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Muslims Most Loyal to U.S. government Under Attack
War on Islam Takes Shape of :Guilty Until Proven Innocent
"Sleeper Cell" Theory has Integrated Hatred Of Islam into Bush Regime

On March 20, 2002 the U.S. let loose a new wave of persecution of Muslims in America. This time the targets are U.S. citizens who have been consistently loyal to U.S. government policies. Not only Muslim organizational facilities but homes of Muslims were raided in the northern Virginia area and parts of Georgia.

The war against "terrorism" has openly become a war against Islam and Muslims. Looks like the new Ashcroft policy is that Muslim men (particularly Arabs and Pakistanis) are guilty until proven innocent.

Many of the raided groups and individuals have been so staunch in their loyalty to the U.S. government's policies that their faith in Islam seemed to be wavering. Among these are people who supported the bloc vote for Bush and even claimed that Islam permits such a vote.
One of our analysts looks at U.S. persecution of Muslims in this country and comes up with the following theory:
"The U.S. government has now adopted fear and suspicion of Muslims as integral to its policies. When the government agents look at Muslim groups which support Mr. Bush, they find the following:
1. These groups NEVER CRITICIZE the government.
2. They give KHUTBAS in their mosques which put most people to sleep.
3. They support American policies against "terrorism" and even collect funds for the victims of WTC.
4. Most of them are very well-to-do and well established in American society (staying away from the poor, the African-Americans, the oppressed).
5. They want to be invited to the White House and Congress.

From this situation, under the influence of Zionists like Emerson and Pipes, the government agents get the impressions which are imbedded in the "sleeper cell" theory, which means that the MORE INNOCENT A MUSLIM IS, THE MORE HE IS TO BE SUSPECTED. These agents think: CAN THESE MASJID KHATEEBS be so SHAMELESS that we are killing their children in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan and they DARE NOT SAY A WORD against us? Can a person be so much in love with Bush's America that he won't speak when Bush openly says he will bomb an Islamic nation during Ramadan? Can these be Muslims be so in love with their beautiful homes, their bank accounts and their lavish way of life that even the death of A MILLION IRAQI children will not wake them up? Can Muslims be such dogs that the Jews kill Palestinian youths every day but these well-established Muslims will not dare to condemn the murderous White House which arms and funds Israel? Is it possible that these Muslims who wear BEARDS and HIJABS don't have enough IMAN and HAYA to speak against the imprisonment of Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman (blind and diabetic), living epitome of Quran and Sunnah, in a LITTLE CELL in ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA? The agents can't believe that Muslims can be more loyal to USA than BUSH is! Hence they start applying the theory of "sleeper cells" and start raiding the institutions of their best friends. ALLAH HAS INDEED BLINDED THEM.
Here is a list of the latest targets of the U.S. government, provided by AMANA (Florida): (The following is text of AMANA info sheet.)

Updated List of 24 American Muslim Organizations and 9 Homes Targeted and/or raided by U.S. government agencies.

Washington, DC- Solidarity USA has compiled the following updated list of American Muslim organizations and Muslim households targeted and/or raided yesterday by the U.S. government agencies in Northern Virginia and Georgia.

MWL and its affiliates:
Muslim World League (MWL): A reportedly renowned worldwide Muslim Organization, as recognized NGO by the UN, with cultural and religious activities and services spread almost all over the world, including The Americas and Europe.

International Relief Organization (IRO)

International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO)

Success Foundation:
A reportedly renowned American charity organization.

Safa Groups and others, including:
International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT): A renowned worldwide organization with offices and affiliates around the world. IIIT activities include organizing educational and intellectual workshops and symposiums, research and publishing of books and papers. IIIT is reportedly well known for its mainstream teachings and positions.

FIQH Council: A national Muslim group, which is composed of a handful of mainstream leading American Muslim Scholars and Jurists to provide interpretations, guidelines and positions on religious issues. It reportedly constitutes the main religious reference for the majority of the Islamic centers and Muslim worshiping places in the United States and Canada.

Graduate School of Islamic Social Sciences: Reportedly known for its track record and mainstream policies and teachings. Reportedly known for its established business relation services with some government agencies and departments.

SAAR Foundation
SAAR International
Safa Trust
Mar-Jac Holdings,Inc.
Mar-Jac Investments,Inc.
Mar-Jac Poultry, Inc.
Mena Corporation
Sterling Charitable Gift Fund
York Foundation
York International
African Muslim Agency
Humana Charitable Trust
Aradi, Inc.
Grove Corporate Inc.
Heritage Education Trust
Reston Investment Inc.
Sterling Management Group, Inc.

Houses of Renowned National Muslim leaders and activists:
Dr. Jamal Barzinji, Dr. Ahmad Totunji, Dr. Yaqub Mirza, Dr. Mohammad Jaghlit, Dr. Taha Al-Alwani, Dr. Iqbal Yunus, Mr. Tarik Hamdi, Mr. Muhammad Ashraf, and Mr. M. Omar Ashraf.

Adverse Reporting of Government Agents' misconduct: While, all directors, staff and household members of the targeted and raided organizations and houses has reportedly fully cooperated with the government agents during these raids, some government agents had reportedly misconducted themselves:

House of Dr. Iqbal Yunus: The household' wife, an elderly U.S. citizen, was by herself. At the time of the raid, she was handcuffed and mistreated for failing to be quick enough to open her house door for the agents.

House of Dr. Mohammad Jaghlit: Agents roamed the place, broke cabinets, threw private belongings including personal and family photo pictures, albums, and left the house in a total mess. Among the very private things confiscated are household members' ID and passports, boxes of freshly printed and clearly marked cards and envelops of invitation for Jaghlits daughter's wedding party scheduled for later this month. All the Jaghlits are U.S. citizens.

Raiding and confiscating office records and equipments of the American Muslim Foundation (AMF) which shares the office floor with Success Foundation. The AMF was neither on government's target list nor was it served with a search warrant.

Dozens of mid class American Muslim families are suspected of losing their jobs and their sole source of income as a result of the virtual closure of their workplaces. (End of report provided by AMANA)

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