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The news reports on the major TV channels focus on the projected role of U.S. troops in Liberia. The picture we get of this African country from the U.S. media is as follows:

1. Africans are tribal people. They fight and kill each other on an ongoing basis for no rationally understandable reason.
2. People are being killed each day in Liberia. Soon they'll be starving to death.
3. The TV screens show young people with automatic rifles and RPGs running hither and thither.
4. The TV screens also show women and children running helter skelter for cover.
5. Then we have the serene presence of the U.S. embassy, an island of stability in a sea of utter craziness.

We are never told who is fighting whom and why?
It remained for a crazy White Supremacist to disclose the game behind the pictures. One of the biggest bigots of America, Jerry Falwell (also known as the 'tub o' lard) suddenly pointed out that his people are involved in Liberia, TRYING TO SAVE LIBERIA FROM FUNDAMENTALIST "MOSLEMS." We need more information from Falwell. What are his people up to and what's his group's role in the murder and mayhem going on in Liberia. [Falwell, a front man for Israel, is not accepted by most Christians but he has huge funds available to him, enough to create trouble in any African country.]

2003-07-25 Fri 20:44ct