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-------------------------- A reader from Iowa writes about Jerry Falwell's mental deficiency:

"Holy Prophet Muhammad and Islam terrorize Shaitan and his followers. Jerry Falwell is a child of Satan, and thus he feels terrorized by the Holy Prophet. Thus he calls the Prophet (nauzubillah) a terrorist.

NEW TREND AHEAD OF THE CURVE: On Sept. 11 we published Nadrat Siddique's article on the "wilding" case in New York where young Black men were falsely accused of raping and killing a white female jogger. On Sept.26, ABC and other networks reported on the "wilding" case. We were 15 days ahead!

On September 21, we reported on the EXPLOITATION OF WOMEN IN ISRAEL. On September 26 Nachman on MSNBC tried to divert the issue by admitting that there is slave trade in White women but that it is going to other countries. He completely left out Israel!

Imam Jamil Al-Amin
Elmore County Jail
U.S. Highway 231 North
Wetumpka, AL 36092

The government has instituted a federal case against him now. Observers see this as a move to stop the Imam from being released on appeal because his current conviction was on very weak evidence.

As we reported earlier, the Yemeni community rallied to support the Lackawanna Six being tried as a "terrorist cell" in the Buffalo, New York area. Many Muslims willingly offered their personal homes to guarantee bail bond for the six accused and victimized Muslims.
SIMILARLY in OREGON the SIX AFRICAN-AMERICAN MUSLIMS BEING ACCUSED OF TERRORISM LINKAGE are getting support from the community. These six include the FIRST ISLAMIC WOMAN TO BE ARRESTED IN USA on "terrorism" linked charges. She is Sis. October Martnique Lewis. Even in her ID she appears in hijab, alhamdulillah. [One of the brothers arrested is said to be a former Black Panther. Another one arrested, Br. Patrice Lumumba Ford, embraced Islam when he was in China attending a graduate program. What a beautiful example of the hadith of the Prophet (pbuh): "Seek knowledge even unto China" even though its isnad is weak.]

The Muslims of Oregon, according to associated press, have "expressed anger at the arrests." The following is the statement from Br. Alaa Abunijem, president of the Islamic Center in Portland, Oregon:

"It seems like part of the witch hunt from the FBI. The Muslim community in general is being targeted. People in general feel targeted."
New Trend has contacted the Muslims in Oregon and we hope to set up a fund for the children and families affected by the arrests.

The U.S. has indicted a Sudanese cab driver Mekki Hamed Mekki on the allegation that he was a pilot in Sudan and might have had bad intentions in the visiting the U.S. Here is an excerpt from the Greensboro News and Record of October 5:

" Badi Ali -- president of the Islamic Center of the Triad where Mekki attended Friday prayer service -- said early media reports unfairly made Mekki look guilty of terrorism. "Justice is not being served here," he said. "The press needs to apologize to Mekki and the Muslim community. ... To lock up someone who is no threat to national security is critical."
An FBI agent testified last month that Mekki entered the United States on Sept. 27, 2000, with a visitors visa issued in Cairo, Egypt, and came to New York before taking a train to Greensboro to live with a former Sudanese neighbor. The visa expired on Oct. 16, 2000, and Mekki sought asylum eight months later. Mekki is scheduled to be arraigned at 9:30 a.m. Monday in Winston-Salem. He is being held without bond in the Forsyth County jail. The maximum punishment for three of the nine crimes is a fine up to $250,000, a jail term up to 10 years, and supervised release of not more than three years. The remaining counts carry similar fines and release conditions, but jail terms up to five years."

Associated Press reports as follows:

"While there was no mention of terrorism in the indictment or any connection to al-Qaida, government officials have said federal authorities believe Mekki is linked to the terrorist group.
Badi Ali, president of the Islamic Center of the Triad, where Mekki has attended Islamic services, said Mekki is the victim of politics in the wake of Sept. 11's terrorist attacks. Ali is also president of Muslims for a Better North Carolina. "Justice is not being served here," Ali said. "The truth was being politically raped by the media. "Because of the way they arrested him, they had to go and find something - to lock up someone who is no threat to national security. "Ali said the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) is to blame because they approved Mekki's applications for visas. "Someone else has to pay for this besides Mekki, the person who approved Mekki's application," he said. "Here is the truth. Mekki is just a cab driver. "I'm very concerned because this is an example, and it's going to be used again and again as a tactic to scare all Muslims in the Triad area. Muslims are not terrorists."
ISRAELI TERRORISM AGAINST ALL OF PALESTINE: The entire city of NABLUS has been under Jewish Zionist curfew for more than 100 days. Imagine the suffering and misery of the people of Nablus. Tanks are standing outside their homes. According to President Bush, "Sharon is a man of peace!"
PAKISTANI ACHIEVEMENT. [Karachi and Lahore.] Owing to the boycott efforts of the Jihad movement, for the first time in its history, price of Pepsi has gone down in many areas by 30% in extremely hot late summer weather. An incredible achievement. Pepsi has been using various occasions to give away its drinks for free! Coca Cola has also suffered serious hits. Both Pepsi and Coca Cola are long time supporters of Israel.
HAVING YOU BEEN EATING AT DUNKIN DONUTS? Recently the founder of the chain died. His name: Rosenberg!
Next time you eat those donuts, please find out if the Dunkin Donuts in your area is locally owned or part of the Jewish owned chain.

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