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In U.K. David Kelly has turned up dead in what appears to be a suicide after having seemingly leaked out government secrets to the BBC. The death (murder?) of a top British official, seemingly by his own government [or enough pressure to get him to kill himself], has opened up the chasm of Zionist horror which underlies British democracy. What is NOT SHOWN to the British public is much more than what is shown.

We have called Blair a "practiced liar." He supported Bush's war on Iraq when unprecedented numbers of Britons opposed it, going up to as high as 80% The entire story of "danger from Iraq" was a fraud. There are no WMDs and SADDAM NEVER, EVER, threatened the U.S. or U.K.

It was Israel's war based on lies. When Blair's bubble of lies was pricked by Britain's own news service, the BBC, the source of the leak was traced to David Kelly. Now he is dead.
1. May 1, 2003. Bush: The war is over.
2. June 30. Bush: We are still at war in Iraq.
3. July 13. General Abizaid: The U.S. is facing "classic guerrilla warfare in Iraq."
4. July 18. Bremer (America's "Vice Roy" in Baghdad): Saddam is NOT in control of the resistance.
5. Saddam's writings and speeches are coming out. If he is not in control of the resistance, why the failure to capture him?

In Afghanistan, there have been DAILY ATTACKS by the Taliban during three weeks of July. Classic guerrilla warfare is being waged. The Taliban have hit in Kandahar, Kabul, Jalalabad, Khost and various border points. U.S., Italian and mercenary Afghan losses are rising steadily. The Taliban too are suffering from U.S. fire power though they melt away most of the time.
TALIBAN will GAIN FROM conflict between U.S. allies. Pro-India elements among Northern Alliance groups have set off demonstrations at Pakistani embassy buildings. The rising tension between the U.S.' allies, Musharraf and Karzai, will help the Taliban.

Pakistani forces are pouring into border areas to help the U.S. catch the Taliban. Till now, no success.
Islamists Within "Israel"

[A reader has sent this news from the Israeli paper Haaretz.]

The Haifa District Court yesterday extended by six days the remand of five leaders of the Islamic Movement's northern branch, including its head, Sheikh Ra'ad Salah. The court will decide next week whether to keep the remand in place for the entire duration of the criminal proceedings.

The five defendants - Salah, Mahmoud Mahajana, Tawfiq Mahajana, Nasser Agbariyeh and Umm al-Fahm mayor Dr. Suleiman Agbariyeh - have been charged with laundering money for Hamas and being members of a terror organization.

Prior to the court's decision,

Salah said that those who had prepared the indictment against the five Islamic Movement leaders knew nothing about the Arabic language or Islam, Israel Radio reported.

Dozens of Islamic Movement supporters protested outside the Haifa court to demand the leaders' release.

According to the charges, the five aided in transferring funds from organizations abroad affiliated with Hamas to groups in the territories with links to the militant group.

Salah has also been charged with having contacts with an Iranian intelligence agent operating in Lebanon.

Do you know that most Israeli Jews are secular and liberal, the miniskirted-nightclub-atheist types? When it comes to the fighting, the media present fanatical religious Jews as the settlers who are the problem.

FACT: The secular Jews are the BASE and FOUNDATION of Israel. The religious ones are the branches. Of WORLD JEWRY, an estimated 90% are secular and 10% religious. Of the 10% religious, only 3% are Zionists, while 7% oppose Israel and are waiting for the Messiah.

FACT: Israel is the SPEARHEAD, the forward bloc, of U.S. and British attempts to dominate the Middle East. Without American support, Israel would collapse.

FACT: Muslims must stand up to the American power structure. Make America's support for Israel expensive. It's simple economics. As long as America can support Israel without suffering heavily in the Muslim world, it will continue to do so.
WHAT'S COMING? In September 2003, SHARON will VISIT INDIA and meet Vajpayee. After 11 years of low profile relationship, INDIA and ISRAEL are coming out openly in an attempt to outflank the Islamic movement emerging in Afghanistan-Pakistan-Bangladesh-Indonesia.

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