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Joseph Lieberman as Gore's Running Mate
U.S. Jews are Now Coming Out Openly to Display Power
Muslims and Aware Americans Need to Rethink Strategies

Al Gore got all the feedback he could from Clinton's heavily Zionist and Zionist-Jewish support group before he made his historic announcement: A Jew committed to his religion as Vice President hopeful for the coming U.S. elections. In case Gore gets elected and then is incapacitated for any reason, Lieberman would be the President.

Muslims and others who want America to be independent, to be God's country, should study the situation carefully and rethink their strategies.

DISCLAIMER: When we criticize the Jews or any other nation (Serbs, Hindus, Arabs, Whites, etc.), we criticize them for their deeds, not for their being. The Jews in fact have been friends of Muslims on many occasions during the last 1421 years when they were both victimized by other nations. The creation of Israel was a turning point in Jewish history and this history is now linked to the takeover of America and the suppression of Muslims all over the world.

Steady Building of Jewish power base: For more than a hundred years, Jews who espouse Zionism (hereinafter referred to as Jews) have worked quietly, systematically and often creatively to develop a power base in USA. In the process they took over Hollywood (movies), the Media (all the way from NY Times to TIME), Wall Street (finance), Madison Avenue (fashion) and then started moving into the Pentagon (the military establishment) and the White House/Congress. Under Clinton, they reached a new level of infiltration in the government: just about all sensitive positions in government were held by Jews and/or Zionists.

BUILDING TOLERANCE FOR anti-AMERICAN INTERESTS: The Jews used the slogans of "freedom" and "no censorship" to erode the values of Christianity. They were so successful in their efforts that today they can attack Jesus himself in the most abusive manner without drawing more than a dozen Christian protestors. They steadily built the myth of their "holocaust" and inculcated it even to children in elementary schools (while they abuse any other nation which inculcates strong beliefs in its children).

Part of the "tolerance building process" has been the legitimization of homosexuality. When Ellen and other lesbians and "gays" started outing, that was the test for the Christian culture. The Christians were then verbally assailed by the massive Zionist-controlled media. In a country of 260 million, there were a handful of attacks on homosexuals AFTER the outing of homosexuals on a countrywide basis. Thus the Jews tested the waters to see if the time was ripe for them.

INTERNATIONAL JEWISH (Zionist) TERRORISM: Israel, after being established by military force in an Islamic land, became a beachhead of the re-colonization of the middle east and Africa by America's burgeoning new imperialism. Many books are available on the way the U.S.-Israeli relationship developed. It had some "downs" for Israel, but gradually the Jewish state and America's power structure have not only overlapped but become largely identical. Thus whatever the USA does against Muslim nations (bombing and 'sanctioning' Iraq, 'sanctioning' and attacking Sudan and Afghanistan, military encirclement of Makka and Madina, the constant pressure on Pakistan, the love-hate relationship with Iran, the support for Russia in the Chechnya genocide, the "we-love-you-but-will-watch-you-being-slaughtered" story in Bosnia and Kosova, the slant towards India on Kashmir) is supported by Israel. One of the biggest atrocities in Palestine in a mosque during Ramadan (during prayers) was committed by a Jew from Brooklyn.

In this whole situation, the American citizen has steadily become no more than a consumer of Jewish-controlled and directed products. Notice Disney (what could be more mainstream American?) It was taken over by a Jew and now supports homosexuality and funds Jewish groups all over America (according to the Jewish press).

BOLD NEW ATTITUDE: After the U.S. public stomached the abuse of Jesus and had to watch the legitimization of homosexuality (very cleverly done, often with a scene right in the middle of a 'good' movie), the Jews seem to have decided to come out openly. Remember LARRY KING saying to Yasir Arafat during his interview: "I am a Jew. Did you know that?" Arafat blinked at him like an idiot. Compare Pat Buchanan being challenged by a homosexual in Harvard University "Will you go out with me?" Buchanan, the Christian stalwart , refused to accept the challenge and instead tried to laugh it off ("let me ask my wife.")

Now we find the final outing: Lieberman being brought as the vice presidential candidate. Immediately his Rabbi was on TV pointing out that Lieberman had been selected for his merit, not for his 'religion.' (The media is now so monolithic that it does not care to screen out such idiocity.)

The media pundits are saying that there are only a few "pockets of anti-semitism left in America" and Lieberman will face no problems. They are waiting to shoot down anyone who dares to question the propriety of a staunch supporter of a "foreign country" running as Vice President.

WHAT SHOULD MUSLIMS DO? We must re-think our strategy and tactics in the light of the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) and the Qur'an which he brought. The foolish (if they are not agents) persons who want to preach to the White House and hold joint Eids and Iftars with the mass murderers of Iraqi children must stop their attempts to mislead the 7 million Muslims of America.

It does not matter if one or two or ten congressmen start asking for a Palestinian state. (In exchange just about every Islamic movement has been declared "terrorist.)

There is no easy way out for authentic Islam to flourish in America. Our leaders are already in prison (Shaikh Omar from among immigrants, Imam Jamil al-Amin from the indigenous). There was no easy way out for Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him.) His way is straight:

Da'wah, tanzim, hijrah, jihad.

The Qur'an does not allow us to live at the level of mere repetition of AQEEDAH or performance of the five pillars of worship. Human beings are categorized in the Qur'an as follows:
MUSTAKBIREEN:...Arrogant oppressors
MUFSIDEEN:......Agents of corruption who helped the Mustakbireen.
MUSTADAFEEN:....Those who being weak are oppressed (the vast majority of people)
SALIHEEN:.......Those who are virtuous and reject the corruption of the mufsideen.
MUHSINEEN:......Those who make good successful, who confront the arrogant ones and build a new world.

WHICH GROUP ARE YOU WITH? Apply these teachings and you will feel the paradigm shift.

Islam has its own strategy and its own program: it does not include bootlicking and 'reverse-dawah'.
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