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If there was any doubt on how most Chicagoans feel about Bush's war, they were laid to rest the weekend forever. From last Thursday to this Sunday the anti-war movement won the hearts and minds of most people living in the city of Chicago. On Thursday March 20, as many as 4,000 marchers took to the streets of Chicago. The media LIED and made it seem there were only 1,000 marchers. in fact protestors broke up into two small groups and blocked Lake Shore Drive AND Michigan avenue from 5PM-9PM. How can there be only 1,000 protestors if BOTH sections of Chicago were blocked? Anyone who has been to Chicago knows this cannot be possible with only 1,000 protestors. In any case on the Magnificent Mile traffic was completely halted everywhere. Taxis, employees working late, cars, buses, and even police cars were completely halted. Massive numbers of police were seen in buses being hauled to the protest hot spots. Forming half chains and full chains, protestors locked hands and blocked large streets full of cars. BUT THAT WAS ONLY ON MICHIGAN AVENUE.

Another major group of protestors, lead by former death row inmates, clogged up Lake shore drive leading into downtown. This prompted the police to block all entrances into Lake Shore Drive City wide. The site was quite breathtaking in that hundreds of cars were blocked by hundreds of protestors. The funny thing was that the police attacked peace activists WHO WERE NOT INVOLVED IN CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. Instead they picked on those who were protesting by themselves on the sidewalk. One lady was pushed into a police truck, while she was strolling along with her child. In another incident, some police officers became aggravated and attacked the sound system which was completely destroyed. In the end 800 protestors were arrested, MANY OF WHOM WERE GULF WAR VETERANS, ACTIVISTS, AND UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS. THERE ARE STILL 7 PROTESTORS ARRESTED THAT WE DO NOT KNOW ABOUT.

FRIDAY, MARCH 21, 2003
In a massive show of protest High school children opened the way for 15,000 protestors completely shutting down Downtown Chicago causing immense headaches for city planners from 5PM-9PM. This rally was far more massive because it COMPLETELY shut down all of downtown Chicago, as opposed to just Lake Shore Drive. The protest swelled in such support that the police refused to allow more to come into the streets with us. There were a handful of Pro-War activists who were COMPLETELY drowned out by the peaceful chants of the people. The beauty of the night was the High School students left class, walked out of exams, and even brought teachers with them. Lane Tech High, Von Stuben, Dunbar, Senn, Gordon Tech, Whitney Young, Mather, Senn, and other famous High Schools were present. It is a shame that this writer's high school was not present. INSTEAD ROOSEVELT HIGH HAS BECOME KNOWN FOR HARASSING AND MISTREATING MUSLIM STUDENTS IN CLASSES. The whole event was led by African-American Christian Ministers who brought Arab and Native-American representatives who guided large numbers of Muslims and others. In the front of the march, protestors took turns locking hands and presenting a solid wall of support for journalists to see. At various times police dropped Horse feces into the roads that protestors were using. IT DID NOT WORK. The massive anti-war activists went from the Federal Plaza on Lasalle and Jackson street, towards Boeing inc, and finally around the advertising agencies supporting the war. 8 arrests were made. The attempt by Mayor Daley to intimidate protestors DID NOT work, as more came Friday evening in support.

About 800 Pro-War activists were greeted by some 1-2,000 Anti-War members. ONCE AGAIN the media made it seem as if there were a sea of supporters for war. This writer went to the area and found the area only HALF FULL OF WAR SUPPORTERS. The vast majority of Peace activists filled the other half of the area dumping into the streets around the Bush supporters. The writer was confronted on three occasions by Bush supporter in an attempt to start a fight. IT IS VERY CLEAR THAT THE PRO-BUSH TEAM CANNOT TOLERATE DISSENT OF OPINION.
When this writer approached a man and said we should respect each others opinion, he replied "F... you. You all should die." Another claimed I was a traitor. BASED ON THIS EXPERIENCE IT IS CLEAR PRO-WAR MONGERS CANNOT DEFEND THEIR CAUSE LOGICALLY AND ARE RESORTING TO VIOLENCE. Around 2PM Anti-war activists began to march AROUND Pro-War people. It showed how SMALL they were in comparison to the Anti-war movement. THE MEDIA claimed there were 1,000 Pro-War supporters which was hardly the case.

It should ALSO be known that one Indian-Nationalist organization, Anti-Iraqi Arab groups, a Serbian Nationalist organization and Pro-Israeli supporters were together. This, Despite that fact they could not even bring together 1,000 people. A few so- called "Muslims" (Men and Women in relationships with wealthy Americans) came and spoke to support OUR war against tyranny. It seems some naive Muslims, Asians, and Arabs are being used by their partners to display their "loyalty" to the cause. WHO IS IN BED WITH WHOM?

Sunday, March 23, 2003.
In an impressive display of solidarity with the Muslim and Arab people, Mexicans lined up in droves to call an end to the war on Iraq. At least 600-1,000 (if not more) started to mass by the arch in Pillsen on the South Side of Chicago. There was ONE Pro-war person in the sea of Anti-War activists. Home to the port of entry for Mexicans, the Pillsen area was engulfed by Latin-American protestors against the war. Numerous activists from Bolivia, México, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, El-Salvador denounced the war on Iraq. IT SHOULD BE KNOWN SOME MEXICAN ACTIVISTS CAME ALL THE WAY FROM MÉXICO TO TAKE PART IN THIS EVENT. Speakers called on Muslims and Arab to do the following:
1. Join hands against INS activities and make one platform in common interest with Spanish speaking peoples and Muslims
2. Create a plan to further use the Muslims and Latinos/as to destabilize Bush's plan in communal terms
3. End any friction between groups in terms of economic opportunities
4. For Muslims to recognize the problems being faced in the Spanish Speaking world. Thus, drawing parallels with Iraq, Venezuela, Brazil and Lebanon, Chiapas and Afghanistan, Saudi Arabian U.S. bases and Viqeues U.S. bases.

After spending much time in this struggle, it is nice to know Muslims are FINALLY getting the point of the Struggle in Latin America. Starting from the Little Village Arch which is directly from México, supporters marched up, down and around the area involving wholesale amounts of people. The crowd is overwhelmingly Latino. However, Muslims have massed with the people along with African-American, Progressive Caucasians, and others.

The intelligence community has begun to intimidate Muslims AND other peace activists by visiting them at home. Please be cautious and when this happens tell others.

2003-03-24 Mon 08:48ct