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(Muslim woman responds to hate mail received by New Trend. See below)

Taliban Formations Largely Intact, Say will Give Up Kandahar
Test of Karzai's Independence: Shrewd Tactical Move
Islamic Movement Challenged America: Victory not now but inevitable
Jewish Leaders Preparing U.S. for Assault on Iraq and President Hussain
Arafat being Squeezed to Go After the Islamic Resistance

{War news: A U.S. helicopter crashed in flames at the U.S. air strip set up south of Kandahar. It was attributed to an "accident"; at the same time reporters on the spot reported the U.S. troops were on high alert as there were signs of attempts to penetrate the perimeter. Firing went on for a while in the night.}
{At the foot of the Tora Bora hills, two attacks on Al-Qaida fighters by Afghan mercenaries backed by B-52 bombers were repulsed, one on Dec. 5 and one on Dec.6)
(Following analysis by But Shikan):
TALIBAN WILLING TO GIVE UP KANDAHAR: On December 6, a surprise deal was made between the Taliban and Mr. Karzai, the newly appointed "Prime Minister" of "Post-Taliban" Afghanistan. The Taliban will be allowed to withdraw to their villages in good order, leaving their heavy weapons behind. In return for their not fighting, their prisoners will be released. Kandahar will be turned over to the forces of Mullah Naqibullah, a Soviet-era mujahid leader, not to Karazai. Thus the Taliban are not recognizing the set-up arranged in Bonn.
1. The Taliban have not suffered any heavy losses and their remarkable discipline is intact. They could fight on.
2. The American bombing has made normal life impossible, has destroyed the infrastructure of city life and has created a humanitarian catastrophe.
3. The Taliban are a guerrilla force. Any fighting in fixed positions against the most powerful air force in the world would destroy its guerrilla potential.
3a. The U.S. knows that it can't fight these lions of Allah man to man. Hence the U.S. has not rushed in with its own forces, relying rather on tribals, mercenaries and Afghan bandits behind a curtain of bombs. In the few brushes with the Taliban, the U.S. forces came off second best.
4. The Taliban willingness to give up authority in Kandahar also puts Karazai and the Pashtuns in general to the test. Karazai will now learn whether he can make a deal which will save the Pashtuns or will he have to follow American orders?
IN AN OVERALL GRAPH OF MODERN HISTORY, ISLAM IS EMERGING VICTORIOUS. In 1988, the Soviets were defeated in Afghanistan and the USSR disintegrated. In 2001, Islam challenged America, which was unthinkable in military terms even for Imam Khomeini. The Muslims are withdrawing under the impact of superior American firepower but the oppressed have seen the challenge and the defiance. The world will never be the same.
WHICH OTHER NATION COULD WITHSTAND BOMBING FOR 60 DAYS WITHOUT AIR COVER? This was faith against B-52s. Faith has won but the poor masses suffered too much; hence the withdrawal. Observers say that the U.S. army would surrender in a day or two if it was faced by similar air power without air cover.
THE DANGER, observers say, is that the U.S. marines will attack when the Taliban start withdrawing without their heavy weapons. The Iraqis were similarly attacked and slaughtered when they left Kuwait with their tank guns muzzled.
On December 6, America's Jewish aspirant to power, Joseph Lieberman, urged on Fox News, about 11.15 pm, that the U.S. must attack Iraq to get rid of Saddam Hussain. He also urged the creation of a "northern alliance" in Iraq.
Muslims should realize that the stories against President Saddam Hussain are largely myths created by propaganda. Since 1990 he has focused on opposing Israel and the U.S. The Jews want him out. The Islamic movement should recognize this fact. Al-Raees Saddam Hussain is no longer an enemy of Islam though he is very vigilant and ruthless against his powerful enemies who want to destroy him and Iraq. President Hussain today has more popular support in Iraq than ever before.
HAMAS Islamic leader Shaikh Yasin has been put under house arrest by Arafat. The Israelis are using rocket fire to "help" Arafat to go ahead and do their dirty work for them. It's obvious now that "terrorism" and "authentic Islam" are interchangable terms in the lingo of Bush and the Zionist media.
Sis. Hamdiyah Abdul-Aleem, a media watch activist, has answered the hate mail we received from Mauri Salaakhan and Yahya (John) of ININ@ININ.NET. She writes:

"Dear Saalakhan (and your friend Yahya),

"I wanted to write to you ever since I read the letter that you sent to Imam Kaukab Siddique of Baltimore, Maryland and New Trend Magazine regarding his loyalty to Allah Ta’ala, the Prophet Muhammad (saw), Islam, and the Imam’s defense of the World’s Muslim Ummah.

It seems as if you do not understand why Imam Siddique writes about the friends of the enemies of Islam the way he does. I am not a learned person but, is it not his duty to help the Muslims who stray to a way back to the “Straight Path?”

You named several groups in your letter who came under attack from not only Imam Siddique but many of the Muslims of this world. You seem to believe that it is right according to Islam that we should accept the oppression, slaughter, starving, internment, and all of the other atrocities being committed against those who love Allah (SWT) under the guise of “a war against (or on) terrorism” (a.k.a. war against or on Islam). A'oozu billahi minash-shaitanir-rajeem!

One of the greatest enemies of Islam, the son of another of the greatest enemies of Islam, said out of his very own mouth that the actions he has ordered is a “crusade.” What else do you (and whomever from C.A.I.R wrote the message demanding that the Muslims stop disbelieving in the sincerity of george bush jr.) need to know?

How many of the countries named by bush jr. to be attacked are not Muslim dominated countries? Why is that? Do you believe that only Muslim countries have residents who are against the foreign policies of the US government? Was Timothy McVeigh Muslim, from a Muslim country? A country cannot attack itself, but why are comrades of Timothy McVeigh not being interned as the innocent Muslims are being interned, tortured, isolated, and, on at least one occasion, killed? Do you believe that he (McVeigh) was the sole perpetrator of the Oklahoma bombing? Do you believe that the term used most freely by the comrades of bush jr. (“collateral damage”),a same term first made popular by Timothy McVeigh, is merely a coincidence? Do you believe that the oil, natural gas, gold, other precious metals, and the position of Afghanistan in Central Asia has absolutely no bearing on the attack against Afghanistan? How about the knowledge that the Taliban refused to give the rights away to the oilmen responsible for attacking and destroying the poorest country in the world in order to kill “one” man? Why do these oilmen who brought Usama to the US and greeted him with a reception want him dead?

Why do they want military tribunals (secret) if, for some reason, he is not killed? Why do they not want him to testify in a public trial? Perhaps the lack of even “circumstantial evidence” has something to do with it. Now, are the preceding questions any reason at all for devastating a country that was desperately poor to start with? Yet, you support the enemies of Islam against the Muslims of the world and anyone who stands up for Islam as we have been commanded by Allah Ta’ala and told by the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw).

And what about Palestine? Do you believe that the Zionist have the right to exterminate the Palestinians for “fighting back” against occupation, slaughter, torture of Palestinian children, aggression, evil?” Why are some people referred to as “freedom fighters,” while others (unacceptable to people of european descent) are considered terrorist? These are the types of concerns that Imam Siddique fight against, as well as, exposing those who say that they are Muslims while taking the enemies of Islam as friends against Muslims, and attempting to sway those who love Allah (SWT) and the Prophet Muhammad (saw) to take those enemies of Islam as friends.

Were you one of those who “broke bread” with the enemies of Islam on the first day of Ramadhan, even though the man “at the head of the table” is the very man who ordered the destruction of the poorest country in the world (even throughout Ramadhan) and has stopped (and attempting to stop in the future) the Muslims from paying their duty to their Lord by aiding those in need during Ramadhan and throughout the world. Do you want the Muslim Ummah to accept a man who has stolen the presidency of the American people as an honorable and truthful man? Do you want the Muslims of this world to accept a man who, on several occasions, invited a known war criminal and staunch hater of Muslims to the white house of America and gave him and additional $2.7 billion to speed up the extermination of the Palestinian people? Are these the people you choose to defend and at the same time, attempt to degrade a man who defends Islam with his mouth, his pen, and, as you so joyfully mentioned, his body? How dare you?

If you fear the enemies of Islam more than you fear the wrath of Allah Ta’ ala, then so be it. But while you’re at it, perhaps you had better send letters such as the one you sent to Imam Kaukab Siddique to the authors of the following fatwah:"
Important Declaration From Ten Scholars After Taliban Withdrawal.
{Here the eloquent sister has attached a famous Fatwa urging Muslims to stand firm against the Kuffar.
MUSLIMS! UNITE TO FREE IMAM JAMIL AL-AMIN and SHAIKH OMAR and all of America's political prisoners.

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