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U.S.-Israeli Assault on Sudan
A look at the Methodology of Imperialism

Richest Continent: Poorest People:
Africa is being broken down and re-colonized. War, division, fratricide, disease (AIDS), poverty, starvation are being used to destroy Africa. The wealth of Africa attracts predators. The plan has worked out to make Africa helpless and totally open to the exploiters. (Massive ads for Rothmans and Guinness dot the beautiful landscape of Ghana where children have to take European names to get proper schooling.) The vast deposits of Africa's wealth now once again belong to the European/American master race.

SUDAN: ROCK OF RESISTANCE: In the ocean of helpless Afriica, Sudan is a beacon of light.

1. It is Africa's biggest country in a number of ways.
2. It produces enough food to feed its own people.
3. It unites the Black people of Africa under the unifying banner of Islam.
4. Sudanese universities, like the International University of Africa, attract students from all over Africa, thus creating the nucleus of African unity.
5. Islam is very progressive in Sudan, women play an eminent role in politics and parliament, slavery is against the law and the Christian minority is well-protected.


1. The U.S. and Israel decided to break Sudan's unity by encouraging, financing and arming a brutal army officer's tribal group in the South which had kept a simmering rebellion going for years. Because the officer's group called the SPLA is Christian, a propaganda gambit opened up to make the claim that Muslims are fighting Christians in south Sudan.
2. An attempt to shatter African unity was made through the claim (spread far and wide by the Zionist media) that "fair-skinned Arabs" of northern Sudan are fighting the Black people of the South! (Fact: ALL SUDANESE ARE BLACK, of various shades. Dr. Hassan Turabi and General Bashir {now at odds) are both Black.) Muslims speak Arabic in Sudan; being "Arab" has nothing to do with skin color.
3. THE SLAVERY STORY: As the U.S. prepared to move against Sudan, a clever attempt was made to defuse African-American support for Sudan. (The U.S. would have had a domestic problem, as in the case of South Africa, if it nakedly moved against an African country.) So, two reporters from the Baltimore Sun (a well-known Jewish daily, rabidly pro-Israel) were sent secretly to a place in Sudan, through a missionary organization in Switzerland. They took photos of some healthy and peaceful Sudanese children and came back with the claim that these children were slaves and they (the reporters) had paid money to free them from the slave owner, Thereafter a storm of propaganda was let loose to make the claim that slavery is rife in Sudan and that it is encouraged by the Islamic government.
The main purpose of the propaganda was to demonize Sudan and to defuse African-American opposition to sanctions.
4. The terrorism story. The slavery story and the claims of Sudan's support for terrorists dovetailed. (Osama Bin Laden had stayed in Sudan for some time.)

Thereafter the U.S. moved against Sudan, stopped Sudan Air from flying to Europe, imposed strict sanctions on Sudan, and encouraged neighboring countries to attack.

The Jamaat al-Muslimeen initiative:

Our Secretary-General, Sis. Ashira Na'im was in Sudan for about a year during the time when the "slavery" propaganda was at its height.

As a result, in Baltimore, Jamaat al-Muslimeen put forth an effective response to the Zionist machine:
1. JAM picketed the offices of the Baltimore Sun.
2. Three JAM activists called into a radio show by WJHU to counter propaganda against Sudan.
3. Dr. Kaukab Siddique's article against the slavery story was published in the Final Call. For the first time, the Baltimore Sun tried to rebut the article.
4. Sis. Ashira's response was published in the Baltimore Times.
5. The McNair report was published in New Trend. It indicates that there is no slavery even in the war zone, though tribes capture people to exchange them for their own prisoners. The Islamic government has outlawed slavery.
6. Dr. Siddique while giving the Eid Khutba to 15,000 people in Chicago's McCormick place demanded an end to sanctions against Sudan and Iraq.

The Zionists were defeated in Baltimore, but they had backup. They continued their propaganda in the New York Times and on BET. The "slavery in Sudan" story has now been published worldwide.
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CANADIAN READERS, these tapes include important presentations by Sis. Amina Oudhini, Austrian-Canadian, and Sis. Maryam Tetreault, French-Canadian Islamists.
This report on Sudan was prompted by an article in a Muslim magazine, al-Talib, published from UCLA which has swallowed the Zionist story on Sudan and has quoted a Jewish group called Human Rights Watch operating out of New York. If even Muslims are affected by the Zionists, the community better wake up.

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