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[Ramadan war: On the first day of Ramadan, the United States carried out bombing raids in Iraq. This year, there was no discussion of whether bombing in Ramadan is an issue or not. The most advanced weaponry in the human history was used in these raids.
On the eve of Ramadan, hellfire missiles from a drone were used to assassinate six Islamic activists in Yemen. There bodies were blown to bits. One was recognized, allegedly, from a blown off leg. The U.S. suspected that the six were involved in the attack on the USS Cole. Thus war has taken on totally new dimensions in which national boundaries have lost meaning.]

Elections 2002 have brought about a concentration of power, rare even by American standards. The House, the Senate and the White House are all in the hands of the Republican Party. These elections could have serious consequences for the Muslim world and for Muslims within the United States.

The U.S. power structure is now unabashedly in the hands of:
1. White racists.
2. Who are right wing Christians.
3. Zionist in their politics. 4. See military might as the most important aspect of America.
5. Oppose immigration from Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.
6. Endorse anti-environmental policies.
7. See women as decorations, useful for economic exploitation.
8. Want to crush any Islamic group anywhere which is willing to pick up arms and fight.
9. Are not far from Jerry Falwell's and Robertson's blasphemous views on Islam
10. See American Muslims as a fifth column of America's enemies.


The Jews have become so strong within the power structure that issues like Palestine or war on Iraq were not even to be discussed. The subjugation of Palestine and the destruction of Iraq, followed by the dismantling and re-ordering of Saudi Arabia are "givens" for the Republicans and many of the Democrats. The candidates did not think it necessary to even discuss these, let alone debate them.


The Black community, about 15% of the population, has been dealt a shattering blow by the elections.

The PEACE MOVEMENT, which has grown bigger and faster than in the Vietnam era, has no representation in the shrinking American power structure.

Increasingly, more and more Americans feel that elections and the people in power, as well as those trying to get into power, do not speak for them.

THE MUSLIM WORLD probably does not understand what has happened here. America, under Bush-Sharon, will test out its vast military arsenal on countries which, being defenseless, provide excellent target practice.

2002-11-07 Thu 05:27ct