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{commentary and analysis by but shikan (idol breaker)}

Shimon Peres/Arafat Talks Aimed at Elimination of Islamic People
Washington Sells Latest Planes to Tel Aviv, Stops Sudanese Oil Flow

"One who participates not in armed struggle, does not help those who are fighting with resources and does not take care of the families of the fighters, such a one Allah will involve in Calamity even before the day of Judgement." (Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Hadith in abu Dawud's sunan)

Let's face the facts.
1. U.S. news reports indicates that during the Shimon Peres/Arafat talks held a few days back, Peres emphasized that Arafat must eliminate the Islamic militants. Arafat pointed out that he had already taken some action along these lines. Peres insisted that Arafat had not done enough and more was needed.
(Notice that Peres is supposed to be an Israeli 'dove' and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize!)

2. The Mitchell report was supposed to favor the Palestinians because it recommended that no more Jewish settlements be built (though it did not recommend removal of those already built or say no more TILL WHEN?) The Palestinians (meaning Arafat) would in response eliminate the Islamists. TO ENSURE THAT ARAFAT WAS KILLING THE ISLAMISTS, CIA DIRECTOR TENET was appointed to work closely with Arafat.
{This is what peace means for Washington. Destroy the Islamic ability to fight back and then a client Palestinian "territory" can be established.}

3. Documentation is now available to show that the U.S. sent a special envoy a few days back to quash a KENYAN PROJECT TO IMPORT OIL FROM SUDAN. The U.S. waved the big stick and also offered the carrot of an impressive investment of "promised" U.S. dollars to Kenya. Thus the U.S. ensured that African-Islamic unity should not happen.

4. The latest fighter planes, which can dominate the whole middle east, are being "sold" (with U.S. money!) to Israel with the consent of the racist Bush administration. Even the U.S. air force does not have these planes yet.

Now dear Muslims, if Islam for you means an "enslaved Islam" where you can pray and fast as long as the military, social and economic reins are in the hands of the US/Israel, then certainly Islam is in no danger.

If Islam means freedom, self-determination and independence based on the Qur'an and the Sunnah, then definitely each sincere Muslim and all of our values and aspirations are the targets of Tel Aviv/Washington.
(Israel hit another mosque in its latest artillery attack. A list of 140 mosques demolished by Israel has already been prepared by Palestinian sources.)

Many rich Muslims and Arabs think that if they can cry and beg enough, the U.S. will change its policies towards Israel. So we have the whole bunch of CAIR/AMC/ADC etc constantly trying to focus on Israeli 'excesses'.
These rich 'fat cat' Muslims think U.S. policies are based on "conscience of the American people." Its a tragic and serious misjudgement. The U.S. has never been moved by conscience or morality in its policies towards Muslims. If conscience had a place in U.S. power politics, the deaths of 750,000 Iraqi children owing to sanctions (UN figures) would have lead to moral revulsion in America. No, the sanctions are still in place and the U.S. is consistently trying to destroy Iraq's ability to be an independent country.
(The crying about 'excesses' implies that Israel is legitimate if only it were not to carry out all these atrocities. That's the thesis of Paul Findley etc who are supposed to be the friends of the Muslims.)
HOW MANY PALESTINIAN CHILDREN SHOULD THE U.S. kill before the conscience of the American people will be touched? Another thousand? Or would ten thousand stir up America? No it won't do anything because the media which bring news to Americans around the clock say, that's okay. The killings are controlled and properly justified. Two Islamic leaders have just been assassinated in a laser controlled missile attack by Israel. That's not considered an atrocity by Americans because the two belonged to Islamic Jihad and Islamic Jihad according to the U.S. is a terrorist organization.

RESISTANCE WORLDWIDE AGAINST U.S./ISRAELI POWER is the only way out. Every country has an Islamic movement. If you belong to such a country, support your Islamic movement. This does not mean you have to agree with the movement in all its details. Just check: If the movement is anti-Zionist and anti-Imperialist, SUPPORT IT IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY without publicizing your support. If you support your Islamic movement, you will at a certain point find that the movement is willing to listen to your advice and even your criticism.
OUR FUTURE WILL BE DECIDED, inshallah, by Islam according to the guidance in the Qur'an and the Sunnah of Muhammad, pbuh. The Future belongs to Islam, not to Washington and Tel Aviv. Hence concepts like KHILAFAT are key and should be supported in full by all Muslims, even though we might differ in details of interpretation and implementation.
MUSLIMS IN AMERICA! LET US AGREE TO WORK UNITEDLY FOR THE FREEDOM OF IMAM JAMIL Al-AMIN and SHAIKH OMAR 'ABDEL RAHMAN. Let us honor Br. Jihad Abdul Mumit and other strugglers who have paid a heavy price for their resistance to U.S. racism and oppression.

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