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One Important Advance by U.S. Forces: British Forces Held at Bay at Basrah
Civilian Losses Rising Steeply as Bombing Continues: 600 Missiles 2000 bombs

[Our purpose in war reporting is to try and sift out obvious propaganda from seemingly correct reports. New Trend is open to correction -Ed.]

On March 25, the sixth day of the U.S. assault on Iraq there was a severe sandstorm in Iraq which brought the American armies advance to a halt.

The U.S. seems to have made one important advance. It appears that the Iraqis were unable to blow up the bridge over the Euphrates river at Nasiriya. Although stiff fighting continues in Nasiriya, considerable U.S. forces seem to be crossing over the Euphrates, thus reaching about 60 miles from Baghdad.

EPIC BATTLE OF NASIRIYA: American armored columns, backed by intense air attacks, have failed to defeat lightly armed Iraqis, often dressed in flimsy shirts, pants, sandals, somewhat like the Viet Cong in Vietnam. After three days of battle, Nasiriya is still in Iraqi hands.

At Basrah, the Desert Rats, Britain's most famous military force which was beaten back by the Iraqis on March 24, were held at bay all day on March 25.

Most of Umm Qasr was reported (finally) in British hands at 10 PM (EST) (6 AM Iraq time March 26), but pockets of resistance are still holding out. A force of only 150 Iraqis held back the British there for six days.

There have been no significant Iraqi surrenders. The 51st Infantry Division (reportedly surrendered) is intact and defending Basra.


The Baltimore Sun reports (March 25) that there have been considerable civilian casualties during the U.S. attempts to occupy Nasiriya.

NPR spoke to a Red Cross rep. in Baghdad (March 25) who confirmed that a bomb had hit a market in Baghdad killing 3 civilians and injuring 27. Earlier, during "shock and awe," three civilians were killed and 207 injured.

As mentioned earlier, Al-Jazeerah reported 59 civilians killed in U.S. missile attacks on Islamic families of Kurds opposed to the U.S. in northeastern Iraq. Another 50 civilians were killed in U.S. bombing of Basra. These photos of dead civilians have not been shown on U.S. TV.
Most popular pictures on U.S. media: In Umm Qasr Muslim children holding out their hands in begging posture to receive handouts from U.S. troops and water from U.S. tankers. A half a dozen Iraqis dancing for the camera in support of U.S. forces at Safwan.

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