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Moves Against Muslim Immigrants: Racism by Another Name
Zionists are Running our Beautiful Country to Benefit the Thugs of Israel
By Buut Shikan

Soon people like Prof. Akbar Ahmed will be irrelevant. These servants of the American power structure have been ignoring the new reality of America. No longer is this great country serving its own people. The Bush-Rumsefeld-Wolfowitz-Ashcroft combine is working for Jewish Zionism and a perverted sect of Christianity who call themselves "evangelists" but in reality have a Zionist version of history and "end times."

These groups have launched a war against Islam but are sly enough to attempt divisions against Muslims by supporting various "northern alliances" of the Karzai-Musharef-Mubarak-Abdullah types. Within America's racial complex, they see Blacks and Hispanics along with Muslims of all varieties as part of the same "construct."

Muslims of America lack leadership strong enough to stand up to the power structure.. Even Farrakhan can no longer clearly say that America is being run by the Jews. In that context, Muslims have seen other Muslims being arrested without worrying too much about it.
1. Young Arab males.
2. Pakistani males.
3. Yemenis
4. African-Americans outside the "banquet brand of Islam."
5. Pakistani doctors
6. Hispanic fringe.
7. Saudi (the "wahhabi menace") males

And now, surprise, surprise, IRANIANS, who only by a stretch can even be included in Muslims who go at least for Eid prayers twice a YEAR!

One Iranian complained on CNN that the immigrants, who love America, were not only arrested and manacled, they were STRIPPED STARK NAKED. The Iranian's Islamic "modesty roots" came out when he said, even my father has not seen me naked like that!

These dogs of power and arrogance strip searched the blind scholar of Islam, Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman. At that time New Trend said to the Muslims: Speak up! If these dogs can strip search this man of Allah, this walking Qur'an, the symbol of Sunnah, then no Muslim, however tommish, is safe.

Today the Zionists are running amuck, hunting Muslim charities, humiliating even flag waving bootlickers. Imagine, people sending money to widows and orphans being arrested as "terrorists" because perhaps one or two orphans who got funds were the children of the Islamic martyrs.

By contrast, the Jews are funneling billions to the thug state of Israel. Dear Muslims, dear Americans, this country has been taken over by the Jews. That's not anti-semitism (I actually love real Jews, followers of Moses). That's simply reality.

Remember, dear oppressed Muslims of America, you can never satisfy the Zionist power structure by pleading that you are sooooooooooo goooody two shoes.
Stand up for your rights.
When will you speak in support of Imam Jamil? Why are you not against the death penalty. THE OPPRESSED MASSES are your friends. Join hands with them.
I urge all readers to BOYCOTT businesses which support Israel. Dear rich Arab reader, I hope you are not taking your children to Disney this winter.

2002-12-29 Sun 07:57ct