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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Ramadan 17,1427/October 11, 2006 #68

Beware: Islam hater Salman Rushdie will join Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia next year as "writer-in-Residence."
[Source: Wire Services and CNN October 6, 2006]
Emory U. is the home of Prof. Deborah Lipstadt who was instrumental in destroying the career of historian David Irving and in ensuring that publishing houses in the U.S. would not accept his deeply researched books.

HUGE HATE ADVERTISING AGAINST SUDAN is being aired DAILY by CNN. [ October 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.] The lurid ads claim that 400,000 Africans have been killed in Darfur, 2.5 million are homeless and rape is common. The ads call on BUSH to take action. A coalition of Jewish groups and some "Muslim" toadies is said to be behind these ads. The statistics are totally bogus and have no basis in reality. These scary BIG figures are part of the Big Lie technique which the Zionists have perfected. [On October 10, fighting broke out in northern Darfur between rebels armed from overseas and Sudanese government forces defending the integrity of Sudan.]

We discuss below common sense reasons why the Jewish version of the "holocaust" should be re-examined. Our views are based on Israeli propaganda about the recent Israeli aggression against Lebanon. Please Scroll down.

Letter from Bint Jubail, Lebanon.

Read this and then go to our article on the "holocaust."

Salaam and Ramadan Mubarak. I write from Lebanon. I have been here for a while after returning from Africa helping in the relief of the drought. As you know, I am a volunteer with the International Federation of the Red Cross- Red Crescent Societies. I manage two field hospitals, one in Saida and the other in Bint Jubail, and a relief center. The damage is unbelievable and the need is great.

Your prayers are much needed....................nabeel

Message for Ramadan # 4: Our Role Model is Muhammad Mustafa, pbuh, as reflected in the authentic Hadith and as seen in the lives of his Companions, in particular Abu Bakr, r.a., Bilal, r.a., Sumayya, r.a., Ayesha, r.a., Asma, r.a., 'Umar, r.a., Uthman, r.a., Umm Ammara, r.a., Ali, r.a., Fatima, r.a., Abu Ayyub Ansari, r.a., Sa'ad bin Ma'az, r.a., Aus bin as-Samit, r.a. and that entire galaxy of shining stars. No scholar or leader after their time is to be followed or honored above them:

"Surely in the Messenger of Allah you have the pattern of excellence for one whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day, and who remembers Allah much." [The Qur'an 33:21]

"Those who believed and accepted exile and fought for the Faith with their resources and their selves in the Cause of Allah, as well as those who gave them asylum and aid, these are indeed protecting friends of each other ...." [8:72]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen
Peaceful but Uncompromising
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

November 4: Shoora Meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Program for Authentic Islam

Host: Prof. Suleyman Kurter
Khateeb: Imam Badi Ali
Da'i: Br. Sulaiman Solano
Ameer: Br. Kaukab Siddique
Secretary General: Sis. Karen English
Masjid Committee: Sis. Ashira Na'im

Absurd Case, Unjust Sentence against Imam Umar: New York Muslims Lack Leadership
by Abu Talib [Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Brooklyn, New York]


There was a hearing on Thursday the 28th of September at 3.00pm in Manhattan to decide the Case of Imam Warith Deen Umar which was finally decided by the Judge Robert P.Patterson Jr. The sentence was One year confinement to his home, only permitted to go to the Mosque and not to travel a certain distance from his home.
Also the Police can come to his home any time to search for drugs!
The Imam gave a very good speech concerning his family and what they have gone through with this ordeal when the government raided his home in upstate New York Albany, He related this to Slavery of the African American Community in the United States.He mentioned that to the Judge that Islam is about Peace and Prosperity and he was about Peace and not what the government had to say about his character.
This case to me seemed an effort by the government against the Imam, to break his spirit and his stand against the government foreign policy in Muslim lands at a time today there are only few Imams that are speaking out against the injustice that is taking place around the world especially to the Muslims.
The sad things that I saw in the Court: there were few Muslims: about four brothers and one sister to support this Imam, which is sad especially here in New York City where there is a large segment of Muslims. It seems that we are afraid to come out and support anything. We are afraid of the Oppressor and not of Allah.
But the Imam had support from a non-Muslim community in Up State New York by the name of Bethlehem Neighborhood for Peace which is a white organization of people of goodwill.
As to the sentence it was unjust but he has the right to appeal in nine to ten days time. Imam Umar said that he will appeal this matter and also sue the government for harassment.
In conclusion where are the Muslims when there is an injustice taking place right here at home to one of our Imams. We don't give support and we stay silent in the face of oppression. It's really a sad day to see the state of the Muslims in America. We have to ask are we following our beloved Prophet, pbuh, or are we following "American Islam." That is the question.

[Ed. note: Most shameful is the silence of "imam" Siraj Wahhaj, the ISNA loud mouth who goes around talking holy and collecting money for taghooti "masjids," helping the rich to get richer. He was given great support by the Wall Street Journal, the same Jewish-capitalist paper which is responsible for the campaign against Imam Umar. Siraj Wahhaj is responsible for serious issues. When will he do Tawbah and denounce his close affinity to the bootlicker group known as ISNA? Can Siraj be called imam when he sees Imam Umar, who has NEVER committed a crime, being brought to court by the oppressors during Ramadan and remains silent?]

Masaud Khan's Mother writes: Urges Du'as in Ramadan for her son: Pakistani-American was given 90 Years in Prison by the U.S. on Fabricated Charges Owing to U.S. unity with India

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Assalam Alaikom and Ramadan Mubarak

On August 23 I visited my daughter and her family and was granted the blessing to perform Umra, and other prayers at Haram Sharif, to visit Madinah, and offer salutations, and to offer du'as on behalf of my son, Masaud, and all Muslims who are suffering. I felt a peacefulness that can never be found in any other place and I knew that whatever was written for my son would be good. Only a Mother knows the pain of the loss of a child. I knew that Allah ( swt ) was listening to me and that in His wisdom and time, my prayers would be answered.

The appeal opinion was handed down in Richmond on August 25 and I was made aware of it because at the same time the Washington Post issued its controversial article about the Virginia 11 Paintballers, Ali al-Tamimi, Dar es Salam and Ali Chandia. It was a difficult appeal to present, since the 3 defense lawyers were only allotted a few minutes each to present their arguments. All three desired to have the case returned to the District Court for a new trial by jury ; all three continued to emphasize the innocence of their clients and the wish for their voices to be heard, and Masaud's lawyer asked for reduction of the gun charges, which sentence, according to Judge Brinkema, was draconian, and which would remove the life sentence imposed on him.

The decision was 2-1 and so the majority upheld the sentence of the District Court. Because one Judge felt that Masaud's sentence should be reduced as to the gun charges, we filed for a rehearing en banc. I regret that an immediate response was returned by email to Masaud's lawyer, rejecting a rehearing.

It seems that the past 3 years have been a blur of court motions, filings, pleadings, opinions, and appeal. It seems that we have not had a life for the past 3 Ż years, but an existence. The struggle continues.

I am thankful to the Muslims for their support and prayers. I pray that Masaud's son, Ebraheem, will continue to visit his Baba and grow up loving him and knowing that his father was so wrongly accused, yet accepted the decision of Allah (swt). I pray that Masaud will be released to join his family ; I pray that the incarcerated Muslims will be exonerated, with the will of Allah. Ameen

I ask for your duas in this holy month of Ramadan for all the brothers and their families.


How to bring about a Boycott of Intel? Big Time Israeli Business

Should Intel be added to Jamaat al-Muslimeen's boycott list, when next it is re-issued? And should we encourage other Muslim/Muslim friendly organizations to do the same? To me, Intel seems more involved than most companies in supporting Israel.

Since everything relies on computers these days, the major question to research will be: Which computers can one buy, which do not contain Intel parts? A few years ago, I converted to Apple, which I'm almost sure has no Intel parts, but what are the options if one wishes to stay with Windows systems? The article from Mazin is from 2001; I'm looking for more recent info, so if anyone has any ideas...
-Nadrat Siddique

Here is a relevant excerpt from a long report on this issue:
Is Intel supporting an Apartheid Regime?
by Mazin B. Qumsiyeh
Last year Intel exported products valued at nearly $2 billion from Israel, of which $1.3 billion were from a plant in "Qiryat Gat" called FAB-18.
Intel investment in FAB-18 amounted to $1 billion. The plant site is located between the rail line from Tel Aviv to Beer Sheba and the new Trans-Israel highway. This is land that belongs to the Palestinian village of Iraq al Manshiya. ............................

Another Gift for the Zionists
US Congress Approves Israel Military 'Joint' Projects
The Jerusalem Post (Israel) cid=1159193348715&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle% 2FShowFull

The US Congress has approved an increase of $460 million in funding for joint Israeli-American defense programs, including $20 million for the development of a short-range ballistic missile defense system which will provide protection from Katyusha rockets. The funding, approved as part of the defense appropriations bill, is double the amount the administration initially requested for joint projects. It is not part of the foreign aid package which Israel receives annually... The increased funding by Congress is seen as a major achievement for Israel and was supported by pro-Israel activists in Washington.

Holocaust or Holohoax?

Look at Lebanon and Israeli Propaganda: Muslims must know the German side of the Horrors of World War II to Avoid the History trap

by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

With great reluctance, U.S. TV screens exposed to American audiences a tiny bit of the horrendous destruction wrought in Lebanon by Israeli terror group IDF. Even this little expose showed that Israel targeted and destroyed the civilian infrastructure of Lebanon. The civilian toll was quite heavy, with about a thousand killed, mostly women and children, and more than 5,000 wounded.

Here is how the representative of the terrorist entity, Israel, described what the Jews had done in Lebanon. On July 30, Dan Gillerman, the ambassador of the terrorist entity to the UN, claimed that: "Israel has NEVER targeted civilians." He then added that the civilians were killed because "Hizbullah made them stay" and used them as "human shields." To top of this string of lies he claimed that Muslim homes are "homes with missiles" and thus the civilian dead are "victims of Hizbullah." [CNN, FOX TV, MSNBC] He had no evidence at all for these assertions and reports from Irish and other neutral sources have shown that Gillerman's claims were false.

If some thought that Gillerman is an extremist and there are humane Israelis who think otherwise, let us look at Peace Prize winner Shimon Peres. He stated bluntly [CNN July 25] that "We didn't hit any infrastructure" and that "it's propaganda" put out by Hizbullah that Israel hit private homes.

Now think: If the powerful Jewish entity can put out such bare faced lies about its victims, what would it say about those who really were the enemies of the Jews? Is it not time for Muslims to re-examine the Jewish claims about the "holocaust" of Six Million Jews [always with capital letters] during the Second World War?

The attempts of the international Jewish network to suppress and silence scholars and critics who scrutinize and rebut Jewish versions of history should make us skeptical. Tens of thousands of people in Germany have been punished for speaking out against the established version of the war over the last few years. This is ORGANIZED and SYSTEMATIC CENSORSHIP of dissenting views. This suppressive activity is linked to the transfer of BILLIONS of dollars in reparations from Germany to Israel.
[Compare with ZERO reparations given to African American people after 400 years of slavery.]

The idea of a Jewish 'holocaust' is linked to the arming and funding of the terrorist entity known as Israel not only by the U.S. but also by Germany. [It's like Israel having to fund and arm Palestinians to make up for the genocide of the Palestinian people by the Jews. It's not going to happen any time soon] Submarines of the Dolphin class which can hit Arab cities with nuclear warheads have also been given to Israel by Germany. Thus the "holocaust' story really pays off for Israel. It makes common sense that such a big money maker should be subjected to critical scrutiny.

The Jewish terror support groups around the world are averse to ANY such scrutiny. A word critical of the "holocaust" story [even one word] and one is persona non grata for the entire spectrum of corporate media being controlled and manipulated by the Zionists. It's not a surprise that major critics of the holocaust story, who are scholars and cannot be brushed off as Nazi agitators, are now in prison. Among them is the leading historian of the Second World War David Irving, researcher of the prestigious German Max-Planck-Institute Germar Rudolf, and German nationalist Ernest Zundel. Others, like Mark Weber, are simply not allowed to appear anywhere on the media.

Muslims, like most people, have been led to believe the Jewish version of the Second World War simply because no other version reaches them. The popular culture accepted the verdicts of the Nuremburg trial which tried German leaders as war criminals and sentenced some of them to death although the allied victors had committed similar crimes during the war. At Katyn the Soviets had executed and buried the ENTIRE officers corp of the military forces of Poland who were their prisoners. The Soviet crimes against the Muslim Chechen and Tatar populations were horrendous even by World War standards, yet these Soviets were sitting as prosecutors of German leaders at Nuremburg. The city of Nuremburg itself had been reduced to rubble by British and American bomber fleets. Thousands of German civilians lay dead in the rubble even as the victors sat in judgment on the vanquished. [To be continued]

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