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BUSH DID NOT INVITE CAIR-ISNA etc to IFTAR this Ramadan, so they DID "PROTEST IFTAR" in the Garden Across from the WHITE HOUSE.
[From our local editor]
Dear readers.
For years CAIR-ISNA-WD etc have enjoyed IFTAR in the White House. They have top level security clearance [the FBI trusts them] to enter their place of worship.
This Ramadan their "god" is angry with them because he has been listening to those who claim that CAIR-ISNA-WD are "wahhabies."
[LOL. Imagine Awad, Muzammil, Sayyed Sayeed and W.D. Muhammad as "wahhabies."]
So this time the old claimant to the White Houseís attention, Hisham Kabbani, was invited along with all the "Muslim ambassadors" from various dictatorial regimes Bush supports and often funds had iftar in their beloved home.
[Imagine Uzbekistan ambassador having iftar after torturing hundreds of Muslims from Hizbut Tahrir, or Algeria's ambassador having iftar after his regime executed thousands who had voted for Islam.]
Bush also did a "divide and rule" by inviting AMC, the organization of Abdur Rahman al-Amoudi who was caught carrying a suitcase full of cash, but not inviting its rival CAIR. What heavy handed tactics, putting a man in prison but inviting his group all the same!
[And BASHA the new boss of AMC still accepted the invitation.]
Among those invited was Prof. AZIZAH HIBRI, a lady originally from Algeria, who came in handy at one time to demonize the Taliban. Meanwhile across from the White House, the rejected children of the White House were having their Iftar in the bushes.
[If you donít get Bush to worship, you get bushes!]
And one of them, Mahdi Bray [actual name, we didnít make it up] issued a statement claiming that the White House was not recognizing the "real" leadership. Enjoy. LOL. What follies come from the worship of the self!
My respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam;
Please be advised that there is a lone Muslimah:
Maryam Uloho #464534, 
P.O. Box 26, 
St. Gabriel, La. 70776,
c/o Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women.
who recently embraced Islam and is being denied from practicing her religion, Islam, at LCIW (Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women, in accordance to Shariah Law by the Head Chaplain and prison officials. Sister Maryam has been placed in solitary confinement for trying to observe hijab. The Sister has also been denied religious packages containing the Holy Qur'an, and prayer rug & dhikr beads by the Head Chaplin and prison officials who have denied ever receiving a package for the Sister from a religious organization which was mailed directly to him in care of Sister Maryam. Upon Sister Maryam producing a letter, a copy of which was sent to the Head Chaplin, proving the said package was in fact mailed to him, the Chaplain threatened to place Sister Maryam back in solitary confinement. She is constantly being harassed by prison officials and is subjugated to the worse form of racism, disrespect and religious discrimination for no other reason than for her belief in Islam. Sister Maryam suffers from severe heart problems, high blood pressure, and has recently been diagnosed with TB. since being confined at LCIW. The constant struggle has placed her in danger. Just last week Sister Maryam was rushed to Earl K. Long Hospital in Baton Rouge to the emergency room's OBGYN Clinic, due to her constant bleeding. The doctor has informed her that she requires a major operation and the removal of her uterus. Due to her severe heart problems, the Sister is in danger of losing her life! All of this has taken a great toll on her health.
Therefore, we appeal to the Muslims masses, Insha Allah, to file letters of complaint to the Sec. of the Dept. of Corrections & Public Safety to:
Mr. Richard L. Slater,
P.O. Box 94394, Capital Station,
Baton Rouge, La. 70804,
or call (225)342.6740 on behalf of this Sister's struggle to establish her right to practice her religion (Islam) at LCIW).
Sister Maryam is from Dayton Ohio, a successful businesswoman who was visiting Louisiana as a tourist and was arrested and falsely accused of a crime that she did not commit. She leaves behind two beautiful young children, a home, a successful Real Estate Agency and Computer Training Program, college degrees, and personal wealth, NEVER to return to her family and business again. We ask that you write to the sister, hear and feel her plight and how she came to embrace Islam under such trying circumstance, Insha Allah.
We appeal to the Muslim Communities in the nation to support this lone Muslim Sister and her noble struggle. Place her name and address and this letter on the bulletin boards of your Masjids, that you inform other concerned Muslims of their oppressive plight and encourage other Muslim Sisters to write her and show Sister Maryam Uloho some love and respect. Keep the Sister in your dua's, as she is in dire need of our prayers, as we pray to Allah to keep her safe and from being harmed by the evil forces of the unbelievers.
Insha Allah.
Please help circulate this information to all Muslims in your communities and Masjids throughout the Nation, Muslim Newspapers, Magazines, Publications and Islamic Organizations, Insha Allah. Let us as Muslims do our part to support Sister Maryam's plight, and in helping her to be the first Muslim to establish Allah's Din at LCIW in St. Gabriel, La.USA, And let us remember, O' Muslims, what Allah (SWT) has said in His Book: "And if you help the cause
Protesters Want U.S. Out of Iraq: ANOTHER ACCOUNT OF OCTOBER 25
by William Hughes
[The writer is a veteran of the human rights struggle. He has written over the years, off and on, for New Trend and lives in Baltimore.
In Washington, DC, it was a highly re-energized Anti-War Movement that rallied on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 25, 2003. Under a blue sky, with temperatures hovering in the mid-60s, they marched by the thousands. They demanded that all U.S. troops get out of Iraq and chanted slogans, like: "No more lies. Bush has got to go. Bring the troops home."
The route took the protesters from the Washington Monument, to north on 17th St., crossing H. St., near fabled Lafayette Square, (which sits in front of the White House), then down 15th Street to Pennsylvania Ave, while passing the Justice Department on their right, and the FBI Building on their left, to finish off on Constitution Ave., in front of "The Ellipse". NYCís Julie Finch was at the rally representing "Woman in Black." She said that her organization maintains a silent vigil at such affairs "to protest war and all its victims." She added, "We mourn for all the American soldiers that have died, and for the Iraqi civilians, too." Joyce Paulson, of Palm Springs, CA, told me, "I would like to see the people here today raise their voices so loud that President George Bush would finally take the plugs out of his ears and realize that the public is not fully behind his war policies." Heading up the speakers for the program were: Ramsey Clark, a champion of civil rights and the former U.S. Attorney General; Andy Shallal, Iraqi Americans for Peaceful Alternatives; Al Sharpton, Democratic candidate for president; Elias Rashmawi of the Free Palestine Alliance; and Rev. Martin Luther King, III, of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. One of the most passionate remarks came from Fernando de Solar Suarez, the father of a U.S. Marine, who was killed in Iraq.
Suarez moved the crowd to tears with his comments about losing his son. It was the nationís capitalís first major anti-Iraq War demonstration since April 12, 2003, barely three weeks after President George W. Bush had authorized the unjustified Neocon-inspired preemptive invasion of Iraq. It comes, too, as the Bush-Cheney Gang is attempting, with mixed results, at Madrid, Spain, to gain international grants to rebuild Iraq. Carol Ingham came up for the rally from Savannah, GA. She said, "I missed the marches in the 60s because I had a family to raise. I didn't want to miss this one. I feel very strongly we should not be at war." Imam Salam, of Fairfax, VA, said, "I'm here today to get our country back on the right track and fight the "USA Patriot Act," to stand for civil liberties for all Americans, and to say Ďno' to this occupation. This is definitely Israel's war." Since the pompous War Party unloosened the dogs of war on Iraq, (thanks to the bum advice of Richard Perle and his Chicken Hawk ilk), 347 brave Americans have died and nearly 2,000 have been seriously wounded ( Morale inside the military is very low. The cost is estimated at $6 billion a month to maintain the Iraq Occupation, with no end in sight. The Iraqi death toll is over 37,000, according to the Iraqi Freedom Party. Attacks on American forces, too, are averaging around 26 a day.
The rally, organized by International A.N.S.W.E.R and United for Peace and Justice, brought enthusiastic activists from 38 states and even Canada. Coordinated demonstrations were planned for 40 other countries. Entertainment was provided, too, for the marching protesters, via music with a Korean, Cuban and Hip Hop beat, along with the fabulous drummers from the "Rhythm Workers Union". On top of all of that, the celebrated "Raging Grannies," belted out of a few of their popular ballads.
There was a sea of colorful signs and banners on display. They blended in with the last of the Fall's fading foliage. Some posters railed against the influence of "Big Oil," the "Controlled Media," the "Military Industrial Complex," and V.P. Dick Cheney's incestuous and money-grabbing relationship with the Halliburton Co.; others, took the Bush-Cheney Gang to task for aiding and abetting militant Israel's brutish 36-years occupation of Palestine; and many boosted "Kucinich for President."
One sign in the crowd read: "Remember the USS Liberty." It was held by an elderly man, who looked like he might have been a veteran of WWII. The "Liberty" is back in the news, after a U.S. Navy lawyer confessed that the treacherous attack on the vessel by the Israelis, on June 8, 1967, (which murdered 34 Americans and wounded 141 others), was deliberate and not an accident. The Israelis were looking to sink the Liberty and blame it on the Egyptians, according to Ret. Adm. Thomas Moorer. Then-President Lyndon B. Johnson ordered a cover-up of the War Crime.
A law student, Fadi Kiblawi, from Washington, DC, said, "I'm here to make a statement, not only against the occupation, but against the U.S. engagement in the Middle East region, which is currently driven by neoconservatives on the Defense Policy Board. This policy is looking to colonize the entire region and to prevent at all cost democracy and true sovereignty from emerging." Despite the success of today's demonstration, you can expect off-the-wall criticism from the usual suspects. Propagandists for the War Party, such as William Kristol, Mortimer B. Zuckerman, George F. Will and Mona Charen, will once again dip their pens in their poisoned wells and renew their vile attacks on those seeking a peace with justice resolution for Iraq. In any event, the Secretary of Defense, the soon-to-be unemployed Donald Rumsfeld, recently admitted in a memo, to his deputy, Paul "Dr. Strangelove" Wolfowitz, that Iraq will be "a long hard slog."
Bottom line: The protesters reflected the view of a fast growing segment of American society.
They want the troops brought home- -now!
©© William Hughes 2003
William Hughes is the author of "Saying 'No' to the War Party"
(Iuniverse, Inc.), which is available online

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