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PEACE movement take note: ISRAEL IS THE ROOT OF WAR
PINPOINT ZIONISTS Behind Homeland Security Steps

by William Hughes
[The writer, veteran human rights activist, lives in Baltimore and contributed important articles to our print edition.]

It is time for the Peace and Justice Movement to wake up! It couldnıt stop the U.S.-led war against Iraq. And, it wonıt stop any U.S.-led war against Syria, or against any other Arab country, either. In order to do so, it must change its orientation. The Peace and Justice Movement must learn to connect the dots.

The dots start with the powerful Israeli Lobby, and ideologues and Neocons, like Richard Perle, and extend to politicos, such as Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (D-CT. They continue with links to the Pentagonıs shadowy Paul Wolfowitz and move on to the U.S. Treasury, at a cost of $ 1.7 trillion dollars in aid to Israel since 1952. Then, there is a line to media moguls, like Mortimer B. Zuckerman. All of that, and more, will take you to Israelıs Ariel Sharon, a fanatical disciple of the late and unrepentant fascist, Vladimir Jabotinsky.

Sharon, himself, is a weapon of mass destruction! He represents militant Zionism, which is presently subjugating 3,000,000 Palestinians. Aided and abetted by Neocons, like Perle, Zionism intends for the U.S. to destroy and occupy, (after Iraq), the Muslim countries of Syria, Iran and Libya. Israel will be the main beneficiary of this warmongering and imperialistic ideology.

Why isnıt Sharon the subject of protest and pickets? He is as dangerous as an MX Missile site. In fact, in a sense, he is more dangerous than any such weapon. An MX Missile is merely potentially lethal against humanity, but it needs someone to pull the trigger for it to do its murderous once-only business.

On the other hand, Sharon has killed before, (Qibya, Beirut, Sabra and Shatila), and he will kill again. He regularly deploys his death squads in the occupied territories, and his IDF Storm Troopers in towns like Jenin or in the vicious bulldozing death of the young American, Rachel Corrie, or in the inexcusable recent killing of UKıs documentary maker, James Moller.

The Peace and Justice Movement has to start seeing the truth about the evil that is militant Zionism. Tomorrow may be too late! This doesnıt excuse the culpability that ³Big Oil² and the ³Military Industrial Complex² also have in this matter. It does, however, mean that the Peace and Justice Movement must remember that thereıs also a Zionist Cartel to consider.

When I attended funeral services for the ³Protester Emeritus,² the great Phil Berrigan, last December, in Baltimore, I was disappointed. Not one of the many speakers had a word to say about the desperate plight of the Palestinians or the menace that is Zionist Israel or what a threat these rabid Zionist /Neocons represent to the peace of the world. Was this just an innocent oversight? Or, was it a deliberate choice on their part?

One speaker at that event went on about all the wrongs that we are presently facing in the world. And, I thought for sure this well-intended person was going to say at least a word about the harmful Zionist impact. But alas, he ended by exclaiming ³etcetera!² As if, we were all supposed to read into that word, whatever we really wanted him to also acknowledge.

I noticed, too, when the speaker said ³etcetera,² how a local media type broke out with a large smile on his mug. This individual, who is Jewish, always seemed to give the peace and justice activities a favorable nod in his articles. I have always wondered why? When the last of the speakers avoided mentioning any Zionist wrongdoing, I imagined the pundit saying to himself, ³Oh well, there is nothing to worry about here today. The goyim are in line and reading from a safe script. ²

I thought, what a lost opportunity! Here was this terrific audience, that was honoring a heroic worker for humanity, and no one had dared to address the truth about the Zionist-inspired dangers then lurking over occupied Palestine, Iraq, and the U.S. No wonder the Neocons now have Syria in their war sights! Who is going to stop these warmongers?


I was hoping, too, that somebody at that service, would have brought up the oppressive USA Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Law. And, that they would have pointed out how two Zionist members of the U.S. Congress, Rep. Tom Lantos (D-CA) and Sen. Lieberman (D-CT) were their major co-sponsors. Also, how these draconian laws had their origins in Anti-Crime and Anti-Terrorism measures that were pushed back in the late 90s, by two other card-carrying Zionists, Sen. Arlen ³Magic Bullet² Specter (R-PA) and Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY), then a member of the House of Representatives. Instead, there was only silence, at Berriganıs Christian Wake and funeral Mass, on this important issue, too.

It was very clear by December, 2002, that the U.S. was headed to war with Iraq and that Israel and its ³Amen Chorus² wanted such a war, especially the Zionist Neocons, inside and outside the federal government. Unfortunately, the Peace and Justice Movement mostly ignored these facts.

We know there arenıt any WMD in Iraq. But, there is one coming to Washington DC on May 19th-Ariel Sharon! He will be honored then at a celebration of Israelıs 55th birthday at the MCI Center.

The Peace and Justice Movement, like the magnificent Berrigan, has done a great job protesting WMDıs. On May 19th, it could do an action against another MX Missile site. Or it could protest at the MCI Center, in Washington DC, against Sharon. To my mind, he is a more lethal threat to the peace of the Middle East and to the world. He is a carrier of the militant Zionist virus. Sharon, himself, is a WMD!

İ William Hughes 2003

2003-05-09 Fri 19:51ct