney objects that Abiat hasn't killed anyone, ten years should be sufficient.
After the pleas we leave and a man in our group says:
"He should be shot."
Behind a high fence stands a group of Palestinians. They are waiting in a queue to be let in and listen to a relative being indicted for terrorism, complicity to terrorism or any other crime. A lot of Palestinians are serving time in Israeli prisons – 10,000 – and in administrative custody – 750, who are persons who haven't committed any crime but, according to the prosecutor, are planning on doing so.
There is a constant stream of new suspects, 5,000-7,000 are indicted every year, the prosecutor says.
We don't have time to stop. The program is so dense. At the old British police station in Latrun, now a military museum, we meet Colonel Ronni Shaked, formerly responsible for Gaza and the West Bank at Israel's security service, Shin Bet.
Shaked is a humorous man with a Robin Hood haircut. He talks about the up-coming elections in the Palestinian territories and guess who has a good chance of winning? Hamas.
"Next year we might have an Islamic state as a neighbour," Shaked says.
A shiver spreads through the audience. It's not just because most are American Jews who regard Israel as a guarantee that centuries of persecution and murder of Jews will come to an end – no, it's a vicarious shiver that spreads itself from this room, over the Mediterranean, through Europe, over the Atlantic and to the American continent.
"This is the clash of the civilizations," Shaked says. "Look at the riots in France! It is just the beginning."

Traitor for Peace
He presents a guy whose name is Sami, a big Palestinian with thick glasses, a dark suit and white shirt. Sami was a souvenir salesman in Hebron in the West Bank, but also a spy for the Israeli security service, Shin Bet. He is standing in front of us as a living monument of Shin Bet's efficiency. Sami says that he didn't do it for the money – no one would want to be hanged even for a million dollars – laughter! – but for peace. He is against terrorism. That is why he gave information to the state that occupies his people.
But it wasn't easy. One time one of his children came home:
"Daddy, what is a traitor?"
"Why do you ask?"
"In school they say that you are a traitor."
The Israelis had to save Sami and take him out of Hebron. Now he provides us, the audience, a comfortable explanation to the phenomenon suicide-bombers and terrorism:
"People kill themselves because of family problems. You have 15 children but no job. You could send one of the children to take his life and get 25,000 dollars in reward by Saddam Hussein."
Ah! There we got a quick answer – an intelligible explanation that doesn't demand anything from us, no self-searching, no questioning of Israel's occupation of the West Bank, no questions about the Western World's policy on the Middle East. The Palestinians send their children to death because they want the money!
"We love you, Sami!" says a woman in our charter group.
"You're the man, Sami," says another man.

No Extremists
Don't think this is an audience of extremists. Here is a judge, building owners, engineers, a dentist, an elected official, a nurse and a couple who, if I understand it rightly, is unbelievably rich.
Okay, one of the participants is a former Marine who has been a consultant for the Turkish security police. ("They are very focused on fighting terrorism.") But it is in due course. Home in peaceful Sweden, the Liberal Party (Folkpartiet) wants Säpo (the Swedish security police) to spy on school children and the Minister of Justice wishes to tap people who aren't suspected of any crime.

Benefited from 9/11
If you want to talk about security, the next speaker is a direct hit: General Chaim Ben Ami, former head of the security service's interrogation division.
"Before the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, the whole world criticized Israel, he says. One talked about human rights. But now the Western World has become a part of the struggle."
Chaim Ben Ami walks rigidly before us, because his legs were seriously injured 27 years ago.
"Who knows if al-Qaeda's fingerprints are on what is happening in France, he says. If they're not here today, they will be here tomorrow."
When George Bush started the "war on terrorism" the Americans asked Ami to come over to discuss interrogation techniques.
"The first thing I said to them was: Stop using the word 'torture'. What is torture? To stop someone from sleeping for 24 hours? 48? 72? To put someone up against a wall?"
"No," the audience mumbles.
What delicate problems an interrogation division might face! Like when a Palestinian terrorist group was about to commit an attack in Tel Aviv. 14 men. The security service arrested two when they waded across the Jordan River, and interrogated them quickly and efficiently at the scene.

The Palestinians were Drowned
But what to do with them then? It was not to be known that they were arrested. Neither were they to disappear, as it would be a warning to the rest of the group.
Ami stretches out his arms as if he's holding someone down.
"Blupp, blupp, blupp," he says.
The audience laughs.
"Blupp, blupp, blupp."
Drown them! That's a solution – it looks like an accident!
Ami speaks about the juridical notion "the indispensability of need."
"You are allowed to use the interrogation methods needed in relation to the harm that might take place."
Which, if I get it right, means that there is no limit to what the security service may do as long as the need for an answer is great enough.
But this is so... academic. We're on a tourist trip!
It is truly nice. We take the bus to the border police and see exercises where they arrest terrorists. In order to avoid any uncertainty, the police officers have put up a Palestinian flag. The police officers are fired at and fire back. The terrorist dies. A secret police officer pretends to be an Arab. With big gestures he offers two wanted men to sit in his little shop (under the Palestinian flag) and drink soda and – swish! two police officers show up and arrest them.
As much as 90% of the arrested make a full confession, the prosecutor at the military court tells us, and when he said that, I thought of the interrogation expert Chaim Ben Ami who thinks that we should stop using words like torture.

Hizbollah Within Shooting Range
But we don't have the time to dig deeper into all this. The charter trip goes on up to the Golan Heights and on to a military outpost on the border of Lebanon. There are so many threats to study. Our guide, Reuben, says in the microphone on the bus:
"Soon we will stand face to face with Hezbollah. Within shooting range!"
What's this? What is it I'm experiencing?
It's a charter trip that better than anything else captures our age, not just in Israel. The fear, the alienation – not to say the hate – against the Muslim world, and an overshadowing belief in weapons, fences and rougher laws. Us against them, the clash of civilizations.

Fear of Muslims
"The world has one billion Muslims. Say one per cent of them are radical. That's ten million people. They create problems for all. Their goal is to make the world Muslim," says Howard, a 49 year old entrepreneur from California, when on a tepid night we sit and chat in Tiberias on the Sea of Gennesaret.
Howard is a decent guy who drives a Volvo and talks about security.
Everyone talks about security. No one talks about the Palestinians who are locked up in some reservations in the West Bank.
During the going away dinner the charter group is informed that the Palestinian Iad Abiat has been sentenced to 21 years in prison. Applause.

Footnote: "The Ultimate Mission" is arranged by the Jewish organization Shurat Hadin which in courts, among other things, tries to stop the European Union's aid to the Palestinian Authority.

Visit to the High Court

Day 1: Lecture by former high-level officials in the security and intelligence services Shin Bet and Mossad in Latrun, museum for Israel's armed forces. Visit to the security service Shin Bet in Tel Aviv. Visit to the police's liaison central in the Old City of Jerusalem.
Day 2: Terrorist trial at a military court outside Jerusalem. Visit to the border police in Sharon, demonstration on how they shoot and arrest terrorists. Flight to Rosh Pina near the Golan Heights.
Day 3: The Golan Heights, annexed from Syria since the war in 1967. Lecture on the wars of 1967 and 1973. Visit to a kibbutz by the Lebanese border. Visit to a military outpost by the border.
Day 4: Lecture by former commanders of the special forces. Bus ride through the Jordan valley (on the occupied West Bank).
Day 5: Shabbat, day of rest.
Day 6: The high court, talk with the president. Visit in Erez, the border crossing to Gaza. Lecture by a representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Translated from Swedish by Kristoffer Larsson
( with help from Mary Rizzo
( ), both members of Tlaxcala,
the network of translators for linguistic diversity (
This translation is on Copyleft.

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Titta där - en äkta terrorist
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