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In a show of force as many as 200 local Illinois and Chicagoland organizations marched downtown against the war in Iraq. It was so massive that by 1PM the marchers had swelled and began to stand in the streets near Federal Plaza. Located near Jackson and lasalle street marchers called one by one for the withdrawal of troops. Perhaps the most moving speakers were mothers of the troops themselves, who publicly came out to condemn the war as well as the incorrect feelings of their own family member now fighting in Iraq. The Chicago coalition against War and Racism brought together a wide range of people to stand united against Iraqi occupation. Other representatives speakers included Mr. Rafiq Jabber, Mr. Faisal Hammoudah, Roger Patterson, former death row inmate in Chicago, The Palestinian Community, the Uhuru movement, the Puerto Rican Independence Movement, and many Christian Organizations.

After the discussions protestors took to the streets jamming the streets from Madison to the famous Magnificent Mile. Entire sections of the area were blocked off, as police clearly expected outbreaks of violence. However, the overwhelming number of people could not be stopped or provoked. Even non-marchers began to join and shouted taunts at police officials in the area. At two separate points police officers lined the street with horse manure in the attempt to prevent the marchers, who simply moved around the mess and continued pushing onward. VERY FEW PEOPLE opposed us. It was a very successful event despite the media's attempt to block coverage. Clearly the media showed it's bias nature by not even mentioning the scale of the protest. Shouts of ALLAH-AKBAR were coupled with FREE FALSTEEN, DROP BUSH NOT BOMBS, AND US TROOPS OUT OF IRAQ. Mr. Bush is coming to Chicago in September. We intend to greet him warmly and report the details in New Trend.


After much thought and prayer I have decided to make this event public. Quite recently at a private banquet for special guests, this writer encountered the regional FBI director. In a very frank and heated discussion, this writer discussed the imprisonment of Imam Jamil-Al -Amin with the FBI representative. It was very clear to me from the discussion that the regional representative HIMSELF did not know about the case. On the allegation that Imam Jamil was imprisoned for killing a police officer, I reminded the representative that only one witness claimed to have seen this take place. This one person in the last court case publicly recanted his testimony. I also remind the FBI representative that the person claiming to have seen Imam Jamil has publicly stated that his statement were induced by force and later sought forgiveness for his statements. To this the FBI director responded by saying ballistic evidence revealed that the Imam was holding a gun which matched the bullets, supposedly found on the police officer's dead body. To this my response was where is the body ? And who investigated the ballistic information? WE HAVE A RIGHT TO ASK THIS QUESTION. The public was never informed about the actual bullets that were found on the body. The public was simply told that the bullets were studied and found to be that of those belonging to a weapon the Imam was carrying. ALSO WAS THE PUBLIC ALLOWED TO SEE WHO AND WHAT EXAMINED THOSE BULLETS?
I informed the FBI representative that Imam Jamil was previously also charged with killing but it was later found that people were "set up" to make false statements. Based on this past history, I argued, HOW CAN WE TRUST WHAT WE ARE NOW BEING TOLD NOW? After much arguing publicly, the FBI representative agreed to meet for further discussion on this issue. I hope they will stay true to their word. We hope to inform the Muslim community thru New Trend once this actually takes place. It is my belief that this information need to be made public, fearing nobody but Allah.

Just last week AP and Reuters covered stories about Muslim nations wanting to join the recent WTO meetings in Cancun, Mexico. It was reported the The United States and Israel refused to allow Saudi Arabia and Misr (Egypt) to attend. In both articles Muslim governmental officials were quoted to have complained about being denied access to the World Trade Organization meetings.

Even some Imams have begun to give fatwas in favor of World Trade Policies by speaking of their benefits. We would like to publicly ask these people WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING? To begin with why is the Saudi and Misrian Governments begging to be included in such a destructive organization? Do the so called "Muslim" Governments have any self-respect left? YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY THAT MUSLIM NATIONS WERE NOT INCLUDED at such pathetic events. After 14 years of WTO policies in Latin America where has it gone ? Has it improved Mexico? Indonesia? Malaysia? It is VERY CLEAR that the mult-corporations in America have used the WTO to suck economic lives of entire nations, only to benefit the rich and elites of those very same countries. Can the Muslim leaders not see this? ONCE AGAIN THE MUSLIM NATIONAL LEADERSHIP REMAINS SILENT BUT WE WILL NOT BE!!!! The economic policies of the World Trade Organization has increased poverty in Latin America, drained the natural resouces (water, mineral wealth, timber, etc) of both Mayalsia and Indonesia and left entire forests depopulated creating deaths in animal life. Is this the sunnah of the prophet? Is this the way of Quran and Sunnah? Clearly the governments are ONLY thinking of making themselves more rich at the expense of their very own national resources. The people in Arabia, Egypt, Malaysia, and Indonesia deserve better. There are some good aspects of the WTO. HOWEVER, JUST GO TO MEXICO, AND SEE THAT THERE IS MORE HARD THAN GOOD. After over a decade of slash and burn policies the WTO organizational leadership has created unhospitable working conditions for people, paying them slave labor wages, working laborers in damp, unhospitable, and unhealthy work environments, and destroying the natural reserves of each country. Look at what is happening in Columbia. The only solution to such devilish activities, is for each nation to develop their own economies. Each nation must say no to WTO members and develop their own arts, crafts, shops, labor, skills, talents, and mechanized industries AS IT FIT INTO THAT PARTICULAR NATION and bring their unique resources into the world stage. That is the only way. Corporate America HAS NO RIGHT telling Egyptain, Mexican, or Indonesian Labor Unions what to do and what not to do. IT IS NOT THEIR NATION. This writer openly condemns any Muslim government who begs to be included into the WTO. We call on the Muslim people in Egypt Saudi Arabia to not accept any introduction of WTO policies in their countries. We also call on the Muslim representatives in Indonesia and Malaysia to see what is taking place and rebuff the WTO out of their lands before it is too late. IT MAYBE ALREADY.

2003-09-06 Sat 16:02ct