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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Awwal 12,1427/April 11, 2006 #24

New Trend hails the ongoing mass demonstrations by Mexican immigrants and the people of Central and Southern America living in the U.S. On April 10, the demonstrations spread to 95 cities, with huge crowds carrying Mexican and US flags in Dallas and New York and Washington, DC. The Mexican people are helping us to realize that America is a nation of immigrants. It would be extreme folly if the racist groups here tried to turn 11 million "illegals" into felons and to terrorize their families.

Dear Mexican-Central-American-South American people: Islam is on your side. Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him, left his home to live in an adopted homeland. Our Hijra calendar begins with the "leaving our home." Our leader Muhammad, pbuh, stood with the poor, the downtrodden, the dispossessed.

This land, America, this beautiful continent, belongs to Allah and not to any one race. We say with the Mexican people who have made this their home: "We are America."

April 11 [12 Rabi' al-Awwal] is the birthday of Muhammad, peace be on him, the leader of the Muslim world. We do not celebrate his birthday because it is a form of bid'ah or innovation forbidden in Islam if it is done as part of religion. Every day is the day of Muhammad, pbuh, and we must remember him every day by following his Sunnah.

So, if you love Muhammad, pbuh, dear Muslim, as you should, resolve on this day thus henceforth:
1. Be very kind to your spouse.
2. Read the Qur'an every day [at least a little].
3. Pray on time.
4. Ask for Allah's forgiveness.
5. Be a good neighbor.
6. Do not lie, slander or fornicate.
7. Stand up for the weak, the oppressed, the exploited, the downtrodden.
8. Keep your body clean through ablution, keep your soul clean by fasting [Mondays, Thursdays if you can]
9. Don't eat too much. Don't be wasteful. Don't talk too much. Don't gossip.
10. Share your food, your wealth, your abilities with those who are needy.
11. Pray for the victory of the mujahideen in Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnia and Sudan.
12. Add here other items which you know the Prophet, pbuh, would have liked us to do.

Imam Warith Deen 'Umar Writes to New Trend
Islamic Leader Facing State Terrorism: [Please read Carefully & Support Imam Umar]

Dear believers and friends of Islam: As salaamu alaikum (peace to you)

Enclosed are copies of three search warrants issued and used to harass, intimidate and persecute me as a Muslim practitioner of the religion of Islam. President George W. Bush made the statement, "Freedom Is On The March". What he meant is the government is gaining freedom to come after citizens, march into their homes, disrupt their lives and persecute them with no reprisals from the citizenry. As you can see this was a fishing expedition. This is an outrage! Even my well experienced lawyer said "wow, what is this?" When he asked the opposing government attorney were their any charges other than the one count of possessing a legal unregistered rifle in New York City, the answer was, "...No, we couldn’t find any other violation of the laws."

Six NYPD policemen trashed my apartment in New York City after lying to a judge about their suspicion of me soliciting for murder???, having explosives, being against Jews, gays & lesbians etc. (read the search warrants). Two weeks later they went to another judge and told the same story to give them authority along with the F.B.I., the A.T.F. and local police (12 in all) to travel 150 miles north to Albany County to confine my wife and daughters in our home for five hours while they ramshackled through our residence and confiscated our personal property and possessions such as personal papers, files, writings, books, cameras, computers, etc. They even took our children’s computers. No arrests were made!

To this date I have been indicted for one count of possession of the unregistered weapon. The government has not returned our belongings and have violated my and my family’s civil rights. At least join us in our outrage. Be against this oppression in your heart if not openly.

Imam Warith Deen Umar
(Court date: May 10. 2006 U.S Federal Court 500 Pearl Street Manhattan)

Response to One-Sided Darfur Story in Baltimore's Afro Paper

Subj: Re: "Sudan: Darfur Genocide Continues." [March 25-March 31 issue]
Frances L. Murphy II, Editor
The African American newspaper
2519 N. Charles Street
Baltimore MD 21218-4602

Dear Editor

Your front page report on Darfur, by Zenitha Prince, was extremely one-sided. Sudan is an Islamic country but you didn't give any space to the Islamic view of the story.

The report does mention parenthetically that 7,000 troops from the African Union are in Darfur. It does not mention that the African Union has not adopted the condemnatory attitude your report takes. Those 7,000 Africans do not see Darfur as a one-sided conflict.

Any investigation of Darfur should begin with the fact that rebel groups in Darfur have been armed by outside forces, probably Israel and the U.S. These rebel groups began military action against the legitimate Sudanese government. The Sudanese responded to the armed uprising with force of their own.
Such conflict is bound to affect the fragile economy of Darfur [and of Sudan in general]. However the figures of people killed and displaced in the fighting have no basis in reality. No one has carried out an study of this vast area to be able to come up with such horrendous figures. These are fabricated numbers used for anti-Sudan propaganda.

I am sorry to note Lt. Gov. Michael Steele's drive to divest from Sudan. Such moves are bound to create economic misery and dislocation in Sudan. Masses of people will suffer.

I urge you to adhere to journalistic even-handedness by providing both sides of the story. Prominent African-Americans such as Hodari Ali, from Washington, DC, have visited Sudan as part of a large African-American group known as Give Peace A Chance [GPAC]. They do not see such a one-sided picture of Darfur.

We must not open the way to U.S. military intervention in Sudan which could turn the area into another Iraq.

Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

Remembering 17 Year Old Black Panther Activist Lil' Bobby Hutton Assassinated by Police

Unfortunately, political assassination is not a thing of the past in the U.S. After the defeat of Jim Crow, and the suspension of COINTELPRO, if subsequent administrations did not condone such actions, why were reparations never paid? Why do BPP political prisoners continue to languish in jail, some after 30 - 40 years of incarceration, simply for their beliefs? Why is the CBC, and other black "leadership" not raising any of these issues, nor bringing any of the perpetrators to justice? If Demjanjuk and other "Nazis" can be brought to "justice" decades after their alleged crime, why not our home grown criminals? Why is there a Jewish Holocaust Museum in a Black majority city, Baltimore, but no Black Holocaust Museum?

-Nadrat Siddique

-- Raw Intellect
Uhuru Comrade,
April 6th marks the 38th anniversary of 17 year old Black Panther, Lil' Bobby Hutton who was Assassinated by the notorious Oakland Pigs. Take time out for our Comrade, write a Political Prisoner, and work on some serious Revolutionary work, to advance the struggle. Long Live the Spirit of Bobby Hutton! Guerrilla Up!


Bobby Hutton was born in 1950. He was only 16 years old when he joined the Black Panther Party (BPP) in December, 1966. He was arrested in May 1967 when he led a Black Panther march in Sacramento to protest against a new gun bill. The Mulford Act made it illegal to carry guns in public and was a direct response to the Panthers' police patrols in the community.
On 6th April, 1968 eight BPP members, including Hutton, Eldridge Cleaver and David Hilliard, were traveling in two cars when they were ambushed by the Oakland police. Cleaver and Hutton ran for cover and found themselves in a basement surrounded by police. A fifty-man assault force pounded bullets into the house where they hid for ninety minutes. When a tear-gas canister that had been thrown into the basement caught fire, Eldridge and Bobby agreed to surrender.

Eldridge was not able to walk because a bullet had hit his leg. He told Bobby to take off his clothes so the police could not accuse him of hiding a weapon, but Bobby only removed his shirt. When he walked out into the floodlights in front of the house with his hands in the air, a hail of bullets killed him on the spot. Only the shouts from the crowd drawn by the gunfire saved Eldridge from an immediate death when he crawled out of the basement behind Bobby.

Going Against the Grain
America's "Good Jews" and Israel: What Muslims Should Understand about Zionist Control of the U.S.
by Kaukab Siddique

We as Muslims are not against the race or the religion of the Jews. Among them are people who do good as well as those who do evil, as there are among Muslims.

Islamic opposition to the Jews is based on their behavior. Most importantly, the Jews have taken Palestine by force of arms and through the tricks of their western allies, and have established a phony entity called "Israel." This entity has committed genocide against the Palestinians, has driven 4,000,000 Palestinians from their homes and has been involved in terrorist activities against Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims and Africans.

The Jews are able to retain control of Palestine through the brutal armed force made available to them by the United States and funded by Germany and the Jewish diaspora.
Within the United States, Jews, with the help of non-Jewish supporters of Israel, control the media, the economy, segments of academia, the U.S. administration, Congress and the Senate. A vast literature exists which supports the truth of these assertions.

On the other side, we see that many good Jews oppose the war, oppose the Bush administration, support freedom of expression and often are very critical of Israel itself. In fact Jews can be counted among the leading critics of Israel.

So what should be the attitude of Muslims towards Jews in America? The best way of understanding America's Jews is to see them as reflections of two opposing policy camps in Israel itself. Many Israeli Jews support Labor and many others support the right wing parties, such as Qadima, Likud and various small but virulent religious sects involved in settler activity.

Note the difference between these two grouping:

1. Labor Jews are content with the land Israel usurped from the Palestinians. They think that it is okay to keep Israel with the cities of Tel Aviv, Haifa etc within the confines of the original lands assigned to them by the United Nations in 1948. The policies of these Labor Jews are seen as "peaceful" in America and they have supporters here. They can be called the "let's keep what we have" Jews.

2. The right wing Jews, inheritors of Sharon's evil view of the world, see no limits to the boundaries of Israel with dreams of an "eretz" Israel extending from the Nile to the Tigris to the Islamic holy city of Madinah. We can call them the "we have the tanks and the USA" Jews who want more settlements, the demolition of Masjid al-Aqsa and the destruction of all independent Muslim governments. They were behind the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

We Muslims are so agitated by the suicidal activities of the right wing "We have tanks and USA" Jews that we see the Labor Jews as almost angelic.

Objectively speaking, NONE of these Jews oppose the existence of Israel on Palestinian soil. They are mentally unable to accept the fact that there is no such thing as Israel. The entity called "Israel" is simply the aggressors' label placed on Palestine.

Here one might object and say: Israel was given its original territory by the United Nations. But ask yourself, what right did the United Nations' have to hand over Palestinian land to the Jews? Does international law permit a foreign body to take someone's land and hand it over to its favorite people? Obviously not!
The United Nations is itself an entity created by the victors of the Second World War. It did not and does not represent Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims and Africans. It certainly did not have the right to hand over Palestine to the Jews.

Behind this Anglo-American-Soviet design to hand over Palestine to the Jews were the activities of Winston Churchill, one of the greatest supporters of the Zionist movement. Even before that, the hand of treachery was at work when under the Balfour Declaration, the British decided to give away Palestine [which was not theirs to give] to the Jews.

Within that context, dear reader, look and see if there is any American Jew who is opposed to the existence of Israel on Palestinian land. Those Jews who criticize Israel are willing to do so because they see the overwhelming military power of Israel and the helplessness of the Palestinians. If there were any danger to the Zionist entity's existence, all these "good" Jews would jump to the defense of Israel.

Hence, beware! When a Jew criticizes Israel or joins the anti-war movement, he or she is simply affirming the Israeli Labor position: Let's keep what we usurped by force. Let's have "peace" so that we can enjoy the fruits of our colony in Palestine. Don't stir up the forces of Islam by establishing new settlements. Remember we had to withdraw from Gaza owing to the threat posed by the martyrdom operators.

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