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Riaz Khokhar, General Musharraf's Buddy, Spills the Beans on 'Diane Rayme Show' (WAMU )
"Pakistan Does Not See Israel as Threat": "Normal Relations" will be Established
Musharraf, Karzai and FBI Working in Close Coordination: Islamists Don't Matter

On June 23, 2003 the Diane Rayme Show, a well-known radio program coming out of American University in Washington, DC, had three guests: Riaz Khokhar, former Pakistani ambassador to the U.S., Prof. Akbar, well-known Pakistani secularist presented as an expert on Islam, and Prof. Cohen. Most of the discussion was between Riaz Khokhar and Ms. Rayme, the host of the show about Pakistani coup leader, General Musharraf's visit with President Bush starting June 24.

[This report is VERY IMPORTANT FOR READERS IN PAKISTAN who are consistently being fooled by Musharraf's propaganda team.]

In response to questions by Ms. Raymes, Riaz Khokhar made the following points:
1. President Bush is completely satisfied with the performance of General Musharraf. When Armitage visited Pakistan recently, he made it clear that the U.S. is thoroughly satisfied with Musharraf's efforts.

2. Pakistan is not permitting anyone from going into Kashmir to fight the Indian forces. Not even one camp of the fighters is now in existence in Azad (free Kashmir) [controlled by Pakistan].

3. Khokhar is trusted in the most sensitive areas of Musharraf's operations against Al-Qaida. Khokhar was part of and responsible for the "security talks" held between the regimes of Karzai, Musharraf and the U.S. to coordinate the "mop up" operations against Al-Qaida and the Taliban.

4. Khokhar denied that RECOGNITION of ISRAEL is on the agenda in the forthcoming talks between coup leader Musharraf and President Bush. However, he said "PAKISTAN DOES NOT SEE ISRAEL AS A THREAT" to Pakistan. Down the road,he said, one day Pakistan will have normal relations with Israel.

5. Musharraf has excellent relations with Karzai. A "hot line" has been established between them. Before leaving for the U.S., Musharraf talked for half-an-hour with Karzai.

6. There is a minor problem from the Taliban and 'we' are working together to eliminate the remaining "pockets" of Taliban.

[NOTE: When Khokhar says "Pakistan," he means Musharraf.]

SUMMARY of the rest of the interview:

Riaz Khokhar seemed to be living in the days of 2001 when small demonstrations were held against the attack on Afghanistan and Musharraf claimed that these were only "5%", the extremists in Pakistan. Khokhar still talks of the "few fundamentalists" opposing the regime. He also indulged in outright lies, claiming that Musharraf has "turned around" the economy and that the education system has improved.

What came across from Khokhar was the crass arrogance of the typical Pakistani secularist for whom the majority of the people don't count and for whom Islam as a polity has no relevance.

Prof Akbar played second fiddle in the show but he was in a supporting role for Khokhar and claimed that Pakistan had been created to be a "modern democratic" state and completely left out the Islamic essence of Pakistan. He fudges about the significance of Islam in Pakistan and comes up with his theory of "urbanization" to explain the turmoil. One wonders if he has ever been to a mosque in Pakistan, and here he is an expert on Islam, actually teaching Islam at an American university.

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